The Situation

The Situation[PDF / Epub] ★ The Situation ✪ Jeff VanderMeer – “The Situation” is based on a short story by Jeff VanderMeer which Margo Lanagan called “darkly hilarious” and Kevin Brockmeier “a work of surreal humor bemused sadness and meticulous artifi “The Situation” is based on a short story by Jeff VanderMeer which Margo Lanagan called “darkly hilarious” and Kevin Brockmeier “a work of surreal humor bemused sadness and meticulous artificeas if the workplace novels of Sinclair Lewis and Joshua Ferris had been inverted shaken and diced until they came out looking like a Terry Gilliam creation”. Vandermeer comes storming back to pollute the fevered parts of my brain with this stunningly surreal office comedy Yes like the show Office had Cronenberg and Terry Gilliam chosen to co directed it On the literary side this bears comparison with Steve Aylett's threatening comic nihilism Peake's rotten rituals and strange characters and a couple hints of the atmospheres of LovecraftLigotti and Kafka This novella is antic humorous and grotesuelots of weird technology made from animals Please hurry back with strange putrid beauty like this one Mr VandermeerI miss you Scott Eagel's art is a wonderous accompaniment to the story 4220I came across this short story after a teacher told me about the New Weird genre and I guess the first thing I'd have to say is that weird is probably the most suitable way to describe this writing It is so crazy strange and I don't think it's uite like surrealistic literary fiction where the weirdness might have some symbolic value Jeff VanderMeer just builds the craziest world and readers have to accept itPlot wise past all of the strangeness I love the simplicity relatability of the story itself It reminds me a bit of how the human eye actively seeks out a face even in images without one in this story I think it's fascinating to see how I can empathize and find the humanity in a situation filled with so much general weirdnessIt's a short read and even just for the sake of reading something so wildly different than anything else you'll ever read I think it's so worth it The pdf is online for free if anyone's interested I'd love to explore of the New Weird genre now A tour de force in toxic intra office politics and how it affects a hapless genetic code monkeyThe original story text is profound than the web comic version though reading the latter first might help the reader acclimate to the VanderMeer weirdness factor Classic Vandermeer beautiful creepy kind of haunting melancholic Office politics murders nightmarish creatures and vistas hints of an apocalyptic wasteland I loved this of course This was an ok story but it was massively elevated by the wonderful artwork Odd little offering It's interesting and clever but I didn't feel like I got much out of it Maybe someone who's worked in the sort of environment being satired would find it enjoyable Short and Sweet Horrifyingly realistic The review is originally available at Realms of Speculative Fiction At lunch we would sneak out behind the company building with a blanket and sit on the little hill there looking out onto a ravaged landfill full of the bright skeletons of vultures and then beyond that the city in all its strange mix of menace and vulnerability The grass was yellowing rather than dead A wiry tree stood on the hill at that time We would ear crackers and old cans of shredded meat the smell in that context almost unbearably tantalizingAfter lunch we would unlock the glass cases containing our beetles Their shining green and crimson carapaces would open like the lids of eccentric jewelry boxes to reveal their golden wings and we would release them into the worldThose beetles contained every joyous thing we had ever known and we loved to watch them fly out into the distanceI can remember Leer saying once This hill makes me happyThe Situation” is my first foray into the writing of Jeff Vandermeer a multiple award winning author and one of the progenitors of the New Weird avant garde literary movement Vandermeer’s own definition of the subgenre from the introduction to the New Weird anthology Tachyon Publications 2008 exposes as crucial some of the following elements 1 urban secondary world fiction based on the complex real world models; 2 subversion of the romanticism usually found in traditional fantasy; 3 may have elements of both sff; 4 acute awareness of the modern world and 5 the writing style and writing techniues may include elements of surreal postmodern and transgressive horror for the tone style and effect I found all this to be blatantly true concerning this noveletteThe Situation’s intent is straightforward enough and revealed by the author in the acknowledgements “I dedicate The Situation to all the passive aggressive emotional vampiresand incompetent power abusing managers currently lurking among unsuspecting office workers everywhere” We follow an anonymous corporate worker in his everyday life in a weird company that has a big all kinds of weapons proof beetle on top where the godlike owners reside The company itself dabbles with what we would label as biotechnology – producing all kinds of beetles worms grubs man sized fish and other distorted fauna that serve all kinds of purposes usually analogous to this world’s computer technologies and pharmaceutics It is a story about modern workplace relations – as flawed and dysfunctional as they are The company’s interior is the one and only safe haven that the employees know Hope is buried in the past along with all the happy memories and family photos Our worker’s days revolve around pleasing his superiors and finding himself exceedingly outcasted from the people he works with facing growing hostility and isolationThis novelette reminds me uncannily of Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” with an added pinch of Marvyn Peake’s “Gormenghast” Vandermeer has a lyrical approach to writing using a lot of metaphors and allegories and sure knows how to make you sympathize with the main protagonist His ideas are just twisted enough for me to like and to remind me to read some of his other works – I’ve heard a lot of good things about his collection of short stories gathered in “City of Saints and Madmen”To conclude this is a kind of story that I'd recommend to grown ups or those remotely familiar with office workfor those under 25 this age limit is highly arbitrary I would say to wait a few years so you can full appreciate Vandermeer's allegory of the office lifeAnd the best thing is that you can read this novelette for free as a free e book here thanks to PS Publishing Do you like your job? Are you friendly with the people you work with? Can you trust your boss? What if you got back from your vacation to find your workplace subtly altered almost sinister? How would it feel to be shut out the straggler outside the herd? All of the weirdness you're imagining right now cannot hold a candle to Jeff VanderMeer's workplace satire The Situation Savante returns from his vaction to find that things have changed at his office Friends have switched departments or formed new alliances while he was away Policy and procedures are new but no one has brought him up to speed He struggles mightily to adapt but it seems that everyone is against him Savante's days at the Company are numbered There's a lot of emotion behind this story especially anger But even as he paints cruel word pictures of the other workers at the Company VanderMeer graces us with some fantastic images communication beetles a paper skinned manager with a dry shrivelled leaf for a heart the savage smile of a manipulative coworker But even with the strange setting and fantastical images what's really gripping is how recognizable the actions of the Company and its minions are and the utter bewilderment of Savante who's done nothing wrong yet can't seem to make it right If ever you've had a bad employment experience you'll recognize the setting the characters and especially the emotions of The Situationi It's a short savage salvo of righteous anger and it makes a terrific companion to VanderMeer's other workplace satire and one of my personal favorites Secret Life PS Publishing has outdone themselves on the packaging too The book itself is clean and well designed and the creepily gorgeous Ben Templesmith cover puts it over the top

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