Close to Home (Sanctuary Island, #5)

Close to Home (Sanctuary Island, #5)❂ [EPUB] ✺ Close to Home (Sanctuary Island, #5) By Lily Everett ➛ – The best journeys take us home When Tessa Alexander came to Sanctuary Island she left behind a marriage to a man who didn’t love her the way she loved him When she finally found the strength to set The best journeys take us home When Tessa Alexander came to Close to Kindle - Sanctuary Island she left behind a marriage to a man who didn’t love her the way she loved him When she finally found the strength to set them both free she discovered friendship and self acceptance in her adopted hometown Now she’s settled into a uiet life on her own—never expecting to see her husband again Johnny spent almost two years deep undercover unable to let his wife into his cold dangerous world He’s shaken to the core when he comes home to find her gone It’s painfully clear that Tessa is no longer the timid young woman he married—she’s become a force of nature a brave and determined beauty Johnny can’t let her go without a fight so he sets out to seduce his own wife But will passion alone be enough to convince Tessa that her new life should include a second chance at happiness with a man who must learn to believe in love. Close to Home by Lily Everett is a 2017 St Martin’s Press publication I have really enjoyed this series Close to home is another heartwarming addition to the Sanctuary Island saga When Johnny emerges from a two year deep cover operation with the ATF he discovers his young wife of eight years Terri has written him a ‘Dear John’ letter He is heartbroken but heads to his wife’s newly adopted home town to win her back Tessa left her ‘in name only’ marriage changed to name to Tessa and moved away to Sanctuary Island hoping to begin a life of independence and find a man who would really love her the way she needs to be She never imagined Johnny would come for her The couple agrees to a trial period to see if their marriage can be saved However there is something sinister going on as well Johnny can’t seem to shake the feeling that Tessa remains in danger and his protective instincts are on high alert Can Johnny convince Tessa to give their marriage a real chance this time? Has someone from Johnny’s past followed him to the island? Is Tessa in danger? Each of the main characters has a compelling story and I liked both Johnny and Tessa Their love story is of an emotional one with a tender and sweet chemistry between them but there is also a bit of sensuality too The plot includes a slight element of suspense and there are a few tense moments as the book reaches its final chapters There is also a side story which will segue into the next installment with Marcus and uinn and I’m looking forward to seeing how all that plays out in the future Overall this is a solid and enjoyable contemporary romance with just the right amount of emotion and spice which is just the way I like my romance novels 4 stars 4 Give us a month Stars Close to Home takes me back to one of my most favorite places; Sanctuary Island this is the fifth book in Lily Everett’s captivating seriesI absolutely adored Johnny and Tessa Alexander’s story a couple who have been man and wife for years but have never really lived as man wife so much so that Tessa decides it’s time to up sticks and make a fresh start for herself on Sanctuary while Johnny is deep undercover and knows nothing about itI’m not the meek mousy weakling you marriedThis isn’t your standard romance in the respect that this is a married couple But I liked that the author took their situation and ran with it Tessa’s early life plays a huge part in the reasonings as to why they were married in the first place and Johnny with the ghosts in his past and a massive hero complex just cannot accept that she has moved on and no longer needs his protection as such it takes him the length of the journey to arrive on the Island to decide he is going to win her back but she’s not the girl he left behind she’s a woman and one who has been managing on her own very well thank you very muchI want to live I want to love and be lovedTheir reconnection was sweet and poignant both of them have secretly been lusting after the other the whole time they have been married but it takes the threat of divorce for Johnny to step up and admit to his feelingsYou’re every fantasy I’ve had for years Give me a chance to prove what kind of husband I can beThere is a little suspense running through the plot as well as great inclusion from Marcus and uinn this is the couple who the next book in the series focuses on and from what you see of their coming together in Close to Home and subseuent separation I am expecting great things from their story Home at Last which is due for release early MarchSanctuary Island is pretty wonderful I can’t imagine ever wanting to live anywhere elseI love this series the Island it’s inhabitants it’s like taking a holiday in your mind while sitting on the periphery and watching a really good love story unfoldARC generously provided via Netgalley and it was my absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review He was always her hero and she loved him with all her heart but the marriage between Johnny and Tessa wasn’t based on their mutual love Johnny needed to protect her from her past Tessa had dreams of being Johnny’s wife in every sense of the word but that was never to be After he had been undercover and gone for almost two years Tessa knew it was time to set both of them free No longer a scared and timid little mouse Tessa has blossomed grown into her self confidence and taken life by the horns on her own terms Far from where they made their home and as much as she missed him she knew she had done the right thingJohnny wasn’t expecting a Dear John letter after two years undercover with the scum of the earth all that kept him going was the thought of coming home to Tessa The only thing he could do was hunt her down talk to her face to face and stand tall as her verdict is announced Had he realized he truly loved her a little too late? Should he have told her? Can he win back her heart? Should he even try? What if she no longer needs him to protect her?Lily Everett’s CLOSE TO HOME is a wonderful romantic tale complete with the meddling old lady who knows far than she even lets on Tessa has remade herself become a person capable of standing on their own two feet and she feels the pride of accomplishment deep in her soul She would gladly take Johnny back on HER terms but she is terrified that spelling them out would send him packing Johnny has a hero complex but his feelings for Tessa go far beyond being her caped crusader he would do anything to get her back but will she believe him?Sweet love growing pains and a chance to fix the wrongs of the past all bundled up neatly in Lily Everett’s own words that almost sing about love on each page A second chance romance that proves that marriage takes love commitment and nurturing to survive life’s little flies in the ointmentI received an ARC edition from St Martin's Press in exchange for my honest reviewSeries Sanctuary Island Book 5Publisher St Martin's Paperbacks February 7 2017Publication Date February 7 2017Genre Contemporary RomancePrint Length 304 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews More Link to full review below Not my favorite trope miscommunication but it worked for this story Enjoyable and mature See full review on The Book Disciple 4 starsClose to Home was a well written and beautiful second chance love storyIt warmed my heart watching Tessa and Johnny come together They needed to put away the past and open their heart to each other unconditionally without fear and know this was a forever kind of loveI loved how their love story unfolded they made my heart swoon and left me with a smile on my faceThe Sanctuary Island series is a beautiful and romantic read each book can be read as standalone and I highly recommend themThank you to the publisher for the advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts Close to Home  'Close to Home' by Lily Everett is book 5 in the Sanctuary Island series This is the story of TerriTessa and Johnny I have not yet read the other books in this seires so for me this was a standalone book Johnny first met Terri when she was hiding in his parents barn Terri was upset and crying and Johnny's protectiveness kicked in Johnny and Terri ended up getting married Terri was grateful for Johnny being so protective of her Johnny's undercover job took him away for months to years at a time In Johnny's protectiveness mind set he hasn't fully slept with her Thinking she is still the fragile girl While Johnny was away on one of his undercover assignments Terri decided to give Johnny his freedom and leave him Terri thought to start a new life on her own to become a stronger person and to also let Johnny find someone he could love A year into become Tessa instead of Terri and moving to Sanctuary Island she has started a new life working at a bakery But one day she looks up at the bakery and Johnny is there talking to her boss Johnny was shocked to learn his wife has left him and even shocked to see how much Terri has changed But the one thing Johnny still knows is that he wants her even This was such a sweet and moving romance which showed there are some great second chances My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read I liked the journey that Johnny and Tessa took to find their way back to each other It took them both facing different things in their life to realize what they both wanted Johnny while deep undercover uses his wife's memory to help him cling to his sanctity and to help him return home But what happens we he comes home and things are a lot different than he anticipated? Tessa his wife isn't the same woman he left Rated 45 CLOSE TO HOME by Lily Everett is an unusual second chance romance that features a marriage of convenience and an unstable husband returning from years of undercover work to find his wife gone uite a different spin for romantic suspenseJohnny is a mental mess when he comes off his latest assignment He sees danger everywhere and suspects everyone After finding out his wife ran off to Sanctuary Island to start a new life a year ago leaving him divorce papers to sign he follows her to convince her to remain his wife Will Johnny’s obsessive need to protect push Tessa farther away?Johnny married Tessa to save her from her past Tessa wants a divorce even though she loves Johnny She feels it’s not enough to love someone who doesn’t love you in the way you need it Tessa has grown up while Johnny was gone and has made a life for herself that doesn’t include himJohnny is one of the most unusual heroes I’ve read He’s off putting at first because he’s so paranoid Tessa’s love for him made me believe he might be right for her if he can learn to trust and not suffocate her new hard earned independence Their journey is emotional and uplifting as they learn through horse therapy to work as a teamJohnny seems wacko at times and then sensible when he stops reacting and listens His habit of seeing shadows lurking everywhere ramps up the tension along with possible suspects This made Johnny one of the most intriguing heroes I’ve read in a contemporary romance novel because he’s far from normal but his heart is in the right placeTessa is fun as she pushes Johnny away She may have been timid early in their relationship but she proves her self reliance Her personal growth is evident by the end She doesn’t let Johnny push her into anything she doesn’t want or need Their relationship is unstable unusual and intriguingThere were a couple situations that seemed far fetched to me but that’s not unusual in romantic suspense I’m a hard sell when it comes to mixing romance with danger That said this novel was believable and entertaining than the majority because the characterization was consistent and convincingSweet with a couple sensual scenes CLOSE TO HOME will satisfy most romance readers’ preferences Although Johnny and Tessa are attracted to one another the novel focuses on fixing their broken relationship Their situation is uncommon so it’s different from most second chance romances It’s almost like they’re meeting for the first time because their time apart has allowed them personal growth outside a marriage that had never truly been traditionalIf you haven’t read the SANCTUARY ISLAND series yet each book stands on its own but they’re so entertaining that I suggest you start with SANCTUARY ISLAND which is my favorite Then continue with SHORELINE DRIVE HEARTBREAK COVE and HOME FOR CHRISTMAS which will prepare you for book five CLOSE TO HOME and book six HOME AT LASTAuthor Lily Everett has a knack for combining uirky with normal without it seeming over the top I always root for her characters and keep coming back for This author is reliably good at characterization so even the most unusual or cranky earn my devotion Speaking of cranky wait until you meet Marcus I’m anxious for uinn to douse him with what he deserves in HOME AT LAST available March 7 2017 Watch for my review coming soon to Romance JunkiesReview by Dorine courtesy of Romance Junkies Digital ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley for an honest review I love a marriage in trouble trope as it t can present a different kind of conflict in an already established relationship I liked the set up in this one At the age of seventeen Tessa had to escape the commune her parents raised her in for her own health and safety She hides in a neighbor's barn and this is where twenty two year old Johnny finds her He gets her medical attention and then feels protective over her He asks her if she wants to marry him so she can be on his health insurance before he is deployed She agrees and he goes off to the middle east while she lives her life by herself Later he ends up joining the ATF and going very deep undercover Through all this time eight years he has only pecked her on the cheek It's truly a marriage of convenience and Tessa is done with it She is ready to live an independent life since Johnny has never made a move to make their relationship romantic She leaves him before he comes out of his undercover assignmentWhen Johnny makes it back home after his assignment he realizes Tessa is gone and tracks her down Deep down he loves her he has always just been scared to tell and show her Tessa has started a new life on Sanctuary Island working in a bakery and figuring out who she isI was ready for angst and emotions and all those romantic feelings of two people who love each other but have kept it hidden for eight years But we don't get that Instead we get a lot of telling but not a lot of showing Tessa is wary when Johnny comes to her new home but everything works out super easy They start counseling They start making out I needed exploration of past feelings A deeper look into their relationship and feelings One of the best things with a marriage in trouble story is the complicated feelings that layer the marriage In this one since they haven't taken their relationship to a physical level there could have been so much intense exploration But it's all skimmed over and then too easily worked outInstead we get a ton of pages for a supporting character named Marcus and his shady background and a developing romance for him And then a very odd suspense part takes over the last uarter of the book which felt completely out of place and when you learn what is happening it just seemed sillyThis one missed the mark for meGrade D Review for Romancing the Readers Blog I first signed up for this tour I signed up to do only the excerpt then couldn't help myself and I read the book What can I say I'm weak I've read a few books in this series and enjoyed them very much I really should have read the series in order because I'm one of those people that hate reading out of order but it seems like I only have time to review a book by her every few books Weird I know I really enjoyed Tessa and Johnny's story You can really feel the caring between these two I wanted to know about them and their story I usually don't care for stories that already start with the characters being together but I decided to try it anyway The only thing I wish for is that characters did the things they thought about My action and less what's in their heads Other then thatFollow me on