The Night of Morningstar (Modesty Blaise Series, #11)

The Night of Morningstar (Modesty Blaise Series, #11)❮Reading❯ ➶ The Night of Morningstar (Modesty Blaise Series, #11) Author Peter ODonnell – Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin are now cult names in the thriller genre with well over a million copies of the Modesty Blaise series sold worldwide Penguin India is delighted to present these bestse Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin are now cult names in the thriller genre with well over a million copies of the Modesty Blaise series sold worldwide Penguin India is delighted to present these bestselling books now collector's items in its new seriesRetro Revival Only one thing is known for sure about The Watchmenthey're dangerous Professional far ranging and lethal A firing suad assassination at the Turkish Embassy The Night Epub / in Madrid the demolition of a dam in Utah and a nuclear plant in Haute Savoie the kidnap and execution of a Soviet general in Cracow And now The Watchmen have a bigger plan Operation Morningstar is planned to plunge the Western world into a night of chaos But first The Watchmen want to take out Modesty Blaise The man to do the job is the man once known as The Graduate He hates Modesty and Willie and that hate goes back a long way It's a long and slow burning fuse that was lit way back when Modesty wound up her Network in the Middle East If anybody can take her out this man can If anybody can In this the eleventh of the adventures embarked upon by one of the greatest partnerships in combat crime fiction writer Peter O'Donnell begins his story with a flashback to the last days of The Network when Modesty was about to retire and describes the outfit's final astonishing operation before it was wound up. I don't even know how many times I've read this and despite its many flaws I have no objectivity when it comes to the Modesty Blaise books I love them all with big pink sparkly hearts Pluses Kick ass female protagonist Modesty Blaise beautiful polite elegant can kill you in five hundred different waysKick ass male sidekick Willie Garvin perfectly in tune with his boss stoic rugged mad knife skillsBoth Modesty and Willie use meditation and advanced mental techniues to defeat their enemies thus adding to their general kick ass nessInteresting setting transitions these people go everywhereMinuses These books were written in the sixties and seventies Sexism aboundsPrimary and secondary antagonists are boring and two dimensionalAction scenes can be confusingSuspension of belief while reading is essential Some of these scenarios are absolutely absurdApparently this series started out as a comic I can see these stories playing out really well in graphic format Yep I'd read another one of these I think this was the first time I'd read a new to me Modesty Blaise for about 20 years so I was very excited about it and lapped it up As always Modesty and Willie are so smart and ahead of the game that it would become slightly annoying if it wasn't so much fun to see how they get themselves out of tricky situations I've been on a nostalgia kick lately and rereading some of the books I read or that were around back in my youth I went through along with a lot of America a spyintrigue stage back in the 60s70s I read the Bond books by Fleming I was caught up in The Man From UNCLE and I Spy and read their attendant novels the ones based on the TV seriesI watched Secret agentDanger Man Mission Impossible saw the 007 and Matt Helm movies There was also modesty Blaise I never got around to her or his if referring to the author Peter O'Donnell novelsModesty began her career as a criminal and this book is a flashback to the end of her criminal endeavors as head of The Network Unfortunately the book isn't very good The dialogue is stilted and poorly written there isn't a contraction in sight anywhere Every one says things like am not can not let us you are and so onevery single time Worse for a book about master criminals who are super deadly and competent I just couldn't get interestedI finally gave upI have another Modesty Blaise book waiting I hope it's better this could blast a lot of nostalgia of course I can always go back and read I Spy The Man Fro UNCLE and James Bond Another great Modesty Blaise adventure This time some of the elements which I don’t like are missing so I enjoyed it even than usual Last but one of the 'Modesty' novels and while not among the best there's still plenty here to keep the fan happy In fact the final catastrophe has enough apocalyptic whizz bang wallop to be worthy of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson who I think owed Mr O'Donnell a trope or two The early part is generally the strongest though with Modesty accidentally blowing the cover of a CIA man and struggling to get him out of the mess he's in True the cold war rationale of the villains' plot is pretty ludicrous assuming that the Soviet dictatorship of the late 70searly 80s was obsessively expansionist rather than cold blooded insular and decadent But though they were incredibly nasty the commies of the late Brezhnev era as they actually were wouldn't have cut the mustard as 'Modesty' baddies; callous malice is way less exciting than 'Tamburlaine' like megalomania Alas by this stage co creator Jim Holdaway had been dead for twelve years and for whatever reason neither of his principal successors Romero and Neville Colvin got to do the cover So courtesy of a lesser artist we have this bizarre image in which our heroine's upper garment defies the laws of comfort good taste perspective and frankly physics I swear anyone suggesting our Modesty get into a bra so clearly agonizing would have had the kongo up his well I don't like to think but it'd have been somewhere jolly painful The book starts back in the days when Modesty ran The Network the idea was to introduce a couple of characters that would become important later in the story However what I liked about this brief flashback is that it had Modesty planning and executing a scheme that actually worked for a change We nearly got halfway through the book before Modesty was kidnapped for the first time but at least the moments of captivity were short and it did give Modesty chance to show her skills as she gets out of difficult situationsI didn’t think the villains worked too well in this story the author tried to explain the reasoning behind their acts of terrorism but I really couldn’t follow the logical behind the explanation Nonetheless I enjoyed this story and just accepted the crimes didn’t make much sense The last full novel with Modesty Blaise is perhaps a little less intense than Limbo Taste for Death or Silver Mistress but still highly recommended A very old grudge against Modesty causes heer to take action against the Watchmen a group of criminals In which Modesty and Willie take on The Watchmen a bunch of ultra murderous terrorist assholes whose objectives don't make a whole hell of a lot of sense and plan to among other heinous acts blow up the Golden Gate Bridge and assassinate the US President where are these guys now that we really need them As Modesty Blaise books go this is one of the weaker entires but it's still worth reading and the mayhem filled set to on an oil rig is like something out of a James Bond movie I mean that in a good way reminiscing about the finale to YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE By page 17 I was ready to read the whole series Fantastic heroine with clever gadgets some diy a loyal allybest friend and the willingness to go above and beyond to stand against something she doesn't believe in Early in the book she tackles taking down a known sex traffickerThe Modesty series is one I fell for years ago thanks to the original 60's movie and I can't wait to read the rest of the books and check out the comic series as well

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  • The Night of Morningstar (Modesty Blaise Series, #11)
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