Dragon's Claw (Modesty Blaise Series, #9)

Dragon's Claw (Modesty Blaise Series, #9)[Reading] ➼ Dragon's Claw (Modesty Blaise Series, #9) ➲ Peter ODonnell – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin are now cult names in the thriller genre with well over a million copies of the Modesty Blaise series sold worldwide Penguin India is delighted to present these bestse Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin are now cult names in the thriller genre with well over a million copies of the Modesty Blaise series sold worldwide Penguin India is delighted to present these bestselling books now collector's items in its new seriesRetro Revival Modesty and Willie's ninth caper starts off with Modesty a thousand miles from land sailing her sloop alone across the Tasman Sea There she meets Luke Fletcher as he clings to a sinking raft and struggles with the blanks in his memory Luke's partial amnesia set Modesty and Willie on a crime busting trail deep into a maze of murderup against Beauregard Browne effeminate genius of crime his county set nymphomaniac lady Clarissa and the 'Hammer of the Lord' Reverend Uriah Crisp ecclesiastical executioner with the colt commander and a uick draw. Some reviews of this series and in particular this book made me grin Of course the villans are comic book caricatures They're meant to be In the first place MB started as a comic strip before graduating to graphic novel status before that was even a thing In the second place think about how realistic Blofeld and co are Not at all right? So it might be said that MB's villains are a parody of James Bond's bad guys I did get tired of all the sex and talk of sex in this particular instalment; not content with a nymphomaniac evil female lead O'Donnell gives us a male evil lead that is of dubious sexuality at best Once again we are treated to the Twisted Cleric trope; the writer obviously had some serious spiritual issues Mind bending and post hypnotic suggestion are on the table also I read somewhere a long time back that O'Donnell was in WW2 Special Forces; turns out that while he was in the war he was only in the signal corps Sounds like he started writing fiction at an early age Some of his spyland bits are very much for commercial use onlyI know I've read this book at least once before years back What was missing for me this time around was the lightness of touch the bits of humour that we usually get in a MB novel It just wasn't as much fun as some others Tarrant is supposedly nearing retirement which may explain the rather sober telling of the story; perhaps the author was feeling his age though he continued to write the series until 1985 with an eleven year wait for the last in the series in 1996 Maybe that explains why it all endswith a carol service??? I read these books for Modesty and Willie not for the villains or her ‘hangers on’ I definitely had no interest in Clarissa Beauregard Uriah etc In fact I thought most of these characters were just caricatures from a really bad B movie The first half of the book was actually an enjoyable read especially when I skipped some of the rubbish and uickly moved on to reading the parts with Modesty Then came the blackmail and Jade ueen fiasco followed by the betrayal and capture By this point I had had enough why can’t the author think of another plotline?This is better than a 1 star rating but I’m so fed up with the author that I can’t give better than 2 stars My problem is that these books still have some great bits and everytime I decide not to read another I get drawn back almost against my will Three stars doesn't sound like much But to be honest if this was the first 'Blaise' I'd read I'd have probably given it four It's only the knowledge of how good some of the previous ones 'Sabre Tooth' and 'A Taste for Death' in particular had been that makes me a bit canny True 'Dragon's Claw' has a lot of good stuff in it the escape by homemade hang glider made out of bits of greenhouse is particularly good But compared to previous triumphs this one takes a while to get it together and two out of four of the principal baddies posh nympho Clarissa and drawling bisexual assassin Beauregard Browne don't uite cut it compared to the likes of 'Silver Mistress'' Sexton or Gabriel or the terrifying Simon Delicata Browne in particular often comes across as a series of camp clichés O'Donnell would have needed to get into the character's villainy with real relish for him to work and perhaps thankfully O'Donnell was no Joe Orton Still as I say there's still much here to commend and though the characters had at this point already been adventuring for sixteen years there were another twenty three to go; in the comic strip alone some of the very best Modesty was still to come 'Return of the Mammoth' 'The Special Orders' etc Neither Modesty and Willie nor their creator were spent forces Partly good partly not so goodI liked the beginnig The rescue of Luke Fletcher was gripping and realistic I liked Modesty and Willie even though I normally don't like super intelligent super capable super good looking super perfect protagonists I disliked the villains They were comic book like which made the book uneven for me The mixture of comic book likeness and realism did not work for meI did not like the motivation of the villains I don't want to spoil it here thoughAll in all it was an OK read Modesty takes up a supposed dead artist in the ocean between Australia and New Zealand He has lost his memory What has happened him?A fantastic adventure as usual which explodes in a shooting on a small island wonderful and imaginative and very readable Modesty at her best I'd give this about 25 stars This was okay but feels a little recycled in some ways There are too many elements in this one that are just variations on earlier themes If I hadn't just finished reading the other Modesty Blaise books this might have rated higher as it does have some really exciting moments and it was good to see Garvin get to really shine but overall this one just doesn't rank as high on my list as the rest of the series Another good one in the series There's a lot wrong with this book The caper ends up being fairly satisfying but it's not worth either the slow pacing of the first half or the really excessive misogyny and racism Ninth in the Modesty Blaise series and the one I accidentally read first Modesty rescues a man from the ocean while she's sailing and he turns out to be Luke Fletcher a genius artist who was reported dead several weeks earlier Modesty and Willie get caught up in trying to figure out who dumped Fletcher into the ocean why people are trying to kill him and what they can do to protect him It's an adventure not a mystery we know whodunit well before the characters did but there are still things to surprise the reader and I was just as surprised at the twist as Modesty and Willie were Also the villains in this one were incredibly over the top but entertaining Action packed thrilling work 9 of its kind by peter o'donnel modesty blaise happens to save a man called fletcher who was fighting for his life in tasmanian sea the events that follow turns blaise nd her pal willie into the play and their effort to avenge fletcher results in a most thrilling experience the climax gives an icing to the cake of this masterpiece by o'donnell

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