Young Marble Giants Colossal Youth

Young Marble Giants Colossal Youth✩ Young Marble Giants Colossal Youth pdf ❤ Author Michael Blair – Welsh post punk band Young Marble Giants released one LP and then like their vanishing portraits on the album's cover disappeared Even though the album Colossal Youth received positive reviews and sol Welsh post punk band Young Giants Colossal Kindle Ó Marble Giants released one LP and then like their vanishing portraits on the album's cover disappeared Even though the album Colossal Youth received positive reviews and sold surprisingly well Young Marble Giants uickly slid into the margins of rock roll history relegated to “cult” status among post punk and indie rock fans Their lasting appeal however overlooked owes itself to the band's singular approach to punk rock Instead of using overt political ideologies abrasive sounds and antiestablishment appearances to rebel against the social and musical status uo Young Marble Giants used Young Marble PDF or restraint ambiguity and silence In rejecting punk's loudness and opening it up to a host of new sounds and approaches Young Marble Giants redefined the genre's sense of rebellionHere Michael Blair and Joe Bucciero expand upon this observation Yes Colossal Youth is a uiet album with simple lyrics stark production and few compositional flourishes Yes recording such an album in the “punk” era might have been a radical statement But where did these radical ideas come from By tracing Colossal Youth's logistical geographical ideological and th century art historical origins Blair and Bucciero aim to re situate Marble Giants Colossal PDF/EPUB ½ Colossal Youth's legacy It's established as a brilliant record a cult favorite and a continuing influence on musicians today More importantly however it's a hinge on which punk rock as a whole turns. When people ask me about my top five fave albums I usually give the following answerBeat Happening JamboreeYoung Marble Giants Colossal YouthDaniel Johnston Yip Jump Musicblur 13Belle and Sebastian The Boy with the Arab StrapThe reason why I like Young Marble Giant's Colossal Youth so much is that it is uiet uirky minimal unpretentious record and yet within the 15 tracks the band have created a grand musical statement There's nothing like itAlso YMG are never given any print space bar a few pages here and there Michael Blair and Joe Bucciero have finally written an official document on the band For the first time I was able to get some detailed information on this group Although most 33 13 volumes focus on an album in this case Colossal Youth is intimately a part of the group's history mainly because it is the only full length release by the band It also is a history of independent music during the late 70's and a tiny document of the post punk movement although Simon Reynolds did go into this era in his must read Rip it up and Start againThe book begins with the roots of the core members of YMG then developing into an early history of the band leading to their signing to Rough Trade Records and eventual recording of their debut Here the authors go behind the crafting of lyrics and Alison Statton's role in the album Then the album's success it sold 27000 copies in it's first year which is excellent for an indieexperimental record and the band's eventual break up and solo projects no mention of band members Stuart and Philip Moxham producing Beat Happening's final album you turn me on but ah wellThis is a wonderfully researched book stuffed with new information about the band and some surprising facts about the their debut I urge you to read it If anything this book will keep the band's legacy going for uite a while I was so pleased to see this album had been tackled in the 33 13 series and even so when I read the book which is a cover to cover delight I find the 33 13 series a bit hit and miss but this is one of the best I have read More than just a historical retelling although that is also done very well the author includes connections to the wider musical and literary world which is fascinating to read I am definitely a newcomer to Young Marble Giants In fact I had never heard of them until I read this book I am grateful I did though A combination of the album cover the description of the book and the wonderful 33 13 format won me over and I enjoyed the read thoroughlyThe book is a uick read but it's also substantive in content It gives insights into the culture from which the band and album emerged I have long been a fan of Simon Reynolds's histories of musical subgenres and this book picks up where he leaves off in his excellent history on post punk Rip it Up and Start Again The authors of this book are clearly inspired by Reynolds in their music journalism and it pays off Their prose is interesting and their interpretations of the music are enlightening I particularly enjoyed how they based some of their interpretations of the minimalist songs on the musical experimentations of John Cage and the art of Georges Seurat It was also great to hear the insights of the band themselves especially Alison the singer YMG's music is very cool and the book definitely does their album justice It inspired me to get the album for myself as well If you are a fan of the 33 13 book series postpunk music minimalism or are an Anglophile like myself read the book One star off because the book started to drag in the final thirdThis was an honest review provided in exchange for an advance copy of the book thanks to NetGalley Love the album and the first 40 pages were great The language was accessible and it began the coverage the way one would want providing some background to both album and time period But then I felt like maybe it got lost in using other people's work to make commentary It's clearly well researched and the points are valid but at times I would have maybe liked of the author's voice and opinion on the subject But maybe that's just me Not bad and good moments but could have given I’m excited that after all these years I can still be introduced to great records that i missed in my youth This was one i missed out on and someone mentioned it to me only a month or so ago And i was hooked I loved it from the first noteThis book told me everything i needed to know

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