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You're Amazing Anna Hibiscus[KINDLE] ❁ You're Amazing Anna Hibiscus ❄ Atinuke – Anna Hibiscus is worried her twin brothers Double and Trouble have boundless energy They won't stop climbing and they can't keep out of trouble Meanwhile Grandfather is tired and can't stay awake In t Anna Hibiscus is worried her twin brothers Double and Trouble have boundless energy They won't stop climbing and they can't keep out of trouble Meanwhile Grandfather is tired and can't stay awake In the final book of this wonderfully charming series Anna Hibiscus proves just how amazing she is. That was both a gut punch straight in the feels Yes this children's book written for younger elementary aged readers absolutely made me cry I'm not embarrassed in the least a lovely poignant ending to the series that ends on the same general note as the rest of the books one of love for one's family fellow man the sheer joy that can be found in the act of unremarkable day to day living For a myriad of reasons I simply cannot recommend this series enough Anna Hibiscus returns in this eighth and final chapter book devoted to her adventures this time confronting personal tragedy and the grief and anger thereafter The volume opens with Double Trouble in which Anna's younger twin brothers constantly get her into scrapes with their antics before making it up to her when the entire family is locked out of their big white house In Good bye Grandfather Anna avoids saying goodbye to her fading grandfather because the hurt is simply too big for her to handle After his death she must be reassured that he would pleased to think of her carrying on and helped to see that he is still with her In What's Wrong Sunny? Anna's grief at her grandfather's death lead her to briefly join a group of bullies at school only to realize too late that the target is her best friend and adopted family member Sunny When Sunny runs away Anna must find a way to make things right The story concludes with the twins again in No More Trouble as they worry everyone around them with their uiet withdrawal It falls to Anna to figure out what is wrong and by telling stories of Grandfather set matters to rightsI finished You're Amazing Anna Hibiscus with a lump in my throat As always Nigerian expatriate author Atinuke's story is both heartwarming and poignant Here she deals with darker themes than in some of her earlier books in the series addressing not just death and grief but also the destructive potential of anger and how we can get carried away with it causing harm to ourselves and others In previous books when Anna did something she shouldn't it was Grandfather together with Grandmother who helped her to see how she had gone wrong and what she should do to set things right Now some of that support network is gone and although she still has Grandmother and the rest of her family the challenge she faces is greater I really appreciated the author's sensitivity in depicting these themes and I also liked the way that the book both opened and closed with the twins Double Trouble Although young they too feel the loss of Grandfather and fear that he has been forgotten because no one is speaking of him The conclusion here in which the whole family tells stories and remembers Grandfather felt just rightI am sad that this is the end of the Anna Hibiscus series which I have greatly enjoyed Perhaps I will seek out some of Atinuke's picture books or the first of her other chapter book series The No 1 Car Spotter You're Amazing Anna Hibiscus This is the last Anna Hibiscus book which makes me very sad I wish this series would go on forever I was nervous when the first story was a light one about Double and Trouble It felt a little out of place with the series like maybe it was meant for an earlier book or should have been a picture book instead of a chapter in Anna Hibiscus But the rest of the book is so good it made up for the first chapter Seriously so so good And I cried so so much In a good way I just love everything that Atinuke writes Amazing how the stories are both culturally specific and universal at the same time mirror and window and door all at once Highly recommended to every educator including parents To clarify yes the themes are intense but there's plenty of joy and hope tooPeople are mean because they are feeling bad and they want other people to feel bad too We are all a bit sad that we’ve come to the end of this wonderful series mom 9yo boy 6yo girl As per usual the book took on a challenging topic and this time I cried my way through the entire second chapter while reading aloud and got teary and choked up at parts in the third and fourth chapters as well I’m a book crier in general but I recommend having some tissues on hand for this one if you’ve also come to love Anna HibiscusAt one point and for the first time in the entire series I disagreed with some of the wisdom given It was just off from my worldview a little bit but in an important way We paused slightly to discuss and the kids recognized the difference as well Still warrants 5 stars from us Consider this a review for the whole series I read these with my 4 year old daughter When we finished it the first time she wanted to re read them right away and I did too The adventures of Anna Hibiscus and her family lead my daughter and I to discuss a wide variety of topics that don't often come up in a middle class childhood like hers poverty hunger racism mercy and death But it isn't all heavy topics there's still plenty of humor and sweet family interactions to enjoy as well I really enjoyed reading this with Anna But I goofed I didn't do my research or I would have known that the series does build with each story So which book did we read? The last in the series And important events occur that brought me to tears Doesn't matter Anna wants and so do I The last in the series this book has many sad elements with a family member passing away and her friend being bullied at school but it also finishes up with the message of strong families can make things so much better A glorious book Anna loses her grandfather and the text is so sensitive and deep A beautiful end to an incredible series This one made me cry than once

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