Nzinga African Warrior Queen

Nzinga African Warrior Queen☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Nzinga African Warrior Queen By Moses L. Howard ✑ – Across the savannah and into the green mountains people shouted her name“Nzinga Nzinga Child of the Flame” “Nzinga Daughter of the Old Ngola Savior of Ndongo” In the governor’s palace Luanda Across the savannah and into the green mountains people shouted her name“Nzinga Nzinga Child of the Flame” “Nzinga Daughter of the Old Ngola Savior of Ndongo” In the governor’s palace Luanda the Portuguese courtiers whisper in shock A womanSent to make a treaty with the invaders Nzinga of Angola is swept into world history Nzinga African eBook ↠ a generation after Elizabeth I ruled England For forty years ueen Nzinga fights to destroy the imperial colonists who seek to enslave her people This fictional biography delivers exhilarating adventure and passionate stories of friendship love and family Luminous storytelling brings to life the Angolan culture in a flourishing African kingdom now lost where early maps of West Africa call out “Here reigned the celebrated ueen Nzinga”. This is a historical fiction novel about the life and the exploits of ueen King Nzinga Africa's greatest warrior ueen Although the author has dramatised this biography it is none the less rich in its historical importance because the biographical novel is drawn from a fairly wide range of sources about actual historical events ueen Nzinga or as she called herself and her people called her Ngola King Nzinga demonstrated diplomatic prowess courage and intelligence and sheer force of will power in this male dominated world of politics Her rise to power embodies the classic case of an African woman who succeeds against odds in a heavily male dominated patriarchal societyIt is indeed a great story and the way it was narrated is captivating I couldn't sit the book down A must read for all Africans especially those interested in Pan Africanism feminism and anti colonial narrative of Africa Nzinga is heroine like Joan of Arc BoadiceaI enjoyed this biography of a heroine of African 17th century history The details of life in Angola then called Ndongo were vividly presented from the politics social structure community and religious life to the always interesting subjects of food clothing fun and sexual s Nzinga's rise to power and long standing fight against the incursions of the Portuguese are believably presented It was moving to witness the slave trade through the eyes of contemporary African observersI was reminded of Mark Twain's remarkable book about Joan of Arc which I discovered totally by chance in a Paris bookshop I had never heard of it Nzinga belongs in the pantheon of women heroes with Joan Boadicea who led a rebellion against the Romans in the UK and the Trung sisters who were military leaders in Vietnam around 2000 years ago While this book is too long for young girls they should know this story One thing I think Nzinga would uibble with is the subtitle of African Warrior ueen She makes the point throughout that she is the king Ngola and not a mere ueenI received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I received this free from Good ReadsI thoroughly enjoyed this book Looking back in time and how the kingdom worked to how they dealt with the Portuguese but not just that the rise and ambition of a woman I did not like putting this book downIt did have some areas which I felt went on a bit too long or maybe not necessary but a great read This book has enormous amounts of Leadership skills and war strategies These are applicable in our daily lives careers entrepreneurship business and or in any competitive environment you find yourself in in this text enemy can be substituted for suitor opponent rivalry competitor• Do not let other people’s opinion of who you are limit you in reaching your goals gender race • Have a thirst for learning and developing yourself• Have a support system friends associates family with complimentary skill sets• Do not just confront your enemy for petty ills be persevere and not give them attention every time but be very alert and cautious• Don’t be too hungry for power without purpose • Show respect and support to your team leader or superior even if you do not agree with them especially in front of the public subordinates Always present a united front• Do things that benefit your people have the big picture in mind set personal misunderstandings aside• Never abandon your own goals and ambition keep them alive• Presentation matters put your best foot forward Your appearance should have presence command boldness respect and confidence• Level up with your enemy do not be bullied into inferiority • Don’t be too emotional be objective patient persistent consistent listen be observant and also be indifferent when it calls for it at times • Know your enemy learn about them especially things that make them tick • Do not be afraid to make calculated compromises if they have an advantage on your part• Learn about the enemy’s competitive advantage familiarize yourself with it• Know yourself your history and why you fight• Be informed stay in the loop of current affairs • When persuading; always give the other party an incentive of going your way State what’s in it for them• Strategically solve disputes without creating animosity amongst your team• Always do due diligence read fine lines before getting into an agreement • Be there for your people as a leader be reachable fight with them in battle celebrate dance and weep with them • Take advantage of the experts who have been there before you rally them into your cause• Persuasion take away their bread wait for them to starve until they come asking for bread from you a little dark but oh well• When beaten retreat and recuperate• Form alliances even with enemies to fight a mutual enemy Jagas; form alliances with the enemy of your enemy Dutch • After forming alliances don’t be too reluctant and trusting these are not your friends they will leave you dry once they have gotten what they want Stay woke• Careful with what you say especially to your enemy especially small talk you might sell out your strategy• Always train and prepare a successor• Just because you defeated your enemy it don’t mean they are not coming back • Fight till you drop• Its ok to take some time off to breathe to think and strategize away from pressure vile and negative people • Strike when the enemy least expects it This is a fictional biography and I wasn't uite certain what that meant before I started it There is tragically little history about Nzinga's life and this attempts to fill in the details It stops short of being a bildungsroman novel relaying facts than story in some parts but each chapter is essentially episodic about the life the real Nzinga might have lived What I love most about this is the humanity it gives Nzinga Instead of making her a superhuman warrior princess or overly dramatizing her life it simply relays what might have been a relatable privileged woman who cared about statecraft and warcraft than her wastrel brother Indulged by her father the king of what is basically present day Angola Nzinga worries about the changing of her country after the Portuguese come When called upon she uses what power she has to save her people after her father dies The most affecting part of this book is the picture it shows of an African nation on the edge of colonization Of course I knew how colonization ravaged African countries but this is a very human face to the devastation Not just the horrors of slavery but the wealth that was stripped from the land and stolen as the people were also stolen It's just horrifying to see it this close in But as emotional as I am about the larger tragedy of this story I missed the closer emotions of it This is biography relying on facts however fictional they actually are but often in times of joy it leans in close to Nzinga and reads with the personal emotional intensity of a novel But it leans right back out in the tragic or painful parts understandably as biography However the closeness of the happy parts make me wish for that throughout the story though I did cry a couple times toward the end It is a very enjoyable and informative read piecing together bits of history I learned in school into a real human story Absolutely recommend to everyone I assume most people know as little as I did or never bothered to think what life must have been like in pre colonial African countries This does focus narrowly in the Angola region but it paints in bright color a piece that was missing from my picture of global historyDisclosure this book is from the publisher I work for I have not previously read it but got an advance copy of the forthcoming audiobook and the narration is fantastic Clear with the cool emotional distance of a biography but the voices are done with a masterful touch that adds to the storytelling aspect maybe makes these characters real and human Interesting readFor me boarn on Angola specially this is an interesting readSome historic stuff areacurate on this bookAlso it pictures how a womem in a time and place lead by man made the ChangeOne point looked arrange to me why was nzinga called ngola nzinga instead of nzinga mbandi hás She is today known?This is something to explore on other bookBut its interesting the read easy to follow A warrior princess in every sense of the word This is a strong protagonist The writing is simple yet elouent and descriptive without being overbearing A fascinating book written by someone who clearly knows a lot about this history and traditions of the Ndongo and Matamba people he writes about The author doesn't overload you with information and uses local sayings and anecdotes that make you think much like koans in Zen Buddhism Well told An informative enjoyable read While others celebrate Black Panther I found this historical fiction refreshing and exciting than anything Marvel can release I definitely will try to learn about the real ueen Nzinga Wonderful story not enough have heardThis story hasn't been heard by enough people not even history geeks like me The story is a bit too full of individual episodes to hang together but those episodes are fascinating and the author's descriptions paint a terrific picture of time and place

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