Darcys Folly

Darcys Folly[PDF / Epub] ✅ Darcys Folly By Jane Grix – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Amazing ePub, Darcys Folly author Jane Grix This is the best favorite book with over 966 readers online here. Amazing ePub, Darcys Folly author Jane Grix This is the best favorite book with over readers online here. uick read like a DVD on fast forwardThis was such a uick read that it felt like I was finished before I started At 88 pages and 9 chapters you are in and out of scenes uicker than greased lightning We are at Rosings Park and we have the usual cast of characters visiting Lady Catherine with one exception Lady C’s good friend and town gossip Lord and Lady Baelhorn This set the stage fairly uickly You sort of knew something was going to happen to ODC with a gossip handy to spread it about We later heard from Mr Bennet According to what he read of her in the London papers this woman made the Meryton gossips Mrs Bennet and her sister Mrs Philips look like amateurs in comparison Yeah something was about to happen I’m not going to get into it There are reviews that will do that My observations were as followsElizabeth was way too modern and brusue in her behavior manners and conversation She was obstinate and headstrong and her actions caused way too many problems If she was not happy with her lot it was her own fault I have sage advice for her learn to walk on flat groundDarcy was just so honorable and did not deserve the treatment he received from Elizabeth or anyone elseWickham was absolutely no uestions about it without a doubt in this world hands down a sleaze and a scumbag reprobate scoundrel seducer extortionist blackmailer the list goes on and on dirt bagLydia was stupid silly self centered jealous of her older sisters unrestrained by her parents and left to her own idleness I could have shaken her A lot of good it would have done She was out for an adventure a lark it would be fun she was uncaring and unconcerned what the conseuences of her actions would cause to her family let alone to her poor sisters A brainless teenager out of control left to run wild by an indolent father and encouraged by a mother who lived vicariously through her actions Well little girl you can’t cry over spilled milk It is gone The story followed canon for most of the book but then took a deep left turn every once in a while and we were presented with new scenes that gave us the following A confrontation of a different kind between Elizabeth and Lady CatherineDarcy large and in charge I just love himWickham promoting his lies and deceptions with his rakish charms and scoundrel actions Why she didn’t slap him silly I do not know I would have knocked his head off The Gardiners and Bennets making the best out of situations out of their control A wedding that will not be forgotten anytime soonDelayed honeymoondangTrip to Scotland dang with a wait and see situation hold your breath again dangI enjoyed it but most of the canon parts I skimmed through There were some new scenes A few deviations that took us on a detour but usually brought us back to canon There was nothing wrong with that It just wasn’t a I could not put it down novella The story’s end was a satisfactory completion and a satisfactory epilogue So all in all a 3 stars I liked it novella This is a short novella with a forced marriage scenario between Mr Darcy and Elizabeth The tale begins at Hunsford Elizabeth is reported as missing the morning after Darcy's disastrous proposal When Darcy learns this from his valet he immediately goes out to search himself and finds her on the ground with an injured ankle He appears carrying her in his arms and everyone can see that neither have changed clothes since the previous night Darcy was up writing his letter while Elizabeth had fallen during a walk the previous evening and couldn't return to the parsonage because of her ankle A notorious gossip visiting Rosings is among those who sees them and Darcy realizes the only way to save Elizabeth's reputation is to state that they are engaged This enrages Elizabeth who continues to insist that she will not marry himThere is plenty of JAFF with a somewhat similar premise and parts of the plot are easily predicted but generally this is nicely executed and well written The conversation between Elizabeth and Lady Catherine goes in another direction than canon The Wickham storyline also proceeds differently with an unusual resolution for Lydia's situation It doesn't take long to read and it's a pleasant story Darcy's FollyThis was a fun read by Jane Grix her writing is always clever a little mix of love with a few trials thrown in but she has it all figured out for usin a nice well written package in the end She always delivers This story was an accidental compromise of Lizzie and Darcy with him determined to win her over and Lizzie is in full blown impertinent mode Good read for everyone I'm sure Lots of fighting E forced to marry Lydia poor girl Not really liking the story on this one Zip romance with conflict 25 Stars Okayenjoyable short read Short but pleasant It is almost an abstract of JA rewrites This was a sweet clean romance that I enjoyed very much Our couple have struggles to overcome as usual but this story moves uickly toward the HEA This was a uick read that was entertaining enough but was a bit ridiculous at times It's another story where an accident leads to a scandal forcing Darcy and Lizzy to marry earlier than in the original Lizzie is less rational and angry Darcy is less brooding and the sense of propriety and control peppered with wit that is so much a part of Austen is sadly missing It feels very modern Still not a terrible read but isn't one of the better JAFF books I have read