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Martin – In the years just after the American Revolution London was the unlikely refuge for thousands of black Americans who had fought for the British in exchange for a promise of freedom Incomparable World i In the years just after the American Revolution London was the unlikely refuge for thousands of black Americans who had fought for the British in exchange for a promise of freedom Incomparable World is their story an unconventional debut novel that follows the adventures of three African Americans who have escaped their master's lash only to find themselves outcast once again but this time on the harsh streets of London's West End After the British defeat Buckram Georgie George and William Supple sail to London preferring to attempt a new life there than face possible recapture and a return to slavery Penniless without any prospects for employment and treated as outsiders by British society they are forced into a life of hustling and petty crime Their only hope for escape Georgie George manages to convince them is an outrageous robbery that would make them rich beyond their wildest dreams Full of vivid prose and accurate period detail Incomparable World is a rich historical thriller that reveals a forgotten chapter of American history. A hugely powerful short novel of former US slaves turned Revolutionary War soldiers now scraping an existence in London in the 1780s when Britain's black population was at its pre 20th century peak This is amazing Full of historical detail including a lot of real people and rammed with the stench and filth of the city Terrific sense of place and time It is a brutal book in some ways because those were brutal times England's perfidy to the soldiers it used is clear as is the endemic racism but there's a lot Class divides among the black community between the few privileged Brit born and the miserable American imports and awful crab bucket jostling for survival And over everything the shadow of slavery There were a few lines that made me need to put the book down for a moment one when Buckram is stunned by the sight of a black adult with her parents because he literally has never seen that before; another when William has a near panic attack at being in a house full of white Americans But there is also a thread of friendship and unstoppably hope and a few moments of spectacular satisfaction And mostly the sense ofoh imaginative expansion at this vivid picture of a part of London that very rarely gets shown and never from this perspective A great book i finished reading this book today the book gets three stars from me there are a few problems with itthe blurb on the book says its an adventure story and the description on the bhack talks about a heist of some sort obviously thats what i wanted but that wasnt what i got it plays out like a slice o life type story where you get to know what tramps from the eighteenth century were like black tramps well thats all well and good but was the promised adventure story?it was the promise of the heist then that had my attention but two thirds of the way in they hadnt got around to it and then when thye finally did the whole thing although starting off tense was over withiun a few pages i wa stsarting to get nervous for king kwaku the author should have stayed there kept us in the heist the three of them shoulda died there like butch dancs and cassidy? but no was not to be the king of beggars deservered not to be tainted with the accusations made all the way through the book leading us to inferr in him a deep malevolence georgie george seemed as malevolent and sinister as georgie porgie by the end he ddint kill them two others or even try to no he just went to brazil and made safe passage for william to go to nova scotia e was a good guy was georgie he made a shlt villain in the endits well written and i read till the end because its a well written story technically its just that well what was the point of it all? i dont know its full of unstatisfying endings thjey all lived happily ever after that is really what happens what a load of well the worst that happens is that neville dies and that chapter lasted all ov half a page and i know geprgie george didnt do iot hes a good man is georgie a good smaritan no matter what buckram said and buckram he seemed to much like a gentleman infact they all did to be a tramp and in the end he just becomes unrecognisable infact by the last page its all become a bit farcical but oh well atleast it was shortto be fair it is a good book and it really brings the eiteenth ventury to life amd with it the struggle of the black people and it is very well written and the chapters easily fly by the only problem is that the plot is too weak great charachters well made charachters are left unused georgie george shoulda been evil like fagan in the end hes just another dudedisappointing but well written Loved this book a glimpse into a world in a certain point of history that is indeed incomparable Martin has the ability to create complex characters his prose flows beautifully and the over all effect is one of profound empathy for the characters Highly recommended Very interesting to see what the world used to be like for us Humour inside made me chuckle in places but felt incredibly sorry for the protagonist Glad he got a happy ending of sorts And Charlotte? well lol

Incomparable World Epub ¼ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 213 pages
  • Incomparable World
  • S. I. Martin
  • English
  • 01 May 2014
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