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Williams – Getting published isn't a lottery or a slim chance it's the result of a thoughtful deliberate submissions process Learn how to identify your publication goals judge your own level and find journals th Getting published isn't in Literary Kindle × a lottery or a slim chance it's the result of a thoughtful deliberate submissions process Learn how to identify your publication goals judge your own level and find journals that are the right fit for your workFor beginners sending out your first finished pieces and experienced writers breaking into your dream markets this book will help you develop a submissions process that supports your goals advances your literary citizenship and helps you write betterA really practical list Get Published eBook í of approaches instead of the common platitudes people hand out keep trying etc Jocelyn Bartkevicius former editor of The Florida ReviewAllison Williams separates myth from fact to provide crucial no nonsense advice on the practical side of being a writer and she does it with deft humor You couldn't ask for a better coach Dinty W Moore author of The Mindful WriterEngaging and straightforward useful concrete advice Workshop attendee Hippocamp Creative Nonfiction Conference. All this useful information is available elsewhere but this is for sure everything you need to know in one place I can’t blame Williams because I’d read it already I blame Elizabeth Gilbert instead because I only recently discovered her podcast “Magic Lessons” in which she states that every time a new how to book comes out it’s typical for artists to go out buy it and read it and tell themselves they’re working on their craft when they aren’t really; it becomes a form of procrastination when you’ve been practicing for long enough Instead now I’ll listen to “Magic Lessons” This is a short book but it doesn't need to be bigger It has everything any writer needs to know about how to develop a career in literary magazines It doesn't have magical formulas but it shows how the hard work must be done when you are trying to publishYou need to set your goals and to know the field where you want to publish and that takes a lot of work But at least it is work in the right directionI really recommend this little jewel to any writer I read this in an hour or two in the middle of the night when I was too freaked out about my future as a writer to actually you know write I thought I would read this and pass it on but instead I will loan it because I need her words where I can get back to them This is the best advice I have readHere is all the very best practical information about getting published and staying on track toward publication goals There is a strong upbeat energy here too which I was grateful to find Despite having submitted to and sometimes finding publication in my target literary journals and even a couple of paying ones she offers excellent advice I need to hearThough I have never met the author I always look forward to her postings on the Brevity Blog I thought I might already know everything I needed to from this little book but no That was my hubris The book explains how to define publication goals and how to achieve them how to choose markets and to set up a practical system for submission Everything here is as concise and clear as can be—all the wisdom I might have gathered over 20 years and much She makes it not easy but doable Useful and encouraging As a “help for writers” self published book this one is a gem The author’s clear strong voice comes through on every page while she manages to inspire confidence in her reader This book from Williams is worth every penny and it is a gracious gift from a talented and dedicated writer who has her own amazing story Sending your words out into the world and asking people to publish them can feel overwhelming and a little scary Allison K Williams has obviously been there From deciding where to send submissions to when to try again she gives tips and advice and importantly uestions to ask yourself about what you wantGreat practical advice good humor and straight talk reading this book is like sitting down with a friend who knows how to get there and wants you to get there too A straight forward self help book for new and aspiring writers The author's approach provides no nonsense advice and positive encouragement The author has a great sense of humour it was an easy read and I loved it Great step by step how to with clear directions A must have for newbies and a great kick in the ass reminder for those who have published already and gotten sloppy about their writing and submission processes This is a practical upbeat and engaging guide not only for beginners sending out their first pieces but for experienced writers trying to break into their dream markets An excellent resource for writers Jam packed with useful submission advice As a fledgling submitter I find the whole process extremely daunting but this book will help immensely I think

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