Are We Screwed?

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Author Geoff Dembicki – A declaration of resistance and a roadmap for radical change from the generation that will be most screwed by climate changeThe Millennial generation could be first to experience the doomsday impacts A declaration of resistance and a roadmap for radical change from the generation that will be most screwed by climate changeThe Millennial generation Are We MOBI :¼ could be first to experience the doomsday impacts of climate change It's also the last generation able to do something about them With time ticking down year old journalist Geoff Dembicki journeyed to Silicon Valley Canada's tar sands Washington DC Wall Street and the Paris climate talks to find out if he should hope or despair What he learned surprised him Millions of people his age want to radically change our world and they are at the forefront of resistance to the politicians and CEOs steering our planet towards disasterIn Are We Screwed Dembicki gives a firsthand account of this movement and the shift in generational values behind it through the stories of young people fighting for their survival It begins with a student who abandons society to live in the rainforest and ends with a Muslim feminist fomenting a political revolution We meet a Brooklyn artist terrifying the oil industry a Norwegian scientist running across the melting Arctic and an indigenous filmmaker challenging the worldview of Mark Zuckerberg Are We Screwed makes a bold argument in these troubled times A safer and euitable future is achievable than we've been led to believe This book will forever change how you view the biggest existential challenge of our era and redefine the generation now battling against the odds to solve it. I received a copy of this book through Goodreads’ First Reads program As should probably be evident by the subject matter global warming this is not a warm fuzzy read I had to break up my reading of this with some lighthearted fiction to avoid feeling utterly mired in despair From a research standpoint there wasn’t much presented here that I didn’t already know about The author did introduce some younger activitists battling climate change and reading about their experiences was interesting It was encouraging to see the statistics the author presented about younger generations being concerned about the climate and taking a broad global outlook to probelms as opposed to a narrow nationalistic one While that is a leap in the right direction I do wonder if there will be enough time for the next generation to implement changes or if the idealism in those surveyed will stagnate with age The book does have a younger voice and reading this I picked up a sense of frustration shared by many that an older decaying generation seems to prefer that a planet die with them rather than change the status uo Despite the bleakness of the data the author maintains an upbeat attitude and optimistic hope for the future I hope he is proven right in that regard My takeaway was that the uestion isn’t so much “are we screwed?” as “how badly are we screwed?” Can we recover and back away from the brink of destruction? The events of 2016 and 2017 to date don’t make me feel very optimistic about the future Enjoyed the stories of what individuals are doing to fight climate change Your mileage may vary depending on interest in each profilestory Recommend the book in spite of unsatisfactory conclusions This book provides important context and insight for the continuing fight against climate change As a millennial I was especially interested in the perspective of the author regarding the specific challenges millennials face when considering climate change as a long term threat I thought the book was a good balance of old information why climate change is important why climate change is real and several premises about how millennials are specially affected and have specifically attacked the problem the author posits that some of these solutions are millennial specific I thought the tone was a little young millennials are hitting their 30s now and I don't think the chip on the shoulder not allowed to sit and the big kids table angle fit with me as a millennial in addition to edging really near the edge of overgeneralizing about a whole bunch of people namely a global cohort of individuals within a certain age range especially since most data was extremely US and Canada centric I become interested in the individual stories and examples woven in became much compelling as the book went on I hated the first guy a dude trying out self sustainable farming in Canada and found myself eager to read the second half of the book which was solutions oriented At the end of the day it contributes to the discussion and does a great job of researching and bringing together disparate voices into the context of a larger movement I left with enough hope to feel empowered to take action Stephen Harper Fort McMurray Athabasca tar sands Are We Screwed? By Geoff Dembicki is a Canadian book about climate change and millennials While the book centers on Canadian politics and pipelines it also includes chapters on climate change Bernie Sanders Silicon Valley and Washington lobbyists The sole optimistic message is that millennials might save the planetIf you understand the threat of climate change this book will terrify you by showing how the system is rigged in favor of short term profits for the fossil fuel industry It also offers some hope that the millennials might make a difference but the possibly too late for much of the worldFor my detailed report out for book recommendations YesThere's still people in the trenches making some progress and they're gaining traction as the boomers die off; but really there's not enough time left for a few decades of gradual power transferThe most inspiring story is that of Paul who gave up on the whole endeavor of trying to bring about political change bought 40 acres of forest and now lives mostly apart from civilization But not everyone can afford 40 acres Interesting and hopeful review of the ways in which people mostly young people are taking action to stabilize the climate and build a saner world I especially learned much I did not know about the divestment campaign I hope that if there's an updated edition to focus on the Green New Deal it will include voices of Black youth; their absence from this story left a noticeable hole At times it kind of wandered off in a lot of different directions but I loved the comprehensive look at how screwed we are yes we are in a way and the hope for the future I enjoyed all the different stories in this book some of the individual situations I had heard a little bit about at the time so it was interesting to go in depth but I really did not care for the author’s writing style and felt like I was just rolling my eyes every other line by the end of the book At one point he describes how he was hungover at a meeting with some Wall Street financial advisors because he had gone to see a band perform the night before and he told his friends he only wanted to have a couple Miller high lifes because he had this important meeting the next day but then the band ended up being so cool and eclectic that he couldn’t resist just throwing back the Miller high lifes and so he ended up being hungover for like half this meeting And in case you’re wondering no his being hungover really had no impact on the meeting He could easily have told the story without even mentioning it But seriously Miller high lifes? Did he sign a product placement contract or something?I can’t say I recommend this book but I appreciate that it’s a little hopeful than your typical climate change book and it focuses mostly on what young people are doing which I personally found pretty cool But there are many other better climate change books worth your time You might enjoy this book and learn a thing or two if you're a liberal who only pays attention to some mainstream media newsIf you're a Marxist this book is trash Throw it awayGod where do I even begin? In this book totally devoid of any historical material or political analysis you will find information that is already easily accessible and some anecdotes that range from banal to outright stupidFirst off the very premise of generational analysis is ridiculous and does nothing but obfuscate class relation which this book fails to look at entirelyAny criticisms of capitalism are lukewarm Some capitalists are criticized while others like the CEO of Lyft which puts MORE not less cars on the road and provides no new service Are praisedFurther THE WORLDS BIGGEST CONTRIBUTOR TO POLLUTION AND CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT EVEN MENTIONED NOT ONCE ITS THE US MILITARYI could go on This book offers nothing new or radical it's the same liberal drivel you hear everywhere and doesn't do a damn thing to challenge climate change Don't read this book This book has a significant amount of selection bias in the research and an almost unpalatable amount of generalization of ideas from single data points While the author obviously met with and interviewed a number of people as well as doing a fair amount of research the conclusions reached in the book are narrowly focused and not at all extensible to the wider world I found the narrative disappointing and myopic The simple truth is that yes we are screwed There are pockets of people trying to change that but the author's conclusions and sweeping generalizations about an entire cohort of people are off base and useless If you're interested in some of the things people are doing to fight climate change go ahead and check this one out from the library but it's not worth buying

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