Bound by a Scandalous Secret

Bound by a Scandalous Secret[Ebook] ➠ Bound by a Scandalous Secret By Diane Gaston – A most shocking betrothal  The pleasure seeking Maruess of Rossdale has little interest in his birthright and even less in finding a bride So he comes up with the perfect plan to survive the Season u A most shocking a Scandalous PDF/EPUB ç betrothal  The pleasure seeking Maruess of Rossdale has little interest in his birthright and even less in finding a bride Bound by PDF or So he comes up with the perfect plan to survive the Season unscathed—a fake engagement to a most unsuitable girl Outspoken Genna the youngest of by a Scandalous PDF/EPUB Ã the scandalous Summerfields has no wish to marry either So agreeing to be Ross's temporary fiancée will grant her freedom for a little longer But with every kiss both Ross and Genna must face up to what they really desirea true match. I've given this a C at AAR so that's 35 starsBound by a Scandalous Secret is the third book in Diane Gaston’s current series The Scandalous Summerfields I haven’t read either of the previous entries but this one works perfectly well as a standalone The Summerfield siblings – three sisters and their half brother – have been tainted by their late father’s reputation as a drunkard and libertine and the scandal that arose as the result of their mother running off with her lover The first two books saw middle sister Tess and brother Edmund get their respective HEAs and now it’s the turn of the youngest sister Genna a vivacious young woman who breezes through life –somewhat naïvely it has to be said – and puts on a cheerful face regardless of the disappointments she has sufferedThe oldest Summerfield sister Lorene whose story is up next married the much older disagreeable but wealthy Lord Tin in order to save her siblings from having to marry for money She and Genna now reside at Tin Hall where Tin makes life thoroughly unpleasant through his constant criticism of Lorene and his obvious belief that neither young woman is capable of exhibiting proper behaviourOne December day Genna is out sketching their old home of Summerfield Hall when a gentlemen riding across the fields stops and introduces himself simply as Ross He is staying at the Hall for the Christmas period with his friend Lord Penford the son of the distant cousin who inherited the title and property on the death of Genna’s father Ross is handsome charming and easy to talk to and to Genna’s surprise doesn’t seem to mind her own particular brand of animated conversationRoss is fascinated by Genna’s openness and her eagerness to learn new things They meet a few times during his stay and in the course of conversation he discovers that Genna’s real passion is art and that her ambition is to make a living as an artist They enjoy each other’s company and strike up a genuine friendship which is cut short when Lord Penford departs unexpectedly for London and his friend accompanies himSome months later Genna and Ross meet again and very uickly rediscover their easy friendship He decides that he wants to help her to realise her dream of becoming an artist but they are both well aware that if they start spending a lot of time together tongues will wag So Ross – whose father the Duke of Kessington has been pestering him to get married and produce an heir – suggests to Genna that they become betrothed; that way his step mother will stop pushing him towards eligible young ladies and he and Genna will be able to spend time together without causing gossip Once Genna reaches twenty one in October she will be able to do as she wishes without reference to Tin at which time she can cry off and she and Ross can go their separate ways Genna agrees to the idea with just the smallest pang of guilt over the fact that she will be deceiving her sisterRoss and Genna are engaging characters but they do come across as rather immature and it’s difficult to believe that Ross could be so naïve as to believe that a young woman no matter how talented would find it easy to make a career as an artist in 1815 That said Ms Gaston does a good job of showing why Ross and Genna are the way they are; Ross’s mother was an outgoing vivacious woman who was slowly stifled by her marriage to his politically motivated father hence his determination to give Genna the freedom to be herself that his mother never enjoyed and his belief that marriage will rob her of her dream And Genna has the daily reminder of Lorene’s unhappy marriage and the knowledge of their parents’ miserable union to caution her against entering into the married stateThat in essence is the extent of the conflict in the story and it’s somewhat weak because there’s never any uestion that Ross and Genna are perfect for each other The joy he gains from every new experience he offers her is sweet to see whether it’s from taking her to see the Elgin Marbles or watching an artist at work; and in Ross Genna has finally found someone who understands and accepts her who doesn’t talk down to her or belittle her ambitions But ultimately I felt I was watching the growth of a strong friendship rather than a romance because while they are great together there’s not much romantic chemistry there It’s also a bit of a stretch to believe in that Genna could support herself by working as an artist when she is really little than a gifted amateurBound by a Scandalous Secret is enjoyable enough but there are some good ideas that aren’t followed up on such as Ross’s secret philanthropy and I was intrigued by the potential relationship between Lorene and Lord Penfold than by that between Ross and Genna Penfold is an intriguing character with a tragic past – he lost his entire family in a recent fire and is struggling to adjust to life without them He is drawn to Lorene and sees how unhappy she is but knows he can do nothing to help He shows her a few small kindnesses but can’t do for fear of heaping yet scandal upon her name and earning her the censure of her husband The author establishes a clear connection between them which I hope will be built upon in the next book But Ross and Genna’s romance suffers by comparison – it’s never a good thing when a secondary couple eclipses the hero and heroine in a romance novelIf you’ve been following the series then you might want to pick up Bound by a Scandalous Secret for completeness but I’ve read better by this author and can’t give it a ringing endorsement I was however sufficiently intrigued by Lorene and Penford to want to read the next in the series which I believe will be coming out next Spring Plot 35Characterisation 355Prose 45How much I enjoyed it 35 Good book Genna is the youngest of the Summerfield siblings living with her sister Lorene and her husband Years ago when they were kicked out of their home by the new heir Lorene had married a much older man as a way to make sure her siblings were cared for It is not a happy marriage as Lord Tin never lets any of them forget what he has done for them The Summerfield siblings are also known as the Scandalous Summerfields because their parents created uite a scandal when their mother ran off with another man Sister Tess created scandal when forced to marry her husband though it turned out well and their brother Edmund is illegitimate Genna has no intention of marrying What she has seen of marriage doesn't inspire her to try it herself Instead she plans to hold out against Lord Tin's plans to marry her off until her twenty first birthday then make her own way in the world as a painter One day while painting she meets the Maruess of Rossdale and they strike up a friendship Ross is also under pressure to marry and is putting it off for as long as he can Ross is visiting his friend Dell who is a distant cousin to the Summerfields when he meets Genna He is intrigued by her and wants to get to know her better His few encounters with her over his visit only increase his fascination A few months later they meet in London during the Season Ross is intrigued by Genna's determination to make her own way in the world as an artist and is determined to help her But because of the rules of the time spending much time with her is difficult He comes up with the idea that they pretend to be engaged enabling them to spend time together and as a bonus getting their matchmaking families off their backs Neither one thinks about the drawbacks to the planI loved the development of their relationship All Ross wants to do is make it possible for Genna to fulfill her dreams He remembers back to his childhood and his mother's unhappiness and doesn't want the same thing to happen to her It was sweet to see the joy he got from each new experience he gave her As the weeks went on Ross freuently found himself wondering what it would be like if they actually got married but he's afraid it would kill her chances to make her dreams come true Genna loves the time she spends with Ross who she feels is the only one who really understands what she wants in life She finds that her feelings for him are changing but she knows very well that there is too much of a gulf between them for a marriage to be possible She also has no confidence that she would even be capable of doing what is reuired of a duchess When the attraction that has been building between them has his honor butting up against her fears Genna flees telling Ross he needs someone better than she is It's up to Ross to decide if he wants to break the unhappy pattern set by his father and grandfather and go for the life he wants for himself I loved his big moment at the end and the epilogue was sweetThere were several secondary characters that played important roles Lord Tin is a nasty piece of work I didn't like the way he always put Lorene down In this book he was also uite the suck up Once he found out who Ross's father was he was determined to take advantage of the relationship I also didn't much care for the Duke and Duchess He was far too focused on politics to the detriment of having a real relationship with his son The Duchess was just plain manipulative and snobby I hated her attitude about Genna and loved seeing Genna stand up to her Most fascinating were Lorene and Dell Lorene is married to Tin and constantly doing whatever she can to keep the peace between him and her siblings Dell has recently inherited Summerfield under tragic circumstances and is still trying to recover There is an instant connection between the two of them I ached for Dell as he saw what she is going through and can do nothing about it The subtle attention he pays her seems to soften her a bit toward others and bolsters her confidence as seen in the epilogue I'm looking forward to seeing if something comes of it A third sibling in the Scandalous Summerfields miniseries gets the chance to possibly find love though her trait for being blunt along with her family’s tainted reputation will surely keep any respectable man from getting close to her Determination to choose her own destiny is also a big factor as marriage is not really important to Genna Summerfield But after meeting the charming Maruess of Rossdale her belief of what will make her future happy might end up changed I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two spirited individuals realize what they truly wanted out life and Diane Gaston definitely takes them on a very adventurous journey of self discovery BOUND BY A SCANDALOUS SECRET is captivatingly enjoyableWhile the Maruess of Rossdale is visiting with his good friend in Lincolnshire he comes in contact with Genna Summerfield on several occasions The young woman was displaced from the estate where he is staying because of the actions of her parents yet he finds her to be delightfully refreshing When she learns that the man with whom she has been conversing will one day be a duke she is stunned by his friendly behavior toward her especially when considering how most people think of her familyAlthough it is the wish of Genna’s guardian to see her married or at least engaged by the conclusion of the current Season it is not what she wants There are countless women who would like to wed Ross and one day become a duchess but he also has no desire to marry anytime soon Since he wants to spend time with her yet must not cause a scandal he devises a scheme in which they will pretend to be betrothed The plan goes well until their emotions become involvedDuring the Regency period in England women often had little say in what would happen to them and Genna is being pressured to find a husband But her plan with Ross will let them both have the freedom they crave without actually getting married I really liked this couple who are so honest with each other despite their vast differences in social status Their discussions are lively and packed with much sincerity as they freuently convey what is in their hearts But when things become all too real between Ross and Genna tough choices must be made I felt Diane Gaston gave them plenty of lifelike dilemmas to face and their reactions were always genuine Family matters play a big part in what takes place in the story and those scenes are constantly believableBOUND BY A SCANDALOUS SECRET is an entertaining historical romance From daily activities to moments filled with fun events portray what it was like to live during 1815 1816 in London and surrounding areas Diane Gaston expertly brings every situation to life with much realism as terms pertaining to this era are accurately used There are also factual historical figures featured from time to time along with political concerns and any problems of ordinary citizens are convincingly depicted The author cleverly shows how difficult it would be for a woman to be an artist at this time without their profession being frowned upon and Genna shows her enthusiasm for painting in numerous ways There are some new characters introduced in the story while uite a few from past books also make an appearance and I hope to revisit with many of them in the next releaseCopy received to review Well done from the beginning scene of Genna painting in the snow meeting Rossdale the guest of Lord Penford who inherited the Summerfield's estate Eldest sister Lorene married elder Lord Tins to give Genna a future while being subjected to Tins's disparaging insults and overlordship Dell Lord Penfield is stuck by Lorene but that is left simmering through this story The romance between Ross and Genna is ostensibly friendship and fake betrothal Their friendship is actually a meeting of true minds hearts and souls and ends with her becoming the Duchess But through the book is the story of Lorene and Dell a mystery still left to be solved Was not as interested as the earlier stories as this romance and the next a good read in days of plaguenow that the libraries are closed as is my bookshop am having to purchase these embarrassing romances as my once sparkling curiosity is no longer satisfied by cosmology and physics Trump effective disorder no concentration just pure outrage Looking forward to Dell and Lorene's story This is actually a pleasant surprise all the satisfying because it was unexpected It is wellwritten with an easy enough flow to the story so as not to bore the reader The characters are fairly credible and relatable and I love that they fight for what inspires them or for the things most precious to them and what gives them purpose But like most things in life there is also compromise and the intent to please the beloved so that it would not be such a sacrifice Except perhaps for the great sacrifice that Lorene made so her siblings won't go into service and later on find love in their respective unions Like most of us in the same situation we find something to anchor us and for her it is her music and she still has her family and HOPE For some that is enough The Maruees of Rossdale enjoys his life as it is He has little interest in his birthright or in securing a wife He wishes to enjoy life in London without everyone trying to arrange a match for him When he is pressured he decides to set up a phony engagement with a girl his family would never consider appropriateAs the youngest sister of the scandalous Summerfield sisters Genna does not wish to marry Pretending to be engaged to Ross is perfect She will have a little bit of freedom to pursue her own goals But as the two share kisses something seems to be bloomingRoss is enchanted with Genna She seems to be the one woman who does not simper in his presence She is delightfully alive and says what she feels The two embark on an engagement that somehow turns into It was fun to watch their reactions to each other This is one story to not miss if you enjoy a tale where you start out pretending and something develops You cannot help but fall in love with both Ross and Genna Routing for happy ending will be on everyone’s agenda You can fight it but you can’t beat it when love comes calling So I have actually read this book twice in two months Found this in the book store first read it loved it and then got the first two books in the seriesI loved this book for several reasons First Genna is so very normal She doesn't need to be anyone other than herself Then there is her art and Ross's wish to encourage it I LOVED their visit to Mr Turner I had to hop online to look up the actual paintings they were discussing Just wonderful Most important of all Genna made sure all those she loved benefited from her good fortune She may have thought it would not last forever but then love always finds a way Damaged reputations lie at the heart of Gaston’s Scandalous Summerfields series but this time Genna seems to have beaten the rest of her infamous family to respectable ground Gaston puts a little shine on the well used make believe engagement theme with Genna’s artistic passions and secondary characters who dare forbidden desires RT Book ReviewsMiniseries The Scandalous Summerfields The story is set in 1815 during the London SeasonWhile in the country Rossdale the heir to the Duke of Kessington almost runs over Genna SummerfieldWhen the two meet again in London the two develop a close friendshipIn order to put off debutantes seeking his hand Ross convinces Genna to join himin a false betrothalTheir freuent meetings spark warmer feelings making Ross wonder if he should make Genna his bride