Words in Deep Blue

Words in Deep Blue[Reading] ➶ Words in Deep Blue Author Cath Crowley – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Second hand bookshops are full of mysteries This is a love story It's the story of Howling Books where readers write letters to strangers to lovers to poets to words It's the story of Henry Jones and Second hand bookshops are full of mysteries This is a love Words in PDF/EPUB ² story It's the story of Howling books where readers write letters to strangers to lovers to poets to words It's the story of Henry Jones and Rachel Sweetie They were best friends once before Rachel moved to the seaNow she's back working at the bookstore grieving for her brother Cal She's looking for the future in the books people love and the words that they leave behind Sometimes you need the poets The new novel from the award winning author of Graffiti Moon PRAISE FOR Words in Deep Blue Words in Deep Blue is a beautiful examination of grief love and the power of words Told in a dual narrative and littered with excerpts from letters and notes left in books at the shop Cath Crowley has created a sweeping story about self discovery and growing up filled with complicated and flawed characters this is a love letter to books and bookshops to the ocean to falling in love and finding your way booksellerPublisherCath Crowley's Words in Deep Blue is what dreams are made of It's a story that will stay with me forever Nick and Nereyda's Infinite BooklistWould I recommend it Without a doubt Words in Deep Blue is a gorgeous novel that'll pull your heart strings make you giggle and fill you to the brim with different kinds of love Trust in Tales. READ 2 | Dec 2018Rereading books is like coming back to old friendsand if it's been long enough you don't remember that these olD FRIENDS MADE YOU CRY Seriously this book both hit me harder emotionally this time for losing things you love but also made me ever so much frustrated specifically Henry for being so self obsessed So it was a mixed reunion? But still I am a frazzled mess rn thank you so much for that bookWe are the books we read and the things we love·゚✧·゚✧READ 1 | Sept 2016This is one of the most beautiful books I've had the pleasure of devouring at dawn Actually I devoured it at midday but pfft please let's not get caught up on the details THE FACT IS THIS IS AN AMAZINGLY GLORIOUS BOOK AND I LOVE IT But then can Cath Crowley do no wrong?? I adore her books A Little Wanting Song and Graffiti Moon and I'm sooooo glad this new book exists IT'S BEAUTIFUL What do you mean I said that already??? Dude I'm saying it a million times Buckle up for the rideThe best thing about this book is IT'S ABOUT BOOKS I think books about books are A the best kind of bookish inception and B doomed to capture the reader's heart because we relate It's partially set in a bookstore that's failing and about to be sold And it's absolutely STUFFED with references discussions and mentions of other books Plus do you know how aesthetically pleasing an old second hand bookstore story is??? I just wanted to fold myself into this book and live here foreverAlthough the bookishness did pose one annoyance Um yeah Hear me out See the thing about books about books isusually they're about classic books Don't get me wrong I have no problem with classic books And these characters WERE NOT SNOBS about classics which was great The book even mentions The Fault in Our Stars And I recognised a reference to Summer Skin which I won and should read yeah??? But about 89% of the important books in here were classics And it did kind of end up as a little pretentiousNot enough for me to stop loving the book though clearlyAnd I mean I love the idea of abusing books and writing notes in them and letters and underlining and highlightingbut I COULDN'T DO IT NO I COULDN'T And also having a library where people write letters and put them in books for other people to find is THE best idea in the world Please someone make this happen #AestheticallyPleasingAlso the characters and the dialogue was definitely BEYOND AMAZING It's dual narrated by Henry and Rachel who are ex best friends and kind of are slowly becoming friends again Henry is also hugely involved in this girl who goes out with him and dumps him again and again etc etc But despite being an absolute LIMP CUSTARD NOODLE about this girlHenry is still adorable Boys with good senses of humour who like to read are just adorable The end And Rachel's brother just died so she's severely depressed and often rude But she's recovering from the worst kind of heartbreak and she is learning to live again no romance cures all messages btw; huzzah And their banter is EVERYTHINGWhat? she asksYour head I tell her is a very pleasing shapeLikewise she says and smilesAnd that's not even to mention all the amazing secondary characters I justI can't even summarise how much I looooved the secondary characters THERE ARE NO PAPER PLATES HERE Everyone is so dimensional that I literally will climb onto a very very tall chair and yell for a spin off story for George Henry's little sister Everyone was complex and interesting and HEARTBREAKINGAlthough I mean mini warning it kinda contains a love triangle Obviously it is a PERFECT love triangle because here I am still enjoying it It's also 1 boy 2 girls which is unusual? And I honestly knew how it'd end up and it was a case of characters being BLIND But there you go Fair warning It could be a bit irritating because it was obviously Henry needed to get smacked upside the face with a large bookshelf But ya knowthese things happenI also maybe nearly cried But I didn't because #Vulcan But there was something like A TEAR tickling the back of my eyeballsAlso the books is actually very comfortable and calming This feels weird to say??? BUT HEAR ME OUT It was a cosy bookshop and lots of food and gentle banter and teenagers with excellent vocabularies and love of dusty old books And that was just SO COMFORTABLE TO READ ABOUT It was sad It was beautiful It was never never never dull And yet it was what I'd call a uiet book And I'm just enormously thankful for itI READ AN EBOOK BUT I WANT TO BUY THE PHYSICAL NOW BECAUSE I HAVE A NEEDBasically I love this book an exuberant amount Obviously Take a peek at my 5star shouting The beautiful words the book appreciation the amount of dumplings the complex characters the heartbreaking letter writing ALL THE BOOKS completely won my little bookworm soulBye I have to go HUG MY BOOKSHELF NOW UOTES Note uotes taken from an eARC from Netgalley Be aware that they may not be finalSecond hand books are full of mysteries which is why I like themThe Letter Library is a section of books that aren't for sale Customers can read the books but they can't take them home They idea is that they can circle loved words or sentences on the pages they can write notes in the margins They can leave letters for people who've read and been there before themLast night I collected all the books I thought I'd need before I took to the counch so they're all piled up around me there's some Patrick Ness an Ernest Cline some Neil Gaiman Flannery O'Conner John Green Nick Hornby some Kelly Link and if all else fails Douglas Adams Seriously This book had me sobbing like I haven't since All the Bright Places or maybe even Me Before You although there's not uite the same level of tragedy But as I was crying so hard I wet my t shirt don't judge at the same time I was thinking that I may very well Saying I have mixed feelings on this seems like an understatement I loved the concept this truly is a bibliophile's paradise with all the references to other well known books and the second hand bookstore setting It brilliant conveys the emotions of the characters however I found the characters themselves to be rather uninspired I definitely have mixed emotions regarding the writing style It was good in some ways but for the most part I found it scattered and confusing to follow I feel like the author was trying to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time which lead to that lack of clarity That being said I did enjoy it enough to give it a 3 stars Side note this cover is so aesthetically pleasing bookstore livin’? checkchildhood romances? checksecret notes and letters? checkswoon worthy crush? checkone happy jessica? CHECK CHECK CHECKthis is my type of book to a capital T total perfection i seriously cant get over how on brand this book is for me total heart eyes emoji ↠ 5 stars 4 StarsWho Young adults navigating through this thing called lifeWhat Love and loss Then some love and loss And booksWhere A cozy family owned secondhand bookshop that I desperately wanted to visitWhat could I possibly ask for?Great writing? Yes of course—it has that tooWORDS IN DEEP BLUE has it all and is the perfect antidote for readers craving an uplifting story about Love Life Loss and Literature—but one that also packs a punchThis author isn't afraid to showcase the power of all those “L’s” through the ups and downs of life like characters nor does she shy away from using humor in her delivery Dry humor that is because is there anything better?This plot isn’t filled with angst nor is it prolonged with grief but is satisfyingly plausible and perfectly paced It’s deep in a way that isn't dramatic—a gentle sort of depth—with messages that whisper profoundness rather than being launched at your face The “romance” is light but the “love” is pronounced and the story’s focus lies heavily on much Henry and Rachel were best friends all their lives but Rachel has always felt something for Henry Henry however is in love with Amy and Amy is a heartless BTCH In a nutshellThis plot pulls Henry and Rachel back together working side by side in the bookshop sharing letters with each other between the pages of their most beloved books all while warming the hearts of its readers Life will be compared to books and books will be compared to life and you just may love every second of it I know I did Although not heavy in suspense I found myself flipping uickly through these pages wanting to know where the plot was heading and truly just enjoying the touching journey along the way This lovely story showed up at the perfect time and for that I’m a happy reader Hope you’ll enjoy as much as I and I don’t think you can date a letter like this A love letter by definition should be timeless or what’s the point?” I'm so damn mad This sounded like a book I would love Most of my friends love it So what happened to me????????? All it did was mostly get on my nerves even though I loved the majority of the people in the book and it was sad and there were books I'm at a loss people this was emotion y than bookstore y35 stars can't stop won't stop reading books about bookstores original reviewHOW DID THIS BOOK ESCAPE MY NOTICESeriously Look at it This book with this cover with this plotline in this genre? It's fantastic It's incredible It's a massive injustice that it took me this long to find itThis is exactly what I needed Mainly because it's a contemporary and I am so incapable of reading anything that isn't a contemporary when it's summertime that it's not even funny But also because it's a fun romance with btchy girls big love and markets itself kind of as Sad And Profound but has a happy ending so you can feel all deep even as your heart isn't smashed to bits but most of all because THE MAIN SETTING IS A BOOKSTORE AH THE CHARACTERS WORK IN A BOOKSTORE YOU GUYS THE MAIN BOY CHARACTER LOVES TO READ It had flaws the guy is kind of unbelievably stupid; traces of girl hate; couldn't really remember all the characters' names; this really confusing thing where the dialogue n e v e r follows the rule where a new uotation from a new person gets a separate paragraph from the dialogue from the last person; there were a few times when the book was clearly operating under the unbelievably false assumption that John Green is a good writer rather than MY LEAST FAVORITE ONE But it was still pretty goddamn goodBottom line I love contemporaries Look at this cover Bookstores Words In Deep Blue is a book you read on a beach The letter library is such a wonderful idea I hope it exists somewhere so I can go to visit it and the relationship between Rachel and Henry is beautiful realistic and fun Crowley manages an intimacy through her words through the relationship between Rachel and Henry These young characters are wise they're well read and they have a zest for life that makes it possible for them to surmount the loss and limitations that once held them back I couldn't put Words in Deep Blue down partly because of the literary references who doesn't love bookshop as backdrop? partly because of the truthful grappling with loss but mostly because the relationship between Rachel and Henry is one that I rooted for Cath Crowley is a master at writing well developed likeable characters that have you hoping that everything will turn out all right for them and this is yet another perfect example of her brilliance as a writer I had all these words in my head about how I would express my feelings about this book because I’m so in love with it and now that I’ve finished reading it and I am writing this I realise I’m at loss for words —————————— I’ve found my weakness books about books I will find you all and read you Reread on February 25 2020 Rereading a good book is honestly the best therapy I have been sick for already a week and I thought rereading would help me feel better a little and it certainly did The beautiful concept of Letter Library in this book is a wonderful reminder of the miraculous power of words I still cringe just a little bit at the mention of the notes and scribbles on the pages of the books lol but it’s really one of the most original YA contemporaries I’ve read I love the message of love being the biggest reason a person could move past the stage of grief I love that Words in Deep Blue is a collection of several stories besides those of the main characters but also of those letter writers in the different books I love that with just a few lines scribbled at the corners of a book a great love story is already told Such is the magic of words really and the author is able to brilliantly capture that in this book The romance between Rachel and Henry is kind of cliche ish sometimes deserving of an eye roll but it was still really cute Good their love story turned out as I hoped for and I am thankful for the other love stories which are eually important A great choice of book to reread end Original review posted on April 2017 “If they were just words then people wouldn’t fall in love because of them” A beautifully written YA contemporary story about grief and love death and life and most of all about the magical power of words to people Every element fits the overall theme and I love that most of the story is set at a local secondhand bookstore somewhere in Australia I could practically imagine myself inside Howling Books enjoying every section of the store especially the Letter Library area where people are allowed to write on the books they love or insert anonymous letters to anonymous people and just let the power of words affect people in the best ways possible The characters are so easy to relate with and I truly enjoyed the alternating POVs between Rachel and Henry I also love all the other characters who have become a sort of a family because of the bookstore I appreciate how the romance is interspersed in the plot and I like that even though this is basically a romance novel it doesn’t overwhelm the entire plot It’s a truly heartwarming adorable read that showcases the ability of the author to write one novel with layers upon layers of stories themes and ideas I’m definitely reading other books written by the author