First Comes Duty (The Hope Island Chronicles Book 2)

First Comes Duty (The Hope Island Chronicles Book 2)[PDF / Epub] ☄ First Comes Duty (The Hope Island Chronicles Book 2) By P.J. Strebor – The hero of Genevieve Incident is assigned to the Monitor Insolent as she escorts a freighter into the northern reaches of league space Their destination the distant world of Cimmeria While the Cimmer The hero of Genevieve Incident is assigned to the Monitor Insolent as she escorts a freighter into the northern reaches of league space Their destination the distant world of Cimmeria While the Cimmerians are striving to find their own identity under the yoke of a corrupt regime First Comes PDF \ far from their world the Pruessen Navy have made their own plans for Cimmeria As the battle lines are drawn one rookie ensign a handful of friends and a rag tag band of freedom fighters try to hold the line against an implacable enemy who outgun and outnumber them Nathan’s hastily conceived plan of attack may cost him his life but for an officer in the Athenian Navy nothing comes before his duty. First Comes Duty The Hope Island Chronicles Book 2 By PJ Strebor is a procedural science fiction with some element of military science fiction and political science fiction that might well rival David Weber's Harrington series This is the second book in the series and I strongly recommend reading the first book Uncommon Purpose to get a full introduction to Nathan Telford and his strange story and somewhat strife full beginningsI read this novel three times I do that sometimes when I find something that was hard to swallow and I want to figure out just what it is In this instance there were mitigating circumstances and nothing to be found or unraveled The first read I believe was an ARC The second I purchased the book when I was seeing double That's not why I purchased it it's just a medical condition So because it's hard enough to read while seeing double I didn't do a review On the third time through the intent is to do the review with the whole thing fresh in my mind and I have to say I'm delighted I came back for a third lookThere are certain balances within the story that I really loved while there was at least one imbalancein my perceptionthat became a bit annoying The balance is the Military the political and the procedural They all get about the same amount of focus throughout The imbalance for me is that the bulk of the procedural is all in the front making it hard to warm up to the whole novel The only thing that drove that along were the myriad of interesting characters being set to it all with their own uirks and strengths and weaknessesThe narrative is tight; despite the initial seeming endless procedural text It takes a while to really get to the story but when it finally gets there the players are all introduced and the plot begins to thicken up and as a reader you begin to wonder how far things can go wrong and how many bodies will pile up on the wayIt is interesting to note that one thing I found intriguing was how the plot seemed to mirror the procedural in that everything that happens whether it's something the characters have control over or the things that are going maddeningly wrong fits into place with how the character either plans things or how they would logically react to themAs with the previous story Nathan has his own set of uirks that sometimes work against him and sometimes are to his benefit One of those comes narrowly close to creating his own internal deus ex machina I'll just say that he has this talent that gets him out of tight spots For the reader who dislikes those things this might begin to grind a bit because it's integral to the storyThe good news is he's not the only one with the talent so that means he isn't the chosen one Or maybe I should say he isn't the only chosen oneDid I mention there are plenty of strategic battles in the story to keep the reader interested And narrow escapes for those characters who manage to make it to the endEach chapter has a timeline and location or setting note that I found I didn't need or read on the third time through Again they are there for those interested though I'm not sure they add a lot to the story and it's clear enough that the average reader shouldn't get lost if he fails to follow the listed directionsI think for anyone who loves the intrigue and politics of worlds like that of Honor Harrington they should love these books I'm looking forward to book threeJL Dobias I've read the three books so far in this series and liked them for their entertainment value and good writing The third book in the series Silent Running did disappoint a little but I did finish it The books are a real old fashioned space opera that keeps you wanting to start a new chapter but you have to forget the obvious cliches and impossible scenarios that seem to abound From the start this series draws heavily on a war formula and it wouldn't surprise me if the author writes World War Two books as well One disappointing aspect is that no original effort has gone into setting the interplanetary scene with the villains of the piece the Preussians based on WW2 Nazis the Bretish fairly obvious Francs again obvious and the Athenians I'm assuming the heroic Americans The Cimmerians are a little obscure by name but the characterisation is stereotypical of one particular racial group even though they're are supposed to be an alien race The use of the occasional famous figure such as Garfield Sobers again opportunistic lack of originality which leaves the reader feeling a bit dudded Then to further perplex the author has the hide to mix a bit of Star Wars Jedi type powers into the narrative The main character and the main villain character have some unusual abilities but of course the hero always prevails If you don't mind your science fiction dumbly unscientific and you don't object to the use of north east south and west in the vastness of outer space where there are no north east south or west then you will probably enjoy these books I don't think I'll read another assuming there is another I've enjoyed the first two installments of Nathon Telford's adventures I might have to stop here though as it looks like is the only outlet selling the next book and I try to avoid them Here's hoping that at some point I will find them on Barnes and Noble where I found the first two Another great adventureI love this series lots of battles n stuff well written but no broadswords this time dang it Great read I had to read it all at onceI really enjoyed reading this 2nd book in the series by PJ Strebor so much that I read it all in one sitting A fan Very good storyLooking forward to the third book It's nice to come across a story line as entertain ing as this is 35 stars Good continuation though many implausible elements to story Will read of series but if the next book doesn't get better that will likely be all for me Fun read Looking forward to book 3