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Becoming Naomi León[PDF] ✪ Becoming Naomi León By Pam Muñoz Ryan – Naomi Soledad León Outlaw ha tenido ue enfrentarse a mucho en su corta vida empezando por su nombre También está el problema de su ropa hechas por su abuela en tela de poliéster su timidez y la fa Naomi Soledad León Outlaw ha tenido ue enfrentarse a mucho en su corta vida empezando por su nombre También está el problema de su ropa hechas por su abuela en tela de poliéster su timidez y la fama ue tiene en la escuela de no ser nadie especial Pero según su abuela la mayoría de los problemas se solucionan con mentalidad positiva Y su Becoming Naomi Kindle - vida junto a su abuela y su peueño hermano Owen en el parue de casas móviles Avocado Acres es tranuila y feliz hasta ue su mamá aparece luego de siete años creando confusión y retando a Naomi a ue averigüe uién es. Apparently I have a new favorite author Pam Munoz Ryan You guys know how much I enjoyed no ADORED Echo a month or so ago? Well Becoming Naomi Leon is every bit as good And I am one happy reader right now blissful sigh This book is fantastic the way it gives a window into a young child's mind and lets you truly SEE everything as it appears to her perspective You feel like you're ten years old again when you're reading it honestly Everything that scares Naomi scares you; and everything that makes her happy makes you happy too It's such a beautiful story too because it's all about a child Naomi who suffers from anxiety and confidence issues due to her AWFUL mother's neglectfulabusive treatment of her and how she eventually finds the strength to overcome those fears and speak up for herself loud and clear view spoilerAt the very end in the courtroom scene where Naomi stands up in front of everyone and basically tells her mother she's had enough I was internally screaming YOU GO GIRL Loved that part so much Take THAT Skyla hide spoiler I came into this book thinking I'd be underwhelmed I have read another Pam Muñoz YA and thought it just okay but BECOMING NAOMI LEON was captivating and beautiful Naomi lives with her great grandmother and her brother he has a slight physical handicap in San Diego California in a mobile home after her mother and father have been nonexistent for 7 years of her life Her grandmother is an amazing caregiver even though they don't have much Then Naomi's alcoholic mother and scary boyfriend show up to take Naomi away without her brother The story goes to Oaxaca MX to find her father at El Festival de Los Rabanos The Festival of the RadishesIn Mexico Naomi starts to find her inner Leon Lion and finds that she is truly lovedBeautiful story with culture and history Enjoyed it immensely Wow This book was intense and a lot of things were happening with the characters I wanted to keep finding out what was going to happen with Naomi The main character Naomi has a strong bond with her disabled brother and grandmother The two children have been living with the grandmother for a long time One day her alcoholic mom reappears after seven years with her boyfriend The mother was hoping to take Naomi and not the brother to collect welfare The grandmother was very upset to hear about this and made sure it didn't happen The family decides to drive across the border to Mexico to search for the father After reading this story I was disgusted with the mother Whatever happen to being a good role model to your children? The mother was buying all these ravishing gifts such as bikes and fancy clothes What these kids need is not gifts but LOVE from their MOTHER I couldn't believe she had put these kids through this The grandmother was the best primary guardian for these children The grandmother was loving and caring and protected the children from bad things happening to them I was very proud of Naomi for standing up for herself to her mother and the court Overall I enjoyed this story because as a reader I was able to share Naomi's fear about her future As I was reading I imagined myself as Naomi I felt the pain that she had to go through with her mother I thought about how I would feel if I didn't see my mother in seven years Naomi had real changed and grew to understand herself better Naomi and her younger brother Owen live with their Gram who is raising them in a small trailer in Lemon Tree California The children face many hurdles throughout their young lives leaving Naomi shy and unsure of herself while Owen remains positive and happy despite his physical disabilities Naomi takes to soap carving as a hobby and a way of expressing herself Unexpectedly their mom re enters their lives along with a new boyfriend and his younger daughter At first Naomi and Owen are excited until mom shows signs of alcohol use and instability Naomi suspects ulterior motives when mom plans to take Naomi to Las Vegas to live while leaving Owen behind Refusing to let this happen Gram packs up the trailer and the children and sets off to Mexico to find the their father Once Naomi meets her father who is also a carver she begins to find her identity and discover who she really is inside Naomi’s story is one of courage as she struggles to find her voice when she needs it most This touching tale is warm inspiring and sprinkled with Mexican culture In classrooms it could be used as a choice for literature circles or to enrich the study of Mexican culture and heritage It is appropriate for grades 4 through 7 Becoming Naomi Leon review One of her favorite sayings was that the good and the bad of any situation were sometimes the same My thoughts dived into a jumble in the middle of my mind wrestled around until they were wadded into a fisted knot and attached themselves to my brain like a burr matted in a long haired dog I always thought the biggest problem in my life was my name Naomi Soledad Leon Outlaw but little did I know that it was the least of my troubles or that someday I would live up to it  When Naomi was 4 and her brother was 1 their mother left them with their grandmother Seven years later the mother Skyla shows up on their doorstep wanting to get to know her children But she has other motives A chain of events sends Naomi Owen and Gram on a trip to Mexico where Naomi discovers about her Mexican heritage and finds something unexpected This is a lovely story The characters are likable I enjoyed reading about Naomi's journey and how she reasoned things out in her head Her devotion to her brother is admirable She doesn't let anyone stop her when she needs something  The book is culturally authentic and contains many examples of Spanish words and Mexican culture Readers especially girls will enjoy reading about Naomi's determination and her adventures The ending doesn't take the easy way out and is pretty realistic as opposed to being too perfect and happy    Becoming Naomi Leon is about a young girl named Naomi who lived a pretty normal life until her mother comes and Naomi finds herself on a journey to try to keep her family together The author of this fictional story is Pam Munoz Ryan This book is is full of adventure and always keeps you on your toes The theme of this story is to never give and keep tryingThis book is told in 3rd person and the genre is realistic fictionI like Becoming Naomi Leon because it's very adventurous and fun The plot of this story is that Naomi and her little brother Owen have lived with their great grandmother for seven years until her mother shows up wanting take Naomi back with her back with her I think this book book is for younger audiences from 10 14 years oldBecoming Naomi Leon makes me realize how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family The book brings up memories from the book series called the The Series of Unfortunate Events because of the fight between adults for children This book has change my point of view that mothers' should always gain custody of their childrenI like this book because it is very realistic in the way that it could happen to anyone and probably already has The thing I don't like about this book is that it is very complicated and hard to keep up with going on in the story I recommend this book because it gives you a sense of reality and helps you appreciate what you have This book was very I love the love they share I liked the book how she changed her name and how it was nice of her mom returning back for Naoimi and buying her clothes and doing braids on her hair How her mom bought Owen a byicle and her mom wanted to take Naoimi to Las Vegas so that she can take care of Clive's daughter Naomi going to Oaxa to go find her dad she going to El Mercadoa pinaple lolipop La Posadagoing to Aunt Teresa's housedoing the carving finding his dad and meeting him for the first time and finding him in the Posada and doing the carving for the Posada so they could win and they won 2 place The court and her grandmother staying with Naoimi and Owen and Naoimi telling the Judge all what Skyla did to her I really loved this book The dialogue was great especially the uirky way that Gram speaks I loved Naomi's character and the closeness of her and her brother a diagnosed funny looking kid The story was good although a little too neatly solved I do feel inspired by Naomi the Lion's ability to stand up and tell her story so that her and her brother and her Gram can stay together when her messed up mom tries to take her away The characters and the setting made the novel great This was a really good read I loved Naomi as a character and following her through her struggles with her family My favorite uote from the book is How many others were walking around and not even knowing that someone far away cared for them? Imagine all that love floating in the air waiting to land on someone's lifeSENSITIVITY WARNING Maybe some language some abuse mostly verbal

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