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Giving Up The Ghost[KINDLE] ✽ Giving Up The Ghost Author G.A. Hauser – The visit from beyond the grave that changed their lives forever Artist Ryan Monroe had everything he wanted and then in a blink of an eye he lost what mattered most of all his soul mate Victor Tortur The visit from beyond the grave that changed their lives Giving Up Epub / forever Artist Ryan Monroe had everything he wanted and then in a blink of an eye he lost what mattered most of all his soul mate Victor Tortured by an overwhelming sense of grief and unable to move on his pain spills out reflected in the blood red hues of his paintings Paul Goldman thought he'd found the love of his life in Evan his beloved pianist Their mutual passion for music was outweighed only by their passion for one another They were planning a life time together but then one fateful night Evan was taken Drowning in sorrow unable to find solice the heart broken violinist has resigned himself to a life alone Now it's two years later and something someone is bringing them together Two men two loves two great lossesand one hot ghost Giving Up The Ghost by GA Hauser you won't be able to put down. This book made me bitterI am not sure what happened here but all I can say is that I liked the dead MCs better than the live onesI skimmed this at best after 40% the MCs with a pulse aka Pulse MCs didn't meet until about 60% of the book I actually disliked every single character Pulse MCs sobbed a lot I really couldn't muster any empathy I didn't care that they were sad One of the Pulse MCs spent time with his neighbor annoying female character who could not eat a single meal alone than with the other guyRandom example of why I hated this bookWTF do we have to have an idiotic scene during Thanksgiving where one of the Pulse MCs makes a salad with tomato lettuce and Thousand Island dressing for his annoying female friend other Pulse MC is still not around???? I mean who gives a f%????? What is the point of that scene? What plot line is it establishing? Oh yeahstupid ass can put 2 ingredients together to form a half ass saladOnly reason I finished this was because I wanted everyone to die in a fiery plane crash at the endalas it was not to beI have renamed this Giving Up Two Hours of My Life and that pisses me off in case you have not been able to tell from my review I'm not fanatic about errors but to spot the first one while reading the blurb and the second one right at the beginning of the story in plain sight is not greatI liked the concept better than the writing in this one I expected to like this a lot better and I was sorely disappointed This was a sweet and sad love story view spoilerEvan lost his partner in a terrible accident on Christmas Paul also lost his partner in the same accident Both have been lost in their grief ever since but the ghosts of their partners don't want them to suffer any and contrive to get them together hide spoiler Giving Up the Ghost is not the usual GA Hauser's novel no british brat and no copsIf the blurb had not already revealed the secret I would not have said it but since it's pretty clear readind it Ryan has lost his lover 2 years before on Christmas night He is still grieving and he has no intention to stop But someone else is not of the same idea Evan appears on his doors and makes feel Ryan feeling long ago buried But Evan is not real he is a ghost he is dead the same day of Victor Ryan's lover and now he wants that Ryan meets and loves Paul his lover It's like a gift that Evan wants to leave to his beloved and Ryan is the right manThe first part of the book is almost all spent describing Ryan and Evan's relationship Paul is only a name a side character And actually even if Ryan is sexually attracted by Evan the ghost doesn't make a move on him he tries only to convince Ryan that he is ready to love againIf I have to be sincere of all the characters involved Ryan Evan Paul and also Victor who has a little role himself I like best Evan All right he has to put together Ryan and Paul but for all the book I waited to read of him and felt sorry for him and for his sad fateRyan is a good character he is almost funny in his naivete he did things that you from the reader point of you could only think as totally wrong had he say all? couldn't he only meet Paul love him and take Evan a secret? Oh no he has to tell to Paul all till the little detail and risk to lose himAnd Paul? Why he is always so ready to think bad? why he has always to shut up like a clam? fortunately he is also ready to rethink and to step backwardsPity that we don't have the chance to know better Victor maybe of all the character he would be the steady even if he is a ghostGiving Up the Ghost is a sweet romance with a lingering taste of sadness And reading it try not to be too sympathetic with Evan remember Ryan is not for him but for Paulhttpwwwdp1602020973? A little bit creepy dramatic and sad but every bit enjoyable The characters didn't touch me much but they were likeable enough to warrant happiness so they did their job Because this wasn't an open paranormal romanceI kind of felt uneasy with the ghosts visits Seemed like it would have been better to have left that part out of the story and really just concentrate in the characters grief and struggle to to overcome it

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