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Father Seraphim Rose His Life and Works✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Father Seraphim Rose His Life and Works By Damascene Christensen ✸ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk This epic biography of Hieromonk Seraphim Rose tells the uniue story of a man who having grown up in a typical American home in southern California became one of the greatest teachers of Orthodox Chri This epic biography of Hieromonk Seraphim Rose Rose His Kindle Õ tells the uniue story of a man who having grown up in a typical American home in southern California became one of the greatest teachers of Orthodox Christianity in our times loved and revered throughout Russia and Eastern Europe uoting at length from his letters journals manuscripts recorded lectures and Father Seraphim Kindle - published writings this book traces Fr Seraphim's intense search for truth and his philosophical development setting forth his message and offering a glimpse into the soul of a man who lived even while on this earth in the otherworldly Kingdom of God A greatly revised version of Not of This World this new Life of Fr Seraphim incorporates Seraphim Rose His PDF/EPUB Ã years of new research and includes much additional material Because it deals closely with events in the recent history of Orthodoxy in America the book has been reviewed prior to publication by clergy monastics and laypeople from most of the Orthodox jurisdictions represented in this country New edition includes New previously unpublished material by Fr Seraphim New reminiscences Seraphim Rose His Life and PDF/EPUB ² by those who knew Fr Seraphim new photographs Expanded and updated bibliography and source notes pages illustrations paperback Smyth sewn binding for greater durability. This biography read like a page turner novel Most novels aren't this exciting It is a combination of St Augustine's Confessions along with a touch of Louis L'Amour But most importantly it is the story of a man's passionate and desperate search for Christ It is the excitement of a philosopher who spends his life for truth only to find Truth as a Person Fr Seraphim's life can be summarized along several major segments The Search for Truth The Religion of AntiChrist Acuiring the Mind of the Fathers and the Resurrection of Holy RussiaTruth as a PersonFr Seraphim not unlike St Augustine was philosophically minded and spent much of his youth vainly looking for truth He rejected the vapid form of Protestantism held by his nice neat American suburb community but soon drifted in and out of nihilism After many bouts of anger and depression and binge alcoholic drinking he was to discover that Truth is traditioned and communities that had continuity with ancient traditions were valid than modern expressions of truth 64 After his conversion to Russian Orthodoxy Rose began to analyze the modern world He followed Nietszche's trajectory of nihilism as the negation of truth 140ff Nihilism in the modern age was to prepare man for the reign of Antichrist and the arrival of the New World Order Rose outlined four stages of nihilism liberalism realism vitalism and NihilismThe religion of AntichristFor Rose Antichrist was an ape of Christ He represented the forces of Satan opposing Christ He will appear good to the world and solve the problems of the world 88 His religion will be a demonic pentecost The fringe elements of society will become mainstream cf CS Lewis That Hideous Strength 281 There will be a frightening unity behind the disparate world religions He noticed a common theme behind various religious phenomena Charismatic Christianity centered on pagan forms of initiation; the ecumenical movement seeks to outdo each other in abandoning all forms of Christianity for the sake of unity And then UFOs There is actually something behind the UFO encounters They are clearly something of the paraphysical and occult realm The aliens seem to be a strange mingling of physic and psychic matter just like demons The matter in them is of such subtlety it cannot be perceived except by saints The message of the UFOs is to prepare for the reign of Antichrist St Ignatius Brianchanninov said that the miracles of Antichrist will be in the aerial realm where Satan has chief dominionAcuiring the Mind of the FathersThe Mind of the Fathers is the Living understanding of Holy Tradition 416ff They are the links between ancient texts and today's reality The fathers are the most capable preservers of the Truth because of the sanctity of their lives Rose learned that he had to acuire their mind he had to learn think and feel the way they did He had to conform his consciousness to that of the Fathers Acuiring the mind of the fathers is to acuire the mind of the church which is the mind of Christ who is the head of the Church How do we acuire their minds 465? 1 Constancy Rose worked out a spiritual regimen based on wisdom from the Holy Fathers Regular reading of the fathersl 2 Pain of HeartThe Resurrection of Holy RussiaFr Seraphim noted that Holy Russia would be resurrected from the ashes of Communism before the end of the world 653 The return of a Tsarist and pious leader is the half hour silence in heaven spoken of in the Apocalypse immediately before the reign of Antichrist Rose saw Russia as a blood covered martyric land The Tsar martyr Nicholas II was the restrainer of Antichrist 2 Thess 2 The patricidal murder of the Tsar is a sign we are living in pre Antichrist times 192 This idea can be connected with the horror of the 20th century the rise of globalist institutions global credit and secular ideologies Of particular interest here are the prophecies of St Seraphim of Sarov who gave four prophecies pertaining to the resurrection of Holy Russia he spoke in the 19th century three of which have already happened Fr Seraphim's message to usIt is later than you think We live in an age where secular leaders openly call for world governance based on the bloody ideologies of the 20th century While many ages think they are in the last generation and Fr Seraphim would not want us wasting time predicting times the New Testament does call for us to be awake and alert When the leaders of countries call for a one world government and one world market and when we take note of the demonic pentecost spoken above we can't pretend we are just living in normal times Rose had a particularly painful chapter called Today in Russia; tomorrow in America He meant that the Communist GULAG would soon come to America With Obama's cabinet and FEMA can anyone seriously doubt this? In any case Hieromonk Damascene did a wonderful job in writing this book An epic biography indeed and one well worth reading mulling over rereading and contemplating oftenThe thing that keeps me from giving it five stars is that sometimes the story veers into the minute details of a theological point and I found myself skimming thoseMy dear friend who loaned me the book and her family were Godchildren of Father Seraphim and are mentioned in the book so that was delightful to have that personal connection This book changed my life and is the most important book I have ever read The first edition changed my life By the time the second edition was being prepared the author had become my Godfather and friend and I proofread parts of it arguing for certain bits to be left in It looks daunting but there are many photos and it is an easy readI consider this an essential sourcebook This is a massive book and I would say a must read I will not give it 5 stars because I feel the book suffers in the second half from an overbearing desire to avoid controversy So what happens is that in the first half we get a good narrative on Fr Seraphim's life and influences his conversion and the formation of the St Herman Brotherhood the founding of The Orthodox Word the move out to Platina etc But then the narrative disappears and we get chapter after chapter which are essentially in depth essays on this or that aspect of his thoughts and works They are interesting but the author does not return to the narrative until basically the events leading up to Fr Seraphim's deathThe reason for this is well known things were not well with the Brotherhood in the last years of his life due to the actions of Fr Herman and went completely off the rails after Fr Seraphim's death This is not mentioned or even alluded to although it would seem to be a very important aspect of Fr Seraphim's life There is also the aspect of Fr Seraphim's ecclesiological views which do not mesh very well with the St Herman Monastery's current ecclesiastical affiliation as evidenced by his unpublished letters widely available online and in the many articles written or published by him in The Orthodox Word during his lifetime so this aspect is also not dealt with forthrightly in the book Fr Seraphim was a staunch supporter of the Old Calendarists even as he decried the excesses of some of them and very pessimistic about the so called official Orthodox Churches Again this is clear from many of his writings which St Herman Monastery has either never published or allows to remain out of printThere is much to the story to be told which the author for his own reasons does not wish to tell and so we eagerly await one day the definitive story of Fr Seraphim's life and a less sanitized account of his thought and works This is a massive account of the life and writings of Fr Seraphim Rose an American convert to the Eastern Orthodox Church I have read this book through nearly every year since its publication in September 2003 I have always come away inspired to a deeper faith and stronger devotion to Christ from my reading The account of Fr Seraphim's labors in the faith and his life as a monastic and pastor reveals the heart of a man wholly devoted to Christ It also reveals a life of increasing healing and wholeness a revelation of hope to all of us Fr Seraphim had an insightful mind that could read his times and respond with the Gospel He was among the first to discern the development of currents that became known as the New Age movement and also had insights into the happenings in what was then the Soviet Union A one time academic he left it all to struggle in the California wilderness with his co laborer Fr Herman to build a monastic community and publishing ministry His legacy through his writings not only ministers to Americans but has reached around the world to Greece Mt Athos and Russia This is an excellent biography of Fr Seraphim Rose a monk and glory to the American land He was living during a turbulent time in America whose fruits we are now reaping Not only does the reader encounter Fr Seraphim and through him Christ but also many other Orthodox hierarchs monks and laymen who have contributed greatly to Orthodoxy in America Good biography of a modern saint Leaves out the fact of Seraphim Rose's early homosexual liaisons which was probably a bad idea One of the greatest modern Christians fit to be compared to Mother Teresa This book was inspiring to me I've read it twice and will do so again very shortly Father Seraphim is considered a Saint in many other countries and his book has done much to draw seekers to the Orthodox Faith This is truly a fascinating story A window into a fascinating corner of American history Anyone with an interest in Orthodox Christianity in the 1960 70's counterculture in the Russian American experience in the trials of Christianity under communism in a Christian critiue of New Age spirituality or in monasticism should check out this book For me the book also provided some interesting insight into the meaning of Catholicism vis a vis Orthodoxy Fr Seraphim asserted that the Catholic church was chiliastic ie that it was attempting to create the kingdom of God on earth a feature that he found problematic in the light of biblical and patristic descriptions of the coming reign of the antichrist For its part Orthodoxy as interpreted by Rose is heavily preoccupied with the fallenness of human nature and with apocalyptic considerations something I think that the influence of Auinas' school of thought has de emphasized in Catholicism Further Fr Seraphim argues for the necessity of a 'patristic' emphasis in Christianity ie for seeking to study and pass on the teachings of the Church Fathers rather than casting about looking for what might be new and innovative in theology This over the 10 months that I have been reading this book has affected my own approach to studying Catholicism and I have as a result undertaken to read the writings of Sts Gregory Jerome Leo and others which I have found very productive I was given this book at a time when I was beginning a deep searching of my Christian faith struggling to make peace with the chaos I saw in the protestant church I had been raised in The door to Orthodoxy had been opened to me in large part due to my brothers and their entrance into Holy Orthodoxy Though it has honestly taken me over 18 months to finish through the life of Father Seraphim I have been blessed to enter deeper into the life and mystery of Christ's holy church In Fr Seraphim I have found a kindred spirit who struggled and rose above the noise of this failing world who sought truth and meaning above the passing comforts and falsehood that swirls around us His life has guided me his teachings encourage me and through his prayers I trust to continue on this journey I have been welcomed into Fr Seraphim pray for us that we might all find the truth as you did

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