Pro CSS Techniques (Pro)

Pro CSS Techniques (Pro)➟ Pro CSS Techniques (Pro) free download ➤ Author Jeff Croft – Pro CSS Techniues is the ultimate CSS book for the modern web developer If you've already got web design and development basics under your belt but want to take your knowledge to the next level and un Pro CSS Techniues is the ultimate CSS book for the modern web developer If you've already got web design and development basics under your belt but want to take your knowledge to the next level and Pro CSS PDF \ unleash the full power of CSS in your web sites then this is the book for you It is a collection of proven CSS techniues that you can use daily to get the most out of the time you spend on your projects from start to finishEvery topic is presented in an informative tutorial style with each point backed up by several real world examples and case studies The authors cover all the essential areas of CSS development like browser support including IE hacks and filters code management advanced layouts and styling typography and much CSS levels and are given a full treatment The book also includes several reference sections that allow you to look up details uickly and easilyThe book aims to help you in four areas maintainability compatibility reusability and practicality You'll be able to keep your code organized and easy to maintain avoiding browser issues before they crop up or hacking around them when absolutely necessary You'll learn to get the most out of your styles with inheritance and by using techniues you can build on And you'll learn to use what works in the real world without getting too caught up in ideals because you can always optimize later. So far and I'm about half way through this book rawXorz It's not uite as hilarious as Zeldman's Designing with Standards but it's got some good one liners here 'n' there For those of us buried in the guts of day to day site design and maintenance where we're still coding for IE6 and below the things we typically work on can't explore the full power of CSS 20 not to mention CSS 30 because not all browsers support the standards But someday and that someday's coming soon so now's the time to start experimenting Did you know? With CSS you can set the styles on links targeting only links to your site's domain Say you want to place a small icon on a link which indicates to a user that she'll be taken to a wikipedia article You can do that with pure CSS That's right you can target a spedific style to a specific URL or any URL associated with a particular domain You can target the title attribute of an URL styling the font whenever a user mouses over a linkI'll post later when I finish the book In the meantime fellow UIUX people geek out if you've got this bookI've finished the book and there's not much to add to the above The book is well organized well written and occasionally funny insider humor funny at any rate As with all books about code it'll get outdated pretty uickly but it's a good overview of the state of the art for those who are already doing advanced level CSSI think the tough part about that label pro or advanced is that so many of us who are doing advanced level CSS don't realize it We always figure we have so much to learn and we often learn by reading the big names in the field the people who seem to be paid sit around all day and develop for standards compliant browsers or who work for organizations that have the budget to allow the the time to find out why there's a weird bug causing unwanted behavior in Microsoft's Internet Explore browserReading this book helps you get a good sense of what others in the field mean by pro and where you fit in that picture for instance that you know plenty about box model hacks and working with flexible or mixed flexiblefixed width designs or that you are solid when it comes to shorts cuts using the least amount of code as possible putting your selectors to work for you and so forth But that in my case you are weak on the mad mad world of complex daisy chaining of selectors or attribute selectors partial attribute values and particular attribute selectorsFor me the book has also been invaluable giving me names to apply to what I already know I am guilty of diving right into something looking at the source pulling it out and playing around with it to see how it works or how I can break it Eventually I'll make it my own and move on to the next thing For example I started using sprites in small ways before I ever knew what they were called I'm not one to RTFM before I started mucking around My husband on the other hand is one to RTFM In fact he'll read and read and read RTFM and anything related to it before he decides he wants to muck around In either case this book is for you Happy reading and mucking about Very good highlight of IE bugs how to fix the issues

Pro CSS Techniques PDF/EPUB Ç Pro CSS  PDF \
  • Paperback
  • 376 pages
  • Pro CSS Techniques (Pro)
  • Jeff Croft
  • English
  • 18 June 2014
  • 9781590597323