Transgender, Intersex and Biblical Interpretation

Transgender, Intersex and Biblical Interpretation➮ [Ebook] ➩ Transgender, Intersex and Biblical Interpretation By Teresa J Hornsby ➺ – In this volume Hornsby and Guest introduce readers to terms for the various identities of trans people and how the Bible can be an affirmation of those deemed sexually other by communities This book o In this volume Hornsby and Guest introduce and Biblical PDF º readers to terms for the various identities of trans people and how the Bible can be an affirmation of those deemed sexually other by communities This book offers readings of well known eg Gen ; Revelation and not so well known Sam ; Jer narratives to illustrate that the Bible has been translated and interpreted with a bias that makes heterosexuality and a two sex two gender system natural and thus divinely ordained The authors present Transgender, Intersex ePUB ✓ examples that show gender was never a binary and in the Bible gender and sex are always dynamic categories that do and must transition. Had potential but ultimately fell short and illustrated the profound importance of our own trans voices in this type of scholarship The gender theory was by and large fine and thoroughHowever Guest's chapter on the transgender gaze wasNot Good She claimed to want to muddy the waters of gender binaryism and the resulting cis heteronormative society But the masculinity of trans men and the masculinity of butch lesbians is not the same masculinity and to have her conflate the two while also repeatedly using 'female bodied men' to refer to trans men is so wildly insulting patronizing and transphobic as well as intersexphobic She just spent several pages illustrating that the physical body is minimal compared to how people perform gender and then turns around to use the same transphobic rhetoric people have been using to invalidate trans men forever Trans men are not female bodied If Jehu's masculinity is defined through his performative masculinity why then are trans men reduced to their physical bodies? Trans men do not have female bodies Trans men have male bodies regardless of how society conceptualizes a male body And failing to understand that is just the same gender essentialism Guest claimed to be trying to problematizeAnd honestly regarding the final chapter while trans people can and often do compare ourselves to the monstrous other and reclaim that comparison that cis people have forced on us cis people should not be doing that esp in a chapter that is ostensibly focused on the violence against us At least it does include a pretty extensive bibliography that may be useful for future research Don't let the rating deceive you there were parts of this book that I found profoundly helpful and interesting But overall it was a bit of a disappointmentFirst the good stuff The introduction is great and carefully defines many of the terms and ideas that the book will explore It sets the stage well and provides an excellent introduction to trans issues and viewpoints for the readerChapters 2 and 3 where Guest examines Genesis 1 and 2 Kings 9 10 provided intriguing readings of the texts a backwards reading of Genesis 1 and a view of 2 Kings 9 10 through a transgender gaze I do not agree with the conclusions that Guest reaches but appreciated the glimpse into some very different ways of reading the text for meAnd now the not so good Chapters 1 4 and 5 were all disappointments These are the chapters written by Hornsby and they contain cursory engagements with Biblical texts incorporation of ideas or dialogue partners that do little to advance the ideas the chapters seem to be focusing on and are disproportionately short This volume is worth snagging from your local academic library for the introduction and for the 2nd and 3rd chapters by Guest 25 out of 5 stars I tried to read this as generously as I could but in the end it was so weak that I couldn't give it a better rating The exegesis is weak eisegesis than anything It seems that the authors had their ideas of what the text should say so they just made it say that The authors cast suspicion on the biblical text over and over again making claims that the author of Genesis projected their own anxieties about boundaries and binaries onto the divine and we must remove those anxieties from the text or that Paul was primarily interested in building boundaries for a new community and only secondarily interested in bringing that community to God a bold claim about a man who suffered much apparently only for boundaries I'd be interested to see what a ueer hermeneutic could do if wielded by a skilled exegete with in depth textual analysis I also found the example at the end of the book of slender man to be in incredibly poor taste considering that very recently two teens murdered a friend in the name of slender man To use such an example as an answer to violence against trans people without even acknowledging the violence done using such a character is irresponsible The positive in this work is that it introduced me to Shildrick's work on the monstrous other and an ethic of relationship conceptions that fascinate me and that I'd like to read and explore further This kind of topic deserves to be written about from those across the theological and sexual spectrum It will remain a debated topic in churches and academia for the foreseeable future I think that's why I'm so disappointed that this work wasn't stronger To engage such a complex topic with such weak and surface level scholarship is a shame A very good book introducing to one to transgender perspectives in Biblical interpretation The author helps the reader form a framework to see trans and ueerness in the Bible and that the binaries often presented in the Bible aren't as clear cut binaries as presented from cis het perspectives Would very much recommend this book for those wishing to look at ueer perspectives in Christianity What a great book It carefully defines intersex and transgender people for those unfamiliar and then discusses the various ways in which biblical interpretation can create space for them as people made in the image of God The brief essays explore the trans gaze as an interpretive lens reworking interpretations of Genesis the story of Jezebel Ruth Jesus Paul and the book of Revelation Really profound insights to be found

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  • Transgender, Intersex and Biblical Interpretation
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  • 01 March 2016
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