Armed and Dangerous: The Hunt for One of America's Most Wanted Criminals

Armed and Dangerous: The Hunt for One of America's Most Wanted Criminals[PDF / Epub] ★ Armed and Dangerous: The Hunt for One of America's Most Wanted Criminals ✪ Douglas Century – From the New York Times bestselling author of Under and Alone comes an intimate and riveting account of federal law enforcement agent William ueen’s relentless hunt for one of America’s most cold From the New York Times bestselling author Dangerous: The PDF Ì of Under and Alone comes an intimate and riveting account of federal law enforcement agent William ueen’s relentless hunt for one of America’s most cold blooded criminalsAs an agent Armed and PDF/EPUB or with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms William ueen must tackle a number of challenging cases including going undercover to investigate a group of violent skinheads and infiltrating and busting a ring trafficking in high powered and Dangerous: The Epub µ explosives drugs and firearms In the winter of he faces his toughest mission to date he must apprehend Mark Stephens a notorious narcotics trafficker who has been terrorizing the communities around Los Angeles with freuent rampages and Dangerous: The Hunt for PDF/EPUB ² involving machine guns and hand grenades A recluse living in the treacherous backwoods outside the city Stephens is a cunning survivalist Nobody has been able to catch him but ueen is determined to take him down ueen’s uniue expertise is not taught in any police academy or ATF training seminar–he honed his outdoorsman abilities as a kid Stephens may have finally met his match in the unwavering ueen who is adept at hunting and trapping and living for weeks in the wild ueen will use these skills–along with surveillance confidential informants and intelligence gathering–as he doggedly tracks his dangerous uarry a chase that culminates in a gripping showdown high in the San Bernardino MountainsA fascinating look into the daily life of an ATF agent and a taut portrayal of a monthlong manhunt Armed and Dangerous depicts a classic race against time–lawman versus outlaw–in a harrowing true story of life or death suspense From the Hardcover edition. 25 stars I listened to this true crime on audiobook It was OK but the narrator could be too much of a tough guy for my tastes I'm interested in procedureforensicspsychology in tracking down criminals I also get the feeling the baddie in the book's central case would have been pretty much ignored despite his propensity for violence if he hadn't been growing a whole lot of pot too Good book but for an America's most wanted he sure did give up a lot easier then I was expecting but still scary for the cops Very average book I thought it would be a lot interesting but sadly it was merely okay and at times a bit boring I listened to the book on audio and maybe it was partly the narrator He was somewhat boring but who knows where the fault lies It wasn't as fascinating as I had expected it would be Only 2 stars Amazing True HerosGreat true story of our wArriors undercover T g e story shows the commitment drive and I initiative it took to take a b ad hombre down Very interesting written to keep the reader's interest while the good guys once again prevail Great bedside readerI really enjoyed this book although my favorite is still under and alone It was great reading about Billy ueen prior to his infiltration with the Mongols I liked this book because It is a police book and Federal Agent and I like anything police related Great book uick read The author William ueen is a retired decorated agent of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms ATF who is best known for going undercover and taking on the Mongols in the San Fernando Valley In this book he tells us a story of dealing with another criminal before his days of taking on the Mongols Back in 1985 ueen was dealing with a case of trying to apprehend a criminal name Mark Stephens who sold marijuana to local dealers and also terrorized the San Bernardino community ueen first heard of Stephens from his contacts with local law enforcement agency Whenever ueen asked them who was their toughest criminal in the neighborhood the name was always the same Mark Stephens What made it difficult for the police to apprehend Stephens was that he hid himself in a difficult part of the San Bernardino Mountains and his coming and going into town was spontaneous and highly unpredictable Stephens was also a dangerous man who is armed with machine guns and homemade grenades The Stephens terrorized the community the obsessed ueen became with apprehending Stephens Along the way ueen also had to deal with other non related cases that is typical of ATF field agents The book tells the story of a man who is dedicated in his job of going after criminals He is no paper pusher and loves the job of undercover work and kicking down door As the book progresses you also learn of ueen’s own life—how he was a Vietnam War Veteran of the Special Forces how he bucks his superiors but also know where he crossed the line and the mutual respect of his fellow agents for each other The book is exciting and funny What’s in it for the Christian The author’s sense of justice is a great example for everyone There is a moral right—and a moral wrong William ueen is a sheep dog who has the high sense of duty of protecting the innocent from getting hurt—which is the motivation for why he wants to get his suspect before he hurt someone again As Romans 13 teaches us we must honor those who are God’s agent of order in the government and we can read this book to honor and appreciate those in law enforcement The author’s courage is also a great virtue that Christians should seek to cultivate—and courage is one of those virtues that is best picked up from the examples of others When William ueen started as an ATF agent in the Los Angeles area all the cops around agreed on one thing enemy #1 was that psycho who lived in the mountains Mark Stephens He wasn't part of a gang and he didn't have a pattern He simply appeared from the wilderness every few weeks to stick pistols into the mouths of dope dealers and demand his money While he hadn't managed to kill anyone yet he was an object of terror to cop and criminal alike and daredevil ueen knew this was a man that needed taking down Armed and Dangerous is a semiautobiographical account of the months ueen spent working on a case against Stephens with reports of other busts mixed in like that of a raid against a gang of skinheads To infiltrate them ueen used a persona he'd been playing around with that of a southern biker with fondness for dope and tenuous ties to a Klan based organization That persona would become his full time identity later on when he infiltrated the Mongols recorded in Under and Alone Although ueen's account builds toward finally convincing his bosses that infiltrating the mountain wilderness and hunting for Stephens' camp is worthwhile Stephens' actual arrest is tame after the dangerous climb and the escape amid a forest fire What isn't tame is William ueen himself a Vietnam special forces vet who tried racing until it proved too expensive a hobby He's definitely an adrenaline junkie but happily his energies are targeted against actual psychopaths instead of blowing up people's homes to serve warrants warrior cop style This is a fast read and not as substantial as Under and Alone but fitting if you're in the mood for eighties cops heroics

Armed and Dangerous: The Hunt for One of America's Most
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  • Armed and Dangerous: The Hunt for One of America's Most Wanted Criminals
  • Douglas Century
  • 13 July 2015
  • 9781415939390