Breaking Steel (House of The Rising Phoenix Book 1)

Breaking Steel (House of The Rising Phoenix Book 1)❰Reading❯ ➾ Breaking Steel (House of The Rising Phoenix Book 1) Author Bree McKennedy – Raised by monsters of the underground I knew the expectations brought upon by the House of the Rising Phoenix Two options One choice A choice I could never take back I chose Steel Morgan demanded bloo Raised by monsters of the underground I knew the expectations brought upon by the House of the Rising Phoenix Two options One choice A choice I could never take back I chose Steel Morgan demanded blood sweat and tears He warned me he would break me And he did He was my tormentor my punisher my trainer and my darkness He pushed me passed the point of breaking and insanity I fell for him Lived for him I drowned in what he offered me But I became greedy I wanted I needed Lust was sweet Love was dangerous Revenge was demanded Retribution was not an option Silk may have been adaptable but Steel was unforgiving WARNING Contains extreme levels of violence abuse murder dubious consent and vulgar language It is not intended for everyone and is not suitable for the faint of heart If you are triggered by violent sexual elements this book is not for you. I received this book in exchange of an honest reviewMUST READ ALERTBrilliant simply BRILLIANT Very well written with an extremely creative concept a heart breaking story and addictive characters Breaking Steel is a masterpiece A very dark socio psychological romance that plunges in the deep and ugly of humanity's core this rollercoaster of emotions is not for the faint of heart But a true romantic will cherish this amazing book I loved every second of it and could honestly write pages on it The author makes you realize how entwined society rules hierarchy family ties childhood sexual relations and love are truly are How affecting the dynamics of a marriage are on children boys and girls How crucial it is to properly raise our children How affecting and defining parental failure is on children's view of love In a time where a sexual relation is just viewed as sex casual and careless Breaking Steel is an eye opener This book highlights so many socio psychological notions like the treatment of women the effect of a wrong male or female role model the importance of the first sexual encounter and how it forever molds a person I could go on and on Bree McKennedy with a wonderful writing style a ingenious concept and a heartbreaking story will change your world An amazing praise to Love the strongest weapon on earth which can cure it all or destroy it all Initial thoughtsHoly Fuck WOW AMAZING I've read Bree McKennedy's Fated Love and I went in not trusting her She throws curveballs at you and you either take them to the nuts or dodge them I didn't dodge even though I knew I should haveOutstanding approach to dark forbidden love Holy shit balls that was crazyWhat I likedParis She's a strong kickass assassin She doesn't give two shits about taking anyone's life She's the ultimate Alpha Female Although she has some weaknesses and she keeps that shit hidden except from two men Two men that are both sexy and demanding as hellA lot of the actions Paris makes are directly tied to her past She's lived in this underground world that exists anonymously A House full of Steel assassins and Silks slaves Her childhood and the death of her mother fuel her to fight the systemMorgan GOOODDAAMMNN I shouldn't but holy mother of all things holy I love that man He's evil He's a brutal bastard that breaks Paris and learns her secrets and twists them for his own purpose but he does so in a way that makes your panties melt Well at least mine did if we are being honestThis book is full of mind fucks and psychological factors There's violence sexual situations where you are not sure if it's forced or consensual What I didn't likeThe ending ObviouslyWords that will haunt me Paris Until I see you again BRAVO FIVE STARS WELL DESERVED Breaking Steel by Bree McKennedy the first book the first book in the House of the Rising PhoenixI have to say this first installment is dark twisted and demented I like dark books and wow this is dark The book describes Grace Evelyn Bohannon’s life living in the compound where she must choose between a Silk house wife type and a Steel assassins Silk’s are put in charge of the households and their purpose is to have children They are to wait of a Steel to marry them to have children Women who choose to be Steels are destined to be unwed and are sterilized from having childrenThe decision doesn’t come uick for her and she spends 8 days in the basement until she makes her decision Once the choice is made she is taken to the training camp where she meets Lieutenant Morgan whose so purpose is to break new recruitsGrace endures unspeakable acts that are both physical and mental over several months Eventually she is given her name her assassins name or “Paris” She is assigned to her unit and is very successful in her missions During this time Morgan continues to see her and their need for pain leads to a bizarre love affairAs the story continues Grace struggles with her feelings for Morgan since they are not to be emotional At one point Morgan beats her almost to death when he thought another man touched her There is a lot of back and forth between being together and being apart that I found to be very confusing to keep track offThroughout this book we meet Aiden who grew up with Grace and has been secretly in love with her for years During a night of watching movies and eating popcorn Aiden tells Grace he wished she would have been a Silk so they could have been together Naturally this caused Grace to uestion her choice but she wants to have the best of both worldsDuring a celebration for a successful mission Grace learns Morgan is married and has a child This revolution changed the entire premise of the last few chapters and through me for a loop I prefer HEA books and to some this one maybe I will not spoil this for people who have not read yet so I will stop here If you enjoy dark books that have complex and have twisted scenes then this is definitely to book for you If you are looking for bunnies and flowers this is most definitely not the book for you