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Brother’s Ruin❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Brother’s Ruin Author Emma Newman – The year is 1850 and Great Britain is flourishing thanks to the Royal Society of the Esoteric Arts When a new mage is discovered Royal Society elites descend like buzzards to snatch up a new apprentic The year is and Great Britain is flourishing thanks to the Royal Society of the Esoteric Arts When a new mage is discovered Royal Society elites descend like buzzards to snatch up a new apprentice Talented mages are bought from their families at a tremendous price while weak mages are snapped up for a pittance For a lower middle class family like the Gunns the loss of a son can be disastrous so when seemingly magical incidents begin cropping up at home they fear for their Ben's life and their own livelihoodsBut Benjamin Gunn isn't a talented mage His sister Charlotte is and to prevent her brother from being imprisoned for false reporting she combines her powers with his to make him seem a better prospectWhen she discovers a nefarious plot by the sinister Doctor Ledbetter Charlotte must use all her cunning and guile to protect her family her secret and her cityBrother's Ruin is the first in a new gaslamp fantasy series by Emma NewmanAt the Publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied. I received an ARC of Brother's Ruin through NetGalley Thank you to Emma Newman and Tor Brother's Ruin is the first novel in Newman's Industrial Magic series This is an urban fantasy story set in an alternative London circa 1850 where people who have magic within themselves become members of the Royal Society of Esoteric Arts Civilians who have magic capabilities that are currently latentinactive have to be handed over to the Empire before they become wild and they can attend one of three colleges learning the science like details about their powers They then use these abilities to aid the smooth running of the nation This brings us to our two main characters An intelligent young lady called Charlotte who is an artist and her brother Ben who has been suffering from poor health recently Both can manipulate magic but one greatly so than the other My favourite character has to be the good looking charming and mysterious teacher from the College of Fine Kinetics Magus Hopkins Brother's Ruin is not a book about the life trials and tribulations in a magic establishment but is regarding the process up unto that point The tale is also about a certain problem that Charlotte and Ben's family find themselves in Knowing what the diabolical outcome could be they spend the story trying to fix things These two parts of the plot do cross over It isn't the most complex story in the world which was fine for me and I completed this in one day so I must have enjoyed it a fair bit Although this is uite a short story with the limited amount of characters I found that they were still developed and interesting When the tale came to a close I definitely wanted to find out about them and the next book's adventures should be great In a similar way there are only two or three settings where the action takes place but for this story focused tale that was not an underwhelming element at allIf Brother's Ruin is anything to go by then the Industrial Magic series should be fascinating I get the vibe that this book is almost an introduction to this world because when it finishes things are set up enticingly well for the next story I was planning to give this narrative 35 stars until the conclusion which included an excellent reveal so it earned the extra half star To conclude a highly enjoyable uick read that is well written with uality characters and an intriguing ending The only negative aspect really is that I received this as an ARC and I have to wait longer for book two ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI truly believe this is the start of something that is going to be amazing; unfortunately this first installment into this world wasn't uite as gripping as I'd hoped This novella takes place in 1850 Great Britain and has a very important emphasis on the lack of women's rights that takes place during that time Our main protagonist Charlotte is a very talented illustrator but she has to sell her work under a man's pen name Of course the small amount of money she is making is only to help her brother who she loves very much and is only until she is married off to her stable and reliable fiancé Charlotte's brother Ben has tried to go away to school to pursue his love for engineering multiple times but always is forced to come home because he gets very ill when he is away Charlotte always does everything in her power to take care of him while he is home but the financial stress from paying for his schooling has impacted their family very muchCharlotte's father has taken out a very risky loan which he is unable to pay back Once Charlotte learns of his position and the position he has put their family in she is determined to try and fix things herselfUnfortunately her father has already taken matters into his own hands and has very selfishly tried to fix things because he believes that Ben has magical powers even though it is truly Charlotte that is harboring the secret of her magical powers from the world In this world families are able to sell off their children to the Royal Society if the children possess magical abilities The stronger their magical abilities the higher the price is for them The Royal Society claims to take good care of them and even allows them to come back visit their loved ones after they have been trained to harness their powers but many people choose to hide themselves and their children from the Royal Society Also enforcers will come and take children and adults that have magical abilities without having to be informed They claim that if a person goes too long without training their powers they will go wild and hurt others and themselves They are taken to be immediately tested with or without their consent Yet when a parent informs the Royal Society about the chance of their child having magical abilities their magi will come to your house and perform three tests to see how powerful the child is and how useful they will be for their personal college➽ Magus Lillian Ainsworth College of Thermaturgy➽ Magus William Ledbetter College of Dynamics➽ Magus Thomas Hopkins College of Fire KineticsOnce Charlotte's father informs the Royal Society of Ben's powers Charlotte finds it necessary to help her brother with the three tests he is given to prove his magical worth because Charlotte is scared of what will happen to her brother and the rest of her family if her brother fails them all And obviously the better he does on the tests the better the offers will be to fix their parent's financial situation Oh and all of this is going on while a somewhat murder mystery is going on too Charlotte is tangled up with one of these magis in something that is much bigger than both of them realize This subplot really is the reason I have such high expectations for the Industrial Magic series and I look forward to what the next one will bringAlso I touched on this above but there is a good discussion to be had from this book and what it means to be a good woman and what the woman's place was like in the 1850's I really appreciated it and it shows how far we've come but how much we still need to go TL;DR there are feminist undertones throughout this book and it's really amazing I really enjoyed this novella and found it to be very fast paced especially with that ending I'm only giving this three stars because it felt like a starter story where the author is telling you all the information you need to know before entering the actual heart of the story but I have really high hopes that I would end up giving the next book in this series a much higher rating I'm actually very interested with continuing on and I have nothing but high hopes Blog | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Youtube | Twitch It's really hard for me to rate this book It irritated me by its beginning and made me excited by its ending OVERVIEWThis book sets in 1850 Royal Society buys magical person for its own use Charlotte and her brother Benjamin have magical abilities Benjamin is sold by his father to Royal Society His father has a debt to pay So he needs money which he takes from Royal Society by selling his son to them But the problem is Ben is not an experienced magus But his sister Charlotte is So she helps him to pass the tests of Royal Society to get a good deal of money I think help is not an appropriate word She cheats the Royal Society This is supposed to be the main plot of this book But not There is another plotCharlotte goes to the debt collectors' place to demand time But she finds that in their place criminal deeds are happening She gets shocked to know that some of the members of Royal Society are involved in the crime THINGS I DIDN'T LIKEExcept for the last chapter I didn't like pretty much of this book Everything was fine Author was also trying to create as much excitement as she could but all in vain Sorry to say but those excitements were pretty dull for me I didn't enjoy even though I was supposed to do I couldn't connect with Charlotte I couldn't connect with Benjamin Or I couldn't enjoy the plot as well with the exception of last chapter THINGS I LIKED Last chapter saved the rating of this bookFrom all of the characters I only liked Magus Hopkins I enjoyed reading him He was a complete mystery till the last chapter I got suspicious of him from the very first line of his entry And I was right He was a suspicious man And I liked it The only reason of mine to continue this series is him I liked his intentions which were revealed in the ending There was a hint of love interest between Charlotte and Hopkins But I didn't feel Hopkins was interested at all Even though Charlotte was interested little bit She didn't admit it because she was engaged and would be married in the next one If author would not alter anything in the next one which I think she wouldIn the whole book her fiancé appeared just in the beginning and in the ending Whole time Hopkins was there with herI really don't know what to expect from love interest I would just say to the author that do whatever you want with it But it must be good Overall this book is fine I am confident that next book will be way better than this one Please don't me down author Please Please PleaseApril 14 2017 A few years ago I would have been startled to think that there was such a thing as Historical Urban Fantasy but yeah it's a thing nowAnd now that we've got cotton gins and the Royal Society deeply involved in the magic business with all sorts of fear and corruption and intrigue I shouldn't really be surprised So the uestion is is this good? I think it's uite fun personally It's a simple setup and Charlotte is a pretty cool character with a magical secret And she deeply mistrusts the Society for good reason as it turns out It's a simple story a comedy of error and circumstance that becomes a cross between a heist and a romance Wait simple? Well yeah it's a short setup for a longer series obviously It's gonna reuire investment Fortunately it was fun and I don't have any problems with that Historical UF is fun One of the things I like most about Brother's Ruin is the way Em layers in her tension points As we open the book we see two characters standing still in a sea of humanity Then we learn the first tension point our heroineCharlotte is an artist trying to make it in a man's world Then we get the second the magi stealing children Then we learn her beloved brother is ill And then after we return to the comparative safety of home the punch of a father's mounting debtNow we know Charlotte is weighed down by many burdens disenfranchisement secrecy fear grief and financial hardship These are all identifiable things to most readers we have all suffered fear and sickness financial insecurity and societal dismissal as a result of age sex gender personal preferences or race Well most SFF readers have This makes Charlotte very sympathetic as a character and us as readers very invested in seeing her climb her way out of this depressive cess pit in which she finds herselfAll that in the first 20% of the novellaAs the final straw we see Charlotte's attempt at her own salvation an inappropriate but fiscally logical marriage The modern eye sees this as a flawed choice from the get go because we as readers are trained to prefer our heroine to solve her own problems through strength of ability not marriage So we hope this match failsAt this juncture when the magi appear Charlotte is then driven into her adventure heeds the call if you wouldI'm not going to review further because to do so would give things away and this is not really much of a review Ah well me admiring a most excellent set up and highly skilled author It happens sometimes I'm author than reader I do hope that you as readers also enjoyed this book Charlotte knows that she has a talent for magic She knows that her duty and legal obligation is to make her magic known so that the government can train her talents to be best used for the good of the country But it's unsettling that street preachers rant on with dire warnings about the evils of the magical Academy and besides Charlotte has other plans for her life she's a talented commercial artist even if as a woman she has to take her commissions anonymously and she has plans to marry her fiance Magicians are reuired to live a celibate life not the most enticing inducementHowever Charlotte's beloved father has got himself into debt and when the suspicion arises that the debt collectors that are after him are committing serial murder Charlotte may have to put her family's interests before her ownHowever not all is as simple as it seems some kind of nefarious plot is going on involving magic and its threads are there to entangle Charlotte no matter which way she turnsI very much enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to any fan of Victoriansupernatural fantasy However I'd have to include the caveat wait until the seuel is ready This short book really functions as an introduction to the characters and the scenario than as a complete story It doesn't just end on a cliffhanger it barely gets into the meat of the conflict As it's less than 200 pages; I really feel that the 'seuel' should've been bundled together with thisMany thanks to Tor and NetGalley for the opportunity to read As always my opinions are independent and unaffected by the source of the book I'm on a bit of a roll lately with liking the latest offerings from authors I've read beforeIt's 1850 and England's industrial revolution owes everything to the Royal Society of Esoteric Studies The mages are powerful and wealthy but they have little freedom and are forbidden to marry or pursue anything other than magic So Charlotte Gunn is absolutely determined that no one will find out that she's both a mage and a powerful one But when her father runs into financial trouble and her brother faces testing as a mage she comes into far proximity to mages than she would likeThis was fun and a lot lighter than the other stuff of Newman's that I've read Charlie is a great heroine and I really look forward to seeing what she gets up to next Read all my reviews on Brother's Ruin was a wonderful short book and a great start to the Industrial Magic series which kept myself asking only one thing WhereWhen can I get the next one? and Is it going to be a full length book? Okay these are in fact multiple things but certainly show my enthusiasm It had everything in it to make it a very nice read for me Set in a Victorian England with a Royal Society which enlists everyone with magical abilities I knew from the start I was going to like it The Gunns have fallen on some hard times as a good price is paid for a talented mage their worries seem to be over when their son Ben seems to develop magical abilities He's eager to try out but what he doesn't know is that he's not the mage his sister is and she's been hiding it for years I was surprised at how much story fitted in the limited amount of pages this book has Still I would have loved to see it as a full length novel The scene was set nicely and you can see Charlotte struggling between the desire to keep herself safe and her life predictable and helping her family I'm extremely looking forward to the next novel I would certainly recommend it Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review In this gaslamp fantasy Charlotte is a powerful mage who has hidden her abilities for years to avoid being taken by the Royal Society of Esoteric Arts Her brother Benjamin who has much weaker magical abilities turns himself in to the Royal Society in the hope that the monetary compensation that his family would receive could save them from destitution But without the help of Charlotte he's in danger of being worth very little money or worse punished for lying to the Royal SocietyThis is an incredibly uick read but you will get to know Charlotte her struggles and her world well enough to look forward to the next book in the series It's refreshing to see a magical society that is not only out in the open but strongly controlled by a probably corrupt government Charlotte is plucky and adventurous but incredibly caring to her family which makes her a fun and compelling character to followThe book is about unraveling the mysteries of The Royal Society and its members as much as it is about Charlotte and her brother so there is a good amount of complexity here that keeps the story movingMy only issue has to do with Charlotte's obvious interest in Magus Hopkins This may be my own disinterest in reading romance stories I know I know but it's just not my thing right now but it seemed over the top to me Hopkins is charming and exciting though so I mean who could blame her? I am hoping there is to develop their friendship or whatever it becomes in the future because I can tell it's going to be a good one despite my gripeI love Emma Newman's work and this series promises to be just as uniue and intriguing as the rest I can't wait for 45For a novella the author does pack uite a lot in this story This magic based 1850 setting is fascinating mixing just enough historical details with fantasy Charlotte is a very likeable heroine spirited kind loyal courageous and adventurous I loved that her family parents and brother are all decent people who really care for each other After just the first few sentences I was hooked in her narration totally engrossed Brother Ruin gives us enough to satisfy the reader in this short form while also whetting our appetite for much Emma Newman is proving to be one of my favourite authors Can't wait to get my hands on everything she has written

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