Love On Her Terms

Love On Her Terms❮Reading❯ ➵ Love On Her Terms ➭ Author Jennifer Lohmann – If only attraction always led to happily ever after Mina Clements wants to grab life with both hands With a fixer upper and a fresh start in Montana the graphic novelist is ready to do just that Plus If only attraction always led to happily ever after Mina Clements wants to grab Love On PDF \ life with both hands With a fixer upper and a fresh start in Montana the graphic novelist is ready to do just that Plus having handsome handyman Levi Pardo next door could be a bonus But even though sparks sizzle when Levi helps with her renovations the widower’s in no hurry to fall in love again Still he’s much than the neighbour who looks good swinging a hammer He’s a man she wants to trust with her biggest secret—one that can either bring them closer or wreck the new beginning they both need. I read this for review at All About Romance and gave it an A so five stars here I wroteDo you avoid category romances thinking they’re all about billionaires or sheiks? And if you learn the heroine of a category romance has a “big secret” do you roll your eyes convinced it’s a secret baby? Then you haven’t read Jennifer Lohmann Love on her Terms features a very real complicated hero and heroine dealing with issues that have absolutely nothing to do with secret babies I found myself surprised at many points but mostly I was completely captivated When I finished I sighed and then was sad; I want of this couple want to know what’s going to happen next in their lives Please Ms Lohman don’t let this be the last time I ever read about Levi and MinaFor of my review go here This was a good but not great read for me It has some very heavy topics the heroine has HIV and the hero is a widower because his wife committed suicide I really enjoyed that he wasn't afraid to admit that he loved his wife and had none of the typical issues like I'll never love someone as much I loved her He also didn't have unnecessary guilt related to her death He was tortured I really really disliked Brooke Levi's sister She was terrible and felt she was given too many outs Overall Solid read I enjoyed how Mina stood up for herself in the end The author has tackled a topic rarely dealt with in fiction; namely the effect of HIV on women's and men's relationships And she does so with both insight and care without slipping into the maudlinMina Clements intends to live her life her way in spite of her mother's interfering worrying and the effects of the antivirals that she now takes She wants to find love in spite of the difficulties her HIV status places on her and her insistence on sharing that information selectivelyLevi Pardo is still in love with his wife who committed suicide not that long ago But he too still wants love and of the permanent kind Mina's news is a shock but he uickly recognizes that her health status doesn't really define her But how can he convince her of this when his need to take care of her comes out in different ways?Mina insists on taking care of herself but she too wants to take care of Levi particularly when his sister's words are so hurtfulHow these two compelling characters work things out is the epitome of positive thinking in the face of the realities of contemporary life and well worth a careful read Warning discussions and depictions of clinical depression and suicide which I found triggering and hard to read but that were in no way offensive at least not to meThis was pretty good The heroine is HIV positive and that's a huge aspect of the story but it's not an issue book so she doesn't have to come to terms with it and the hero doesn't heal her or some such crap like that The hero is a widower and his wife is treated with respect and kindness which I always appreciate At one point the heroine mentions how comforting it is to her to know how much he loved his wife and I really liked thatAnother great example of what category romance has to offer I don't know of any other romance novel let alone a category that tackles an HIV positive lead For that alone this deserves praise But in addition to its unusual conflict it's also extremely well written Mina Levi's relationship develops uickly it is a category after all and there is a bit of insta lust that I'm not generally a fan of but again category so I give it leeway In addition to the HIV the Hh have to deal with there's also a white collarblue collar secondary conflict Both Mina and Levi are written naturally and their relationship insta lust aside develops organically I adored Levi He cooks He builds things He cares for the sick He's hot He's 37 Mina was one of the pixie heroines with a bit of an eccentric job Russian professor by day graphic novelist at night but someone has to do it Point is they deal with her HIV status like mature adults They talk about it They argue a bit about it They make some mistakes along the way But at the end while there is no wedding that's where they're headedWhat I want is for Mina's neighbor Echo to have her own story I haven't gone through Lohmann's back list so it might be there I will definitely read of her books PG 13 No graphic sex but there is frank discussion references to masturbation on both sides a bit of dirty language etc The actual deed is fade to black