Catch to Release

Catch to Release❴Reading❵ ➹ Catch to Release Author Lacey Schmidt – On the verge of finally releasing her own record label lesbian folk rock star Shay Greenaura finds herself caught up in than just her music When the threats she receives turn deadly her manager contra On the verge of finally releasing her own record label lesbian folk rock star Shay Greenaura finds herself caught up in than just her music When the threats she receives turn deadly her manager contracts a security firm for protection Addison Weller a former Diplomatic Security Services agent is called in to assess the threats against Shay Can Addison overcome the setback of her previous security detail and save Shay Or will their undeniable attraction brewing silently between them prove a distraction Catch to PDF/EPUB ² and be the fatal catch Follow this fast paced adventure to its surprising romantic conclusion. Much better than good it's brilliantI absolutely loved everything in this story The plot line had my heart racing within the first pages and it was all along an adrenaline rush All the characters are awesome and made this story special The main characters are perfect for each others and Addy reeled me right in The chemistry is definitely in the air Shay is a hot musician lead singer guitarist and songwriter of a highly popular band and she is developing her own record label Her life and the lives of everyone in her immediate vicinity are in great danger Someone will stop at nothing to destroy everything that Shay loves Can Weller's team protect everyone? I don't go into the story plot I can't even begin to explain all the things that happened in this book Nothing is straightforward there are always twists turns and unexpected events I'm new to this author and I wasn't sure what to expect but I'm so thrilled that I checked this one out Go and read this yourselves otherwise you'll miss a fabulous story Former DSS Agent Addy owns her own security firm specializing in protecting Government officials from judges to Diplomats This time the assignment is much different As a favour to a friend she and her team are to recommend security measures and protection to the uirky lesbian singer and entrepreneur Shay Shay is a bit of a hippie chick and wants nothing to do with security and protection she just wants to do her thing The problem is at least one person has it out for her Threats are one thing but now they are targeting her young daughter Can Shay get along with Addy enough to get the job done? Will she take the safety measures seriously? Will she actually listen or leave herself open to attack? These uestions and will be answered when you read this thriller Oh my goodness By chapter four I am already scared for Shay and by the end of chapter thirteen I'm down right terrified Even with the capable former agent I'm not sure how this is going to end well for anyone I'm not even half way through the book how will I survive the tension and apprehension long enough to finish it? Yikes SO ok yes I tend to be a bit dramatic but really now this is a very good and technically sound novel Addy is a woman I could go for big time She's fierce strong and dangerous with a gun and a kick ass attitude Shay is a naive granola girl that in spite of some really rotten years as a youngster still wants to believe in the goodness of everyone She is open and generous Both are very easy to care about I loved how this book made me sit on the edge of my seat despite my objections The story was most engaging and obviously drew me in rather uickly The different setting were vivid and detailed I liked how I became a part of the story I also liked the characters Even the bad guygirlevil doer you will find out was particularly good at being nasty and mean I adored how this story ended up everything nice and neatly Too often there are stories that leave you wondering HOW the couple gets to the HEA This one tells you and it left me very satisfied This is the first book of Ms Schmidt's that I have read but it will not be the last nor will I wait long to read another This was not the typical bodyguard story that I'm used to reading Usually the protected are defiant stubborn generally a pain in the caboose and as some of those aspects ring true for the protected in this story they don't remain that way for long This story also didn't have the typical insta attraction where both parties struggle to keep it in their pants either While there was attraction between protected and protector it was subtle that was slowly built over time This was a humble down to earth story kind of like the vegan food a lot of the characters were eating My favourite character was Iva the protagonists little baby girl She stole the show everytime she was in a scene I felt this story centred on the actual threat and bodyguard part of it then the slow friendshipromance between the protagonists whereas other bodyguard stories focuses on the relationship than the threats The writing style had me doubting if I liked it or not but then uickly learned that this author was pretty smart with their metaphors and how they created sentences that flowed easily that also made you think I would say the style is a little unorthodox but it worked Well written predictable plotThis book was well written in terms of use of language and editing However the plot left me frustrated as it read like the movie The Bodyguard It had so much potential but never capitalised on it hence the frustration Well writen book 35 StarsThe end seemed uninspired especially considerin all the possibilities that were hinted at The characters could have been better developed besides Addy they all seem very superficial yes even Shay who seems like nothing but a walking cliché I didn't like her at all as a personNow I almost want to tell you exactly what the problems are but for that I'd have to spoiler the book and I totally don't want to do that for you readers out thereAlthough the plot was lacking in the end it was very enjoyable to read I don't know why but still I was contemplaiting giving 4 Stars but I will settle on 35 Stars I really like reading these storylines the whole bodyguard thing I always wonder how it's possible to not care about the person you're protecting I mean logically it's the only way but at the same time wouldn't you do better when you're emotionally invested too? Addison heads a private security firm used to protecting diplomats and politicians Shay is a lesbian folk musician who needs her protection but is reluctant to take it Threats keep coming in and when her family is affected she has to agree to Addison’s help I enjoyed this tense thriller and it certainly kept me wondering right until the end How Addison and her team dealt with their mission and how Shay slowly came to accept them made for an interesting read The romantic element was slowly teased out and as both women had issues to deal with before ever being able to commit to someone it took them time The last portion of the book had me holding my breath as the threats became scarier and immediate I liked the two main characters a lot and found myself rooting for them Addison seemed so closed down at the beginning and I felt that Shay’s kind and caring personality really helped her to finally start to live again The people around them were well written and really made the whole group feel like a family A really good read and recommended for lovers of crime fiction and lesficI was given this ARC free by Affinity ebook Press in return for an honest review This novel is the second of Ms Schmidt's that I have completed and it was uite a fun ride For anyone seeking context on the substance of the plot beyond the synopsis it was for me a cross between Xena and The Bodyguard Loved Weller and her team particularly Reyna Shay less so while Robo and his oddly depicted spouse Syl were unnecessary supporting characters The presence of two security threats was excessive and detracted from the shaping of a deeper introspection into the development of the central villain and his relation to Shay's dysfunctional former spouse The romantic subplot was done uite well and there was sufficient charm to the book that I would welcome another entry into the series with greater editing A number of grammaticalspelling errors were present throughout the text such as the reference to George Straight and Weller's strait nose which are common occurrences in the writing process and easily remedied prior to publication Still the author possesses a keen ability to present the finest aspects of the romantic thriller effectively and kept me partially awake in the wee hours and removed from a work related brief