The Field

The Field[KINDLE] ✿ The Field ❃ Ignatius Brianchaninov – The spiritual harvest reuires a heart that is harrowed by repentance softened by compunction and irrigated by tears The field is a place of cultivation and of battle In this volume the nineteenth cent The spiritual harvest reuires a heart that is harrowed by repentance softened by compunction and irrigated by tears The Field is a place of cultivation and of battle In this volume the nineteenth century Christian saint and teacher Ignatius Brianchaninov instructs his reader in the cultivation of The Field of their hearts with the aim of producing a harvest of virtues both pleasing to God and of benefit to all humankind Drawing on his own military background St Ignatius recognizes that this cultivation reuires discipline and awareness of the enemies that thwart our efforts to live a holy life His words combine spiritual wisdom with reflections on nature that hint at the joy awaiting those who embrace the saint’s call The Field draws deeply on the teachings of the ascetic fathers of the Church from the desert dwellers of Scetis in Egypt to his Russian contemporaries the Optina Elders He demonstrates how their voice is one in guiding us on the Christian path It will be impossible for either lay people or monastics to read these words without being challenged and inspired to follow Christ fully in cultivating The Field of their own life. This book is a deep treasury of truth It should be read in a slow pace prayerfully to auire all of its benefits It might shatter some delusions you may have about life and yourself so be warned It's not for someone who is careless about things St Ignatius Brianchaninov is a true expounder of the Holy Gospel and his words are exactly what we need in this crazy messed up generation This has set a new record for “book I took the longest time to finish reading” but I don’t regret pacing myself I started this in January but just when I had my lunch break routine with St Ignatius worked out the pandemic hit full forceMy reading habits fictional and otherwise have still not recovered “If I waste all my life for the gathering of knowledge that ends with the earthly life then what will I take with me beyond the reaches of this crude material world?” p323St Ignatius Brianchaninov 1807—1867 was a Russian monk Born to wealthy landowners and trained as a military officer his ill health allowed him honorable discharge from the army and a subseuent entry into the monastic life As a monk he was a rather prolific writer with a body of work aimed primarily at his fellow monastics but still broadly edifying for lay life Faith is the mother of patience the mother of courage the power of prayer the instructor towards humility the giver of hope the ladder to the throne of love p58What is a field? It is a place of growth and struggle toil and harvest Life is a field The heart is a field And so what do we seek to cultivate there? And how?This collection of work covers many subjects from the definition of salvation to common roadblocks and pitfalls of life How does one love one’s neighbor? How does one maintain focus in the now now now rush of modern life and if St Ignatius thought it was bad in the 19th century I can only imagine what he’d think of today The difference between true and false humility and how to address the latter in one’s own life; the proper mindset when encountering death and much all with a sober but accessible writing voiceSome chapters are only a couple pages some are closer to 30 It’s not a collection to rush through though hopefully most readers don’t take as long as I but to consider over time The voice of eternity Alas There are so few people in the noisy hostel of the world that listen to you At first our childhood hinders us; then our everyday worries hinder us our worldly enjoyments But you still don't fall silent You speak you speak and finally though the terrible messenger death you reuire attention from both the attentive and inattentive listener p230Will I read this cover to cover again anytime soon? Probably not But I’ll definitely return to it in the future 45 A book to read in small bites and allow to settle I found many items for prayer Not belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church and coming from a Protestant background which Saint Ignatius Brianchaninov unfortunately regarded as heretical there are obviously portions of Saint Brianchaninov's writings that I have some theological disagreements with; however I firmly believe that there is much fruit to be gathered from all the various branches of Christianity from the Roman Catholic Church to the Eastern Orthodox Church to the Oriental Orthodox Church and to all the various denominations of the Protestant Church Saint Brianchaninov's writings burn with the fiery passion of a deeply repentant man of humility consecration and holy silence His writings on the spiritual disciplines of prayer fasting mortification and separation from the world are beautiful and deeply challenging For example this beautifully poetic understanding of the relationship between fasting and prayerPrayer is without effect if not established on fasting and fasting is fruitless if prayer is not created from it Whoever begins to sow the land without first clearing it destroys the seeds before they can even sprout and instead of wheat he reaps thorns If we sow the seeds of prayer in a similar manner we will reap nothing but we will harvest sins instead of truth Prayer will be destroyed and dissipated by various vain and sinful thoughts and imaginings; our feelings will be defiled by sensuality Our flesh has come from the earth and if we do not clear it as we would a field we will never be able to grow the fruit of truth However if someone works the land with great effort and labor but leaves it unsown then it will be completely covered in weeds Thus when the body is mortified by fasting but the soul is not cultivated by prayer reading and humble mindedness then fasting becomes the source of many spiritual passions vanity arrogance contemptAlso as another example consider this challenging exhortationThe one who believes in Christ holds a drawn sword against the emotions of the heart and he forces his heart using the sword of obedience to Christ to cut off not only obvious sinful inclinations but even those desires that seem to be good but in their essence contradict the Gospel commandment apparently good deeds inspired by fallen nature grow the person's ego destroy faith in Christ and are antagonistic to God The works of true faith destroy a person's selfishness uniting him to Christ and increasing faith yet There is much to be learned from Saint Ignatius Brianchaninov especially coming from the Protestant tradition where grace has in the words of Bonhoeffer been unfortunately reduced oftentimes to being treated cheaply I am thankful for this holy and humble man who I consider and count as a brother in Christ even if he probably would have called me a heretic I'm also grateful for being introduced to the teachings of Abba Dorotheos of Gaza through Saint Brianchaninov's writings and am looking forward to reading of both of their works What a treasury of knowledge The author St Ignatius was a living link to the Patristic mindset of the Church I couldn't help but be convicted of my sin by every pageAlso very interesting to note his ideas about the decline in Orthodoxy and in monasticism in Imperial Russia It is later than we think the end is near Read this book to help you lay aside the cares of the world and pursue the one thing needful Excellent book about monasticism

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