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Out of Nowhere[Reading] ➾ Out of Nowhere By Patrick LeClerc – Oaklandjobs.co.uk An urban fantasy pacy funny and compelling to the last page Healer Sean Danet is immortal—a fact he has cloaked for centuries behind enemy lines and now a paramedic’s uniform Having forgotten most An urban fantasy pacy funny and compelling to the last page Healer Sean Danet is immortal—a fact he has cloaked for centuries behind enemy lines and now a paramedic’s uniform Having forgotten most of his distant past Out of ePUB ✓ he has finally found peace—and love But there are some things you cannot escape however much distance you put behind you When Sean heals the wrong man he uncovers a lethal enemy who holds all the cards And this time he can’t run It’s time to stand and fight for himself for his friends for the woman he loves It’s time finally for Sean to face his past—and choose a future A story of love of battle—and of facing your true self when there’s nowhere left to hide. This is one of the #SPFBO finalists for 2018 I picked this up as a judge for #SPFBO and it's certainly not my 'usual' read as this is very much urban fantasysci fi mixed with a sarcastic main character called Sean who works on an AmbulanceSean is our main character of the book and the story follows him as he has a secret ability to be able to heal other people who have injuries The job as an ambulance medic is clearly a great disguise for him as he is able to use his ability and not get rumbled but it also means he's a bit of a loner and is only really friends with his work partner Moniue aka NiueSean is not only able to heal he's also able to live for a long time He's loved many lives but it's tough to be alone through all that time and he has only a bleary recollection of his younger past In terms of story I certainly felt like it was a fun one but it wasn't necessarily to my personal taste I prefer magic by far than this but it was good to see the uick wit of the charactersThe pacing was fairly fast throughout and easy to get throughFor criticisms I think it's personal taste and also verbal content of the characters which is very focused on racism and homophobic comments There are a lot of points where two characters are stressed and they make a dumb joke aka say something highly offensive to 'de stress' the conversation but I felt this was unnecessary and then uncomfortableIn the end I think the book was fun but it didn't really stand out from the rest to me 3s 610 for #SPFBO purposes I haven't read this book yet but it is one of ten finalists chosen from 300 entries to the 4th annual Self Published Fantasy Blog Off competition so the chances are that it is pretty goodCheck out this year's finalists I’ll come right out and say that Patrick LeClerc’s urban fantasy Out of Nowhere was not a book I enjoyed Although LeClerc is a skilled writer and there are a few aspects of the book I liked there were several narrative decisions and character depictions that ranged from uestionable to frustrating and offensiveThe story is a first person account of Sean a military veteran who now works as a paramedic in an urban Massachusetts town Sean has the power to telekinetically heal injuries which also allows him to live for untold centuries without aging past his thirty year old appearance Sean hides his magical ability from the public so as not to be singled out but still secretly heals others in small doses during his work shifts One of the aspects of the story I enjoyed was the authenticity of the narrator during Sean’s paramedic chapters The medical terminology and workplace slang felt realistic This isn’t a surprise as I learned in the author’s bio that LeClerc shares many of the same traits as Sean This also gave me the sense that this book serves as a wish fulfillment fantasy for the author which brings with it its own set of problems but on that laterThe story also has an exciting start It immediately drops you right into a thrilling action scene before rewinding a few days to show how Sean winds up in this predicament It’s a bit of a narrative trope but effective The pacing of the story was also well written and it moves by at a good clip LeClerc shows a good sense of timing when jumping in and out of scenes and it kept me turning the pages rather uickly I raced through this story at a much faster rate than usualHowever as the story progressed there were uite a few passages that gave me pause Unfortunately these passages increased in freuency as the story progressed and it got to the point where I considered not finishing the story First all females in this book are drop dead gorgeous and consistently described by their physical attributes and level of sex appeal Sean’s coworker Moniue is a constant target of sexist jokes even from Sean but for some reason she giggles at Sean’s remarks while threatening others who make similar uips Perhaps this is LeClerc’s way conveying his authentic experience as a paramedic and these jokes are only supposed to be funny through the lens of his characters but I ask why even include this? It seems like the casual sexist and racist banter is included to show off the team’s camaraderie but instead of laughing with them I came away disgusted These aren’t the type of people I want to spend time around Later in the story Sean mansplains the concept of “men” to Moniue “ it is a mark of maturity when a man realizes that complexity and dimension are good things in a woman and stops chasing bimbos Much the same when kids grow up and start preferring aged sirloin to a McDonald’s hamburger” Moniue shakes her head at how females were just compared to meat sighs and smiles at how amusing he is EhhhThe next female we meet is Sarah another drop dead gorgeous bombshell this time with glasses who ends up in bed with Sean mere hours after they meet This veers hard into “insta love” territory At one point Sarah is beaten and tortured within an inch of her life by people who are trying to find and murder Sean Does she get the hell away from the dangerous guy she just met? No of course not She goes along with whatever plan he comes up with and takes everything in stride Plausibility is stretched which is acceptable to a point but certain lines of dialogue between them made me dislike Sean even Early on after telling Sarah he won’t be going to her lectures observes that “her smile remained in place obviously hiding her disappointment that I wouldn’t be attending her class” Obviously That’s his take on a smile huh?The interactions between Sean and Sarah become even male gazey and borderline gross as the book continues In case it’s not clear that Sean objectifies women he removes all doubt “Only slightly distracted by my injuries I did my best to assure her that she held the prized position of object of my lust” But the most egregiously offensive passage occurs near the end of the story when Sean realizes why after so many centuries without finding someone worthy of his ‘true love’ he finally found it with Sarah He solilouies to the reader“Vast improvements had been made in the field of young women recently For most of western history they had been considered subservient to men and while I’d certainly enjoyed the company of a number of them and my tastes had always run toward the least subservient of the bunch it certainly colored how they saw themselves Then very recently when women had begun to make strides there was a tendency to have a bit of a chip on the shoulder Again nothing I wasn’t willing to work around But it was refreshing and exhilarating to meet a generation of women who truly felt that they were euals who took it as a given that they deserved to be treated as such”According to Sean oppressed women of the past who have a ‘chip on their shoulder’ is just something to be ‘worked around’ But now that women finally respect themselves but only very recently as the level that men do they’re suddenly worth of his love and attention If only they had known who they were missing out on all these yearsLeClerc published Out of Nowhere as the start of an ongoing series I strongly believe he has the potential to write something of much higher uality so I hope there has been some perspective gained over time Unfortunately at the present state I cannot recommend this book in good conscience35 10 I received a copy of this book as part of the SPFBO4 competition in which Out of Nowhere was selected as a finalist I used to watch a show called Lost Girl about a succubus embroiled in a complicated Fae world She had a human sidekick and lots of sex It was an all right show watched because at the time there simply were not that many fantasy shows on television Game of Thrones hadn't blown the doors off of the possibility yet Patrick LeClerc's Out of Nowhere reminds me of Lost Girl not so much in its themes though it too is urban paranormal romance but because it is neither good nor particularly bad It's a solid piece of writing that feels like the urban fantasy euivalent of a James Patterson novel it's easy to read but I've already forgotten about most of its characters and plot in fact I just had to look up what the main character's name despite finishing the book yesterday Out of Nowhere is about Sean Danet a man who can heal at a touch and who is subseuently immortal He can't heal himself so how he can retain immortality is but one of many plot holes never explained He can heal others so that their cells regenerate and so has a cat of indeterminate age but is unable to heal even a hangnail in regards to his own Sean works as a paramedic where he can use his powers without drawing too much attention to his supernatural self As he has learned in the past people fear what they can not explain and so he keeps his secrets close During a routine broken ankle call Sean unknowingly heals the descendant of a man whose family swore a blood oath to kill Sean some time back in the misty past This sets in motion the plot of the novel which is basically Sean killing anyone who comes near him He meets an ancient languages professor named Sarah whom he falls in love with and that is basically the book What I liked about Out of Nowhere is the obvious medical knowledge imparted on the text LeClerc knows his EMT terminology which he should because his bio says he worked or works as one still This comes off in the text and I wonder whether he might have been better off simply writing a book about an EMT The supernatural stuff works in context but I'm not sure it adds anything outside of the history portions sprinkled throughout the text Sean is constantly reminiscing about some war or some woman from the past despite his memories suffering from longevity problems The history portions are interesting and there is an authenticity feel to his combat descriptions but I also had issues with this Sean is constantly remembering historical figures as though he knew them well He speaks of famous authors and generals as though he had tea with them weekly and this might be believable once or twice in his long history but not constantly How many of us regular folk walking around are in touch with famous world shaping types in our daily lives? I'd wager almost none but Sean seems to have constantly been intimate with many His healing powers might make this relevant if he weren't so touchy about keeping them secret There are also some sexist and racist bits in Out of Nowhere that had me cringing as I read them At one point in the novel Sean asks himself if he's sexist then goes on to explain that he is but that it's ok because he's the protagonist The way he looks at women throughout the entire book is uncomfortable to say the least and while he isn't outright comparing them to fine cuts of meat he might as well be Similarly there is casual racism sprinkled throughout that probably makes sense in a real world context I would assume LeClerc has encountered this almost non stop in his time as a medic but that doesn't mean it needs to make its way into a book Authors have the power to create better worlds particularly in fantasy and so unless the book is specifically about racism or has themes of it which this does not I see no reason to pepper the text with even occasional racist slang I might only have noticed this because I'm particularly sensitive to it but it bothered me as did the overt homophobic nature that rode right along with it What I see in Out of Nowhere is an effort by an author either new to novels or new to writing in general and as such it's not a bad effort I read through it which I can not say for every entry into the SPFBO 2019 contest even the finals but had it been any longer than its 260 pages I might not have LeClerc is smart to keep this one short This review is part of BookNesteu’s #SPFBO 2018 finalist round As such I received the book for free Originally published at of Nowhere is a good read with solid characters realistic dialogue a likeable main character but also a meandering plot and an antagonist whose name I don’t remember three days after finishing the novel and that’s the least of my complaints about him Let’s dig into itSean Danet is an immortal paramedic with the ability to heal the wounds and even some diseases of others He’s been around for centuries For many of those he’s been a soldier and rather good at it Not because he enjoys killing even if he’s as skilled a killer as any you’ll find but because where there’s a battlefield there’s plenty of wounded Wounded who won’t uestion a miracle or at least aren’t likely to strap Sean to a pyre and light the match up for itBeing a paramedic is similar and as an added bonus no one is trying to kill Sean – most of the time anyway That all changes when Sean heals a man during a routine night out and the man seems to recognise something is off about the paramedic People close to Sean start getting attacked soon after and everything escalates from that point onward I found the time spent in Sean’s head thoroughly enjoyable Not only is he damn likeable but he’s also surprisingly humane for an immortal and he reminds me of the main character in the cancelled TV series Forever a major bonus trust you me He possesses a distinctive enough voice to make him memorable; while far from a Philip Marlowe or a Vlad Taltos he’s definitely got the sarcastic outlook and uirky personality necessary to earn a spot in the pantheon of tough but likeable assholesThe supporting cast isn’t one to throw away either Sean’s best friends Niue and Pete are both capable paramedics who stick by their friend when the going gets tough even if there’s a lot of teasing involved All the dialogue between the paramedics their problems all feel very real and small wonder – author Patrick LeClerc is a paramedic himself and he also cooks another trait shared by Sean Sarah is the love interest a beautiful linguist whose instant chemistry with Sean might irk some readers though I didn’t mind it one bit I thought it was rather sweet and cute in fact She's also really smart putting Sean to shame on a few occasions; and loyal to bootWhere Out of Nowhere falls short is a villain who simply isn’t memorable enough whose reason for going after Sean is trite and uninspired He’s also dealt away with in such a clean neat way – almost like he’s a problem to be solved This antagonist doesn’t really reveal much about Sean nor does he offer an overwhelming enough threat that I felt at any point could in truth threaten the main characterAnother problem I had was the fact that Sean for all the years he spent in the shadows of men and women of great fame and historical importance apparently never crossed paths with other gifted individuals such as himself You'd think he would be far from the only powered individual with the desire to kick it up with the best and brightest of the timesThe first half of the novel takes its time setting up Sean’s life and relationships and while his voice was enough to personally get me through I can’t help but feel that a stronger conflict would’ve made those 130 pages that much memorable Thankfully the dialogue with its witty uips and historical references was good enough to make them enjoyable even if at times I found myself wondering “Was something supposed to happen now?”I’d be happy to read Sean Danet’s further adventures I only hope the next novels in the series are better served by their respective antagonists and that the conflict drives the characters I’ve come to like to new and interesting placesMy score for this #SPFBO finalist is a 65 out of 10 I thought long and hard about this and while I at first wanted to give it a 7 out of 10 I decided that some of the problems it has weigh down on it too much for that score However its spot in the ten #SPFBO finalists is well and truly earned Out of Nowhere is like one of those in between meal snacks It is fun while it lasts but it is not going to replace your meals anytime soonWelp that analogy sucked but the essence of it is still true I had a lot of fun while reading the book It is fast paced there is enough action to keep you satisfied and it has a good ending But when I look back at it now after about 3 days of reading it I feel the same about it as I did when reading the Drood books by Simon Green There isn't that much substance to the story as such like exploring the main character's back story character development some kind of conflict etc There are hints but it is not enough I hope that as series progresses there will be focus on these items tooBut that said Out of Nowhere is still a fun book to read especially if you are looking for a time filler on a flightcommute etc An excellent well written and very enjoyable Nothing fancy and totally out there just an everyday story about an immortal healer warrior coping with his forgotten past and his complicated presentGood choice as a finalist in spfbo2018 Actual rating 355If you’ve ever watched and loved Forever chances are you’ll enjoy Out of Nowhere While not entirely similar both stories focus on an immortal character working in a medical field Despite long lives both characters haven’t turned cynical They share a dryish sense of humour and need to help othersSean Danet works as a paramedic He’s immortal and he has a gift a healing power As amazing as his powers might be they don’t make him any money He has to work and he’s chosen a profession where his healing power is useful He uses it discretely and in small doses Unfortunately during one intervention he heals the wrong man Soon someone starts to ask uestions about Sean and attack his beloved ones That won’t doI liked Sean as a character and POV Despite ages of experience as a soldier a healer or a witch he still believes in humans and tries to help them whenever he can He appreciates good food and good company While he probably wouldn’t win MasterChef Sean has strong opinions on cooking “I have definite views on garlic The garlic press is a tool of the devil garlic powder is for the lazy and the jarred stuff is an abomination If you can’t be bothered to chop it you don’t deserve garlic” He doesn’t take direction well and that’s why he appreciated his job he can do pretty much whatever he needs to get the patient to a better place so long as he can justify his actions after the fact Faced with adversity he uses his brain rather than muscles He’s smarter and sneakier than his opponents Side characters and Sean’s love interest feel well rounded although not really three dimensional A sexy friend an asshole work buddy who throws gay jokes fit well in the story and are fun to follow but they don’t feel real That said I enjoyed paramedics’ banter and stories from the interventions Not much happened during the first half of the book but it read well The second half is much tighter and brutal in places A well crafted combination of humour and drama keeps the reader’s attention lending moments of honest excitement to the story The plot is not without its flaws When you look at things critically the beginning is slow and focuses on things that don’t move the plot forward but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it I don’t buy the antagonist’s motivations and the way the author resolved the conflict felt a bit anticlimactic And too tidyThe overall light tone makes it a uick and entertaining read It’s not perfect especially plot and conflict wise but I found the experience pleasurable I’ll definitely read the seuel Probably of a 35 but closer to that 4 than a 3 I am hoping to get an interview in with the author here shortly for SPFBOI really enjoyed this book for the most part but I will say that I would not recommend it to my wife or any of my LGBT friends I understand that dude talk happens and being in a stressful situation you need that sense of camaraderie I have several close family members including my brother who are cops and I know that the language used is accurate and often used as a way to relieve stress in dangerous situations but that doesn't mean I am comfortable hearing people use anti gay slurs myself and at this point in my life I have made it known that when they are around me that kind of language will elicit a comment so that did make me feel uncomfortable at timesSo getting that out of the way I thought that the writing was excellent and I enjoyed the MC and after a slow start the book was action packed While there was a bit of a there's a secret government consipracy out there section it was handled with a nuance and in a way that I appreciated Most books that have that end taking the road that the government has been controlling us and the only way to fix it is to own the Libs and take back the government for the real Americans who want their Guns God and unfettered Capitalism uick overview of the storyThe book is a modern urban fantasy novel with a MC who is working for a crappy private ambulance company This allows him to use his healing powers to make injuries a bit less serious while staying concealed He also appears to be immortal and as one could imagine he has had some poor reactions to his healing abilities throughout history He heals someone who then begins to try and find him and kill him We don't know why for most of the book but once the villain begins harming his friends the MC realizes he can't run this time like he usually would He also meets a beautiful girl who he falls in love with in about 2 days and doesn't want to leave herI think I'll be reading book 2 and can honestly say that the story was a lot of fun The writing was very good and had good pacing One last thing that I want to say is aside from the MC and a few other characters we meet later this is pretty light on fantasy No other races not a lot of magic and for the most part it is of an action drama than a fantasy novel Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc received uite a bit of attention this past year as it was first selected as one of the ten finalists in SPFBO4 Self Published Fantasy Blog Off from the batch of 300 entries It then further went on to receive some negative reviews that were mostly concerned with issues of sexism racism and general bigotry Finally LeClerc consistently responded to each criticism for his book with class and respect along with a willingness to re work his book to soften or remove some of the troubling parts I wasn’t sure how the book would seem to me – as the well received finalist or as the trigger filled one – but I went in ready for the worst or the bestThe first section of the book was overwhelmingly dominated with scenes from an ambulance chock full of the lingo used by an ambulance crew in the throes of an emergency call Everything seemed very authentic based on my next to my non existent experience in that environment but it was almost too much at times I understand that we had to set the foundation that Sean Danet our MC was exceptionally ualified in his role on the crew and it also allowed us to glimpse him using small amounts of his healing powers Unfortunately the immersive effect with its use of medical jargon and rapid fire dialogue left my head spinning I want to take a side bar to address the harshest criticisms that I have heard for the book namely the type of banter that goes on with Sean and the other emergency workers I have seen responses from the author that he was trying to depict accurately the type of relationships that are common in this occupation For my take I can easily see how this would be a trigger for those who are sensitive to issues of intolerance Clearly this will not be a book for everyone With that being said it felt like nearly all of the “insults” that were thrown were mutually accepted and tolerated not to mention thrown right back Honestly the jibes felt like they were “in good fun” and we eventually see through some of their later actions that these characters genuinely care for each other their crass words notwithstanding Perhaps the one aspect of the story that kept me from giving it a higher score is the “insta love” that occurs between Sean and Sarah I found myself rolling my eyes throughout this whole arc of the story Sex just hours after you met especially for an awkward bookish woman? A guy who is perhaps hundreds of years old and she is the best he has ever met? The only one he has told his secrets to? And while he was painted to be a remarkable guy with healing hands among other skills she seemed willing to do anything with and for him even at great risk to herself So much of this story line seemed somewhat silly or implausible I definitely enjoyed the mystery element to the story who is after Sean and what might it reveal about his past? This was a slow reveal and it was done well In fact Sean himself is on a path of self discovery right along with the reader For me the best elements of the story are where we experience Sean’s morality and how it keeps him focused It is also interesting to see how a several hundred year old man perceived our modern worldAs mentioned the book is full of possible triggers but it is an entertaining read for those who can get past those I especially recommend this book for anyone who has experience in the emergency services A final thank you to the author for sending me a copy of the audiobook in return for my fair and honest review