Modern Crimes (A WPC Lottie Armstrong Mystery, #1)

Modern Crimes (A WPC Lottie Armstrong Mystery, #1)☂ Modern Crimes (A WPC Lottie Armstrong Mystery, #1) PDF / Epub ✐ Author Chris Nickson – ‘Modern Crimes is rich with outstanding complex characters It is a great story set on the streets of Leeds which is also one of the main characters so vividly etched by the writer who clearly loves ‘Modern Crimes is rich with outstanding complex characters It is a great story set on the streets of Leeds which is also one of the main characters so vividly etched by the writer who clearly loves the place’ Nick Oldham author of the Henry Christie mysteries Still reeling from the effects of the Great War life in the city of Leeds is hard poverty is rife work is scarce and crime is becoming sophisticated Bravely entering this maelstrom is one of the city’s first policewomen to walk the beat the resourceful inuisitive and practical WPC Lottie Armstrong Eager to prove herself and determined to succeed Lottie faces apathy from colleagues and the general public alike until she suddenly finds herself on the trail of a missing girl that leads to the underbelly of the city and to murderAs Lottie uncovers a plot involving high level corruption CID reluctantly find they need her knowledge and people skills but as the truth is slowly laid bare Lottie’s bravery istested to its limit in a breathtaking climax. RATING 4 STARS2017; HistoryMystery PressFollowing World War I Lottie Armstrong is working as a Woman Police Constable in Leeds at Milgarth Police Station Her husband Geoff was injured in battle and they find out they cannot have children She decides that working as a WPC is what she needs Her husband is very encouraging of her job and the time it entails Along with her partner and the only other WPC Cathy Taylor the two patrol Leeds mostly interacting with women and children The real crimes are handled by their male counterparts When a young pregnant teen runs away from a special home for unmarried pregnant women Lottie and Cathy are put on the case When the case turns into a murder and attempted murder the CID take over Sargent McMillan thinks Lottie is a good investigator so tries to get her involved when he can As the two get further into the case it seems like Lottie is the only one getting results Can she help solve the case before the Inspector throws her off?This is my first book by Chris Nickson but I have seen his other books and have been interested in trying one I really enjoyed this book It was a well written historical mystery Nickson sucked me into the time period and provided enough information that you got how things were in those times and in Leeds I really liked the characters and how they interacted in this novel Geoff is such a sweetheart and an early feminist He is so supportive of his wife's career and how she feels about it He is not jealous when she is out late with McMillan and encourages her to what she thinks is best I liked the partnership of Lottie and Cathy as they are different but work so well together This book has a steady pace that kept me intrigued I found the history of women in the police force also very interesting I want to know about how women were able to do this job when everything was against them doing it I recommend this novel to historical fiction mystery and feminism I am down for the next book and am looking forward to trying another novel by NicksonI received an eARC from NETGALLEYMy Novelesue Life This is my introduction to a local writer Chris Nickson He writes historical novels set in Leeds West Yorkshire Modern Crimes tells the fictional tale of Lottie Armstrong one of the first policewomenIt is 1924 Lottie Armstrong is in her twenties married and plucky She is a woman clearly out of her time She enlists in the local police force in Leeds as a WPC As she is a woman her main tasks are very restricted She is on hand to deal with fallen women school children playing truant and the odd shoplifter She is paired with WPC Cathy Taylor The two women are trailblazers being the first policewomen in Leeds There are plenty of people ready to offer an opinion on how 'unbecoming' it is as a job Lottie is a pioneer looking for opportunities and a chance to do the work the male officers take for grantedWe follow Lottie as she becomes involved in the case of a missing girl and a murder This is obviously out of her remit Lottie is keen and capable with an eye for detail She has the capacity to get witnesses to talk and a passion for the job This gets noticed by her superiors Yet time and time again she is sidelined or punished for acting to the best of her abilities This was masses of fun to read; with its incisive historical detail colourful Leeds references and strong female characters Lottie Armstrong is simply wonderful I want to be Lottie She is a force to be reckoned with She would have made the perfect police officer in 2016 In 1924 she has no chance against the prevailing prejudice I am so glad that Chris Nickson has decided to give us Lottie set in the 1940s We need to know what happens next to our heroineRecommended I received an e ARC of this novel through NetGalley and Trafalgar Suare PublishingHaving read several novels written by Chris Nickson and enjoyed them I did not hesitate to reuest this first book in the WPC Lottie Armstrong mystery series The time is 1924 and Lottie Charlotte Armstrong is one of only two Women Police Constables on the Leeds police force specifically Milgarth Police Station Times are hard because of the previous war years and Lottie was pleased to be taken on by the police department Probably showing some tendencies to be rather ahead of his time her husband Geoff was just as pleased and supportive of his wife's dream to be on the force Lottie and her partner WPC Cathy Taylor are on foot patrol each day and are only authorized to deal with problems pertaining to women and children When Lottie and Cathy are assigned to investigate the disappearance of an eight month pregnant unwed mother in a special home for women in that condition they soon realize that even though they are investigating a problem with a woman at its center this is sure to begin very uickly to involve other sections of the police department When Lottie shows a natural talent for uestioning suspects she gets word that she is to report upstairs to the CID room Maybe she might get to do something like real police investative work after all?Historical mysteries are a favorite sub genre for me to read because I learn so much historical information Author Chris Nickson has given the reader a clear picture of how strict the limits were in the 1920s for what a woman was allowed to do He has written Lottie as a assertive character than I might have expected for her time period but has still managed to keep her actions reasonable enough to show how her intelligence and drive were utilized and yet still mostly under appreciated for the simple reason that she was competing in a man's world doing something considered to be in line with the capabilities of a man I would expect that to change in the second book due out in the Autumn of 2017 The first chapter of that second book is included at the end of this one so readers will understand better the slightly disappointing ending of this first book I liked the way Nickson inserted all the things designed to place the story within the specific time period and the places mentioned to solidify the location While I think the mystery portion of this novel wasn't uite as good as I would have hoped this first story certainly did provide the back story for what is to come in future novelsThis is a very good beginning for the story of WPC Charlotte Armstrong I'm looking forward to reading about her adventures in the second book Modern Crimes by Chris NicksonAlthough the Women Police Service was founded in 1914 to deal mainly with pimps and prostitution the founders of the WPS took advantage of the war situation by replacing men who were involved with the war effort in the hope that women could continue advancing after the war Female officers were allowed to go into brothels nightclubs and betting houses to observe and gather evidence of untoward behavior but at the first sign of crime being committed they had to call in male colleagues They were not allowed to carry handcuffs unless instructed to by a senior officer and were not allowed to make arrests until 1923 Women in the PoliceThe novel takes place in 1924 in Leeds WPC Lottie Armstrong and her partner WPC Cathy Taylor are eager to take on larger policing roles but must deal with the prejudices of many men on the force Lottie's ability to talk to people results in good information and DS McMillan values her assistance but not everyone appreciates a woman exceeding her prescribed roleNetGalleyTrafalgar Suare PublishingMysteryPolice Procedural Jan 1 2017 Print length 288 pages It's 1924 and Lottie Armstrong and her offsider Cathy Taylor are the only women in the Leeds UK police Policewomen were considered good only for patrols and minor crimes But Lottie's persistence enables her to show her detecting and people skills when a girl goes missing And she goes way beyond that when she shows she is braver than her chauvinist male colleagues Modern Crimes has lots of period detail that will transport you to 1924 Leeds There's plenty of suspense that will keep you turning the pages The narrative has a friendly flow in parts reminiscent of Alexander McCall Smith The main characters are likeable; Lottie's husband Geoff is way ahead of his time The injustice of the appalling male culture had me seething Gender euality now is prevalent than in 1924 but there's still a long way to goNovels are about escapism and engendering emotion; Modern Crimes does both Modern Crimes by Chris Nickson is the first book in A WPC Lottie Armstrong Mystery series Charlotte “Lottie” Armstrong is a WPC Women’s Police Constable in Leeds England It is 1924 and Lottie is one of two female constables at the Millgarth Police Station Lottie and her partner Cathy Taylor are assigned the case of a missing pregnant eighteen year old Jocelyn Hill Jocelyn disappeared from Mrs Allen’s home for unwed girls where she was staying forced to stay by her mother When the case leads them to Ray Coleman the pair are forced to turn the case over to male detective Female constables are only allowed to investigate cases involving women and children Lottie gets a great opportunity when she gets to tag along with Constable Tennison to uestion Mr Coleman It is the first time that a male and female constable have been paired together Constable Tennison discovers Lottie’s ability to ask intelligent and probing uestions and to know when a suspect is lying This provides Lottie the opportunity to work with CID Criminal Investigation Division and Sergeant McMillan This case will take Lottie across Leeds from one of the richest homes to an establishment that makes Sgt McMillan extremely uncomfortable Lottie will need to keep her wits about her as she sets out to find the perpetrator and fight against male prejudice See how WPC Charlotte Armstrong fares in Modern CrimesModern Crimes is an intriguing story that captured my attention from the very first page and held it until the very end The novel is well written easy to read and has a good pace I found Modern Crimes to be well researched The author did a splendid job at capturing time and place I liked that Lottie Armstrong is a strong main character with keen intelligence I give Modern Crimes 45 out of 5 stars Modern Crimes has a good mystery that will keep most readers guessing until the reveal The only thing that I found disappointing was the ending I cannot say without spoiling it for you Modern Crimes is a British novel so it contains British terminology and slang I cannot wait to read the next book in A WPC Lottie Armstrong Mystery series it will be out in the fall of 2017 This was just an amazingly well done and of course well researched mystery and not my usual genre although that varies a bit I try to read historical mysteries set in other countries than the US and mostly different eras medieval is a favorite However Chris Nickson's mysteries make that criteria fly out the window 1924 Leeds has partially recovered after WWI although jobs are in short supply and crime is ramping up Lottie ArmstrongWPC is a female police officer in a period when women were being turned out of jobs that able bodied males should have first choice at She and her partner Cathy Taylor were the only two women constables in Leeds and they were not welcomed with open armsA related group of crimes some of which harkened back to the war and involving the fairer sex allowed Lottie to come to the attention of Sgt McMillan in CID The first involved an unwed mother who disappeared from the maternity home she was placed in and eventually involved crime figures murders and one suicideLottie takes her sworn duties uite seriously and runs afoul of the male Constables and eventually some higher up law enforcement as well She is surprised when her redoubtable supervisor Mrs Maitland matron speaks up in her defense on several occasionsHer career is ended with termination for doing what she felt was her duty and definitely was the duty of some male constables I would have been uite horrified about Lottie accompanied by her sidekick Cathy turning in their uniforms together except for one bright spot My ARC graciously sent to me by the author revealed what appears to be a seuel to this series However when and how the short narrative I saw begins I think you need to find out for yourself by preordering this book Make it your Christmas present to yourselfThere has never been a Chris Nickson book that I did not enjoy and I will prove it now by ordering a Dan Markham book A well written and researched detective novel particularly outlining the difficulties faced by the new police women in the force Set in Leeds in the1920s I liked this book uite a bit but was disappointed when I found out the next book takes place twenty years later I wanted to read about Lottie in the 1920's I probably won't read the second book at this time since it's expensive and I'm not as interested in reading itI thought the mystery in this book was very good and I enjoyed reading about Lottie and her fellow female police constable Cathy Taylor I could understand how frustrating it was for them to work only with women's problems and then have to hand anything serious over to the male police officers And they didn't receive much respect or help from any of the male officers This was a very difficult position for both of the women police constablesEven after Lottie makes significant contributions to a murder case and works with one of the detectives she doesn't receive much thanks and is even reprimanded Chris Nickson writes some other mystery series and I will look for those Very much enjoyed this first book in the Lottie Armstrong series Set in Leeds UK in 1924 Lottie is one of the first WPCs Serving in a very limited role patrolling and dealing with 'women's issues' such as the prostitutes crimes by children etc Lottie longs to play a active role as a policewoman a detective even She does get tangled up in a murder investigation when CID realizes the potential benefit to having a woman conduct interviews with women thinking they may glean information Set in the time after WWI it's a very engaging book with lots of detailed background and some interesting characters It's also interesting because I've read the author's other historical mysteries set in Leeds in different time periods so it's interesting to see how the city has changed over time