The Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes

The Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes[PDF] ✍ The Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes By Arthur Conan Doyle – This book contains all the investigations and adventures of the world's most popular detective Follow the illustrious career of this uintessential British hero from his university days to his final ca This book contains all the Stories of PDF Ê investigations and adventures of the world's most popular detective Follow the illustrious career of this uintessential British hero from his university days to his final case His efforts to uncover the truth take him all over the world and into conflict The Complete ePUB ✓ with all manner of devious criminals. It took a while but I have finally finished this huge book I am both glad and a little sad that it ended I really enjoyed reading these stories I like Sherlock and Watson very much and also I liked that the cases weren't all about murders There were a variety of problems in which Sherlock Holmes was asked to help I rated each individual story below A study in scarlet 45The sign of the four 45The hound of the Baskervilles 55The valley of fear 35The adventures of Sherlock Holmes A scandal in Bohemia 35 The red headed league 45 A case of identity 45 The Boscombe Valley Mystery 45 The Five Orange Pips 55 The Man with the Twisted Lip 45 The Blue Carbuncle 55 The Speckled Band 55 The Engineer's Thumb 45 The Noble Bachelor 45 The Beryl Coronet 45 The Copper Beeches 55The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Silver Blaze 35 The Yellow Face 45 The Stock Broker's Clerk 45 The Gloria Scott 45 The Musgrave Ritual 45 The Reigate Suires 55 The Crooked Man 45 The Resident Patient 45 The Greek Interpreter 55 The Naval Treaty 55 The Final Problem 35The return of Sherlock Holmes The Empty House 45 The Norwood Builder 55 The Dancing Men 55 The Solitary Cyclist 45 The Priory School 45 Black Peter 35 Charles Augustus Milverton 55 The Six Napoleons 45 The Three Students 35 The Golden Prince Nez 35 The Missing Three uarter 35 The Abbey Grange 45 The Second Stain 35His last bow Wisteria Lodge 35 The Cardboard Box 35 The Red Circle 45 The Bruce Partington Plans 55 The Dying Detective 45 The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax 45 The Devil's Foot 45 His Last Bow 55The casebook of Sherlock Holmes The Illustrious Client 55 The Blanched Soldier 45 The Mazarin Stone 55 The Three Gables 35 The Sussex Vampire 45 The Three Garridebs 45 Thor Bridge 55 The Creeping Man 35 The Lion's Mane 45 The Veiled Lodger 45 Shoscombe Old Place 35 The Retired Colourman 55Overall I really enjoyed reading this book and one day I actually see myself rereading it Would recommend Asta e o carte care mi s a părut destul de intimidantă înainte să încep să o citesc Pentru că e scrisă acum destul de mult timp și pentru că am decis să o citesc în original în engleză Am găsit volumul ăsta care conține toate poveștile cu Sherlock Holmes în 2016 și nu am putut să rezist Dar spre surprinderea mea această carte a fost chiar foarte citibilă În afară de faptul că din când în când trebuia să îmi amintesc în ce perioadă se desfășoară poveștile nu am întâmpinat nicio problemă în timp ce o citeam Am vrut să o citesc după ce am văzut serialul făcut de BBC Sherlock iar acum chiar mă bucur că am citit poveștile originale Acum cartea asta cu tot cu cele patru romane conține șaizeci de povești diferite deci voi vorbi despre acestă carte la modul general Cred că toată lumea știe cine este personajulSunt două lucruri care m au suprins făcând comparația dintre această carte și serial Cele două personaje care îi pun probleme lui Holmes în serial și care mie mi au plăcut foarte mult anume Iren Adler și Moriarty nu prea apar în cartea asta Adler apare într o singură poveste iar Moriarty în una singură deși cred că mai este menționat în vreo două alte povești Asta mi s a părut un pic dezamăgitor având în vedere mai ales faptul că Moriarty mereu e portretizat ca cel mai dificil inamic a lui Holmes Dar asta are a face cu percepția mea din cauza filmelor și serialului și nu are legătură cu volumul de față Ce mi a plăcut foarte mult e că nu toate cazurile de care se ocupă Holmes sunt crime Sunt și genul acela de povești destul de multe aș zice dar sunt și alte tipuri de cazuri Nu o să dau spoilere voiam doar să zic că mi a plăcut că există o varietate de cazuri iar poveștile nu devin foarte repetitive Câteva spre final tind să semene un pic cu unele dinainte dar sunt totuși suficiente deosebiri cât să nu mă pot plânge foarte tare Unele povești mi au plăcut mai mult ca altele dar per total calitatea lor mi se pare destul de constantă pe parcursul volumului Cât despre personaje Sherlock și Watson mi s au părut geniali Mi a plăcut să văd cum s au întâlnit pentru prima dată în A study in scarlet și apoi să îi urmăresc rezolvând cazuri împreună Poveștile nu sunt neapărat în ordine cronologică se mai revine la evenimente din trecut dar per total cred că se poate urmări modul cum evoluează relația lor Ce mi s a părut un pic ciudat a fost faptul că soția lui Watson Mary deși e introdusă în unul din cele patru romane de la început nu prea e prezentă în restul cărții doar mai e menționată din când în când Per total eu chiar aș recomanda această carte sau orice altă colecție cu poveștile lui Sherlock Holmes mai ales dacă vă place Agatha Christie Dintre cei doi autori chiar prefer poveștile lui Doyle sunt un pic mai palpitante decât ce am citit de Agatha Christie până acum deși și cărțile ei îmi plac I decided to read The Complete Sherlock Holmes in chronological order because a it would be fun 2 I would love to see the evolution of the characters namely of Sherlock and Watson So below are specific ratings on all the sections of the book A Study in Scarlet 55The Sign of Four 45The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 12 tales 45The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 11 tales 55The Hound of Baskervilles 455The Return of Sherlock Holmes 13 tales 455His Last Bow 8 tales 55Valley of Fear 55The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes 12 tales 55I am definitely a super fan of Sherlock and Watson Thank you Sir Arthur for giving life to a such a fascinating character like Holmes and offering him an amazing sidekick such as Watson I love this duo and I will love them forever I'll update this review as I listen to each story A Study in Scarlet 3 stars Just what the ever loving fluff was that nonsense in the middle of the story going back eons and taking up thousands of pages ok I'm exaggerating a little to give all this in depth background about stupid Jefferson Hope? I fully understand it's silly to expect stories that were written over 100 years ago to flow like stories that are written today but boy am I not a fan of this approach Sorry Sir Doyle I'm judging you with modern standards P Then the story within the story was full of so much tripe I could barely stand it What happened to Lucy was awful but come on You knew her like two days? It doesn't need five unending chapters so he can manpain all over the place Ugh And the Mormon bashing just hit me on a personal level and made me insta hate all of it Though I'm not saying it's not accurate I don't know how much is accurate and how much is fear mongering So yeah I prefer the BBC America version A Study in Pink to this nonsense 2 stars for the story As for the narrator he does a great job but dude talks way too fast I had to slow it down because he was making me hyper anxious just listening to him at first There's also some weird beeping in the background in one spot I actually had to go back and listen to it again to make sure it was the recording and not something going on with my phone or car I'm not sure what's going on with that but if it continues to be an issue I may have to return this one I'm listening to this versionhere btw 4 stars for the narrationThe Sign of Four I'm not going to rate this one because I just could not pay attention to it after awhile Lost treasure blah blah Pretty girl blah blah Hi Mary I love you after two days okay if you say so I had to listen to several of the later chapters two or three times as the story just dragged and dragged and still not much was sinking in except for the occasional casual racism so I don't feel I can rate it Moving on The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes A Scandal in Bohemia 4 stars I love Irene Adler the only woman to best Holmes Calling her THE Woman is sort of condescending nowadays but no doubt Holmes meant it with sincere fondness Too bad the BBC Sherlock update messed up her character by having her be rescued by Holmes NEVER This is a woman who does not need rescuing by any man I don't know if she pops back up in later stories but I hope soThe Red Headed League 4 stars Oh criminals If only you'd use your genius for good instead of evil P This is another fun one It's so convoluted and over the top but not for our dear HolmesA Case of Identity 3 stars Why doesn't Sherlock just tell Mary what happened to Hosmer? Because she's a delicate woman who can't handle the truth? Hogwash I don't like Holmes when he gets all condescending like that She hired him to do a job which was to get to the bottom of her missing fiance which he does and tell her his findings which he does not do Therefore he did not do his job Her mom and stepdad are something else though The Boscombe Valley Mystery 35 stars You know a lot of these cases would be avoided entirely if the men involved just asked the woman what she wanted and respected her decision Shocking concept I know Still it was fun to see Sherlock get excited over the ordinariness of the clues on this one since that made it so much difficult to figure things out Not that it stopped him of course The Five Orange Pips 4 stars It's strange to think there was a time when people didn't know who the KKK were And the fact that they bested Holmes is unthinkable Thankfully Mother Nature took care of that but still Holmes couldn't defeat them They're that evil Fing KKK GrrrrThe Man With the Twisted Lips 4 stars Folk who were in grief came to my wife like birds to a light house Birds to a lighthouse? I've never heard that saying before It was difficult to refuse any of Sherlock Holmes’ reuests for they were always so exceedingly definite and put forward with such a uiet air of mastery I'm sure the shippers just love that line DI feel kind of bad that Mrs St Clair found her husband That dude was a douche The Blue Carbuncle 4 stars All of these tales are seriously ridiculous but this one takes the cake Or make that the bird It was good of Holmes to spare the poor fool who thought this crime was a good idea I suppose he could've been scared straight and I hope Holmes isn't proven wrong Hey it's bound to happen at some point I noticed no mention was said of what Holmes was planning to do with the carbuncle ;The Speckled Band 35 stars Ah casual racism how I deplore you The doctor's madness was worse because he'd been in India? Yeah sure And so naturally he takes up with gipsies a slur for Romani At leas the Romani weren't written to be the bad guys here The doctor was a conniving gross abusive bastard and I have to say I'm not particularly bothered by his demise either Knocked off half a star because I couldn't really remember this one even a day after listening to itOne note of complaint that goes for pretty much this whole audible recording the narrator voices all the women with this extremely high pitched falsetto like he thinks women sniff helium all day long Take it down a couple of notches bro The Engineer's Thumb 4 stars Ouch That had to hurt I feel sorry for poor gullible Mr Hatherley but not too sorry If he lowered himself to listen to a woman he could've avoided a lot of trouble He got himself in uite a terrible situation But it could be worse The last engineer these people hired is very likely dead It's not every day that someone gives Holmes the slip but it does happenThe Noble Bachelor 4 stars Ah I feel sorry for Lord St Simon Talk about a runaway bride I'm glad Holmes talked her into being honest with the bloke The Beryl Coronet 4 stars Not much of a mystery to this one except why exactly a certain someone decided to steal the coronet I'd also be extremely surprised if Holmes wasn't able to figure out who that coronet belonged to with all the information the banker gave him There are very few people who can claim to own a national treasure after allThe Copper Breeches 5 stars Okay this one was creepy and just in time for Halloween Miss Hunter's a smart young woman and while she wasn't able to keep Holmes's interest after the case was over she at least still has his esteem I'm sure Mr Toller got his comeuppance Feed your dog dude The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Silver Blaze 4 stars Argo would like this horse It's good to see John participate and being helpfulThe Yellow Face 3 stars I like that Holmes doesn't solve all his cases or even sometimes solves them even though he forms the wrong conclusions But this one reuires Holmes to be forgetful of the facts the most important one actually and that just doesn't ring true Plus Holmes was in no way reuired to solve this mystery if Munro had just planned better when and how to go to the cottageThe Stock Broker's Clerk 4 stars Another man is tricked away from his real job by a fake job story though with a different twist on it than the last one You know if crooks would just put the same effort and energy into obtaining real jobs that would solve so many problemsThe Gloria Scott 4 stars Speaking of mutiny on a ship in transit is rarely a good idea IJS I feel sorry for all these people who have to read these letters of their parents' misdeeds after the parent dies Talk about a double whammyThe Musgrave Ritual 4 stars In which an important artifact is lost because of a badly worded scavenger hunt Oh and casual sexism The Regiate Puzzle 4 stars Sorry Holmes but no one in my family has anywhere near the same handwriting or characteristic or whatever BS you're trying to shovel here Still a fun ride thoughThe Crooked Man 4 stars Did people really keel over this easily back in the day? They need better diets Harrys adventures in India and Afghanistan were interesting to read and I don't blame Mrs Barclay for being upset upon hearing the truth The Resident Patient 4 stars There's a plot hole here and that's view spoilerhow Blessington didn't recognize the new page as his former bank robber buddy hide spoiler I've dipped in and out of this humongous book throughout the year and I've enjoyed every bit of it Beautifully presented with the original sketch drawings Highly recommended Review to come with this one 10 09 19Well well well This massive humongous whopper of a book series was absolutely FANTASTIC The detective stories were absolutely engaging and sometimes freaked me out Sherlock Holmes is a man who has morals who is not an idiot uite intelligent and is uite humble not about the moneyHis friend Dr Watson matches as a suit because the pair are great characters for the detective industry Both intelligent have self mastery serious and yet humorous at the same time Really good friends these two I really enjoyed the books within this big book I think my favourite set of stories come from the Adventure and memoirs of Sherlock Holmes and the story of the scarlet letter They both were uite engaging but the latter was the most shocking I think it is because the stories donot turn out how you think What really happens in the crime is not what you suppose And many of the stories are woe begotten love stories or love affairs or crazy irratic behaviour leading to the crime Arthur Conan Doyle really knew how to write And be coherent within his stories unlike this review He knew how to link ideas and flow with the sway of the story without sounding off or contradictory I am thinking that perhaps Sherlock Holmes is much like his creator Doyle Anyhow these stories are old fashioned logical engaging freaky at times and above all modest I absolutely recommend this big novel It contains all the collection of books and the stories therein and is great to read An example of the modesty of Sherlock is seen in the story called the veiled lodger featured within the casebook of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock hears the tone the woman is using implying that she wants to kill herself and Sherlock says the most incredible thing I did not expect him to say your life is not your own keep your hands off it the example of patient suffering is in itself the most precious of all lessons to an impatient world The ending I will leave for you to read Absolutely shocking and fantastic to read such morality and modesty in such a character 👏👏👏👏🧐😀 Firstly I'm going into this having devoured and loved BBC's SHERLOCK series as well as the two Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey jr I may have seen a really old adaptation as well but I don't recall which one I'm really excited to see the original material and hope to find many references in the TV and movie adaptationsA Study in Scarlett45 StarsI really enjoyed this very first Sherlock Holmes story The writing style is pleasant and the text can be read effortlessly which is something that cannot be said for all classics The character of Sherlock Holmes was not uite as eccentric as I expected him to be having Benedict Cumberbatch's performance before my inner eye but maybe he will change in the following stories The first half of the murder mystery was a bit too obscure for my taste as John Watson and therefore the reader don't and aren't supposed to understand how Sherlock solves the case I really enjoyed the second half though especially all the backstory that was given on the case It showed the author's ability for vivid descriptions of nature but also of human tragedy All in all I was pleasantly surprised especially because it is uite a different story from the one told in A Study in Pink the BBC adaption Therefore I will be discovering new storys instead of already knowing every detail because I've already seen it This is the complete collection of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes books and stories than 1400 pages The intrigue curiosity and relevancy of these stories is still magnificent than a hundred years after they were penned The constant stream of new Sherlock Holmes books movies plays and podcasts proves the power of Conan Doyle's charactersI read the audio book version and the reader Charlton Griffin delivered an outstanding performance I must thank you for it all Watson I might not have gone but for you and so have missed the finest study I ever came across a study in scarlet eh? Why shouldn't we use a little art jargon There's the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life and our duty is to unravel it and isolate it and expose every inch of it I've had the book for several years without once intending to read it due to the volume 1400 pages is not a light read But as the world changed which spawns my longest at home period I decided to take up the challenge and read Sherlock Holmes again I have been a fan of Holmes for many years ever since I was a primary schooler I after reading the Vietnamese translation was completely awed by the wit of the abnormal character which paved the way for a life long adoration of the character Reading the book first time in English even when I still find the characters compelling I could not be captivated like I once was by the storytelling of Arthur Conan Doyle which fits better for the weekly fiction column rather than a long novel let alone if put into a giant collection like this However I must say that I generally still enjoyed the stories even with some ploughing here and there sometimes the criminals' backstories bored me to death but besides that all are rather well crafted I don't think words can even begin to describe just how passionate I feel about the Sherlock Holmes stories but they are the only medium that I am somewhat skilled in so I shall trySherlock Holmes is probably one of the best known and indeed best loved literary characters and for me it is easy to see why The man is eccentric methodical and ever so slightly mad However he is uite possibly one of the most recognised geniuses genii? not necessarily due to traditional knowledge but due to his innovation and spiritA few adaptations of the stories tend to make Watson no than Holmes's lackey a rather dim sidekick if you will From reading the initial text it becomes clear that Watson is so much than that The Doctor is not without his own smarts and he is consistently resourseful throughout the stories In a way the Sherlock Holmes stories are as much about his adaptation to life with the mad genius than the genius himself As for adaptations I recommend either the recent Guy Ritchie films Hollywood the Jeremy Brett ITV series still considered one of the best or the modern BBC adaptation in which Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are for lack of better words flawlessI think my favourite of all the stories in this volume is 'The Adventure of the Three Garridebs' simply because it exhibits the bond that has formed between Holmes and Watson in the final section in which Watson states It was worth a wound; it was worth many wounds; to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask The clear hard eyes were dimmed for a moment and the firm lips were shaking For the one and only time I caught a glimpse of a great heart as well as of a great brainAnother aspect of the stories I enjoy is actually the potential for as TV Tropes would describe it Wild Mass Guessing There have been suggestions that Holmes and Watson were one of the first great literary 'bromances' something that is still maintained with recent adaptations BBC Sherlock anyone?Additionally there is medical discourse as to whether Holmes's eccentricity is due to Aspergers Syndrome Obviously this is not recognised within Doyle's time but it is possible that he knew somebody who would now be classed under the autism spectrum and borrowed a lot of Holmes's characteristics from them It is this interpretation that adds a lot depth to the novelsDoyle maintains a perfect balance between description and action throughout the stories making them easy to read understand and enjoy no matter what age you are I will always have to have a copy of the stories nearby as I do not become weary of them with subseuent readings

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