Wrath and Ruin

Wrath and Ruin[EPUB] ✷ Wrath and Ruin By C.W. Briar – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Some monsters are nightmarish beasts with fangs and grotesue bodies Others come in the form of bad decisions we dread or regret Both kinds haunt and stalk us while we are alone at nightWrath and Ruin Some monsters are nightmarish beasts with fangs and grotesue bodies Others come in the form of bad decisions we dread or regret Both kinds haunt and stalk us while we are alone at nightWrath and Ruin is a collection of nine stories with Wrath and ePUB ✓ a focus on fantasy and sci fi threaded with uiet traditional horror Monsters both literal and figurative lurk in the shadows of this diverse anthology Hunters pursue a ghoul in Victorian era Pennsylvania A psychologist interrogates the lone survivor of a mysterious shipwreck Astronauts investigate a derelict alien spacecraft loitering in Earth's solar system A man flees powerful enemies in a bizarre hostile landThese stories and are included in this debut book by author CW Briar Included are two award winning storiesBriar continues a tradition established by fellow Binghamton NY writers like Rod Serling and Kevin Lucia fantastical yet grounded stories with subtle horror. This is a collection of stories in a variety of genres and writing styles spanning dark fantasy science fiction and horror The highlight is the novella Ghoul A Gideon Wells Story a historical epistolary tale set in 1895 Pennsylvania and introducing us to two fascinating characters Gideon Wells and his very eccentric but highly capable assistant Rose Drumlin I hope we see stories featuring Gideon and Rose Another highlight is the story Turpentine a modern day take on tropes from Faust and Dorian Gray All in all a great collection of stories and a good introduction to the talents of CW Briar I had the immense pleasure of being involved in Mister Briar's Kickstarter for this book I'd like to preface the rest of this review by saying that donating to the project in no way influence the rating I'm giving it Simply said I loved every story Mister Briar is an incredibly talented writer and I hope to see from him in the future It saddens me that so few reviews have been given so far so let me do Mister Briar a service by giving a uick review of each story individuallyEscape from Wrath and Ruin The story that starts it all begins with a man waking up in a rather strange landscape with no memory of how he got there Worse there is a body at his feet dried blood on his hands and a mysterious stranger stalking him through the dangerous wastelandLust A man becomes obsessed with an unknown woman who lives in the building beside him Each day he waits at his window to get a glimpse of her and hear her symphonic voice In the end it was only a matter of time before he knew he had to meet her had to have her had to be with her Well folks beware the song of the sirenThe Other Edge At last evidence of aliens has been discovered in the form of a derelict spaceship As leader of the team of astronauts sent to explore it Varik Babel soon discovers that the ship may not be as abandoned as originally thought The Case of Elizabeth Flora Interviewed by US Naval Intelligence a woman details her rather fanatical tale of survival after a sinking ship lands her and a few stragglers on a mysterious island It doesn't take long for them to realize just how unusual this island is for at its core is a swirling golden sphere that grants the wishes of those who seek it out Unfortunately not all human wants stray to the side of moralsStargazing Probably the least impressive of the stories on display this one is a simple rumination of a man roaming at night who finds himself in the midst of something best left in the shadowsTurpentine This is a beautiful tale of an artist who becomes obsessed with his own masterpiece Beloved by all but one who view it the painting continues to change reflecting and the immense pride of its artist But as we all know pride is followed closely by destructionGhoul By far the longest piece in the collection Ghoul tells the tale of Gideon Wells and his young rather eccentric assistance as they take on a case that can only be described as Sherlock Holmes meets the supernatural This one is good for fans of Jim Butcher or Larry Correia As with all of Mister Briar's stories there is much going on than one may first assumeWrong Number Jordan's friend is struggling after a tough break up and seems to be unsettled after an unknown person begins messaging him with vague threats Convinced the messages are coming from his ex girlfriend Jordan attempts to intervene before things go wrong If only he knew how wrong they had already goneThe Parable of Thorne Ave Last but certainly not least Parable is a short but extremely emotional piece about a man trying to connect with his daughter before it's too late Unlike the other stories in the collection this one is in no way supernatural or strange It is however probably the most powerful piece and definitely an excellent way to end a wonderful collectionThank you again Mister Briar for a beautiful collection I hope I've done you some semblance of justice in this review and can only pray that it influences others to pick up a copy I'm telling you folks this is a heck of a first work by someone I hope to see much from in the future I picked up a copy of this book from my local library I enjoyed all the stories I won't delve into any deeper meanings or symbolism of the stories as I feel that is best left to the readers Just a uick note for eachEscape from Wrath Ruin A man awakens in a barren land not remembering who he is or how he got there He may have killed someone A stranger offers to help him The pair are pursued by an ominous lawman who the stranger does not trust and fears The lawman rides a dragon like creature as he searches for them Will the man escape? Who is he? And who is really the good guy here? Lust This story plays on the familiar set up of a man and his wife having marital trouble The wife goes off to an office each day the man works from home Some days he doesn't get much work done His work output is further hindered when he encounters a woman on a nearby building who sings lovely songs that intoxicate him He becomes obsessed How will he satisfy his craving for her? The Other Edge science fiction tale of mankind's encounter with an alien craft that has been discovered in Earth's orbit by NASA A crew is assigned to investigate if the craft is the property of friendly or fearsome aliens and how to proceed with it's discovery Good dialogue and interaction among the characters highlights this tale The Case of Elizabeth Flora Interaction between a psychologist interviewing a survivor of a shipwreck The survivor had been amongst a group who happened upon an island after the wreck What is the island? What effects does it have upon the survivors? And what mysteries does their rescue have for the world as a whole? Zippy fast moving story with an amusing main characterStargazing A man becomes obsessed with nature and walking the woods near his home One night his journeys lead him into danger and an encounter with entities perhaps powerful than we can imagineTurpentine An artist paints his self portrait and earns rave reviews from everyone except one famous critic who doesn't see the paintings allure But is it an ordinary painting? Or does it have some power over the artist? And what is the extent of this power? Echoes of Dorian GrayGhoul an investigator of exonatural creatures who exist in the human realm as opposed to supernatural entities phenomena and his young lady apprentice investigate killings in Victorian Pennsylvania The story is told through reports back to a University professor who apparently employs the sleuth on these cases The likely culprit is the titular ghoul who is on the loose and it is feared it will strike again Intriguing narrative format excellent conversational dialogue and two really likable protagonists make this an outstanding story Wrong Number a young man fears that his roommate is caught up in some intrigue involving his cell phone The roommate is receiving text messages from an unknown sender but will not share the details The young man wrestles with his need to respect his friend's privacy and his worry the man may be involved in something beyond his ability to solve Something possibly otherworldly?The Parable on Thorne Ave decent story about a young woman calling her Dad to come pick her up after some possible trouble with her boyfriend The least horrific or fantastical of the tales here But still flows well and is worth your timeAll told a very enjoyable anthology I look forward to stories from the author I bought this book minutes after I finished Whispers From The Depths by CW Briar I loved it so much I needed of his writing Once again I was super satisfiedThis is a definitely chilling anthology of 9 stories of the creepy the adventurous the unsettling and the unnerving All these stories are so unlike each other in the best way possible He exposes me to things I wouldn’t normally pick up and I always end up loving itMy favorite story was a SCI FI story? I’ve never been into sci fi or fantasy but Briar has pleasantly surprised me with wonderful stories in both genres He not only writes characters you grow to love but his imagery and settings are vivid and beautiful and dark and creepy All the stories kept my interest and had me on the edge of my seatDefinitely an auto buy author for me now There are some really interesting stories in this collection my favorite being Ghoul Briar's writing is easy to read and descriptive without going overboard and I could very clearly see the influences that Rod Serling's work has had on the writer maybe at times too much which sadly made some of the endings of several a little too predictable for me Still a nice little collection that I enjoyed very much I'm looking forward to getting into Briar's novel Whispers from the Depths A Delightful Blend of Creepy and Thought ProvokingI’m a big fan of short stories and a particular affinity of the eerie morality tales of Poe CW Briar’s Wrath and Ruin gives us modern stories in the vein of spine chilling Poe This is a different sort of book than I normally read I normally don't read anthologies and I normally stay away from anything horror related Still I really enjoyed this book especially the first story Escape from Wrath and Ruin That story had the clearest Christian allegory of any of the stories though it wasn't uite the allegory I thought it was going to be when I first started reading it One of the longer stories I forget the title is kind of like a supernatural Sherlock Holmes It is set in the same Victorian time frame as Sherlock Holmes though in Pennsylvania not England At first I wasn't sure I would like this story and it definitely was one of the creepiest stories in the whole book if you are prone to nightmares or freaking yourself out with your own imagination don't read this book at night by yourself in the dark Not a good idea Yet I really liked it and I would read novellas or books set in the same world This story hinted that there could be stories connected to it Many of the rest of the stories in the collection were contemporary stories and weren't my cup of tea There are some adult themes Everything is handled delicately I enjoyed this book a lot There were three that really stood out however and as I read this late at night resulted in me deciding to read some Douglas Adams afterwards Most things don't truly creep me out Those three stories didThere are several interesting premises in here but I didn't care about or like most of the characters which unfortunately took away from my enjoyment of the stories overall They either felt flat I just didn't connect or I just didn't like them However that didn't stop me from being addicted to the plots themselves One character did something I cannot condone or understand but that story is one of my favorites because the plot completely absorbed meMy absolute favorite story in here Ghoul was the novella It featured Victorian style monster hunters in Pennsylvania As a local Pennsylvanian myself it was really cool to get into the story and know where all the towns and cities were Also that story was five stars all by itself Fast paced intriguing characters unbelievably awesome setting not that I'm biased or anything and really creepy ideas I loved it and would recommend this anthology just for that story I had no idea what to expect when I picked up this book and decided to buy it no idea at all But I'm sure glad I got it The collection of stories cover an impressive range of characters settings and types of suspense One story was based in space while another based in a strange land I really enjoyed 'The Case of Elizabeth Flora' which had an interview style and a plot that had me neglecting dinner for the sake of knowing how it would end 'Ghoul' is another favorite of mine the 1890's setting the mentions of alchemy the twists of horror that struck to the soul Absolutely gripping I confess to not being one to typically like horror but this traditional uiet horror kept me riveted and loathe to put it down Excellent anthology and well worth the read