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A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Books[PDF] ✅ A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Books Author Charles Dickens – Oaklandjobs.co.uk A Christmas Carol has gripped the public imagination since it was first published in 1843 and it is now as much a part of the holiday season as is mistletoe or Santa's reindeer Here is a wonderful col A Christmas Carol has Carol and MOBI õ gripped the public imagination since it was first published in A Christmas eBook ë and it is now as much a part of the holiday season as is mistletoe or Christmas Carol and PDF ↠ Santa's reindeer Here is a wonderful collection of Dickens' Christmas stories graced with many of the Christmas Carol and Other Christmas PDF/EPUB or original drawings that appeared in the first edition Pride of place goes to A Christmas Carol of course but the book also includes four other marvelous tales The Chimes The Cricket on the Hearth The Battle of Life and The Haunted Man All five stories show Dickens at his unpredictable best jumbling together comedy and melodrama genial romance and urgent social satire The volume also features an excellent introduction by Robert Douglas Fairhurst who offers invaluable background to the Christmas stories illuminating the social uestions they address outlining their reception and the enduring popularity of A Christmas Carol and highlighting how their style and themes resonate in complex ways in his major fictions In addition the book includes two appendices containing Dickens's article What Christmas Is Christmas Carol and Other Christmas PDF/EPUB or As We Grow Older and facsimile pages from Dickens's reading version of A Christmas Carol. A Christmas CarolIt's hard to credit that I've been reading Dickens since I was 12 years old and yet this is the first time I have ever sat down to read A Christmas Carol I think anyone who celebrates Christmas and even those that do not must be intimately familiar with the story of miserly Scrooge and how he is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past Present and Future and how these night visits change him for the better ‘I will honour Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year I will live in the Past the Present and the Future The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me I will not shut out the lessons that they teach’The story is truly wonderful And I don't know if that's because it is so familiar and comforting and because it makes me truly feel Christmassy Or if it's because Dickens was an utter genius at storytelling To me it's a combination of both Reading the original stripped away from all the Hollywood razzmatazz and muppets brings the reader truly face to face with a tantalising glimpse of the Dickensian world And with the way that Dickens carefully layered his story to give us an understanding of how Scrooge had become his miserly self and how it was entirely plausible that this cold hearted man could change over night And it also brings into sharp focus the disparity between rich and poor and teaches the modern reader in much the same way as it taught the Dickensian reader to be thankful for the privileges of our lives and that sharing and caring is the only way to true happiness The sights and sounds of the novel are entirely tangible I really felt like I was existing within this world with Scrooge and the spirits Kudos to this particular Oxford Classics edition though The annotations and footnotes were certainly helpful But what really got me is how the Dickensian Christmas is still similar to the Christmas I know and love It's as if Dickens himself is responsible for so many of our traditions And in some ways he is For he has forever memorialised Christmas festivities for countless generations to come 'God bless us everyone' indeed Impossible not to give it five stars This book also contains the following storiesThe ChimesThe Cricket on the HearthThe Battle of LifeThe Haunted ManI wasn't as taken with any of these stories and therefore am lowering my rating to four stars overall for this collection For reviews and book related chat check out my blog Five Christmas novellas from 1843 1848 Dickens’s Xmas crazy period followed by the rest of his career ranging from the oft forgotten title piece who reads that any? to the four others read religiously in homes from Puerto Rico to Portsmouth or have I mixed that up? ‘The Chimes’ is the grittiest of these moralistic blatantly sentimental novellas with its imagined descent into degradation and sualor if the protag refuses to cherish Xmas and ‘The Cricket on the Hearth’ is the most comical and famous for its six page opening section where a cricket out chirps a kettle ‘The Battle of Life’ is pure melodrama and probably the most dated unessential Dickens out there closely followed by the near incoherent ‘The Haunted Man’ But the best of these novellas the first three are uintessentially Dickensian and fine amusement for uncynical Xmas reading—complete anathemas to this day and age but worthwhile bonuses once the novels from Pickwick to Our Mutual Friend have been completed A Christmas Carol 55 If you make time to read one Christmas book make it this one Really enjoyed this re read Who doesn't love the tale of Mister Scrooge finally finding his Christmas Spirit? If you never read it before you will know the story as you've no doubt seen it in one of its many adaptations over the years The best being 'The Muppets Christmas Carol' But this doesn't take any enjoyment away from it Some awesome sentences in here I find myself wanting to shout 'There's of gravy than of grave about you' randomly at people but I've held back so far ; I also love this one 'Oh But he was a tight fisted hand at the grindstone Scrooge a sueezing wrenching grasping scraping clutching covetous old sinner' It's one of the few books I find myself uoting in my head A Christmas must read The Chimes 25 I tried to read this last time I had a copy of this book and I gave up about halfway through as I was bored to tears This time I made it through to the end I understood it better as the meaning of the story was explained in the introduction I didn't get it last timeBasically rich men passing judgement on the poor and making them feel like it is their own fault for their circumstance And cursing them when they do something terrible but not passing the same judgement on their peers when they commit a similar act To use an example not from the book A rich man who drinks is an alcoholic who needs help for his problem poor man is a drunk who brought this on himself Something you see lots of in the media today which is sad as it means that things haven't moved on much from Victorian times I hated when they were making poor Toby feel bad for having trout and then bloody eating it themselves All the while proclaiming themselves to be friends of the poorWhile this was good observation of society at the time when Dickens wrote this it unfortunately doesn't make for great reading It's not one I would pick up again The Cricket On The Hearth 25 I feel like I'm being generous giving this two stars as this was not a pleasure to read Basically a book of misunderstandings that are put right by a magical cricket and all is well at the endNothing partially Christmassy about this book either I don't understand how Dickens can write something as awesome as 'The Christmas Carol' and then follow up with stories like this The Battle Of Life 25 Another mediocre story This one involves a sister giving up her loveeven though he loves her back so her sister can marry himThen she comes back at the end and tells her sister this I'd be well annoyed if my sister did this Who wants to marry their sisters cast offs anyways? This started promising with the sisters dancing in the garden but I soon started to struggle and lost the plot once the Dr and his friends were talking Only one to go Hopefully this will be better Th Haunted Man 15 I am so done with these Christmas stories I had no idea what was going on in this one Or what that weird little kid was or how any of the characters were related to one another TerribleOverall the only story worth reading from this collection is 'A Christmas Carol' I wouldn't bother with any of the others especially if you are trying to get in a festive mood as there is nothing Christmassy about them at all This is a shame as you start with the best story and then just follow with disappointments When it comes to Christmas books A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is probably the first book that comes to mind Published in 1843 this novella was an instant success and has been a beloved classic since then I am not going to go into a plot summary because I believe most people know the story but if you don’t go watch A Muppet’s Christmas Carol Told in five staves similar to stanzas or verses this book has been adapted so many times that A Christmas Carol has just become a part of the Christmas periodWhile compassion forgiveness and getting into the Christmas spirit is the major theme of this novella one thing that really stuck with me is Dickens’ ideas of isolation and loneliness While it is true that Ebenezer Scrooge never indicates he is feeling alone since the death of Jacob Marley seven years earlier there is a sense that he has falling in despair Marley died on Christmas Eve and appeared to be Scrooge’s only companion which leads to a disdain for the holiday periodCharles Dickens wanted to emphasise the importance of being with friends and family especially during Christmas However I got the sense that he may have treated the idea of isolation poorly Sure Scrooge was a grumpy old man who was tight with his money but I got no real indication that he was unhappy to be alone Scrooge could have been an introvert and enjoyed the uiet solitude; is that really such a bad thing?Then all of a sudden Scrooge is cured from his rationality and becomes an extravert This is a little strange Scrooge’s emotional and psychological makeup might not be pleasant or agreeable to the popular worldview but they were his own thoughts Scrooge was a financial supporter of The Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834 and didn’t want to give money to a charity that worked against his political ideologyI am not bagging out A Christmas Carol I do enjoy it but as I was re reading this novella I kept wondering what this story is saying if we take out the element of Christmas Basically this is the story of curing someone of his or her personality I had a lot of fun looking at this book from another point of view it just gave me a lot to think about A Christmas Carol is a nice uick story about the importance of being with your friends and family during this holiday period Next year I might try Truman Capote’s collection of stories about ChristmasThis review originally appeared on my blog; I liked A Christmas Carol I liked The Chimes and I liked Cricket on the Hearth The last two stories however weren't that great in my opinion I didn't get into the story of The Battle of Life at all until I was well past the first half of it It wasn't entirely bad because of a few characters I liked; I also liked the little scene at the inn Come to think of it that's probably where I finally stopped sighing and got interested insteadThe Haunted Man was entertainable at most It didn't move me as much as it maybe should have? I knew there was some suspense meant to be in there but it just didn't have any effect on me whatsoever The story I probably liked best was Cricket on the Hearth Great characters great story with a very surprising twist in the endEnd conclusion is that I was planning on reading this book every year around the Christmas holidays but after reading it for the first time now I say once every 2 3 years and only the first three stories will be a lot realistic instead Time for a RereadHow many can I get through before Christmas?A Christmas CarolThe ChimesThe Cricket of the HearthThe Battle of LifeThe Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain Maybe I deserved this for my recent Dickens idolatry Maybe I loved him too much and I needed to be reminded that he's only human 'cause this was hella weak Well A Christmas Carol is pretty good though not nearly as good as I remembered it being from my childhood The Battle of Life is vaguely good and The Haunted Man is decent but The Cricket On the Hearth is weak and I loathed The ChimesMy theory on Dickens is that longer Dickens is better Dickens The shorter his stuff gets the slapped together it seems maybe hastily written to make the xmas issue of his journal; incidentally some of these stories aren't even xmas related they're called the Christmas Books because they came out in the aforementioned xmas issue Granted his plots are always kind of convoluted and rely very heavily on coincidence but here the twists don't even make sense The characters are poorly sketched and everything reeks of being rushedYou can get away with just reading A Christmas Carol and skipping the rest To begin at the beginning A Christmas Carol is superb It's the foundation myth of the secular Christmas for a good reason and no matter how many times you've seen read or heard any number of different interpretations the original still maintains an ability to pull on heartstrings Yes it moralises surely the entire point of the story but somehow it avoids being patronising just as it can somehow remain magical without being at all mawkishGiven its incredible power and success it should be no surprise that both Charles Dickens and his publishers wished to capitalise on it Whilst Dickens can hardly be accused of being a one hit wonder it's certainly fair to apply that epithet when we're considering this particular sub set of stories Like so many others Dickens sought desperately to recapture the magic of that first story but fell short time and time again So desperately did he try in fact that his last attempt The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain is close to being a parody of his first You can sense the desperation in this move without having to read it having failed on three separate occasions to recapture the soul and imagination of that first piece why not go back to suare one and talk about regrets and life changing spirits on Christmas Eve?To break it down then the original is fully deserving of five stars but the imitations pale and bring the whole book down to their level I keep forgetting how much I like Dickens's writing even if it was padded out to earn money I keep saying that everytime I read Dickens but it's trueFor a challenge I'm doing I decided to read The Cricket on the Hearth but I couldn't find it as a standalone at the library So I picked up this one which has four other Christmas tales as well Of course it has A Christmas Carol and I wasn't going to read that one again but I caved and did It's as delightful as it was the first timeThe other four including Cricket were unknown to me I mean I'd heard the title The Chimes but I had never heard of The Battle of Life or The Haunted Man It was interesting to read these stories as well as the famous onesIf you like Dickens read it Re read A Christmas Carol as well And sit back and enjoy A mixed bag of Dickens though all inferior to his longer works he seems to thrive on a large canvas Christmas Carol is easily the most magical and inventive which accounts for its continued popularity The Chimes is insipid and partly a knockoff of A Christmas Carol while The Cricket on the Hearth and The Battle of Life are pleasant but pedestrian love stories None have much of the verve wit and semantic gymnastics that make a true Dickens classicInteresting to compare A Christmas Carol to the final Christmas book The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain which I thought second best in this collection Where the first Christmas book is all fizz and bubble the final one is dark and mournful; the message of the former is to be charitable and loving to all whereas the message of the latter is to remember our sorrows because they make us better people One gets the feeling that in the intervening years between writing the two Dickens' attitude to life changed To uote Coleridge A sadder and a wiser man He rose the morrow morn

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