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Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day Author Seanan McGuire – Oaklandjobs.co.uk When her sister Patty died Jenna blamed herself When Jenna died she blamed herself for that too Unfortunately Jenna died too soon Living or dead every soul is promised a certain amount of time and whe When her sister Patty died Jenna Dark or PDF/EPUB ã blamed herself When Jenna died she blamed herself for that too Unfortunately Jenna died too soon Living or dead every soul is promised a certain amount of time and when Jenna passed she found a heavy debt of time in her record Unwilling to simply steal that time from the living Jenna earns every day she leeches with volunteer work at a suicide prevention hotlineBut something has come for the ghosts of New York something beyond reason beyond death beyond hope; something that can bind Dusk or eBook Ù ghosts to mirrors and make them do its bidding Only Jenna stands in its way. 3? 35? One of the strangest book I've read in a while I was intrigued by the worldmagic system but the overall story lacked a little for me to give it a better ratingI'll continue to read of her books because they keep surprising me placeholder review until closer to pub date or maybe not bc i am so disappointing but for nowdammit i wish i liked urban fantasyi've tried a few times but nothing has clicked for me yet there's a uote in this book Magic is real Once magic is real nothing is entirely out of the uestion which unintentionally sums up my resistance if nothing is entirely out of the uestion all tension is compromised anything can be just magically fixed which lowers the stakes a bit which isn't necessarily a complaint i had with this book; it's just a general one for books involving powers and magicfor a specific to this book explanation of my refusal to love i can handle witches OR ghosts in my books but both together is just a little silly clarify both together in a real world setting is silly to me pure fantasy i can handle but when all those creatures are in our world which makes me sound totally racist right? stick to your own world there goes the neighborhood etc etcand there must be some examples of books i've enjoyed where there's lots of creatures maybe Revenge and the Wild?? but that's not really our world is it? and you may say well Every Heart a Doorway is kind of like having a bunch of different creatures together and you were praising that book to the moon and back which fair enough but that was metaphorical and fantasy than this one this is new york city in which ghosts and witches commingle with humans passing for the living recognizing each other passing time back and forth whereas ehad is technically our world but it all takes place at a boarding school for damaged kids who've traveled to fantasy dimensions which is so far removed from my experiences and what i can see by just looking out the window that it may as well be pure fantasyit's very frustrating for me to not enjoy an entire genre as a reader and as a readers' advisory person both not that you have to like all genres to practice RA effectively but it helps to have read widely across many genres and i've tried but it's just not working for me yetand it's doubly frustrating because i LOVE mcguiregrant even though i didn't like this story overall it's still well written it's not as funny as the other stuff of hers i've read which is a shame because her sparky sense of humor is one of her draws it's an original premise it incorporates traditional ghosty lore but blends it together with some new stuff to make it into something fresh and new but it just didn't HIT me and i still want to read her urban fantasy series but i'm just a little afraid of not loving them as much as i've loved her zombietapewormmermaidEvery Heart a Doorway stuffstill it's worth reading and i'll review it properly closer to pub date but for now if you enjoy urban fantasy you'll probably dig this but if you are flawed like me maybe read one of her other books because those are so SHINY in my heartcome to my blog 35 stars Review first posted on Fantasy Literature Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day is a beautifully told but slightly illogical novella about ghosts who can’t ― or won’t ― yet pass on some of the surprising powers ghosts have over humans and the fearful powers that human witches have over the ghosts But on a deeper level it’s about those who are unseen and homeless and about the power of love and of finding inner peaceIn 1972 Jenna dies in Mill Hollow Kentucky as a young woman Distraught over the suicide of her sister Patty she runs into a stormy night in her nightgown and straight into a tragedy Because Jenna died before her time her spirit lingers on earth eventually making its way to New York City where Patty had died Since in this world as imagined by Seanan McGuire ghosts can be tangible at will during the day and pass as human Jenna spends her days waitressing in a coffee shop and her nights as a suicide hotline volunteerGhosts who die before their time are able to catch up to their fated time of death by touching living people and taking some of their time leaving the human younger and fresher and the ghost closer to its fated time of death when it can pass on to the other side But Jenna feels such a huge burden of guilt over her failure to prevent Patty’s suicide that she’s not willing to take time from humans unless she’s “earned” it by helping suicidal people regain the will to live Then one day Jenna realizes that almost all of the other ghosts in NYC have disappeared and her home town of Mill Hollow seems to hold the answerSeanan McGuire does some nice world building in this novel In addition to the ghosts and the rules that both empower and bind them there are humans with the power to see and even control ghosts street witches corn witches water witches and McGuire also weaves in some old superstitions about ghosts like the need to cover a mirror used by a person who has died lest their spirit kill the next person who looks in the mirrorMy biggest problem with Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day is that the internal logic of the story doesn’t hold water for me There are too many coincidences and events that don’t really make sense to me even within the context of the tale The stealing and giving of time by ghosts never made logical sense to me particularly in the way it works at the end of the story And uestions why would someone purposely kill another person before his or her time if they aren’t then taking steps to capture the ghost? I never saw an answer to this; it’s a stray plot thread that raises what seems to be a significant uestion but then never leads anywhere view spoilerWhy would the witch who captured the ghosts of New York City go to Mill Hollow? And how on earth could that one witch find the right mirrors to capture almost every single ghost in NYC? hide spoiler 35ish starsAnother too short but sweet tale set in a uniue urban fantasy setting from a wonderful storyteller I think Seanan McGuire's greatest strength is her imagination and it's apparent in the worlds she creates This novella is further evidence of that In less than 200 pages she builds an interesting world of ghosts and witches with uniue sets of abilities inhabiting Manhattan Unfortunately that's also this book's greatest weakness In less than 200 pages she's busy building her world which only leaves like 20 or 30 pages of actual story She somehow found a way to pull this off in the just as short Every Heart a Doorway but seems to spend time than necessary here on world building and exposition leaving very little time for conflict or plot There's a much bigger story that could have been told and it feels like a missed opportunity Other strengths I don't usually love first person present viewpoint but in this case I feel like it helps us to understand and sympathize with our heroine Jenna She's an interesting likeable albeit dead literally not a criticism character and the majority of the book is spent in thoughtful solilouy reminiscing on past lives present conflicts and future wishes As is typical of McGuire the prose is lovely However there's not a lot of the humor one might expect from her This is a bit darker in tone and subject matter but it's handled well and ends in a good place If you like McGuire andor UF with a tinge of dark and weird you'll probably enjoy this So A ghost who suicided is forced to work as an operator at a suicide help hotline Sounds like a neat setup for a joke right?Partially The thing is this UF is a ghost story where the ghost is just trying to get by dealing in the coin that only she and her ghostly friends can spend Time Time and Ghosts I guess Alan Moore has it right that we become creatures of the fourth dimension after we die Or something But even though this is a pretty cool UF setup and I love the idea we've also got witches All kinds of witches Corn witches Water witches and of course they prey on the ghosts and the power struggle can become uite predatory in that the poor ghosts can be trapped in mirrorsAlso coolIt reminds me a damn lot of Angela Slatter's great fantasy stories only a bit accessible and mainstreamThe personal small town nostalgia is nearly as heavy as the pathos of the main emotional arc and I'll be honest I probably would have enjoyed this as a full novel with a longer developed end Maybe not as a series despite Seanan's proclivity with writing great series but as a straight novel I think this could have been a lot solid and satisfyingAs it is I'm just fine with the end I just think it might have been a tad less easy Still Seanan's a great writer no doubting this The world is full of stories and no matter how much time we spend in it—alive or dead—there’s never time to learn them all They just go by so uickly Seanan McGuire has a talent for finding hope in the darkest of places; in this case death Behind its mystery front story this novella is a study in the family you find and in finding hope in death Dusk or Dawn or Dark or Day is a compelling mystery about the disappearance of ghosts in New York but honestly what stands out here is the next level worldbuilding theme work and character workHonestly my feelings on this are very similar to my feelings on McGuire's earlier Every Heart a Doorway Her worldbuilding is stellar The idea of a city full of ghosts is brilliant and the execution is even detailed and clever; the ghosts age by taking life from others and can give ti back too which is interesting I'd love to read from this verseHer writing and theme work is also a standout There's a lot of content here focusing around the death of kindness in our current age and the sadness of aging in a world that seems to have left you behind Yet the book also never becomes a session of look how terrible technology is; the concept is touched upon but this story is no PSA As is also typical I liked the characters I think McGuire is uite good at making her audience care about characters in a very brief amount of time and without too much description With a vast and intriguing cast of side characters this story feels as if it could really be taking place with this exact cast And as is typical YET AGAIN I thought it could've gone deeper There's so much great here but if the ending had done just a little the themes come closer to the surface the fascinating worldbuilding get exploration the character development take full precedence this could've been a five But despite my lack of full adoration this was great and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a creepy and uick readBlog | Goodreads | Twitter | Youtube Read with my lovely Wednesday UF read group at 35 Dark Start StarsI normally don’t give warnings for books but I feel like this one might need oneWarning This book touches on death and suicide If these are trigger points for you then maybe skip it But if you are up for a darker read than most of Seanen McGuire’s other works then give it a tryThe beginning of this is pretty dark Jenna has just lost her sister to suicide only to right after get caught in a storm and die too  Not really a spoiler since that all happens in the first 10 pages Now in her death she volunteers her time at a suicide hotline as her own form of penance to her sisterAs always I love Seanan McGuire’s SM writing style and her very interesting reimagining of the world we live in She does a fantastic job of building a world with Ghosts and Witches in it in a very short time I think that she is brilliant in the ways she interweaves the details of this world into the story without ever making it seem like it is an infodump and yet I get all of the great details I love in a bookThis is my least favorite of all SMs book I’ve read and I think that is because it is darker and the beginning was a bit depressing But I will say that once we get to Jenna trying to figure out what happened to all the other ghosts in Manhattan when they go missing the flow and feel of the story changes significantly and it is much less deep than the beginning The ending was also really great and the best that it could have turned out for Jenna I wouldn’t mind a spin off story about one of the Witches in this tale She I don’t want to spoil who she was in the story was so interesting and I think SM could make up a fantastic tale based on the type of very unusual witch she isMy RecommendationThis isn’t a very long story so save it for a day when you can handle or want something a little on the dark side I get in those moods and then this probably would have been a better read for me 35 starsThis is a study of time of loss of what it means to be alive The older sadder and less innately magical version of Every Heart a Doorway but no less beautiful for itConcept ★★★★Pacing ★★★★Plot ★★ 12 Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day What a title What a concept What a uiet ride Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day continues on the thread that Seanan McGuire explores in many of here novels and novellas the concept of time and what it means for the human experience For Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day this was explored through the theme of ghosts These ghosts aren't the usual hauntings—they interact with the world they have jobs they can touch you They're basically humans but they don't age traditionally Ghosts are individuals who have died before their natural death date and spend much of their ghostly day to day lives attempting to takegive time from the living in order to amass age on themselves to achieve their natural death age Jenna is a ghost of a girl who died in 1971 in a small Kentucky town She's been running ever since and has gone to ground in New York City the place where the living and the dead live on top of each other in the city that never dies never sleeps The poetic nuances made between the idea of ghosts and the atmosphere of New York City are one of shining points of the story It makes me wonder if a visit to the city prompted the conceptThe ghosts in New York City start disappearing and it's up to Jenna her ghostly landlady and a corn witch to discover the truth I was expecting to want the perennial that I feel at the end of every McGuire novella but for Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day it was not necessary—the perfect length the perfect arc for this uiet tale Blog | Instagram 35 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum book isn’t your typical ghost story While it includes a significant number of urban fantasy elements there is also a darkly profound rather despairing thread running beneath its surface Thematically it is also on the weightier side dealing with topics like suicide survivor guilt and emotional trauma Fans of Seanan McGuire are still going to love her engaging storytelling style and loveable characters but if you’re used to offbeat and uirkier UF I think this one may leave you with a heavier heartThe story begins with the funeral of Jenna’s older sister Patty who left for New York City with big dreams but ended up taking her own life instead Grieving with the loss and blaming herself a stricken Jenna runs off into the night during a bad rainstorm and tragically slips into the river drowning in the raging currentBecause Jenna’s death was an accident however she died too soon according to a ledger of cosmic checks and balances which states a person’s soul cannot pass on until they have served their full time on the mortal plane When Jenna died she found uite a hefty debt still on her record so like everyone else before her who died before their time she became a ghost and must remain among the living until that balance is repaidFast forward forty years and Jenna is living in New York City leeching off a little bit of her debt each day on living strangers with every minute she gives being another minute added to their youth However because Jenna sees “time left” as a form of currency her gift of life in fact becomes an act of theft in her eyes In order to earn back what she has stolen Jenna also volunteers at a suicide prevent hotline trying to save others from Patty’s fate hoping that when her time finally does come she will rejoin her beloved sister with a clean balance and conscienceThis is probably my third or fourth foray into McGuire’s work and while overall I have enjoyed her books I confess thus far I’m still waiting for “the one” which would blow me away I started Dusk or Dark of Dawn or Day with the hopes that this would be it but ultimately there was just something about it that didn’t uite click for me Like I said this is a story with some heavy tragic themes to it so it might simply be a case of the wrong book at the wrong time Admittedly the whole thing left me feeling kind of worn and heartsick by the end of it even though I was hooked by the intro with its fascinating look into this world of ghosts and their concept of “time owed”Looking at this from another angle though it clearly speaks well of the author that she can so successfully convey emotional impact with her writing and portrayal of her characters My personal reaction to this novella aside I can recognize a good story when I see one and this has all the elements of an engaging tale full of imagination and feeling Jenna is a narrator with a uniue perspective yet the care and attention to detail paid to her backstory makes it easy to sympathize with her decisions when all around her are other ghosts that do not share her same views or values She’s a genuinely good character who not only extends her kindness to people in need as evidenced by her goal to rescue as many aging cats from shelters as possible giving them love and a comfortable place to live out their final days Death is a theme that infuses every page but sometimes its oppressive presence is lightened with compassion and scenes like thatThe ideas in this book are also mind bogglingly original It took me some time to wrap my head around ghosts and their ability to give and take time but I eventually came to appreciate the ingenuity behind the concept As well McGuire paints an interesting picture for her ghosts’ existence linking them to special relationships with mirrors and witches For a novella the world building is surprisingly robustUltimately I feel the ending could have been handled better but since I can’t elaborate without giving away details I’ll just say that it didn’t come across as elouent or consistent as the rest of the story That said there is no shortage of feeling and at the end of the day I think the conclusion manages to achieve its desired impact If this book sounds like something that might interest you I highly recommend giving it a try I only discovered after I finished this book that the author also writes as Mira Grant and that I have already enjoyed one of her books Feed I meant to follow up on her other books but forgot I will nowDusk or Dark or Dawn or Day is an entertaining little book about ghosts and witches both of which are depicted in rather different ways than the norm The main character Jenna is a ghost who works on a suicide help line and keeps cats Definitely not your usual ghostThere is some interesting stuff about giving and taking time a pretty good story about ghosts disappearing when they shouldn't and a satisfying little ending All very enjoyable and recommended to readers who like their ghosts less than horrific

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