Greywalker[PDF / Epub] ☉ Greywalker Author Kat Richardson – Harper Blaine was your average small time PI until a two bit perp's savage assault left her dead for two minutes When she comes to in the hospital she sees things that can only be described as weird s Harper Blaine was your average small time PI until a two bit perp's savage assault left her dead for two minutes When she comes to in the hospital she sees things that can only be described as weird shapes emerging from a foggy grey mist snarling teeth creatures roaringBut Harper's not crazy Her death has made her a Greywalker able to move between the human world and the mysterious cross over zone where things that go bump in the night exist And her new gift is about to drag her into that strange new realm whether she likes it or not. 25 stars rounded up to three because it's Seattle and you know it's Seattle even though it's only a small area of Seattle I can say Seattle a few times if you'd like This series has a lot of potential I think this is a good start but it's still rough Something about the book was off and I can't tell you exactly what For one thing even though this was published in 2006 it felt like it was written in 1995 specifically around technology She's a PI but uses a pager and doesn't have a cell phone? And her printer uses fanfold paper so it can't be sophisticated than a bubblejet She also refers to the Bon Marche which went out of business in 2005 I know it takes some time for a book to go from draft to published but the buyout by Macy's was well known for uite awhile before it happened The explanations for and descriptions of the paranormal in this world are way too convoluted long and mostly unnecessary The action is all too similar and a couple of loose ends were never tied up I think she tried too hard at first to make Seattle feel real She didn't get anything really wrong but it didn't feel right to me as a native either so I wasn't surprised to find she moved here later in life Her descriptions of Pioneer Suare were really good though also a little off like she drove through it a couple of times rather than being personally familiar with it I used to work down there and FYI although the Frontier Room is as awesome as she describes it's in Belltown not Pioneer SuareHarper is a strong woman but uite stubborn and not that bright She's pretty cowardly in many parts too reckless in others but amazingly rational in one scene when she realizes she shouldn't confront the men breaking into her office She accepts the paranormal too uickly but it takes her too long to acknowledge what has happened to her She doesn't want to accept it so she fights to avoid her powers even when it's obvious even to her that ignorance is going to get her killed Ostrich sand I wanted variety in the action especially with her taking an active role rather than having things happen to her In fact in one extremely important seuence she spends most of the time just watching and then tries to run when she's needed Another reviewer pointed out that this scene was unintentionally comical genius I agree that it wasn't meant to be but wasBut in her world men and women were euals without gender stereotyped roles The love interest is a great guy and it's just a part of the story; she's not constantly pining and fantasizing Nor is she worried about clothes and makeup all the time although just about every one of plethora of characters in the novel are tall and thinskinnyslenderanorexic except for three really annoying jerks This is Seattle We usually are worried about whether someone looks like they are healthy and a good hiker or biker than whether they're tall and skinny Think outdoorsy organic eating coffee drinking REI types rather than rail thin models It's a stereotype true but a pretty accurate one for the types of people in the parts of town in which everything in the story happens I think it's her California transplant showing I definitely feel there are characters who have potential to be uite interesting in future books The story itself was good and though I figured the mystery out much before all was revealed the plot was still all right I do plan to read the next one Some day I picked this up after reading the short story by Kat Richardson in Mean Streets which also featured Ms Blaine First off it's nice to see a female paranormal detective character whose actual cases seem to have weight than her love life Normally there seems to be a strict gender divide in these things men like Harry Dresden and John Taylor occasionally have girlfriends and occasionally have horrible luck with women but generally that's not a major focus of the books' attention Female urban fantasy detective types like Vickie Nelson or Jill Kismet tend to meet some hottie on a case in their first book and then most of the time the two are in the same room we switch modes so uickly I can hear the brakes sueal And Vickie and Jill are the ones I remember because they weren't as bad as many It seems like Men are from Noir and Women are from Romance Few main characters seem to be gay or bisexual in these books The only exception I can think of is Lilith Saintcrow's Dante Valentine who had a female lover in the past and a male lover in the present Even then the gay relationship ended Badly But that has nothing to do with anything unless you count the fact I spent ten pages thinking Harper was male in Mean Streets well past a date with a guy I didn't notice this with Harper in that she strikes up a date with an auctioneer she meets in passing notes that she wants to keep things low key until the case she's working on ends and the book makes it clear that he's not True Love or even that Harper is going to meet some guy and do the mode switch like that I have a soft spot for some romance but boy am I picky about it Anyway to actually talk about the plot and not vent about My Thoughts on Romance after an accident Harper develops the ability to see into the supernatural world and manipulate it She thinks she's going crazy until a sympathetic doctor steers her towards some friends that specialize in weird stuff On the job side Harper takes a job to track down a missing college student and locate an old piece of furniture for an elderly man It was nice to see the cases weave together in that there was no plot related reason to think they were connected but Harper uses information from both to connect them It also gave a better sense of 'this person has a real job' and doesn't just get weird cases dumped on her doorstep one at a time by the Paranormal Fairy I think that Storm Front did that too only the cases were actually connected One of the flaws is that I think the book tried to push Harper's powers as 'too much too soon' There are a lot of info dumpy things from Harper's teachers and thanks to some Trouble Harper gets into she gets a boost to her powers with unknown side effects I'd rather see her powers and Harper's initial skepticism towards them develop a bit slowly The book also introduced a lot of supernatural beasties at once The ferret scenes were also adorable in that Chaos acted like a ferret and not some kind of fuzzy prop I have a soft spot for animals and my sister owned a ferret for years when we were kids After a 'near' death experience private investigator Harper Blaine gains the ability to see and travel in the 'grey' that intermediate zone between our reality and the reality of the supernatural I liked the premise; however not everything worked as well it could or should have Still the book had a nice pace and was fun It's very hard to write a helpful review of Graywalker It simply didn’t leave any kind of impression on me – good or bad The first half was far interesting than the second It had the tone of a hardboiled detective novel and it was uite refreshing so I was than a little disappointed when it all went straight to hell in the other half Harper Blaine is a good strong character but some of her choices weren’t uite clear to me and the love story well lust story to be precise was weird and unconvincing And let me just say that I like my male characters tall strong and dominant don’t we all? but Richardson gave us a love interest who is ordinary not too handsome and very whiny at times I meet guys like that every day Why the hell would I want to read about them too?The worldbuilding was unimaginative and colorless I really wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone except avid urban fantasy readers Ooooops I’m alone on that island and I’ve read it already so no I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone at all There were some good moments but all in all it just wasn't good enough Following the resounding success of my Locus uest I faced a dilemma which reading list to follow it up with? Variety is the spice of life so I’ve decided to diversify and pursue six different lists simultaneously This book falls into my FINISHING THE SERIES listI loves me a good series But I'm terrible for starting a new series before finishing my last so this reading list is all about trying to close out those series I've got on the go25 rounded up to 3 because my wife and my mother in law both love it and they might use tea spoons to pop out my eyes if I give it a 2 It’s a solid urban fantasy effort with a good strong female private detective Harper Blaine for a lead She lives in Seattle has a pet ferret and is generally a likeable broad The fantasy element is OK but I didn’t find it inspiring – Harper got killed by a client and although the medics brought her back she can now see ‘the grey’ The grey includes ghosties vamps warewolves etc – the usual bunch It also includes misty visions of the world beyond death or some such Good for atmosphere bit vague for specificsIt was a fun and easy read very much a scene setter for the series Lots of effort put into grounding the story in Seattle rather than generic American city as some UF is – lots of resistance on Harper’s part to accepting her new role as a ‘greywalker’ which kind of emphasises that this is a nice normal gal who’s doing her best to muddle through this otherworldly madness Obviously the real fantasy hoodoo can’t kick off until she’s accepted and embraced her ghostly powers I’ve been told this aspect picks up in books two and three of the series which makes sense There was one specific thing that annoyed me People are revived by medics every day What is it about Harper that makes her special? Why does she become a greywalker and the next guy to get revived just get brain damage? It was all a bit wishy washy and coincidental to keep my disbelief suspendedMaybe I’ve just been spoilt by coming in at the top end of the UF market? Compared to Dresden Castor Grant and Swift Blaine is too much the UF ‘girl next door’ I’ve no doubt there’s substance there if you get to know her – but in a crowded genre Greywalker doesn’t make a strong enough first impressionHaving said that – I will continue to read the series because my wife already owns them – but they’re certainly not top of my wish listAfter this I read A Clash of Kings Harper Blaine is a private investigator In the first few pages she is brutally attacked by a man she was tracking down for a client After she leaves the hospital Harper begins to see strange shapes and disorienting mists all around her Thinking she is experiencing the lingering effects of head trauma she returns to the hospital Once there her doctor informs her that she actually died for two minutes as a result of her attack He thinks the new sensations she is now having are not medical at all and refers her to some people he thinks can help her From them she learns that she is a Greywalker She has become one of the rare people who can physically exist in our world and in the supernatural world which is called the GreyOk Great premise I think this series has a lot of promise and I will certainly read the next book in the seriesHoweverI did have a few problems with the book First when uentin installed a security system in her computer he used a floppy disc I checked and the first printing of this book was 2006 Can anyone tell me the last time someone used a floppy disc? Do they even make them any? This guy was suposed to be some kind of James Bond with electronics It made no sense Maybe she could unwind at night by playing her state of the art Atari too Sorry Maybe I'm just being too picky The second thing I thought was a little disjointed was her love affair with Will I kept thinking that it would somehow become relevent It didn't It was just an annoying distraction to the storyand then he left Ok this last thing really did get under my skin She was constantly disoriented I mean all the time Yes All The Time It seemed like every page was a description of her getting sick If she wasn't clutching her stomach or swallowing bile she was throwing up or falling over with vertigo I understand that she would have had a hard time getiing used to the two realities but still I kind of expected it to get a little easier for her by the end of the book It never really did and to be honest I felt a little ill myself by the time I was done reading it Having said all of that I think this series has real potential and I'm anxious to see where the author goes with the story 35 Really nice start of a seriesSo I'm writing this review after having read the next 5 books as well and all I can say is that it's worth starting this oneSo maybe the characters don't seem that interesting right now but they will get better as the series goes onThis chick made me really want a pet ferret I had no idea they were so popular in the US I wonder if it would get along with my cats Hmm but that's a topic for another dayYes the book The series actually It keeps getting and interesting the books you read The character grows and so do the people around her The plot is fun and interesting and well I've always loved a good mystery to do with my UF I don't know why there aren't people reading this series It's a really nice one especially for all those UF lovers out thereWorth reading This was a Vaginal Fantasy pick from Bonnie I enjoyed the book although I hear the subseuent installments really exceed the uality of 1 so I'm excited to go deeper into the series Nothing 100% innovative here but had a nice tone that isn't uite as twee or cliched as other books in the genre I enjoy the main character because she was believable in an interesting way For VF readers this one to explore No racy stuff tho heads up 25 stars rounded up because the series has potential I hope I enjoyed the first half of Greywalker than the second I think the author is getting her head around the paranormal world The Grey she creates through the first half and hasn't uite gotten a handle on getting the rest of us into this world I have high hopes for the next book but still think this is a worthy readThe opening scene is one of the truest descriptions of a violent encounter that I've read in a very long time and is what sold me on the read Harper Blaine is getting the bejeezus beaten out of her by a large enraged man she's dealing with as part of her PI work It's terrifyingly vivid and the accuracy with which Richardson depicts a fistfight is admirable as is her depiction of the amount of damage such an assault can cause to the human body It's grim and frightening but it's absolutely grounded in reality none of this Hollywood 'shaking off' powerful head blows or self defense via a groin kick She's beaten badly and dies from her injuries for 2 minutes thus setting the premise for the story and takes a while to recover To be clear it wasn't her getting beaten up I enjoyed I appreciate a realistic well written fight sceneThe tone of the book is hard boiled private detective which is another point in its favor There is a love interest but he's another element of Harper's life she doesn't moon over him he's not constantly intruding on the action She's a whole person a person with problems for sure but she doesn't need someone to complete her And she has a pet ferret named Chaos which I frankly just adoreAside from 2nd half problems there was an element of the story that MadeMeCrazy After Harper starts seeing experiencing things that shouldn't exist she meets Mara an Irish witch who tries to help her Two problems there 'Mara' isn't an Irish name it's an adjective meaning 'marine' as in of the sea 'salainn mara' is sea salt 'téad cáilíochta mara' is marine uality rope so this isn't some poetic rendition of 'of the sea' Irish is reuired in school so mara isn't an unknown word in Ireland it's a name in the English speaking world probably from a Latin title of the Virgin Mary The bigger problem is Mara's speech pattern Nauseatingly Irish Cute seemingly based on Maureen O'Hara in The uiet Man Behave y'monster or it's you I'll be turning green and warty And you can be sure I'll not be kissing you anytime soon for that Fingernails on a blackboard Fortunately Mara only seems to talk like that when the editors missed a line or two of dialog and the Faux Irish slows down a lot as the book goes onWhat really bogs down the book is how Harper is constantly experiencing the paranormal but still refuses to believe it This very practical self reliant woman digs in her heels around this matter over and over and over again and behaves entirely contrary to the rest of her actions in the book She's upset nauseous frightened freaked out and she's been told by someone who proves it to her that not accepting her new reality is only making the negativity of her response to The Grey worse I get that Richardson is trying to convey how weird and creepy The Grey is and trying to make Harper vulnerable and sympathetic but there's too much of it There's also a disconnect in how The Grey is portrayed vis a vis reality view spoiler At one point we're told that Harper doesn't want to go wandering around in it too much as when she returns to the 'real' world she might be in front of a car or stuck in a wall or in other peril implying a 3 dimensionality to the RealworldGrey overlap but whenever she gets sucked into The Grey she drops out of it at floor level wherever she is Yes once that's in a basement but she still always pops out standing on something level Also since she can see into The Grey why can't she see out of it? hide spoiler Supernatural fiction is on the rise Unfortunately in literature a rising tide lifts all boats even those of less than stellar construction Greywalker is an ok premise with faulty execution The pacing is off the story jumps around like a 9 year old on a sugar high And it's set in Seattle which would ordinarily be great except that even as someone who lives in Seattle I can tell you that this is one vast injoke of locations and happenings that people outside Seattle won't enjoyCharacterization is a bit weak too we're introduced to neat characters like a locksmith with an eye on the supernatural but get no depth on him It's not bad it's just not good enough to pay trade paperback prices on

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