Lady Graces Husband Hunt Regency Seasons Novellas Book 9

Lady Graces Husband Hunt Regency Seasons Novellas Book 9[Download] ➵ Lady Graces Husband Hunt Regency Seasons Novellas Book 9 Author Ava Stone – Hiding behind her uick wit and biting tongue the last thing in the world Lady Grace Post wants is a husband After all if she can’t have the love of her life why would she want some other man Unfortu Hiding behind her uick wit and biting tongue Husband Hunt PDF/EPUB ¼ the last thing in the world Lady Grace Post wants is a husband After all if she can’t have the love of her life why would she want some other man Unfortunately her Machiavellian matchmaking great uncle the Duke of Danby has other plans for Grace and has decided it is past time for her to be wed To keep the duke from selecting a fellow she doesn’t want Grace begins her great husband hunt very aware that her time is ticking away Lady Graces Epub / Oliver Ashbee Earl of Prestwood has never gotten over Grace Watching her from afar as she dances and flirts with other men is enough to drive him to an early grave Things would be different if he could court her if he could hold her if he could kiss her again If things had been different she’d have been his wife long ago But things aren’t different Or are they. If this had not been a novella I wouldn’t have finished it because I could see how it was going to end but I kept reading it hoping the author would do something with Danielwhich she didn’tSo here’s the gist of it Oliver and Grace fell in love years ago and he was going to ask for her hand but his father told him that he was already betrothed; he had been since he was a kid So he had to tell Grace and she was devastated Grace proceeded to treat Oliver like crap for years after that Then because the Duke of Danby pretty much arranged her other 2 sisters’ marriages Grace thought she’d beat the duke to the punch in arranging hers and find her own husband Which she did while still being in love with Oliver Then Oliver gets a letter from his betroths father calling it off and Oliver goes to Grace and Daniel the man Grace was to marry the next day found them kissing OMG Really? If Daniel had been an ass or something I could see that but Daniel was a really nice man and Grace hurt him that way? I just can’t like these kinds of storiesThis was such a disappointment I’m kinda done with Ava Stone for a while I did like the other players but I just couldn't like GraceThis was the only book in this novella series that had any graphic sex in it No swearing Lady Grace finally has her story and it is indeed worthy of her and the series Oliver stole my heart as surely as he did hers and I hope the casualty to their love will reappear happily in the future Also Addie is brilliant and needs page time My biggest complaint was the length of the book There were places I felt that could have been given a bit length but that could just be me fangirling as I do love the author Overall I highly recommend this book I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Lady Grace Post is about to become engaged At least she thought so until her love Oliver heir to the Earl of Prestwood shows up at her home Instead of asking her brothers for permission to marry Grace he has some bad news for Grace It seems that his father had betrothed Oliver and his two sister years ago He was engaged to a little girl and there is no way he could marry GraceFour years later Grace is using the London season to find a husband It seems that her ever match making great uncle the Duke of Danby has gotten the 3 Post triplets on his radar screen and Grace wants to beat him to the punch by picking her own husband He has already matched one of her sisters and she doesn’t want to be the next to goThroughout the season Grace keeps coming into contact with Oliver and it hurts She still has feelings for him but they can’t act on those feelings She sets her sites on Daniel Lacy a nice friendly gentleman It’s not a love match but most ton marriages aren’t Oliver has been in the country with his family His sister’s husband was killed and his sister was too sick and pregnant to move When the family is finally able to move back to Oliver’s estate neighboring Grace’s brother’s Oliver finds that not only is Grace betrothed but she will be married within the weekThis is where the Duke of Danby comes in He has been working his magic behind the scenes since last Christmas Trying to get his mind off the upcoming wedding Oliver sorts through his mail and finds the note he could only have dreamed about – his betrothal was broken Of course this news comes on the day before Grace’s wedding Can Grace and Oliver find their Happily Ever After? Will Grace disappoint a man she likes to marry a man she loves? Ava Stone has a winning way with story telling and her work on the Post family and the Duke of Danby stories are always a delicious tidbit of reading enjoyment These characters float through numerous novellas and collections and yet each story can stand on its own as an enjoyable readI received an advanced copy of this book in return for an honest review I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewAn absolutely amazing story First of all I did not see this pairing coming After seeing how she talked to him before it never crossed my mind that they had a past and that was why she talked like that I love the Duke of Danby with every story and the ways he gets everything to work I don't know how he does it and it gets interesting with each story Finally finding out their mother's secret actually explained why she was the way she was about things and made her a bit softer in my eyesI now understand Grace and why she seemed to hate the idea of love You feel so bad for her from the start when you find out that her heart was broken four years ago and it wasn't in either of their controlI liked Oliver from the start and loved him when he saved his sister I could picture his face when he had to tell Grace why they couldn't marry and then I felt so bad for him every time something happened but he is a strong man that puts others firstI giggled at Mr Lacey because he just seemed too perfect but still likeable in ways I got the chills when it came to Oliver's sister's brother in law and wanted to know why he was so creepy There was a lot to love in the book and it was a uick but lovable read Grace is the last of the Post triplets to remain unattached and where there are unattached young people about the Duke of Danby can't be far away This is another lovely novella featuring the Post family whom we have come to know in the other collections of stories about the Duke's matchmaking efforts on behalf of his grandchildren and great nieces and nephewsFour years ago Lady Grace fell in love with Oliver Ashbee but was devastated to learn that his father had arranged a betrothal for him years ago The two parted ways and Grace did all she could to avoid Oliver from then on As her sisters and cousins are now marrying at an alarming rate Grace has decided to find her own perfectly acceptable perfectly comfortable husband Too bad he just doesn't thrill her the way Oliver used toWhile knowing that nothing can ever come of it Oliver tries to renew their friendship He also tries to be happy for Grace about her upcoming wedding but he just can't do it If only something could be done about that darned betrothal The description for Lady Grace’s Husband Hunt is what attracted me to the story but I was caught unaware when the conflict between Lady Grace Post and Lord Prestwood was revealed The premise for the story is usually one I try to avoid and if this were untried author I would have given up Fortunately I trust Ava Stone to deliver a solid story and have a clear path for her characters to find their happy ever afterFour years ago Lady Grace Post was on the cusp of her perfect future The love of her life Oliver Ashbee had declared himself to her and all that was left was for him to approach her elder brother with a reuest for her hand Sadly on the day Oliver was expected to call he instead had to explain to Grace that he was already betrothed without his knowledge The agreement signed by his father was completely binding and Oliver had no recourse but to break Grace’s heartPlease read the full review at Romantic Historical Reviews If you want an awesome roller coaster ride on emotions and love second chances this is the book for you Lady Grace is t epitome of women and her love and her man she'sloved for so long loves her too An all around great book Nothiñ but the best comes from Ava Stone The reviews are all over on this novella but I liked it Some reviewer's felt they were coming in the middle of the story I didn't This is book 9 but my first one in the series I've read the author's Scandalous Series and I enjoyed this one Yes there is foreplay prior to marriage not described but you certainly get the picture they did everything but There is lovemaking within marriage heat level 35 out of 5 I was so excited things worked out that it was filled with passion and love for meOh my the great uncle was a trip Not what the girls thought they knew of him loved that twist in the story I couldn't imagine how the Hh were going to get their HEA I do feel sorry for Daniel and hope he gets his HEANo cheating no cliffhanger HEA as far as romance their love came through for each other and we get a tad of spice ljb Nicely written and an interesting story but there were so many characters for a novella that I got a bit confused and my mind wandered They were all very distracting and drew the story away from the Hh I couldn't understand why Oliver just didn't end his betrothal with the young Eloise when he found out especially if he truly loved Grace But then there would be no story I suppose I will read from this author Great BookEven though I knew what would happen to Oliver I enjoyed this romance story greatly This entire series has been very good