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The World Celaeno Chose[EPUB] ✰ The World Celaeno Chose By Jane Fletcher – In a world without men imprinter Lynn has a vital gift the ability to link strands of DNA to create new life Owned by the Temple protected and effectively held prisoner there she leads a life of uiet In a world without men imprinter Lynn has a vital gift the ability to link strands of DNA to create new life Owned by the Temple protected and effectively held prisoner there she The World PDF \ leads a life of uiet despair shut away forever from her family and the world outsideThen into her life comes Kim; tough worldly and courageous part of a suadron of rangers assigned to protect her on the arduous journey through the mountains to Landfall the holiest of the Temple sites Haunted by a tragedy in her own past Kim is uickly drawn to the lonely young imprinterBut as the two women grow closer they know they are putting themselves in grave danger For in a world where the Church rules the State there are people who will stop at nothing to make sure Lynn can never escape. This is a review for the entire series Possible mild spoilers ahead mainly because I feel the book blurb is too bland and generic to generate any excitement much less interest in the entire series I admit I've known about this series for years but haven't gotten the urge to start it until my GR friends did and loved itThis series laid down an astounding premise possibly the most original in lesfic A pre industrial all women society has found a way to procreate with the help of psychically gifted individuals Control of these individuals means the priestess class has the rest of the population at their beck and call Militia rangers and especially temple guards all serve them in some protective capacity or another Other classes mentioned in the book include farmers merchant classes and other specialized trades even bandits and heretics but all society revolves around the procreation process called 'Imprinting' and the divination and worship of the 'Goddess' who created it What makes this series stand out from other alternate universedystopian works though is the origin story That of course is for the reader to discover The first two books seamlessly cross over so many genres fantasy sci fi mystery adventure character study and romance its impossible to slot it into any particular one It starts off as a simple though exciting fantasy adventure as we get to know about the inner workings of this society through the eyes of the protagonists There are hints and undercurrents of deeper issues but nothing full on till book 2 so don't give up too soon The third to fifth books are all preuels featuring minor characters from Books 1 2 A bit disappointing in terms of story progression but all are nevertheless very well written lesfic adventureromances I've only been gushing about the plot so far but the author writes very good lesfic romance in every single book the kind we pay good money for So you can pick up any of the Books 3 to 5 independently of the series and still get your money's worth But I can understand Frank's disappointment They could very well have been classics As things stand now there is no closure no true ending The author has set up one of the most amazing stories ever we get the big reveal but we don't get to see what happens next Its been seven years since the publication of Book 5 Will there be a book 6 ? This was really good Rangers is still my favorite so far but this would be second It was nice to have the characters that are your favorites from Rangers in this book too I'm reading the books in Chronological orders just started The Walls of Westernfort now I am so happy to read in this order the story really flows I'm glad I didn't go with the order they were written in or the stories of the Rangers my favorite characters would be all jumbled and as a reader you would know the outcome of events before readingI would recommend to any newbies to read in chrono order too Shadow Rangers Temple Westernfort Rogues You won't be disappointed Goodread kept throwing this book at me based on other books that I adored so I decided to give it a go despite my doubts about the female world thingAt first it seemed I'd done well listening to the recommendations I was loving the start of the book While the world building didn't feel that amazing it seemed well enough and Lynn was pretty likeable The first action scene we get was well written and had me excited about the bookAnd then suddenly it feels like the author decided she needed to hurry the story along view spoilerShe would have done well dragging out the scenes at the fort giving our main characters some time to develop their relationship The stable scene and the fallout came all too soon for me the story spiralling out of control and making me feel like I missed something hide spoiler 35 stars Nice fantasy world building It hooked me right away I really did like all the characters and hated the villains as it should be The action and battles were well done and easily pictured in my mind It has a touch of SciFi elements but I'm undecided if it worked or not It is confusing to figure out what order to read this series In some book blurbs it's labeled as #1 and others it's #3 When I come back to the series I'm planning to read #2 Rangers it sounds the most appealingCan I say something about the disappointing cover? The background is a little washed out but ok however the figure is ugly and I'm not sure which scene it is depicting IMO fantasy SciFi covers have some of the best art but I haven't seen many in the ff genre I admit I'm biased as I collect book comic book art mostly lust after Google Donato Charles Vess Michael Whelan Kinuko Craft I know price is a HUGE factor for these Indy publishers but I can't help to compare to the best of the best I understand it's unfair of me But there are a lot of talented artists out there looking for an opportunity The first book I've read by Ms Fletcher was Wolfsbane Winter another fantasy novel It had all the staples of the genre but near the end she gave me some tantalizing hints about the world before the demons came down No way around it that world was 21st century earth I found that highly intrigueing but it wasn't given much thought as the ending slammed all doors of a possile seuel shutI was setlling down with The Temple at Landfall with another fantasy novel in mind I must admit there was a lot of religious rhetoric going on and I wasn't sure where it all would be going except that my hatred for Sister Smith was instantaneuos Luckily all that religious crap was offset by the thoughts of Lynn And then came the word DNA and I get introduced to the Imprinting procedure which sounded magical at first but I was seriously confused by how scientic it was And then I remembered Wolfsbane Winter and I knew something similar was going onAnd indeed it was There were many instances where I found myself in a situation that had me wondering how it would be explained And when we meet the heretics in the second part of the book it's divided in three parts it all made sense I'm not going to elaborate futher on it it's better when you read it yourselfI absolutely loved it And the Appendix explains it even further It's almost a blueprint on how to start a religionAnd I'll admit it took me a long while to find the joke with the moons It's been a surprising book A wonderful construction of a world and an enthralling readingUnfortunately there isn't much to say about it without touching a major spoiler view spoilerthe one which has to do with the origin of human life on this planet and the only female gender prospect of evolutionIndeed just stating that this book is a sci fi genre one and not a fantasy one is a big spoilerThis surprise is the key to read all the book with totally different eyes and it makes this story so original hide spoiler This is one nice serie and pretty interesting world that came to life with this book I started with it because I like following the publication order I love the science fantasy subgenre and JF pulled it off pretty well There is one hilarious last chapter that is definetely worth checking out on this thematic I read them all almost a year ago and kept a nice fuzzy feeling from it And since that's what I needed I gave it another go and don't regret it Each volume is build on the same universe with main characters sometimes reappearing as minor one in another Writing this I'm adding a star to my initial rating because despite some minor imperfectionsThe romance is a bit sudden the miscommunication is overused in all the books of the serie still the story left me warmed happy and wanting I'm going with another 45 The previous book was a little exciting but this book gave me insight into their world It's also a nice start to what I am hoping is a big throw down between heretics and the sisters in the coming books I guess I'll seeI never did read the first book I think I'll have to circle back once I finish these This book stars Kim Ramon the heretic and Lynn NoLastNameAllowed the holy chosen beloved of Celaeno aka slave of the SisterhoodThis book is both the first and third book in the series Published first in 1999 and called ‘The World Celaeno Chose’ it is also the third book chronologically in the series And that does actually matter The chronological thing – because the books do build upon themselves It’s true the main characters in the ‘first’ book chronologically don’t matter a hill of beans in the series the side characters matter in later books and many of the other characters pop up in the other books as well as the books advance uite frankly I’ve no clue how anyone could read this series in the disjointed way it was published on one level it’s ‘worse’ than James Fenni Cooper’s Leatherstocking series – where the first book chronologically was the last book published though that happened here as well it’s just I think that was the only book out of order in the Cooper series; here the books jump all of the place chronologically with publish order in 1st Shadow of the Knife 5 2nd Rangers at Roadsend 3 3rd The Temple at Landfall 1 4th The Walls of Westernfort 2 5th Dynasty of Rogues 4Right but this book wasis about Lynn and Kim Not the series as a whole Lynn was around 12 when her family took her to be tested as is done She had shown some ‘healing’ abilities She was tested and found to have so much ‘power’ as to be an Imprinter – therefore she was immediately forced to go with the Sisterhood and begin training Imprinters are the ones who are able to create new human babies – important on a world on which only women number among the population As such they are held in much awe and esteem – they have been the ‘chosen’ ones of the Goddess Celaeno otherwise known as the spaceshipcolony ship that brought the humans across the stars to this planet – yes you have a world that has for 500 years worshiped a starship – and it’s not even one that had an AI to talk with well one hasn’t been mentioned it’s just a hunk of metal Despite being held in such a position – you know that ‘chosen one’ thingie – they are basically the slaves of the Sisterhood Forced to be celibate the sisters are supposed to be as well but they are corrupt and continuously ‘create babies’ the Sisters are uite eager for that – because they collect fees for the imprinting – the sisters do the Imprinters get nothingWell – Lynn has shown signs of being uite good at her job and rumors of this ability has reached one of the sisters wiggling piously and corruptly for higher and higher position at the Temple So this Sister has gone out to collect Lynn and bring her back to Landfall The book follows Lynn and three sisters on their journey Traveling in a carriage zooming along encountering worse and worse conditions Until finally their journey has to make detour after detour Until they find themselves in a specific town If they go over a mountain pass they’ll get to Landfall before the Landfall celebrations If they don’t they won’t Everything is set in motion but news comes of big cats bouncing around up there Everyone urges the sisters and party to go a different route The main evil bitchy sister demands her chosen route be the one to followInto this comes the 23rd Rangers Suadron There to take care of the cats One thing leads to another and now the suadron is doing escort duty over the passEventually well I don’t want to give everything away and I haven’t really progressed the story much as it is so I’ll stop before I go too far Interesting story More and of the backstory is revealed leading this from being a purely fantasy world to one that’s science – fantasy or a mix of the two science fiction and fantasy Rating 425December 23 2016 Short review Even after I decided to buy the e book it took me literally weeks to get past the first five pages Out of experience I just had almost no faith in lesbian genre fiction So much of it is so poorly written and conceived So when this book started off like it did I just kept huffing and going What is this? Magical DNA splicing? In a fantasy book? Where they actually call it DNA and everything? Really? Finally I convinced myself to shrug that off and keep going I paid for the whole book after all So I continued Only to stop again two chapters later huffing again now going Really? Every named character in the whole book so far is female? What are the odds of that? I mean I know it's a lesbian book but seriously? But then I kept reading and I kept reading and I started going Wait Are all the people in this book female? Like the whole population? What's with those statues? Why do they know about DNA? What's going on? And then of course the reveal happened and I felt like a total heel Oh It was all entirely intentional It was supposed to seem weird And man it does a good job of sneaking up on you bit by bit making you start to really wonder about the worldbuilding until it all suddenly makes sense and you're just left with your mouth open feeling like an idiot because it was all entirely on purpose and they pulled it off perfectlySo far I've read the first two in this series and they are shining lights in the grim often stupid darkness that is lesbian genre fiction I love being pleasantly surprised

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