The Hard Way

The Hard Way[EPUB] ✰ The Hard Way By Katie Ashley – Cade Hall has always been the golden boy of the gridiron Because of his talent at football coupled with his father’s wealth he’s always gotten his way But when a night of drunken debauchery lands Cade Hall has always been the golden boy of the gridiron Because of his talent at football coupled with his father’s wealth he’s always gotten his way But when a night of drunken debauchery lands him in hot water with the college athletic board neither his influential father nor his charming grin can save him He finds it a total buzz kill when he is sentenced to community service with troubled youth at an inner city shelter But his nightmare is only beginning when his greatest high school regret is the very one in charge of the program The Hard Epub / and she has him by the balls in ways than oneFor Avery Prescott senior year was a nightmare of epic proportions and Cade Hall played the lead villain After she fled her small town for college in the bright lights of Atlanta she thought she had escaped the painful memories of her past She never could have imagined Cade would waltz through the door of the outreach program she presided over But Avery has news for Cade she isn’t the same shy doormat of a girl she was in high school Since she holds Cade's football future in her hands she’s than ready to make payback a real bitchWill the two stay in the defensive zone or discover that sometimes life's greatest lessons are learned The Hard Way. DNF 74ish%This is a second chance romance and we get flashbacks from their senior year in high school to their present As younger teenagers they fell in love after spending time together working on a school project They are separated with the H acting cruel and are reunited 4 years later when the H is assigned community service at the same place that the h works I love a good second chance romance BUT I do need the reasoning behind the separation to be understandable and I also need some good grovel to enjoy it Sadly I don't think either of these things happened in this oneI was continuing on because I wanted to know the reasoning behind his douchy behavior in the past I felt like he was a major douche in both the present and the past and the reason he hurt the h so bad was simply not good enough I understood that he was in a bad situation to make him want to break it off but his OTT cruel behavior I didn't understand at all I also was irritated that all he had to do was tell her what happened and apologize 4 years later and she just forgave him I guess I wanted some actual groveling and for the h to have some backbone before they started acting all lovey doveyFor my safety gals I don't think this is very safe for you The H is a manwhore and even when they were first developing feelings in high school he was sleeping with a f buddy who actually causes some drama for themI'm sure others will like this second chance romance but it just didn't work for me 35 stars Emotional high schoolcollege romance Spoiled rich bad boy meets a smart poor girl A few years later they have a second chance at love It can be nice read when it catch your market The Hard Way is about young twenty twenty one college kids However the plot takes place during the summer It's a second chance romance with return to the past moments to the beginning of Avery and Cade love in high school After three years they meet again and have a another chance at love But not so easy Cade has a bit of redemption to do and the way for the two of them will not be easyCade Hall is a spoiled rich kid He doesn't appreciate what he has and expects his father to always gets him out of trouble But this time because of a dumb prank he is in such trouble that nothing will help him He has to spend the whole summer to work at the shelter for risk teenagers Where it turns out is working a girl who he once really hurt and who will do best to make his life miserableI liked the moments when Avery bust Cade balls It was funny and well deserved But the best part was the topic about the shelter It was where are happening several heavily touching moments and where our heroes grow up It had to happen some drama and grief that Cade could mature into adulthood and reclaim his beloved girl Sadly there isn't much sports in this book although the main character is an athlete if you are looking for a typical sports romance you will not find it here But my rating of 3 stars is mainly due to the fact that it was a little too immature for me I think it's for someone younger who enjoys a high school romance I would prefer mature feelings even though the characters developed into a very nice young couple “We’d experienced some of life’s lessons the hard way and now we had nowhere else to go but up” ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Thank you I do enjoy this book very much A romance story about opposite characters usually brings a sizzling chemistry Well in The Hard Way the chemistry is there but not sizzling It actually the moral story of kindness is prominent I wish there is groveling from Cade toward Avery Even Cade has his reason for hurting Avery I feel his reason is weak His groveling is also weak Overall I still enjoy the story very much A good read to close my weekend 4 stars Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review Katie Ashley has been an author that uite recently has been on my book radar since I first read my first Katie Ashley book last year When I first read the synopsis of her newest New Adult sports romance The Hard Way I knew instantly that I had to get my hands on this book stat The Hard Way was definitely a fitting title for this book as the author wrote a story that was filled with angst drama second chances and love The hero in this case Cade Hall is living the privileged life He is handsome cocky smart and of course one of the stars in his college football team When Cade got upset over his grade from this particular professor his stunt of rebellion didn’t go unpunished In order to keep his spot on the football team Cade must serve his time volunteering at The Ark a community center for inner city teens Avery Prescott didn’t have any easy life growing up She had to work hard to get to where she is today and working at The Ark is something very important to her In her final year of college she thought she escaped her past but when Cade Hall reappeared at the center all the painful memories came flooding back Cade Hall was the reason why she wanted to escape that small town and never look back Cade broke her and he was the villain in her story But what happens when the villain becomes the unlikely hero? Will Cade be able to show Avery that he is sorry for the things that he had done and that he is willing to work hard to get love and affection? Or will Avery make it very difficult for Cade?The Hard Way is a second chance sports romance that was brimming with lots of angst and drama This is definitely one of those reads where the hero had to go through a hard journey of redemption Cade is not an easy character to like in the beginning but Katie Ashley allowed readers to see a vulnerable side to him thus allowing his character growth to be possible So if you are a fan of football second chances and new beginnings then this book is definitely for you Katie Ashley I am really finding myself struggling with this review I don’t know if maybe I need to sit back and think about it all for a little longer or if it’s just that for half of the book I was pissed way the hell off and for the other half I was conflicted over loving the story and being devastated at a few of the twists and turns the book took us onI have tried to take a few calming breaths to try to put my thoughts in order but they are still jumping around like a kid on a sugar high I started this novel with a bit of apprehension I absolutely love arsehole man whores who redeem themselves but I don’t want them to redeem themselves for something horrible they have done to the h unless there is a major grovel and some really epic reason as to why he did it in the first place I just want him to redeem himself from his bad boy ways to be the man the h deservesSo on starting this book I kind of thought Cade had just been a dick in high school to Avery and it wasn’t really anything personal and then she bumps into him a few years later and he is still a dick but he redeems himself and they fall madly in love and I get all swoony and want to throw my damp panties at Cade Alcoholbecause no great story starts with milk I read that somewhere on the Internet What I got was that Cade was way beyond a dick I seriously couldn’t get past what an absolute loser he was And years have passed and he is still as self centred and immature and just ugh I wanted to see him get hit by a bus backed over and then run over again So I spent the whole book being upset about thatAvery I actually liked but oh my god how could you think there is a single thing about Cade that is worth looking at especially since you know him and he not once really showed any emotional growth I mean sure there were a few times he said the right thing but I felt like Avery had four years of reasons to not trust that so I was waiting for her to kick him in the dick and move onSo sounds like a pretty easy rating right Hate the H like but think she is stupid the h Bam easy yet I found I couldn’t put the book down I had to know what was going to happen next I was invested to see if there was going to be a come to Jesus moment or just something like maybe that bus I mentioned earlier that I read the book in one sitting and I cried when the twists hit I just wanted to see a little vengeance and some justice or just something and there was a little I just didn’t feel like it was enough and I also felt that Avery had already forgiven Cade before then and she absolutely shouldn’t have so yeah conflictedSo now I sit hovering how the hell to rate it and I think right now it’s a 35 however this could change if I wake up cursing Cade’s name or something But overall it was well written and intriguing and I would love other people to read it so we can call Cade names together So please read it and message me lolCheck out my reviews here 2 the struggle is real stars I'm not going to lie I almost DNF this one like 4 times However I really really try to finish arcs so I pushed through Let me first say I'm a huge football fan HUGE I know my shit It was apparent to me early on that the author didn't If there is one thing I can not stand in a sports romance is when it's not realistic There's a football player on the cover The guy hardly did anything football related The time lines didn't match up and there was some info about money involved in college sports which is illegal I just couldn't stop rolling my eyes On top of that I found the male lead to be highly immature and a tool I never found him redeemable and the female lead was a doormat This book gets a yellow flag and a thrown headset from me ★★★ 3 Stars ★★★Cade Hall is a football hero at his college but after a drunken prank gone wrong he is forced to work community service at a local shelter for underprivileged kids This is where he comes face to face with his past and discovers that the girl he very callously dumped in high school is his line supervisorAvery Prescott has never forgotten the humiliation of being publically dumped by the school God and vows not to let him get off lightly when she is tasked with showing him the ropes Her heart is locked up tightTold in past and present this is the story of the popular jock and the nerd but uite different to other books of this genre it was emotional and cuteThis was an OK read for me I liked it enough to finish but to be perfectly honest it just fell flat I didn't connect to the hero at all he was all attitude and arrogance which I normally devour but in this instance he just didn't redeem his behaviour whatsoever and I never fell for him at allOverall it was a decent storyline but unfortunately it didn't knock my socks offThe Hard Way is a standalone new adult romance told in dual POV ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review image error 🎁 FREE on today 732019 🎁 45 starsAn alcohol induced act of stupidity leads Cade Hall to community service in order to save his spot on his college football team But he has no idea his past is about to take a bite out of his already chewed up a The program day manager is Avery Prescott the girl who he nearly destroyed in the pastWe learn about their lives now and in the past and how it all went to hell She is no longer the sweet innocent awkward tender hearted girl who thought he had a heart under his outer facade She is angry and still has internal scars Once upon a time she made him want to be a better man but he failed And years later he appears not to have learned much from his mistakes and is still the same selfish cocky guy always getting bailed out of trouble And Avery is strong determined bitter and she is now in charge of his daily dose of humble pie This is the story of two people who seemed like opposites the rich boy who never really felt loved and the farm girl raised loved and overprotected The popular A list playboy and the introverted serious innocent nerd But they were both intelligent funny and had big goals for their future And they found a connection But there were also a lot of outside influences and challenges stacked against them And Cade was spoiled self centered immature and too aware of social status They were young and living in a diverse social situation and Avery ultimately paid the price for it But now his past mistakes are all bearing down on him in the present and he has no choice but to finally deal with them But does he have what it takes to finally realize what is important and change for the better?This digs into the importance of true family love and support versus being spoiled and bailed out when needed It's about growing up accepting mistakes hope and redemptionCade was a hard hero to like at first He really could be an a He could be self absorbed entitled and impulsive He was multi talented and intelligent but did not make smart choices And he was deeply afraid of feeling anything real of failure of being hurt It was easier to avoid complex emotions and attachmentsAvery has matured and is sassy stubborn and strong But she was the only girl who ever reached him and saw his inner goodness and full potential Is it too late to find it again? And will she even be willing to try since he hurt her so much in the past? Is he a hopeless case?There is no easy road for these two Their past is marred by betrayal and pain Hearts have been broken emotions run high and trust is elusive It is told in both points of view and gives us glimpses into both their past and present to allow us to see how things unraveled and how much there is to overcome to make it right These two will have to actually communicate to have a chance of letting go of their past or moving forward and they have plenty of personal challenges and growth opportunities to faceBut this is also about Cade being exposed to different people and lifestyles illustrating just how much he has taken for granted His eyes are opened to the dire and dangerous circumstances of some but also how important a positive attitude is to achieving true potential He is faced with difficult situations that he never imagined I was invested in Cade's journey and seeing how he would deal with the changes and challenges Life can be disheartening and even messy but it is how people get through the bad times that show what they are truly made of I really felt for Cade as he navigated through some harsh realizations and emotional situations This is a second chance opposites attract NA romance with complex characters with the potential for growth that has a heavy side helping of angst drama and emotion But it also has humor sweetness passion and hope This runs deeper than a fluffy sports romance and handles some difficult challenges and life lessons I loved some of the pop culture references from eighties movies as they are so familiar and fun to meit helped lighten up some of the emotional stuff I am interested in the side characters Presley and Jonathan that true Katie Ashley fans might recognize and I would like to read about them I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review Follow Me Reviews by Tammy Kim | Facebook | Twitter Learning lessons the Hard Way sucks right? Of course I was excited to get my hands on a Katie Ashley book I must say this was different from what I was used to reading from her She took me back to high school and it was a painful trip Being inside Avery's head as she went through such a devastating experience was enough to put Cade on my shit list I wanted to give him a bigger black eye than what he was sporting on the cover of this book I wanted him to experience the same level of hell that he put her through I admit that I thought it was fate that put him at the mercy of the very person who deserved the chance to make him pay for some of the pain he had caused her It wouldn't take it away but it would give her some satisfaction to watch him suirm And I enjoyed it too Cade was the privileged teenager with a powerful father He was arrogant and cocky never concerned about the conseuences of his actions knowing that his father would get him out of any trouble he found himself in The girls were lined up to spend time with him but they knew he didn't do relationships He found no reason to work for it when he got it for free anytime he wanted it When he was assigned a team project with Avery as his partner he tried to use his charms on her but she saw right through him She didn't fall for his lines and she didn't tolerate his douche bag behavior She called him on itevery time She made him see himself through her eyes and for the first time he wanted to be a better man But the time they spent together was away from everyone else He was the only one who saw that side of her To everyone else she was the shy uiet poor girl who was at the fancy school on a scholarship She wasn't popular she was invisible until she wasn't Cade was doing well in college He was passing all of his classes and excelling in football He was very popular and enjoyed partying with his buds Unfortunately one of his most brilliant ideas happened while he was drunk and nobody could talk him out of outrageous prank that he was convinced he could accomplish without getting caught Of course he got caught And for the first time he found himself in a predicament that neither he or his wealthy father could get him out of His money his charm and his talent on the football field were not enough to convince the college athletic board to let him walk away from his mistake without paying for it Imagine his surprise when the poor little rich boy had to report for duty to the very girl who he had betrayed back in high school One look at her face and he knew that his community service would not be an easy experience that he could finish and forget Nope he'd definitely be paying for both of his mistakes Woo Hoo That's when it gets really fun I was excited to see the sparks fly I wanted Avery to put him through the wringer and teach him a lesson he would not soon forget I wanted him to redeem himself I wanted him to have a good reason for what he did And I wanted to know what it was While the story is told in multiple POV the author did not let me in on the reason for Cade's behavior I was mad at him but I wanted him to win me over I wanted to like him I wanted him to prove himself to Avery and win her back So of course I was on the sidelines coaching Cade Offering him my wisdom regarding groveling and gifts Hoping that she would give him another chance to prove he could be a better man and that he had learned his lesson the hard way