La légende et les aventures heroïques, joyeuses et glorieuses d'Ulenspiegel et de Lamme Goedzak au pays de Flandres et ailleurs

La légende et les aventures heroïques, joyeuses et glorieuses d'Ulenspiegel et de Lamme Goedzak au pays de Flandres et ailleurs[Read] ➭ La légende et les aventures heroïques, joyeuses et glorieuses d'Ulenspiegel et de Lamme Goedzak au pays de Flandres et ailleurs By Charles de Coster – Ulenspiegel was living at Koolkerke in the intimate favour of a farmer's widow a sweet and gentle person who refused him nothing of what was hers to give He was very happy there petted and made much o Ulenspiegel was living at Koolkerke in the intimate et les PDF/EPUB » favour of a farmer's widow a sweet and gentle person who refused him nothing of what was hers to give He was very happy there petted and made much of until one day a treacherous rival an alderman of the village lay in wait for him early in the La légende ePUB ✓ morning when he was coming out of the tavern and would have beaten him with a wooden club But Ulenspiegel thinking to cool his rival's anger threw him into a duck pond that was full of water and the alderman scrambled out as best he could green as a toad and dripping like a sponge from Chapter XXXVII légende et les PDF Ì Based upon scatterings of European folktales and mythologies this is a romantic drama of human vice and virtue spun around the wanderings of Tyl Ulenspiegel artist prankster and fool First published in this English translation is by British writer GEOFFREY WHITWORTH it is a saga of witches and martyrs torture and heroism that sings légende et les aventures heroïques, ePUB ✓ of the national character of heartiness and generosity of the Flemish people with Ulenspiegel the embodiment of Flemish spirit From its fascinating depiction of Flemish life in the th century to its stalwart pluck in the face of the horrors of the Spanish Inuisition that then was raging this is the first classic of Belgian literature the personification of the tiny country's honor and courage ALSO AVAILABLE AT COSIMO deCoster's Flemish Legends OF INTEREST TO readers of classic European literature students of myth and folklore. Please note I read this book probably in 2003 or so and wrote the review a long time ago so please don't judge by my current standards but I'm wanting to get this book out there so am reposting this reviewHow I Came to Read This Book My husband had this book and recommended that I read it It is a large tome and I approached it with a bit of trepidation expecting something Dickenson but I was very pleasantly surprised It is very approachable and highly readable My Synopsis This book is basically about the life of Tyl Ulenspiegl from his birth following him as he grows into manhood He is a highly charismatic person and although it is a bit of a detriment in the times he lives in set in the earliest years of Christianity when it was most set on wiping out any vestiges of Paganism using the most ghastly means possible and upholding holiness using those same means uite the ladies' man The story follows him as he is banished from his home village in Belgium I think it has been a couple years since I read it and it is a bit hard to excavate from where it is right now for many years as well as keeping us updated on what is transpiring back home and he keeps running across many of the same characters in his travels He unfortunately arrives home just in time for a gross miscarriage in justice; but I do not wish to ruin the story by providing any spoilers so I will not go into any specific details My Thoughts and Review This book provides many moments of laugh out loud hilarity; it also has just as many moments of somber sorrow It provides ghastly horror as well The overall message of the story seemed to be that when the Men in Black Robes religion were given too much power over the people then destruction of their lifestyle was sure to follow; however life would go on because humanity could rise above any circumstances thrown their way In the end it is a message of the triumph of humanity over the pettiness of religious dogma I felt I should also point out that not all religious persons were painted in negative light only those who were extremeists Many were true Christians willing to follow the examples set by Christ of true love for their neighbors I don't want to put off people from reading this book thinking that it slams all religion because it doesn't it just speaks very strongly against dogmatics who attack that which they don't understand and thus feel they must destroy it This is an amazing book and I am very sad that is is no longer in print I hope that people can get their hands on it and read it it is very worthwhile Having read the book in Russian I fell in love with Tyl at an early age His transformation at the hands of inuisition is breathtaking The powerful refrain repeated throughout the book when Tyl is about to act and say anything dangerous the ashes of my father are beating near my heart is the driving force for most of the latter part of the book The tale of Tyl may be very old but its relevancy is everlasting Something really fabulous and incredible I knew the music inspired by this book before I knew about the book so I thought it was high time I read it I will just find the correct CD and put it onThis is a novel incorporating some scatological low German folk tales The name Ulenspiegel most probably originates from the low German 'ul'n Spegel' rather than the high German 'Eule und Spiegel' Tyl is still a trickster but de Coster has also made him something of a Flemish Protestant resistance hero He is alternately cadging food and spying for the resistanceIt contrasts the life of Flemish prankster Tyl with Spanish prince Philip later Philip II The two strands do not always fit together perfectly and the juxtaposition of merry little pranks with Spanish Inuisition torture is startling It took me some time to decide the extent that this is de Coster's intention and this affected my rating I think the shock effect is intentional and the contrast is supposed to be jarring I would have preferred a merry little picaresue novel but I shouldn't mark the book down purely on my reading preferences when the author has achieved his intention In retrospect I decided the contrast is actually uite clever the Flemish people would really much rather get on with eating drinking trading making money and having a pleasant time without getting involved in religious or political controversy and the folk tale element reflects that a rebellion in support of a uiet life The harsh living standards and brutality with which these people lived during the Spanish Inuisition and struggle for dutch independence is mind blowing Scenes of torture are described in truly horrific detail The prints are absolutely breathtaking But the way Tyl our hero deals with this mistreatment and struggles for peace of mind and righteousness through oddly enough clowning is heartening and extremely strengthening to the spiritI was so upset and enad and moved by this book I couldn't stand to finish it so I unconsciously lost it “La légende et les aventures héroïues joyeuses et glorieuses D'Ulenspiegel et de Lamme Goedzak au pays de Flandres et ailleurs” provides a picaresue tour of the Spanish Netherlands during the Dutch War of Independence 1566–1609 The novel is at once a compendium of medieval tales an attack on autocratic monarchies and an anti clerical manifesto As a practicing Catholic I detested the work but I must admit that in certain respects it is rather well doneAs the author attempts to write in the style of Rabelais the novel contains many short comic sketches in which the characters eat and drink lustily The objective of the author is to show that the common people personified by the protagonist Till Eulenspiegel and his sidekick Lamme Goedzak are joyous in nature Their great enemy is the Roman Catholic Church which is against joie de vivre and which supports the tyrannical Spanish Habsburg Regime of Philip II which is oppressing the poor Flemish The heroes are the Calvinist Dutch nobles Les Gueux led by William of Orange who are fighting for the independence of the Low Countries As the novel progresses the buffoonery declines as Till Eulenspiegel and Lamme Goedzak become active combatants fighting with les Gueux against the Spanish Eulenspiegel the tavern trickster even rises to become a ship’s captain in the Dutch navyThe most remarkable aspect of “La légende D'Ulenspiegel” is its portrayal of the savage nature of justice under the Habsburg regime in the Netherlands The Inuisition is implemented in the Spanish Netherlands Witches and heretics are burned and tortured The courts accept the flimsiest hearsay as hard evidence Innocent people are routinely executed De Coster is of course describing an historical reality however bizarre it might appear to the young reader or anyone unfamiliar with the history of the era “La légende et les aventures héroïues joyeuses et glorieuses D'Ulenspiegel et de Lamme Goedzak au pays de Flandres et ailleurs” is a nasty anti Catholic novel similar in nature to other French novels of the era such as “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” by Victor Hugo and the “Wandering Jew” by Eugene Sue If you enjoyed either of these two odious works you will likely enjoy “La légende D'Ulenspiegel” I first read this in 1995 or 96 when I was a kid I remember going through the whole book in a day or two my eyes were red when i finished the last page It was surreal as if all the characters from the novel became alive and everything started happening right before my eyesSimply amazing Clever and funny sad and scary and above all unbelievably free spirited How much soul was put into writing this book is beyond words I'd previously heard from Tijl Uilenspiegel to have his proper Dutch name through 'cultural osmosis' and from the comicbook adaptations by Willy Vandersteen It's set in 16th Century Flanders which is sighing under the yoke of the Spanish occupation under King Philip II Tyl grows up the unruly son of a peat burner in the rural area of Damme I found parallels which our story The Red Man which also has a rural setting visited by war Like Ymke and her father Tyl and his people would rather be left alone to eat drink work and be merry Whenever the church and state interfere in their lives they resist with disastrous conseuences for Tyl's close ones Tyl as a result joins the organised rebellion lead by William of Orange With this De Coster has shaped Tijl Uilenspiegel into a folk hero; a William Tell or Robin Hood for the Flemish people Originally the figure was one of Low German folk tales which narrated his pranks and stunts This contrasts heavily with the drama of the Spanish oppression and the horrors visited upon the Flemish people and while it stops the book from being unrelentingly grim it also forms its weak point the 15th C German jester doesn't integrate well with the freedom fighter of a century later; have we on one hand the love story between Tijl and his sweetheart Nele as a red thread through the book while away from his childhood stomping grounds Tijl has several affairs with other women for no reason than that there was some chapbook tale that needed to be incorporated The end result is a really interesting book with vivid characters and an unflinching look at the horrors of the 80 Year War only marred by some overtly jolly chapters which could be cut without really being missed It's kind of like a veteran musician who has flexed his musical muscles and is touring with music for grown ups but is compelled to also throw in the crowd pleasing pop songs Charles Théodore Henri De Coster 1827 1879 1867 was a translator of one human language in and plural characteristic manners of communication without direct purpose or goal However I see it has been a success ashes of Klaas is knocks on my heart