Rancher's Remorse

Rancher's Remorse★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Rancher's Remorse By Merry Farmer ✪ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Faith uinlan agreed to marry Cooper Culpepper as part of the deal she and her sisters signed to help the Culpepper boys fulfill the terms of their Granddaddy’s will so they could keep the family ran Faith uinlan agreed to marry Cooper Culpepper as part of the deal she and her sisters signed to help the Culpepper boys fulfill the terms of their Granddaddy’s will so they could keep the family ranch But what Cooper doesn’t know might hurt him Faith is than willing to help Cooper out—as he discovers to his delight on their wedding night—the trouble is she thinks she’s not able But Faith has than one secret Her uaint doll making hobby is than just a little fun her dolls have become a nationwide phenomenon When a reporter shows up to do a story about Faith Cooper gets all the wrong ideasand those wrong ideas could spell disaster for their brand new marriage Can Faith face her fears and tell Cooper the truthbefore Cooper carts her off to the loony bin or jail PLEASE BE ADVISED Steam Level HOT. This novel was written by a crazy person that's the only way I could describe what I just read I have no issues really with the novel other than the two people staring in the novel are crazy Absolutely crazy When the hero came up with the idea she was selling babies I just about lost it What a long jump that was Both main characters are just too stupid to live and the angst is too dumb to be real If extra brain cells could be donated Cooper and Faith could use some BabiesFaith is the 2nd sister to get married She finds out that Colby is just a little OCD She makes porcelain baby dolls and makes a healthy profit from it And with he help of her sisters they are going to help save the ranch But she hasn't to him all her secrets Boy are there surprises Reviewed at Romance Is AgelessFaith has an amazing talent – she sculpts life like baby faces and limbs bringing her creations to life through the tiny details that convey the preciousness of a new born baby Faith has had to hide both her talent and her business from her ultra conservative parents who believe a woman’s place is only at her husband’s side In addition her mother has undermined her daughter in an effort to get her to give up the sculpting that Faith loves to do There is no excuse for what her mother did and Faith will pay for believing her in the most devastating wayCooper is definitely looking forward to marrying Faith – she is perfect for him and he’d marry her even if he didn’t need to in order to save their ranch Cooper is addicted to a tight schedule in fact he gets uite upset when he is even a few minutes off of his set schedule When Faith tries to explain to him her doll making hobby Cooper doesn’t really get what she’s talking about in his mind she makes cute little Raggedy Ann dolls No not exactlyFaith has been trained brainwashed really by her parents to feel she has no worth and that her doll making is stupid and beneath her Her talent is beyond words yet only her sisters really get just how amazing a sculptor she is Faith has learned to hide what she creates as well as just how popular famous and well off she actually is from her baby line So she has not enlightened Cooper on her true business nor abilities to help keep the ranch in the brothers handsYou know what is said about “assume” – yeah well Cooper overheard a phone conversation Faith was having with a client about a specialty doll that the woman wanted made for her daughter who had lost a child Somehow Cooper put all that together as a baby selling ring Huh? Really? And we will see first hand the results of a couple who holds back information out of fear and true lack of communication I want to call it a comedy of errors – but really it’s like a tragedy of not talking truthfully to each otherAdd into the mix another secret that Faith is keeping even from her sisters and you have an emotionally powerful storyThere are families like Faith’s We don’t see them in mainstream life often but look at reality TV and I can come up with a couple for you to think about before you judge these sisters too harshly While there were moments when I wanted to shake both of them I actually felt for Faith She is a product of her upbringing and what child thinks their parent would ever lie to them about something so important Cooper latched onto an assumption and ran with it even when it made no sense even to him Honestly my sympathy was with Faith – at least she had a reason for why she acted as she didI did enjoy Rancher’s Remorse and it filled in some of the siblings’ stories nicely I’m looking forward to continuing the series Second book on the Culpepper Cowboys seriesWe have the whole crazy super religious upbringing going on for Faith She gets married with the Culpepper boy she wants but she has some 'secrets' that she can't share with her husband So because she is so afraid even when EVERYONE tells her that is not a big deal and she should just tell him she keeps her secrets and her husband starts to get crazy ideas of what her secrets could be view spoilerShe loves sculpting and has a great business making life like dolls Because her parents are assholes that think she shouldn't work they make her think that working is bad and that the kiln that she uses for her ceramic dolls is making her sterile and that it is a punishment from God because she is working I get the sheltered life and all that but why didn't she use the internet or something to check that? If she is so worried about it why not try to search for a way to protect herself or something? And she is so afraid that her husband is going to be mad because she earns a lot of money making her dolls her babies that she never tells him what she is doing and he ends up thinking she is robbing babies and selling them on the black market hide spoiler A great readThis is Faith and Cooper's story when she and her sisters move to Wyoming to marry the Culpepper brothers Faith had secrets She and her sisters were never allowed to work just have hobbies Faith became a doll maker sculpting life like baby dolls she is so used to keeping it a secret she doesn't tell her new husband Cooper thinks she makes rag dolls this leads to some very funny misunderstandings but it is all sorted out in the end and they get their happily ever after I honestly liked this uite a bit While the plot becomes sort of ridiculous in a way I found very amusing One thing that this book does well is anticipation There are many times when Faith has the opportunity to tell things that she should to Cooper that she should but circumstances or her own fears get in the way view spoiler Like many reviewers I did have an issue with her Faith's mother deceiving her in order to keep her in her place While I don't agree that a woman should be shamed for adhering to traditional norms ie child rearing taking care of the home etc it should be by choice and her mother was not giving her such a choice hide spoiler Interesting Not as good as the 1st one in series but i dont remember many stories where 2nd one is as good as 1st Another good plot afew things didnt seem to add up to things mentioned in 1st story thou Needs better flow from 1 to the other Really hope each story has a 2nd book as you can easily fall inlove with each character and me personally rathers the lead characters of 1st but each to their own Cooper thought his wife Faith was selling babies and baby parts When really Faith made life like babies but her parents never wanted the girls to work for a living they were to get married and serve their husbands Faith’s mom even went to the extreme to say her kiln using made her Barron and had their doctor back it up with her exposure to the kiln caused her womb to shrink up Their parents are some warped ones but she ends up pregnant anyways This is Cooper and Faith Culpepper's story It will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen with Cooper and Faith This is sort of a modern day mail order bride book story line with a little steam It would be fine as a standalone story or read as part of the Culpepper Cowboy series