Don't Look Now and Other Stories

Don't Look Now and Other Stories❰Reading❯ ➶ Don't Look Now and Other Stories Author Daphne du Maurier – 'Now ill lit almost in darkness the windows of the houses shuttered the water dank the scene appeared altogether different neglected poor and the long narrow boots moored to the slippery steps of cell 'Now ill lit Now and PDF/EPUB ¼ almost in darkness the windows of the houses shuttered the Don't Look PDF/EPUB or water dank the scene appeared altogether different neglected poor and the long narrow boots Look Now and ePUB ¹ moored to the slippery steps of cellar entrances looked like coffins'A slow burning masterpiece of horror recounting a grieving couple's fateful visit to Venice Don't Look Now is accompanied here by four further short tales of desire and dread. Having seen the 1973 film adaptation of Don't Look Now many years ago which completely freaked me out I thought this would somewhat take the gloss off the reading experience simply because it contained one of the most shocking finales in history but thankfully I needn't have worried Although the other four short stories in this collection are every bit as chilling it's Don't Look Now that stands out from the rest as a terrifying masterpiece of slow burning tension which is spine chilling as hell but also tender and intimate a perfect distillation of the confusion and desire that attend grief for a married couple which as the story progresses adventures forward through the winding streets of Venice with the logic of a nightmare After the death of their daughter Venice to degree becomes a sort of haven for the healing process well that's until a seriously creepy old psychic clairvoyant predicts some rather disturbing happenings This is in essence a haunting ghost story which looks at the close affinity of a loving couple and the emotional reactions of losing a child And it's here I will stop for reasons of not giving too much away All the stories are in their own way refusals of comfort with the one thing in common being that unpleasant things happen to people and in one way or another there is little chance of escapism Du Maurier certainly knows how to hold ones attention you may know what's coming but not necessarily in the direction that is anticipated and that's a strong attribute to haveYou could be settled into the most comfy chair on the planet but once she starts to weave her web of unnerving horror just don't expect to stay that way Daphne du Maurier takes a dip into the deep and murky waters of the human condition What did she find there? Certainly not treasure Egos punctured and hopes shattered mysteries solved but in the worst way the soul turned into a commodity the wrecks of dreams and desires just another day at the beach for the chilly and not particularly empathetic Ms du Maurier who is all too familiar with humanity's constant ability to fool itselfThe talent on display reminded me of both Ruth Rendell and Joyce Carol Oates All three authors share the ability to effortlessly create characters that are recognizable and rooted in our reality while maintaining a dispassionate detachment from those characters Cold blooded writers writing about mainly unsympathetic people Perhaps not a fun experience but there was certainly much to admire Her prose is elegant; her characters are unpleasant but interesting; her themes are darkly fascinating; her disinterest in spelling things out and thus keeping her stories ambiguous is admirableThe most famous of the collection its title story Don't Look Now about an ill fated holiday in Venice was certainly disturbing and memorable And bleak Not After Midnight had a strain of weird fantasy that made it all the haunting And bleak A Border Line Case pulls double duty as a mystery and an anti romance; the story was continually tense And bleak The Breakthrough could have been a mournful exploration of things spiritual and material but du Maurier's cold eye made the story feel like a cautionary tale both desolate and eerie And bleakMy favorite was actually the most broadly comic The Way of the Cross This scabrous farce details the trials and tribulations of a small tour group in Jerusalem A miniature Ship of Fools Nearly every character gets their very personalized and often uite cruel comeuppance except for an ingenious child who miraculously escapes punishment but give him time The worst most excruciating embarrassment was surprisingly reserved for the irritable Reverend Babcock forced to lead this band of snobs and hypocrites and liars Poor Reverend I actually thought du Maurier would leave him unscathed Possibly because I saw myself in him haha But du Maurier makes it clear that a Reverend should not see himself as above his flock even if he is in charge of a flock of assholes Anyway I laughed a lot in this story I laughed until I choked The first three stories in this collection Don't Look Now Not After Midnight and A Border Line Case are absolutely wonderful They're very atmospheric and at times chilling I'd recommend this whole collection on those stories alone However it's the final two works The Way of the Cross and The Breakthrough that really let down this collection and thus rob it of a four star rating They're two bland stories that don't really offer much and only exist to disappoint uite the collection of thrillers Not only did these short stories take me on a metaphysical haunted theme park ride but I took pleasure in travelling alongside true power of imagination and aweThe ideas behind most of these stories express themselves as very fresh and intelligent especially the first ‘Don’t look now’ the second ‘Not after Midnight’ and the last ‘The Breakthrough’ being surprisingly complex for short stories I thoroughly enjoyed reading these with the total confusion and dire end of the first story the serene setting but interminable tension build leading to eventual horror of the second and the completely insane actions of the last; keeping me hooked throughoutI rate du Maurier’s novels highly for all the reasons stated above and and these stories are eual to those that I’ve read even perhaps offering increasingly creepier thrills to the reader Happy Short Story Month May 2017This is a collection of five short stories by Daphne du Maurier Don't Look Now The Breakthrough Not After Midnight A Border Line Case The Way of the Cross which exhibit the great versatility and inventiveness of the author The topics vary from psychic precognition to scientific experimentation to possible murder to incest and finally to various forms of public humiliation atonement for sins? All were interesting but I found some of the endings a bit disappointing All in all worth reading but I have to say I appreciate du Maurier's full length novels An interesting collection full of stories of subtle and in some cases not so subtle horror and suspense My favourite was definitely the title story Don't Look Now and sadly some stories didn't really work for me hence the 3 star rating This is part of my treasured Folio collection and its a cracker The book collects Daphne du Maurier's macabre stories together which span her writing career The book contains several famous short stories which I am sure have been succinctly and creatively reviewed than I could have achieved plus I do not give spoilersI think the only exception would be the Birds the last story in this collected edition and one which was the basis of Hitchcocks classic The reason why I focus on this one is that I can be a little lenient with my no spoilers since I am sure everything has either heard or seen the film plus I had a rather strange experience this morning which brought the story in to focusI long thought that the scene in the film with the crows in the play ground was a little contrived stay with me you will get there as it was well know that Hitchcock would not mind bending a few rules if it meant a better cinematic experience Well I thought that the way the birds sounded and acted was a little falsethat was till this morning when outside the house where there is a very large tree a large number of crows started to form and yes they sounded exactly like that I later found out they were hounding a Red Kite which was circling but still it did bring that school house scene to mindAnd so I set about reading the stories and considering the book was 300 pages plus I forgot how east it was to get drawn in to her workEnough to say that the story from this book is far powerful and harrowing by the simplicity of which Ms du Maurier describes the events It is times like these that remind me that re reading a book sometimes can be even striking that reading it for the first time Just an extra word or two if you've never seen the spectacular 1973 Italian British film Don't Look Now it's definitely one you should watch because it's truly a classicThis collection of stories has inspired film and television for years it's been released in numerous editions and it deals with difficult topics such as grief a subject often not spoken of back in the day Each of these stories has a moral message within its words and beautiful worldly imagery and excellent suspense aside each story has something new to offer Expertly wrought tales of intrigue and nastiness I am a huge fan of short story collections Instead of reading a chapter or two while waiting for the doctor you can knock out a whole story This collection wasn’t the best of the best but it did entertain “Don’t Look Now” 4 Stars A husband and wife on holiday after a family loss find themselves in the middle of much than they expectedIt makes sense that this story is the one that had a movie made from it It had great buildup and the ending was one that the reader wouldn’t expect A Border Line Case” 3 Stars A daughter decides to track down a friend from her father's past and learns that some searches are better left undoneThe ending was obvious from the beginning but it was entertaining I liked that it wasn’t as description heavy as some of the other stories in this collection and that it read uick “The Breakthrough” 3 Stars A man sent to assist with a computer learns that science experiences in secluded locations never end wellThe beginning and middle of this one had me hooked but the ending left a lot to be desired This was the one story I would have liked to see in novel form with story at the back end “The Way of the Cross” 2 Stars A group traveling discover many truths about themselves while visiting a holy locationI liked the idea behind this story but got bored with the telling of it It was way to descriptive and took up too much of my reading time The way the characters were written was impressive but the excessive detail killed it for me “Not After Midnight” 1 Star A vacationing teacher has a gut feeling about another couple's invitation to spend time togetherThis one was overly dramatic and had this ridiculous buildup to nothing I went back and read the beginning multiple times to figure out what I had missed and could not figure it out It was like he did something shameful and everyone knew about it and left his job because of it I am not sure what that piece had to do with the rest of the story and assume I misunderstood something about it

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