Yo So Called Bae Aint Faithful

Yo So Called Bae Aint Faithful❴Read❵ ➲ Yo So Called Bae Aint Faithful Author Tracie Lashay – Oaklandjobs.co.uk What happens when you find yourself stuck in a situation that you can’t seem to get out of What do you do when you realize that sometimes what you want is far from what it is that you actually need What happens when Called Bae PDF ↠ you find yourself stuck in a situation that you can’t seem to get out of What do you do when you realize that sometimes what you want is far from what it is that you actually need Meet Carmen a woman who is a bit confused by what love actually Yo So PDF \ is Due to this she continues to find herself stuck in a situation where she is forcing herself to love a man who doesn’t have nor want to have the capability to show her the same kind of love in return We have all had our love affairs where it’s been hard to walk So Called Bae PDF/EPUB ë away but nothing uite like this Carmen’s failure to let go of an old flame may corrupt her ability to ever find love again This love story is one that is filled with lies deceit and betrayal; so much so that it will leave you in disbelief What is the difference between true love and tainted lust Are you sure you know the difference. Carmen Carmen CarmenCarmen was like so many other women who confused love with lust I can't wait to see Alozono get what's coming to him he's nothing but a womanizer and always seems to get away with it I hope that Nic and Carmen work it out and find a way to get their happily ever after Overall this book held my attention and was a really good read Bring on part 2 Good readThis was a good book Alonzo was a dog and didnt care who he hurt This book kept my interest from beginning to end Ready for part 2 This was a good read Carmen was looking for love in all the wrong places especially in Alonzo Carmen had it all in Nick but she couldn't get the messy Alonzo alone I hope Carmen finds what she needs and wants one day Awesome ReadThat dang on Carmen is a fool She is running after the wrong guy and she is losing out on great relationship NopeIt was a book I just couldn't get into To childish for me I definitely won't be doing part 2 CarmenThis was an ok read I felt like it was being dragged out in order to make a seuel The editing needs a lot of work The storyline has a lot of potential and I am interested enough to read part 2 Carmen really started to get on my nerves She had a good thing with Nick but blew it for Alonzo's trifling cheating butt She new that he was no good yet she continued to go back to him She should have listened to Patricia then maybe she would have been in a better space I really liked Patricia She was the definition of a true friend I don't know who was knocking at the door but I hope that whoever it is that she will be true to them so that she can have her happily ever after Great ReadWhat was Carmen thinking when she cheated on Nick? After Alonzo disappeared for four years she should have never given him the time of day I was shocked that she continued to mess with him once she found out he was married then she caught an STD Carmen was crazy for cheating on Nick I honestly think she has learned her lesson and hope Nick forgives her I need part 2 ASAP Great BookI read the book in two days and I'm mad it ended that way I really need part 2 like now I think I know who was that door but wow You gotta be careful who you love because everyone doesn't have good intentions with your heart and knows exactly what to do to make you feel like it's right when it's so wrong Tonya ReviewCarmen and Alonzo She truly loved him He was all about playing games she constantly fighting other girls about him Nick move away Patrica and Devon he is Nick cousin Carmen start modeling doing interviews for the magazine Then Nick comes back so do Alonzo She cheated That was wrong Can't wait to see who's is at her door in Part Two HummmThe title is very appropriate for the book I just don't understand why it all couldn't have just ended with this 1 book The story was good I just can't imagine where else the author could take us that couldn't have be stated in 1 book Calling a character the wrong name the errorsand then to be continued cause the 3 star rating