Citizen Jack

Citizen Jack[Download] ➺ Citizen Jack By Sam Humphries – A HORROR COMEDY FOR ANYONE WHO HATES POLITICS Every presidential candidate has a skeleton in their closet Jack Northworthy worships the devil A scandal plagued small town politician Jack should in no A HORROR COMEDY FOR ANYONE WHO HATES POLITICS Every presidential candidate has a skeleton in their closet Jack Northworthy worships the devil A scandal plagued small town politician Jack should in no way be president But he's got a secret weapon Marlinspike a malevolent demon of high ambitions Together they're running for president in an outrageous campaign that America will never forget. A presidential campaign where one of the candidates is a female demagogue suspected of embezzlement campaign fraud and corporate corruption and the other is a male demagogue and an anti intellectual loudmouth pandering to the lowest common denominator on a zero substance platform backed by the forces of darkness it’s the 2016 US Election Citizen Jack Sam Humphries and Tommy Patterson’s Citizen Jack is a satire on American politics whose impact is watered down by the outrageousness of the current election it’s sort of modelled on though it’s still an enjoyable enough read Jack Northworthy is a drunken divorcee snowblower salesman who decides to run for office and with the help of a demon called Marlinspike actually gets somewhere Jack’s campaign speeches will sound familiar to anyone who keeps up with American politics he’s essentially a tea party candidate like Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin talking about Washington insiders the intellectual elite and “real” Americans The comic has a manga esue flavour to it too with Marlinspike looming next to Jack throughout though only Jack can see him like the demonprotagonist’s relationship in Death Note There’s also a talking dolphin pundit on the news that no one uestions which is a bit like some of the anthropomorphised animal characters in Dragon Ball Generally though Tommy Patterson’s art wasn’t anything special and the already shaky uality got worse towards the end of the book view spoilerOn the whole demon thing we find out in the end that Marlinspike is challenging an enthroned demon the King of Hell? for power and that the Demon King is controlling the British Prime Minister But why wouldn’t the King control the US President in the first place given how the US is powerful than Britain? It doesn’t make sense that he’d give Marlinspike a prime opportunity to usurp him using a powerful human pawn hide spoiler This book is meant to be funny and uncomfortable A combination I usually seek out in my stand up comics than my printed comicsPremise a dumpy loser succumbs to a demon to get elected as President of the US He's an obvious Drumpf metaphor a bigot liar womanizing asshole and he's got a lot of bad ideas and a loud mouth to keep announcing them to whatever creature will listen or at least not beat his ass for spewing themThere are conceptual parallels to the Trump campaign and inexplicable rise to prominence And here's where it gets uncomfortable Other than the demon backing the effort it all seems realistic enough not satirical and this not enjoyable to me Is this meant to be the comforting acknowledgment to the bigoted Drumpfians? Is Sam Humphries writing this to legitimize this clown car?This book would be a enjoyable read IF the anti hero was sympathetic relatable or even just had something going for him Other than that 70's tastic hairThe book would have weight if there was anything new it reported about the sorry state of governance and media in the US As it is it feels like the usual criticisms and barbs we've heard a thousand times on Stewart and ColbertThis book would make me feel fired up if it wasn't another poem to the futility of individual voters and shakersA biting critiue of the American political system? The Nation Nope RetreadA wicked sense of humour? IGN Huh Maybe to a teenagerI think I remember when picking up this book that I was optimistic because Sam Humphries was writing and I'll say he didn't do a bad job definitely took the story past the finish line but there wasn't anything really new to tell here It felt like the kind of Facebook journalism we've become used to in this presidential season A cautionary tale cloaked in a horror dramedyTimely A fortunate son with no ability aims for the presidency with demonic help This basically explains the entire 2016 electionA bumbling idiot makes a deal with the devil to become President of the United States Pretty solid satire of politics that is loosely based on the 2016 election It puts forth a reasonable theory of how a Trump like candidate could succeed in becoming president he is being controlled by a demon It is pretty amazing how true this comic turned out to be so far it was first released in November 2015 3 months before the Iowa caucus The thing that kept this from being 5 stars for me though is because of Poe's Law You can't satire something like the 2016 election it is already so dumbfounding that anything you write could never be stranger than the real thing A moronic belligerent failed businessman with daft hair becomes US President through demonic aid The issue I read before Trump clinched the nomination was funnier but this is still funnier now than it will be once he's in the White House The story lacks consistency as much as the artwork does Jack the main character oscillates between being overly confident and weak as a kitten then again this humanizes him somewhat His relationship with his father his ex wife and his voters should not make him a viable candidate but he still gains popularity perhaps in spite of it The whole demon thing is likely in Jack's broken mind only Some of the most horrible things imaginable happen under his guidance that are certainly not something a presidential candidate would do Each and every dumb thing Jack does earns him points so the Oval Office gets closer and closer The ending isn't surprising since the setting is too unrealistic for him to loseThe events stop being funny after the first issue or two and the protagonist is a weak character with many flaws so this mediocre less than believable parody of the American electorate fails to impressEver since he was a boy Jack Northworthy has wanted to be number one Jack now depends on his snowblower business for money It's not been going so well since his ex wife replaced him as mayor Jack's father also refuses to use his connections to help his son When demon Marlinspike offers him the position of US president normal every day boring Jack can't help but acceptview spoilerJack's first move is to announce his candidacy He gets buck naked and dives into a frozen lake The event is witnessed by two locals who film the event The video is mocked on the news networks but Donna Forsyth gets sent to run his campaign and a rich businessman secretly funds itHis campaign isn't impressive until Marlinspike intervenes Jack punches a guy with a gun Marlinspike gets him to do it but not before getting shot and having an old friend killed This earns him as much chance of earning a nomination as the other candidate from his party the shrewd senator HoneycuttHoneycutt buys off Jack's delegates to earn the nomination and gets killed by Marlinspike Jack is found standing over Honeycutt's body but he convinces the vitnesses to stay uiet and continue the campaign with himJack feeds his own father to the dogs in a fit of rage after being humiliated in the first debate with his opponent His attitude shifts dramatically from wanting out of the race to being determined to win againDonna's employer the man who secretly financed Jack's campaign asks that she tank Jack's election but she refuses Even though Jack himself decides to uit she doesn't let himJack intentionally ruins his chances by advocating a war on kids and then confessing to his father's murder The patricide surprisingly nets him the presidency but he won't be able to rid himself of MarlinspikeWhat happens next shouldn't be too hard to fathom Jack will likely stay under Marlinspike's thumb like he did with his father so he will never really be number one hide spoiler Citizen Jack gives you pretty much what you'd expect a political satire based off of the 2016 election just a little exaggerated and a little less funny than I thought I'd beTo be honest I found the first few issues to be slow and uneventful I was unimpressed by the story and even less with the art The art seems grainy and almost incomplete I should note however that the coloring was beautiful and the I read the I noticed that most of the larger panels seemed smooth As far as the story goes I found It started to pick up and be a bit less predictable in the last few issues I think a lot of this had to do with the fact that it was less like a modified version of reality and like it's own story All in all I expect this story really begins to get interesting in the later volumes giving us a little less Jack and a little Marlinspike please Granted I don't think I'll buy the next volume but given the opportunity I'd read it if a friend or the library had itAlso I think Cricket the Dolphin was the real star of this comic This book would be funny as hell if it weren't exactly what just happened in the United States in 2016 Actually it's still incredibly funny The plot is simple A shlubby loser living in Minnesota makes a deal with a demon to become the President of the United States But what makes this book so great are the little bizarre touches the silly media horse race jargon; an animate talking dolphin pundit; a major political campaign devoted to going to war with children The whole book is a fractured mirror of American politics where the media cares about flash than substance candidates focus on electability instead of issues and violence and coarseness win out over reason and logic The art is wild and almost hallucinogenic in nature and perfectly compliments the surreal and creepy story Making a mockery of the US presidential election processA interesting dig at the American presidential election process this comic collection depicts a small town Minnesotan snowblower salesman join the presidential race backed by a demon His anti governmentestablishment rantings see Trump gain him popularity among the ignorant electorate and real policies take a back seat This is a good satire about manipulating the public in elections and is particularly appropriate to the US electoral process where vast amounts of money are invested in candidates a bit of a waste in my opinionEntertaining and thought provoking – worth a look with clear illustrations

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