Deadwood (1899)

Deadwood (1899)[BOOKS] ⚦ Deadwood (1899) By Annie Tallent – Annie Donna Tallent 1827 1901 was the first white woman to enter the Black Hills region She along with her husband and son were members of the Gordon Russell gold seeking expedition in 1874 After bein Annie Donna Tallent was the first white woman to enter the Black Hills region She along with her husband and son were members of the Gordon Russell gold seeking expedition in After being detained and escorted out of the area by US Cavalry Tallent and her family returned in and lived in Deadwood for four years Tallent uniue vantage point provides us with an extraordinary personal glimpse of the formation and history of Deadwood and the interesting events taking place during this brief Wild West period including the murder of famous Old West gunman Wild Bill HickokUpon her retirement from the education field in she authored The Black Hills or The Last Hunting Ground of the Dakotahs in which she defended the white settlers' and prospectors' incursions into the Black Hills region which were in violation of treaties then existing with the Indians Tallent stated that such treaties as tend to arrest the advance of civilization and retard the development of the rich resources of our country should never have been agreed toThis Kindle version includes her writings about the famous town of Deadwood In Colonel George Armstrong Custer led an expedition into the Black Hills and announced the discovery of gold on French Creek near present day Custer South Dakota This announcement triggered the Black Hills Gold Rush and gave rise to the new and lawless town of Deadwood which uickly reached a population of around Ever since Deadwood has gained legendary status as a prototypical Wild West mining town as can be seen from its freuent references in popular culture Deadwood Dick is a fictional character who appears in a series of stories published between and by Edward Lytton Wheeler – These types of books were meant to be exciting and lurid and earned the popular name 'penny dreadfuls' Several men associated with the city used this nickname at various times of their lives The Warner Bros movie musical Calamity Jane starring Doris Day was set in Deadwood City The Adam episode The Long Walk features an old man who reminisces about his early life in Deadwood A children's book in the Choose Your Own Adventure series is set in Deadwood City In Flashman and the Redskins a novel by George MacDonald Fraser the eponymous hero an acuaintance of Wild Bill Hickok ends his adventure in Deadwood in shortly before Hickok's death Deadwood's history and inhabitants are the foundation of Pete Dexter's novel Deadwood in which Charles Utter Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane are the central characters The film Dances With Wolves was filmed in the area and featured several nearby locations In the Star Trek The Next Generation episode A Fistful of Datas a holodeck program takes place in th century Deadwood Dead Man in Deadwood Book in the Hardy Boys Casefiles series and published in is set in Deadwood Setting for part of the TV film Buffalo Girls Deadwood an HBO TV series that ran from to had the town's early history as its setting The three Tales from Deadwood novels – by Mike Jameson are set in Deadwood and feature Wild Bill Hickok Calamity Jane Al Swearengen and other historical figures Showed as a haunted town in American SciFi Horror TV series Supernatural in the nd Season's st nd Episode named All Hell Breaks Loose Part and All Hell Breaks Loose Part The Doctor Who comic book story Dead Man's Hand published by IDW takes place in Deadwood several years after the burial of Wild Bill Hickock.