A Color of His Own

A Color of His Own❰Reading❯ ➶ A Color of His Own Author Leo Lionni – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Elephants are gray Pigs are pink Only the chameleon has no color of his own He is purple like the heather yellow like a lemon even black and orange striped like a tiger Then one day a chameleon has an Elephants are gray Pigs are pink Only of His MOBI ô the chameleon has no color of his own He is purple like the heather yellow like a lemon even A Color PDF or black and orange striped like a tiger Then one day a chameleon has an idea to remain one color forever by staying on the greenest leaf he Color of His Kindle Ô can find But in the autumn the leaf changes from green to yellow to red and so does the chameleon When another chameleon suggests they travel together he learns that companionship is important than having A Color of His Own No matter where he goes with his new friend they will always be alike. The artwork is beautiful It looks like Leo used sponges cut out like a chameleon with water colors The trees and plants look great I love the strong use of color in this bookThe Chameleon doesn’t have his own color He’s whatever color is around him He’s looking for his own color but eventually a leaf he is staying on will change color and fall away He’s sad until he meets another chameleon and they can hang out togetherI didn’t read this to my nephew I realized it would be too beginning for him when I got the book from the library It’s only my review today This is my favourite Lionni so far A simple story with beautiful colourful illustrations If I had a small child around I would definitely buy a copy This would make a lovely board book for a baby I was left wondering who was first Lionni with this one or Eric Carle with The Mixed Up Cameleon both published in 1975Read on open library Great book that teaches young children to embrace their individuality A sweet simple book about colours and friendship This and Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? are my two favourites for teaching toddlers their colours In my opinion A Color of His Own is a great story about being yourself and embracing what makes you you The chameleon in this story is upset that he does not have a color that is all his own He is upset and he wants to be his own uniue chameleon and to feel that he is uniue He goes on a leaf and thinks that finally he will have a color that is all his own but when the leaves change so does the chameleon He then meets another chameleon who tells him that the fact that they can change to all of these different colors makes the uniue than all the other animals who only have one colorI really enjoyed reading this book and I read it to my Kindergarten class every year Leo Lionni does a great job illustrating his books which makes them easy for students to stay engaged and understand what they are reading or being read The story is simple but has a great message that students can understand and identify with The hardest thing for kids to do now a days is too feel good about who they are and to feel that they can be themselves I feel that this book helps young kids understand that it is okay to be themselves and that just because they are not totally uniue that does not mean that they are not special Pigs are always pink and elephants are always gray so the chameleon in this story wishes he could also remain the same color at all times Even staying in the same place won't work when that place is a leaf that changes colors with the seasons and eventually falls off the tree It isn't until he meets another chameleon who faces his same dilemma that he finds resolution The other chameleon suggests that they stay together so that they would always be the same color The plot reminds me of the Dr Seuss uote We are all a little weird and life's a little weird and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love I think its message is that you are never alone There will always be someone out there that can understand you This book is a Lionni masterpiece in my opinion I love the beautiful bright watercolor illustrations of the color changing chameleons and other animals with dominant white space on each page I enjoyed the silly color changes of the chameleon too like when he has tiger stripes and red and white polka dots I also think this book is good for little ones who are learning color names Upset that he doesn't have a colour of his own a little chameleon searches for an answer to his problem and importantly how he can fit in with all the other animals Having isolated himself from others because of this difference his finds his answer in discovering that someone else is the same as him It's an interesting book but I wonder if it celebrates social segregation rather than acceptance Food for thought and I can't dismiss how much I like Lionni's watercolours Wonderful board book with easy to follow English and Spanish text Beautiful illustrations highlight the story Makes learning colors in Spanish fun for kids and adults A color of his own by Leo Lionni is a wonderful book I love this book because of it's main idea The story is about being accepted and learning to accept yourself He first explains that chameleons change colors with whichever object they are near and continues on with his sad story of not being accepted After roaming around for uite a while he runs into another chameleon The only difference was that this chameleon was much older and wiser He informs the main character that he is not afraid of being different and then offers to stick by his side They continue on being the same colors together and living happily ever after This text belonging to the fiction genre shows that some of us may not know what color we are literally or metaphorically the most we can hope for is to find someone with whom we can share all our different colors with and this chameleon does just thatAs a teacher I would use this text to send many messages to my students This delightful book captures a child's attention with simple content and colorful illustrations while teaching them about feelings of belonging friendship compassion and the most obvious colors green red gray pink yellow and purple You may involve activities asking the students What color would you like to be if you were a chameleon? This allows the students to open their minds to the many things they can be as an individual After reading A Color Of His Own I learned that Leo Lionni was born in Holland and educated in Italy He lived in many different places and learned a number of cultures and languages through his travels He was half Jewish and even as he got older he split his time between different states Therefore this text relates to his personal background greatly Traveling and not fitting into one place at all times is much of how the chameleon felt The other does a great job relating real life incidents to acceptance With the clever idea of a chameleon changing colors and the simple yet engaging illustrations Lionni is able to covey a complex message of individualism You may not have everything you want but you can still be happy with what you have and you have to be prepared for change If you look around you will find others just like you that will be than happy to extend their friendship This is definitely a children's book I would recommend Leo Lionni’s A Color of His Own is a beautifully crafted tale of friendship and belonging as a chameleon searches for his own color The story begins before the copyright or title page It sets the scene for the story with no color only white space and black font to juxtapose the chameleon’s sadness of having no color unlike all the other animals Lionni introduces a young chameleon who in his search for color meets another chameleon with the same problem Together they decide to “remain side by side” so they may always be alike This is a classic story of friendship and the need for someone to relate to as a good friend Children of all ages will be able to connect to the books simple message and storyline This text would be useful in an introductory lesson or unit on animal adaptation in its environment as well as an artistic study of color and color variations Lionni’s illustrations are subtle yet powerful They match the message of the story and the simplistic language used to convey the importance of friendship Lionni’s use of color and white space allows for the reader to connect with the book on an emotional level His use of block prints with crisp lines and washed out yet vibrant colors reflect the tone in the book Animals plants and the chameleons are respectively one color oftentimes overlapped to show the chameleon’s adaptation of color The various backgrounds of pure white space in these full page spreads are important to guide the readers’ eyes to identify how the chameleon has changed his colors The size of the book is appropriate to note as it is about half the size of the traditional children’s text and clearly meant for smaller hands to turn the pages A favorite illustration is at the end of the book where the reader gets a sense of hope that the chameleon has found a true friend The final words in the book “And they lived happily ever after” allow readers to identify the resolution of problem through the use of a commonly known phrase often read in fairy tales This shows a sense of traditional literary vices used in nontraditional ways Dubbed as “the master of the simple fable” Lionni creates a wonderful and relatable story in A Color of His Own in which young children will be able to identify with through its moralistic view of friendship

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