The Serpents Bite

The Serpents Bite[Reading] ➿ The Serpents Bite By Warren Adler – In an attempt to reconnect with his two alienated adult children George Temple replicates the memorable horse trek through the forbidding Yellowstone wilderness they had enjoyed twenty years earlier B In an attempt to reconnect with his two alienated adult children George Temple replicates the memorable horse trek through the forbidding Yellowstone wilderness they had enjoyed twenty years earlier But his callous children Courtney and Scott accompany him only to persuade him to restore the financial support he has withdrawn As they are led by a drunken guide and a venal horse wrangler over potentially lethal terrain their bonding experience uickly disintegrates Nostalgia is corrupted into a nightmare of lust The Serpents PDF or betrayal and entrapment as the children's disturbing motives are revealed and dark family secrets are exposed Courtney's appetite for selfish and violent pursuits establishes her as one of the most evil women in fiction alongside the likes of Lady Macbeth Through her Warren Adler explores how an obsession for celebrity and blind ambition can distort familial love and turn a beloved child into a grotesue monster As he did in the iconic The War of the Roses Adler paints a frightening picture of the American family only sinister ABOUT THE AUTHOR Acclaimed author playwright poet and essayist Warren Adler is best known for The War of the Roses his masterpiece fictionalization of a macabre divorce adapted into the BAFTA and Golden Globe–nominated hit film starring Danny DeVito Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner Adler has also optioned and sold film rights for a number of his works including Random Hearts starring Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas and The Sunset Gang produced by Linda Lavin for PBS’s American Playhouse series starring Jerry Stiller Uta Hagen Harold Gould and Doris Roberts which garnered Doris Roberts an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries His recent stagefilmTV developments include the Broadway adaptation of The War of the Roses to be produced by Jay and Cindy Gutterman The War of the Roses The Children Grey Eagle Films and Permut Presentations a feature film adaptation of the seuel to Adler’s iconic divorce story and Capitol Crimes Grey Eagle Films and Sennet Entertainment a television series based on his Fiona Fitzgerald mystery series For an entire list of developments news and updates visit wwwGreyeaglefilmscom Adler’s works have been translated into than languages including his staged version of The War of the Roses which has opened to spectacular reviews worldwide Adler has taught creative writing seminars at New York University and has lectured on creative writing film and television adaptation and electronic publishing. I got this book for review from the GoodReads first reads program in exchange for an honest reviewThis book touted both its plot and characterization as being so subtle and moving as to be comparable to a Shakespearean tragedy It compared the main protagonist about four people were vying to be the actual protagonist to Lady Macbeth in her capacity for cruelty That's all well and good on a blurb but the actual book went so far as to mention Lady Macbeth in just about every chapter She was a stunning Lady Macbeth She showed such promise in that role She truly seemed to embody that character They just couldn't let it go to the point that she was uoting her most famous speech at one point Which brings us to the problem I had with the book Nothing in The Serpent's Bite was subtle Every little detail had to be examined non stop every sentence belabored the point No one snapped when they spoke they would snap in an angry irritated and frustrated manner It wasn't enough to hint at casual racism against a Mexican the characters had to wonder at the slurs being used to describe Tomas and think of that as being both mean and racial Warren Adler talked down to his readers in just about every line that he wrote and he wasn't terribly clever about most of the linesYou don't dunk the ball through a hoop in his book you slam dump it It isn't than meets the eye but it is than meets the obvious The spelling errors were manifold and the descriptions grating Just about every idiom was butchered in the manner I described above How did this happen? The plot itself could be predicted in full within the first ten pages but it took 300 to unfold Every chapter was from the perspective of one of four people but each chapter just went over the events of the previous one in excruciating detail The plot moved at a snail's pace nearly immobile throughout the bulk of the book The characters had no redeeming ualities which tends to be all right if you're reading Cormac McCarthy and the writing makes up for all sins Warren Adler's prose was simply wooden lacking excitement subtlety and poetry This book would make a half way decent Lifetime movie but it made a pretty horrendous book The plot wasn't all that bad all things considered The book just read like a rough draft After four or five revisions it could have been good Warren Adler's The Serpent's Bite gives a dim view of human nature Much like its predecessor War of the Roses the main characters are for the most part selfish materialistic and unable to compromise In both cases a central uestion that emerges is whether or not the leopard is able to change its spots Once a character has embarked upon an intended course of actions will they be able to pull themselves back from a course that will bring about disaster or will intransigent stubbornness be fatal?As the plot unfolds Adler shows us the worst side of human nature and his flawed characters reveal just enough pangs of conscience so that we have a glimmer of hope that they can redeem their own situation We as humans do have choices after allAs in War of the Roses the basic family unit is a mother father and two children one male one female Only this time the most deeply flawed characters are the children Two brats Courtney and Scott have been raised in the lap of luxury and feel entitled to their father's support of their respective careers which are less than stellar And it as we find out they will go to ridiculous lengths to get their hands on their father's moneyThe book gets off to a slow start By the time one has hit the 50th or even 100th page disgust for the main characters has set in and there is little stimulus to keep on reading Circumstances from the childhood years of the brother and sister are mysteriously alluded to but the reader is kept in the dark for far too long Approximately halfway through the book a light is shed on the past but it evokes a revulsion similar to when one turns over a rock and sees the suirmy slimy larvae underneath Then confronted with a far too graphic display of gratuitous sex the reader might have a desire to close the book and not continue But one is waiting for the tipping point where the evil scheme of the brother and sister has been set on its course and there is no turning back Once the reader has managed to continue this far heshe is watching a train wreck and is unable to look away We are mesmerized and must know the outcomeThis is certainly a sad perspective on the human condition and this reader's hope is that Adler doesn't truly believe that human nature is as unredeemable as he has portrayed in The Serpent's Bite DNF I dislike intensely every character so far in this book Horribly contrived plot and I am moving on The Serpent’s Bite by Warren Adler offers raw escapism rooted in the wild environs of Yellowstone State Park This riveting novel pits nature against the tense dynamics of a very unnatural family drawing fascinating conflicts between right and wrong real and counterfeit power and subservience abuse and rebellion George Temple widowed several years earlier deeply mourns the loss of his first wife the mother of his two children Over time much to his surprise he meets Muriel a woman who understands and comforts him Now he hopes to gingerly introduce the idea of his upcoming marriage to his two estranged children Scott and Courtney and has planned a grand trail riding adventure during which he will divulge his newsGeorge hopes to recapture the innocence of a time when he and his young family took a long guided trail ride through Yellowstone He contacts his children who have all but abandoned him and they reluctantly agree to retake the trip of their childhood with the same guide who hosted them years agoCourtney and Scott are spoiled ungrateful offspring Scott—weak and easily pushed around by his sister—still holds some affection for his father although he is furious that George has recently declined to finance the latest in a long string of unsuccessful ventures Courtney—egocentric brutal and completely without conscience—is focused only on her unsuccessful career as an actress and nothing will stop her maniacal grab for her father’s fortune This woman is the ultimate sociopath housed in a goddess’s body and her scheming ways make hardened criminals look tameIn addition to the intricate layers of subterfuge in this miserable family horrible dark secrets simmer in their past Flashbacks include insight into a relationship most shocking I won’t reveal the participants or nature of the liaison as it’s one of the surprise elements of the storyOne of George Temple’s greatest disappointments in this adventure has to do with the trail guide Decades after their first trip Harry has succumbed to alcohol and is constantly inebriated The Mexican trail hand Tomas enables his boss’s habits by burying bottles of liuor ahead of time near the campsites Although Harry has some redeeming ualities such as his deep and respectful knowledge and love of nature Temple finds him intolerable because of his treatment of Tomas With prejudice and arrogance Harry orders the trail hand around like a slave hurling racial epithets at every opportunity and taunting the uiet man with regularityMr Adler’s understanding of abnormal relationships is insightful and brilliant Some scenes made my skin crawl and others saddened me deeply I felt great empathy for George who tries so valiantly to reunite his family Of course these reactions to strong characters parallel the suspense and tension embedded in the story from page one Will George win the affection of his children again? Will the group make it out of the park safely? What about the grizzlies and mountain lions lurking in the background? Can there be a positive outcome?This tense and often shocking journey through nature’s spectacular canyons and mountains will hold your attention and keep you reading long into the night A new classic has been born from the prolific Mr AdlerRecommended for adults only by Aaron Paul Lazar wwwlazarbookscom The Serpent's Bite by Warren AdlerPublished by Stonehouse Press Publication Date September 4 2012ISBN 10 159006044XISBN 13 978 1590060445Pages 320Review Copy from Media Connect A Division of Finn PartnersEdition ARC HCMy Rating 3Synopsis from IndieBoundHow sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child King Lear William Shakespeare This famed uote by William Shakespeare finds its modern meaning in this taut fast paced remarkable novel by renowned author Warren Adler The Serpent's Bite will take you on a frightening horse trek through the far reaches of the Yellowstone wilderness that turns a father's uest to deal with parental guilt and reunite with his two adult children into a nightmare of lust betrayal entrapment and death Beyond the revelations of dark family secrets readers will discover how an obsession for celebrity and blind ambition can distort familial love and turn a beloved child into a grotesue monster Courtney Temple is sure to be judged as one of those most evil women in fiction alongside the likes of Lady Macbeth Medea and the Wicked Witch of the West Adler's latest novel takes its place next to the iconic The War of the Roses in which the author exposed the true nature of marital dysfunctionMy Thoughts and OpinionMy favorite genre for as long as I can remember has always been suspense and mystery But lately it has expanded and I enjoy reading a novel full of relationship dynamics So when the call went out to read and review this book I responded since it had all the elementsThe book is gripping with suspense that kept me turning the pages as the Temple family embark on an adventure through the trails of Yellowstone National Park in hopes of mending a family that has been estranged for the past 4 years Will this reenactment of the same trip 20 years prior trigger good memories and heal this broken family? The cast members are believable and life like but definitely not likable in my opinion As the story progresses the reader is introduced little by little of the personal traits of each of the 5 main characters which included the father son daughter the tour guide and his assistant The flaws in the characters are profound and complex And immoral Even though there was a topic that I personally and again this is only my opinion found uite distasteful and hard to read at times due to the graphic details I still found myself wanting to read about this group of players The depiction of each character made it easy to visualize them The manner in which the scenery was described made it possible to create the imagery portrayedI had a difficult time trying to rate this book because of my personal feelings in regard to in what I found to be a very disturbing matter in the story line But on the other hand the suspense the overall plot the way it was written and yes even the make up of the protagonists held my attention to the very last word An ending that was uite surprising Name The Serpent's BiteAuthor Warren AdlerISBN 9781590060445Genre MysterySuspensePublisher Stonehouse PressPublicationExpected Publication September 4 2012Wow I read this book in about 6 hours or so; it is so unlike any other book I have ever read Although written in the third person there are point of view chapters for the three main characters throughout the book There is also one point of view chapter for a key player at the end of the book This provides some great insight into the psyches of these clearly disturbed individualsGeorge Temple has been estranged from his children Courtney and Scott since his wife's untimely death Desperate to bridge the gap before he shuffles off this mortal coil he reaches out to his children in the hope to recreate a memorable family camping trip through Yellowstone Courtney and Scott both in their late 30s agree to the trip in the hopes of milking their father for money to support their perpetually failing enterprises George referred to as Temple or Dad throughout the book has even gone so far as to hire the guide or outfitter from their original trip Harry McGrathTheir trip begins awkwardly not just because of the estrangement but also because Harry has provided only one assistant Tomas instead of the two George had reuested As the trip progresses dark motives as well as dark secrets are revealed Past transgressions haunt one sibling but not the other As Harry becomes less and less reliable the reader is left wondering just how far will Temple's children go in order to secure their financial future? Who will make it out of Yellowstone alive?SPOILER ALERTTrigger Warning for Sibling IncestGiven the codependent not to mention incestuous relationship between Courtney and Scott as well as their apparent careless disregard for their father I found it hard to be on their side Their points of view especially Courtney's made it very clear their only motivation in attending this dysfunctional family reunion was to attain money Even though I found their motivations distasteful I was still fascinated by the insights the author provided Courtney and to a lesser degree Scott until the end of the book have no ualms about offing dear old daddy in the name of gaining their substantial inheritance I have to admit I was wondering if and how the author would be able to wrap this story up I was definitely not disappointed It had all the marks of a genuine Shakespeare tragedy Love and hate in the age of millionaires — Warren Adler reaches deep into the dark secrets of his protagonists The adventure takes off right away on horseback into the wilderness And as we're on the way Adler wastes no time introducing some true characters of our times; the grown up children with unsuccessful lives eagerly awaiting a family fortune; the wealthy father eagerly anticipating renewed family bonding for reasons of his own It's a story true to our times because it has money standing right between people They’re stuck in the middle with it In spite of our current economy we now live in the age of millionaires there probably are millionaires now than ever before and The Serpent's Bite is rubbing it inAdler has a talent for stripping the decorations off people and looking into the darker deeps of family life In spite of their bouts of sentiment and nostalgia they're all in it for personal gain; be it money or forgiveness The daughter Courtney is among the coldest women I've encountered as a reader; boy does she know how to push people's buttons for her own sake This woman is relentless I adore Adler's way of portraying characters and Courtney Temple is among his finestThe Serpent’s Bite also shows the author’s talent for strong dialog The way Adler sets up a fight through miscommunication between people is beautiful; all civilised behavior on the surface disappears as soon a few harsh words are spoken You can feel the situation going from bad to worse which also makes you eager to read on what terrible turn will the Temple family trip take?Finally rest assure that Adler cooked up some serious plot twists I felt the classic excitement when these twists happened And then when you think you get the picture comes another turn Warren Adler certainly hasn’t softened; he’s presenting us with a tough story I could not believe the way this one turned out in the endSee what you think George Temple is a widower with money; lots and lots of money For many years he enabled his daughter and son financially As the years passed and their respective ventures were continually unsuccessful he cut off the money causing a bitter riftNow in his seventies with a possible future with a younger woman he seeks to make this oh so dysfunctional family a unit again not only amongst the three of them but with his new lady and her two grown children Although a very good diamond merchant he does not see that his offspring will never make the cutSerpent's Bite is vividly set in the wildest areas of Yellowstone Clouded judgment trying to 'go home again' to an expedition with his wife and children many years ago George hires again a trail guide who has not weathered well Despite his vast knowledge of the environs's flora and fauna Harry's intense addiction to Wild Turkey erupts in dangerous negligence of his role of guide and volcanic eruptions of defensive and irrational temperThus we have wilderness; dependency on a drunken guide who abuses his Mexican helper Tomas an illegal; an aged and ill father harboring a fantasy of family reconciliation expansion and bliss Add to the campfire a psychopathic daughter with an obsession about Daddy's money and a guilt ridden brother torn with conflicting interests If all that is not a full campfire's griddle's worth of trouble waiting to burst into flames add a deep and dark family secret and a hungry grizzlySaddle up you are in for an adventure into dysfunctional relations that will take you to high country your worst dinner party nightmares could never conjure Great character development and fast galloping adventure With thirty two previous novels and story collections Warren Adler is a past master at chronicling the twists and turns of intimate human relationships the fragile natures of both love and hate and the crumbling breakdown of dysfunctional families His latest novel The Serpent’s Bite takes us out of the familiar urban landscape in to the wilds of Yellowstone National Park; where wealthy widower George Temple seeks to retrace a previous family holiday in an attempt to reconcile with his two disenfranchised children and heal lingering wounds of guilt and resentment What subseuently unravels is a nightmare journey of greed deceit betrayal and illicit liaisons as family secrets are revealed obsessions exposed and naked ambitions laid bare This is a tense atmospheric thriller which uncoils chapter by chapter and leaves us after a literal cliff hanger at journey’s end breathlessly mulling over the many lingering uestions on the fragile and sometimes shocking nature of the human condition and corrupted family values As with the best of the author’s work The Serpent’s Bite is at times intentionally uncomfortable reading with acutely drawn characters it is difficult to sympathise with so that we turn the pages awaiting an anticipated comeuppance It does not disappoint and in Courtney Temple Warren Adler has created a female character as manipulative as Becky Sharp as vindictive as Nurse Ratchet and ultimately as destructively wicked as Mrs Danvers Kevin CowdallLiverpool United KingdomAuthor of Paper Gods and Iron Menhttpswwwauthorkevinco Good foundational plotline interesting psychoses and brother sister aspirations and relationship A newly married wealthy aging father decides to have a family reunion mimicking an Outdoor Camping trip the family partook in many years ago as the subject of his Will and distributions are discussed There's a Unity of Time Action that reads like a play I enjoyed finding out the juicy parts of the backstory as the danger progressed A study in paranoia and ambition with much internal dialogue escalating action in the plot especially in the character of the daughter There's a pivotal Assistant Guide character who remains mysterious until the last third of the book when a lot of information about him suddenly becomes available Overall I wanted the dialogue and character insights to be less directly revelatory and subtextually discoverable by the reader The main character of the father is enjoyable to read about throughout most of the book as we sympathize with his predicament The daughter ostensibly is enjoyable as a study of a path to Evil but I seemed to find out a certain amount of information about her past and her present ambition without for me enough emotionally or physically immediately at stake for her the layers of which would have compelled my interest in her far deeply The brother's tortured journey at the middleend I would have loved to have found out about That said there's a goodly satisfying O'Henry type ending readers should definitely stick around for Beware that Serpent's Bite