The Princess of Pop (Truth or Dare)

The Princess of Pop (Truth or Dare)[Reading] ➿ The Princess of Pop (Truth or Dare) By Cathy Hopkins – I have un grando dare for Becca and Cat said Suidge You know this competition for Pop Princess Well I dare you both to enter He looked pointedly at me And I mean both of you Auditions are next Saturda I have un grando dare for Becca and Cat said Suidge You know this competition for Pop Princess Well I dare you both to enter He looked pointedly at me And I mean both of you Auditions are next Saturday Becca missed the fun of the school production of Grease and she has a reputation of being fickle and a dreamer But the Pop Princess challenge makes her determined to try harder than she has ever tried before She has the voice but has she got the staying The Princess MOBI :¼ power. Ughhhh SOOO BORING I think I almost DNFed it It was about this girl don't even remember her name and her friends who audition to be in a singing competition kinda like American Idol I thought that would be a pretty cool aspect; but not really I didn't connect with the characters at all And actually found the main character kinda annoying sometimesBut I finished it AAnd I don't remember much Isn't that a bad sign? i read this for class we had to read a book over 150 pages from our childhood Becca is a dreamer She never really commits to anything changes her mind often and usually uits when things begin to get difficult When she doesn't win the lead in the school play she chooses not to attend rehearsals for the lesser role But a game of 'Truth or Dare' with her friends changes everything Becca and her friends Cat and Lia accept a dare to try out for the 'Pop Princess' contest England's version of American Idol Becca knows she has a good singing voice but she's terrified she will make a fool of herself in front of the judges With her father out of work money is tight so she's not even sure how she will manage to get to the contest in the first place When the competition intensifies will Becca find what it takes to stick with something to the end? This is the second in Cathy Hopkins' Truth or Dare series Each episode is told from the point of view of a different teen so we get to know another one better every time Becca's transition from being flighty and flaky to developing a mature outlook on life is realistic and evolves at a natural pace Fans of American Idol and similar musical competition shows will find this a fun story from the point of view of someone experiencing it firsthand The tension about 'who will win' keeps us turning pagesThe depth of emotion as well as the underlying moral to the story not being afraid to dream sticking with commitments makes The Princess of Pop much satisfying than a typical teen novel It also manages to be entertaining and humorous the ideal blend for a successful book I love Cathy Hopkin's books You can never get too old for one even this one which is aimed at younger readers I really enjoyed it and read it in one sitting It is a fab girly funny and cute read that I would uite happily read again and againBecca a young teen is known as being a 'dreamer' and not getting things done She can sometimes be uite nervous and modest but can also show as a strong character that can fantasise and believe in herself When her friend Suidge dares her to enter a contest 'Pop Princess' it becomes than just a dare She starts to drift away from her friend and boyfriend and be focused on everything about the competition It is great watching her character develop through the story; Becca starts off as a dreamer and then becoming optimistic and continuity At some times I wanted to hug her and dive into the pages and join in but sometimes I just wanted to shake and shout at her the obvious and what her impact is doing to her friendsAt times some things in the book seemed unrealistic and I thought that the characters wouldn't really say or do that in real life However it didn't spoil it at all actually that is my only complaint I thoroughly enjoyed it and want to read the rest of the series nowand you should too It's okay but I don't find myself in complete and utter wow To be honest it bored me a bit I stopped reading it for a little bit and only came back to it recently because I had to turn it into the library Also the main character Becca annoys me a bit The author failed to make me care for her Her first book was much better In that book not only did I lie Becca but I liked the other main character I would recommend this book for a 10 year old how everOkay now that I have finished this is what I have to say I AM PISSED AT FRIGGIN CATHY Why am I pissed at Cathy the author you ask? Because she got me all exited and then Bam Crushed my hopes SPOILER When Becca got kicked off the show I got very very happy I thought it wasn't cliche tell me if you know how to spell this word correctly But guess what They did the most cliche thing ever She got put back into the competition because of a screw up with Fizz's a contsetant age I got so pissed at the rest of the book truth dare kiss or promise which one will you choose? well in this book becca choose dare and now she is pushed by her friends to go to the pop princess competition she knows that she isn't going to make it but her friends thinks she is great having to compete with her best friend is hard and she know cat really want to make it in teen times is always about choices will becca choose to win the competition and not care about her friend cat's feelings or is she going to freak out atc the competition and let cat have it? well becca is a nice person right? having to deal with much things in her life what will come first then? many uestion is going to be ask but little going to be answer in this bookgreat recommendation for people who think they can't pick but after you read this book you will say i learned somthing from this Becca entered Pop Idol and was chosen to go to London with about 100 other teenagers Becca wants to become Pop Princess to show that she got the singing talent and to also get the money prize As the contest goes on Becca starts to lose courage and many other problems with her parents and her boyfriend began to develop This was a seuel to the book White Lies and Bared Face Truths I didn't like Becca in that other book and I still don't like her that much in this book either I was annoyed whenever she start her negative habit Not that it's not okay for someone to criticize themselves but becca does it in a way that annoys the heck out of me Therefore I was glad when Cat got mad at Becca because she want to give up Becca and her group of friends plays truth and dare and she got dare Now she has to go enter pop idol and try to win pop princessHowever this means that she needs to go against cat her friend Becca thinks that she doens;t have what it takes to win and loses courage and faith Inadditon many other problems start to develop with her family friends and her boyfriend How will Becca manage everyhting??? WIll she give up?? THis book is really about managenment and choicesdecisions Many teens can relate to her becasue these are very common teen issues very realted to real life I would reccommend this to teenagers and people that like realistic ficiton If you like American Idol check out this installment in the Truth or Dare series All too often Becca gives up on herself and her dreams Will she have the staying power to make it through the Pop Idol comptetition? If you like this series you may also want to check out the Mates Dates series by this author I liked the book because it was about struggling to get something you really want but even when you don't get it you're still happy for the person who won but i guess even though it rarely happens that should haappen on a daily basis

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  • 10 February 2014
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