Habang Wala Pa Sila

Habang Wala Pa Sila[Epub] ❦ Habang Wala Pa Sila ➜ Juan Miguel Severo – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Sa wakas andito na at naka imprenta ang mga tula ng pinaka astig na spoken word artist ng Pinas sa kasalukuyan Astig hindi dahil sya ang pinaka sikat kundi dahil sa pagiging tula ng kayang mga tula Ba Sa wakas andito na at naka imprenta ang mga tula ng pinaka astig na spoken word artist ng Pinas sa kasalukuyan Astig hindi dahil sya ang pinaka sikat kundi dahil sa pagiging tula ng kayang mga tula Bagaman sinasabi na magkaibang form ang spoken poetry at ang tula na nakalimbag sa papel nananatiling tula ang mga tula ni Juan Miguel Severo binibigkas man ito o binabasaIbinalik ni Severo ang lugod ng tula sa puso ng mga kabataang nawalan na ng oras sa panulaan Habang Wala Kindle - dahil sa pagkaabala sa maraming bagal Naging bata akong muli pagkatapos basahin si Severo Umibig akong muli hindi lamabg sa pag ibig kundi sa kapasidad ng tula na gisingin ang ating mga damdamin na matagal nang pinamanhid ng paulit ulit na pagkabigo Jerry B GracioKomisyoner Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino Southest Asia SEAWrite Awardee. It took only one video to make me love this guy It was a spoken word Poetry uploaded by Word Anonymous He performed “Ito na ang huling tula na isusulat ko para sayo” and I was in awe because he delivered it with so much passion I can feel every word cut deep in my heart and sure I'm not the only one who noticed because he became a hit in the Philippine social mediaThis book is a collection of his spoken word poetry I love this book and his poems but I like it even when he's performing them because from there the emotions are transparent You can clearly see the pain the love and every other emotions through his performance I think this guy really know what heartbreak means I got to see him perform once and I tell you it's different to experience it live because I was almost in tears my heart just wants to explodeDuring his interview he said that the best advice that he can give to those aspiring poets is whenever you have an inspiration like a riff of an idea even just a line write it down or record them you'll never know it'll be a masterpiece when you get back at it and comes bursting out of youHis fame in the social media has inspired young people in the Philippines to embrace Poetry; especially Spoken word Poetry I wish I have the guts to even do that So I'm just going to settle with the written ones for now and because I'm shameless I want to show you mine here LOL ^^ Newton's Third Law of Motion will never be the same again I never truly appreciated poetry in my country in my language I've always been closed to Filipino media and literature mainly because I don't find it that interesting However just recently I stumbled upon one of the hyped up teleserye or tv drama show called On The Wings of Love This show believe me gave me a massive slump I didn't expect to like it at all but I did and one of the segments this show had was slam poetry in my language of course When the guy performed for the first time I was completely blown away THIS GUY WAS AMAZING His poems and his performance gave me goosebumps and made me cry in the middle of the night Juan Miguel Severo is honestly one of the most talented guy I know I respect him He just constantly delivers exceptional performance through poetry This book just shows how we Filipinos can be so uniue with our language and how deep we can go in expressing our thoughts and emotions After reading this I valued my language even Tagalog is a beautiful language and I love how I can understand the feelings put into his poems He truly is a one of a kind I have an undying love for poetry and one of my favorite forms is Slam poetry Reading it is very VERY different from actually watching or just hearing the poet spill the words from hisher mouth I specifically love watching emotional and depressing slam poems which is why when I came across Juan Miguel's videos on Youtube whenever he performs at Sev's cafe I was just blown away The poems here in his first book are compilations of the poems he already performed Nung binabasa ko yung mga tula naiimagine ko kung paano nya sinambit yung mga salita at kung gaano kabigat yung mga lamang emosyon Sobrang galing All aboard the Feels Train ako the whole time Haha PS Bilhin nyo to pleasePSS Juan Miguel labyu po Para sa akin Ang isang tulaAy hindi akmaNa ikuwentoNa hindi punoNg metapora Para sa akinParang tuluyanTula na walangTugma taludtodAy kulang bitinMaihatid manNg mga tulaAng mga luhaAt onting ngitiAh walang datingIto ay sa'kinAt akin lamangKung anong iyoAy sa'yo din langPs Normal mano hindiAyoko ng hugot Some I uite liked some did not convey In a sense a poem in my opinion must possess a dramatic structure yes not prose but poetry or something that holds all the thoughts together and at least the verses must be connected to each other The rising action being the intense preparation for the unexpected endconclusion or hugot is a common style for poetry The rhymes verse style rhythm and element of surprise are decorations This is all speaking in my experience of poemspoetry in generalOr if it aims to be nonsensical let it be so from start to finish Point is every verse adheres to the poem's purpose And if the purpose is conveyed that is wellBut all in all I prefer poetry with deep hidden think about it long and hard figurative language using simple words and verses not pretty and catchy used too often phrases ie laspag na that don't convey much Hats off to Juan Miguel I'm speechless i'm not really sure how to rate poetry books i mean this is the first one that i've read but i'm guessing good poems should make you feel something and for someone who has never been in love falling for fictional beings excluded and never experienced first hand break ups my heart managed to contract a few times while reading the poems and by a few times i mean a hundred billion times look I CANNOT RELATE to what the author has gone through but boy there were lines that really put an arrow through my chest add to the fact that these poems are supposed to spoken out loud and performed i was really shocked to feel just by reading and really disappointed how rusty i became with filipino and how come i've never had the inclination to watch one of severo's performances my personal faves are Corregidor Bataan Ang Huling Tula na Isusulat ko Para Sa'yo Isang Letra but the last poem Ang Nag iisa truly ended me i think i sobbed a bit Oh wow that was good It has been a long time since I last read poems in Filipino and this book reminds me why I shouldJuan Miguel’s collection of poems made me miss reading writings in my native language I wanted to write my thoughts on it right after finishing lest I forget the sentiments that his poems evoked There’s just something delicate and gripping about his style and language use that render the pieces so personal and delightful to read Maybe I’m just biased since I’ve watched several of his spoken word performances as part of Words Anonymous but I thought that this collection was refreshing to read despite the emotional themeJuan Miguel is a writer and a storyteller His poems have the ability to transport you to the scene that he created and make you feel that you are the writer Somehow by also reading the pieces aloud you get to better channel the emotions or maybe that’s just me Also what I liked about his poems are the lines or stanzas that deliver the punch One moment you think you’re reading something simple then the next thing you know you come across a line that hits you or which leads the whole piece into a different but very welcome directionI now have the urge to buy copies for my friends and “convince” them to read it Who knows maybe I will A friend of mine posted about this book I got curious and asked if it is nice All he said was that he thinks I'd like it knowing that I love Lang Leav's work so much I also saw a post on Facebook with one of the poems in this book which I find very very witty I couldn't resist; I got the book last Friday night and read it the following dayIt is bloody brilliant It is heartbreaking gut wrenching and beautiful Each poem is filled with emotion The poems hit you deep if you read it aloud which I did just for kicks It was fun I would love to hear and watch these poems performed Hopefully someday I would be able to HahaI also noticed that there was a missing letter in the last poem agmamahal instead of Nagmamahal I wonder if that is intentional or something that went unnoticed Will try to make a coherent review