Wie wirklich ist die Wirklichkeit?

Wie wirklich ist die Wirklichkeit?✭ [PDF] ✪ Wie wirklich ist die Wirklichkeit? By Paul Watzlawick ✺ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk The connection between communication and reality is a relatively new idea It is only in recent decades that the confusions disorientations and very different world views that arise as a result of comm The connection between communication and reality is a ist die ePUB ✓ relatively new idea It is only in recent decades that the confusions disorientations and very different world views that arise as a result of communication have become an independent field of research Wie wirklich Epub / One of the experts who has been working in this field is Dr Paul Watzlawick and he here presents in a series of arresting and sometimes very funny examples some of the findings. Not what I expected This book's a bit of a classic in communication theory because it was the first academic book that suggested there was a seperate reality for everyone involved in a relationship no one is 'wrong' everyone's truth is valid Through citations I read over the years I got the impression that this was chock full of anecdotes about miscommunications in relationships but in fact there's only three puzzled face It is rather a book about slippages or potential slippages in communication in a much wider frameSo it covers the Prisoner's Dilemma a really good discussion of Newcombe's Paradox Flatland an analysis of how we might communicate with aliens interspecies communication like the very early stages of the Washoe project etcIt's an easy read highly conversational but because it's a 36 year old book I wouldn't recommend it Much of what is in here was a novel suggestion at the time but generally accepted now A little bit of it infuriated me eg the images on the Pioneer probes can't be sexist because a woman unnamed just Carl Sagan's wife drew them took me riiight back to my childhood that one3 stars mainly for the paradox discussion I have re read this book after some 12 years and it's as relevant as everMain ideas presented in the book deal with how communication creates reality Author makes a distinction between first order reality the actual physical space and second order reality the explanations and conceptualizations that living beings create to make sense of the worldThrough examinations of problems in translation paradoxes and possibilities of non human communication with apes dolphins and extraterrestrials we are exposed to some really uncomfortable conclusions about what is reality I would recommend this book to anyone interested in communication language and deeper insight on the nature of realityFew uotes Language not only conveys information but also expresses a world viewThe belief that one's own view of reality is the only reality is the most dangerous of all delusions It becomes still dangerous if it is coupled with a missionary zeal to enlighten the rest of the world whether the rest of the world wishes to be enlightened or not A mostly interesting read which focuses on communication between people animals aliens spies imaginary entities temporal systems There is also a good deal of game theory thrown in the mix as well How Real is Real? doesn't offer all the answers as the title suggests it would be silly to expect a comprehensive tome on reality in under 300 pages though I can't help but feel that the title is an editorial decision by the publisher The main idea is that we have two coexisting realities first order reality which is a shared and observable space governed by universal laws of physics and whathaveyou Second order reality is a myriad tunnelled realm of communication where context and paradox have influence and power a multiverse of perspectives each eually real Communication serves as a bridge and as a barrier between realities and Watzlawick explores this idea in a roundabout way I should stress this book is not in the same vein as Robert Anton Wilson or PKD it is not a mind bending 60s book which I suppose is what I was kind of half expecting There are no self dribbling dimensional elves here The book plays along these lines How real is real?How real is real?How real is real? How real is real? The meaning changes in each one Communication controls reality in a similar vein Or so he argues The book is at its most interesting as a collection of topics which circle around this idea beginning with a horse who could tap the alphabet with his hoof and progressing chapter by chapter all the way to time travel paradoxes It all wraps up anti climatically in the end with Buddhism oneness being beyond words Nirvana is kind of like the worst kept secret in the universe and to be honest is a boring note to end a book on Anyways my favourite takeaway from all this is that dolphins have a special whistle that they use when they are trapped and drowning so that other dolphins will drop what they are doing and come help bring them to the surface Humans can learn this whistle and use it underwater in effect calling on the aid of our dolphin buddies to rescue us But that isn't the most interesting part of it If you try to use this whistle in bad faith as in you are not actually in danger or drowning and merely want to test out the rad dolphin rescue whistle for fun the dolphins will know and they will hit you with their fins and tails to teach you a lesson that the rescue whistle is never to be used as a joke This was a wonderful journey through many interconnected experiments stories dilemmas paradoxes thought experiences or anecdotes The sum of these don't only offer information about language or communication but about different belief systems religion superstition sociology intersubjectivity radical constructivism the animal kingdom aliens time and space time travel and of course the concept of realityThis book kindles fascination in 'the world out there' as well as a healthy amount of skepticism towards subjective perceptionThe primary goal to make the reader uestion himself how real is real? is greatly accomplished a gold mine of basic and cultural independent information about communication it was my last book of the three I purchased from the same author and I recommend it to everyoneI would like to think that this book might contribute if only in a small way to creating an awareness of those forms of psychological violence which might make it difficult for the modern mind rapists brainwashers and self appointed world saviors to exert their evil power from the foreword from the author In times of political correctness and SJW than welcome I was uite scared when I first read this bookfelt kind of schizophrenic I must sayBut sometimes is good to uestion our notions of reality Love this book a mind opener I've re read this book many times over decades It helps me keep an open mind about certain things I find this a useful alternative point of view especially for those of us with scientific and math backgrounds I was expecting This book aptly concludes with a uote from Wittgenstein Whereof one cannot speak thereof one must be silentI learned much from this book but cannot say what although I felt I got it as I read it Topics of especial interest the double bind in relationshipsthe nature of confusion and neurosis the coexistence of many realities simultaneously and my personal favorite of the role of the dissenter in the family as scapegoated crazy person if the family myth is challenged Chapter Nine Experimental Disinformation

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  • Wie wirklich ist die Wirklichkeit?
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