Naked Addiction

Naked Addiction➷ Naked Addiction Free ➭ Author Caitlin Rother – A ticket to Homicide That was the first thing disgruntled narcotics detective Ken Goode thought when he found the body of a beautiful murdered woman But his transfer became the last thing on his mind A ticket to Homicide That was the first thing disgruntled narcotics detective Ken Goode thought when he found the body of a beautiful murdered woman But his transfer became the last thing on his mind when victims turned up all linked to the same beauty school his sister attends With time running out a killer on the loose and the danger hitting too close to home Goode has to stop this murderer while fighting his own growing obsession with one of the very women he's trying to save. WOW A real page turner My main reading genre is True Crime so it sometimes takes me a little longer to get in to other genresbut that wasn't the case with Naked Addiction The author Caitlin Rother is an excellent True Crime author so I thought I would give this book a try I was NOT disappointed I liked the characters and the plot kept me guessing pretty much up to the end Another thing that I liked and don't see too often was at the end of the book there is a section titled BOOK CLUB DISCUSSION UESTIONS FOR NAKED ADDICTION that were pretty thought provoking 55 Cool mystery that had me running down all the wrong rabbit holes I hope this becomes a series Det Goode is a sexy and charismatic AND I want of him If you’re looking for a well thought out murder mystery here’s your book Set in the affluent San Diego area the murder of an enigmatic 20 something is found dead by an off duty undercover narcotics officer Det Goode From that moment the story is a non stop read in one setting or listen to on audio which is what I did binge of a bookThe entire cast of characters are all well rounded The plot builds and builds with an extremely satisfying ending This story takes you through a world of sex drugs and money And also how police and newsprint reporters work with each other but also against one another While there is a short mention of escorting it’s never part of the overall plot at least not how I read the story It was never confirmed if the beauty school really was a front or not I will say that everything surrounding the chick that is murdered is very Laura Palmer like Twin Peaks In fact if you pull David Lynch’s iconic character’s story apart it’s mostly there just distributed among all the characters in this storyThe author had me totally thinking it was one character that “did it” but then chasing another Never once did I guess correctly And for me that’s the mark of a great murder mystery Or I’m not that savvy and super gullible? FYI there is mention of characters backstory of being sexually assaulted by her grandfather as a child It’s not graphic but it’s talked about An excellent mystery thriller by a Pulitzer Prize nominated and New York Times bestselling author Goodreads giveaway winFirst off you cant give 35 star ratings but if I could I would I enjoyed this book The plot the story a few twists and a lot of thinking The story follows a Narcotics Detective Good trying to get on homicide He had been on the force for awhile and worked his way up He is haunted by the memory of his mother who passed away after jumping off a bridge into her watery death He comes across a women's body after almost hitting a little dog That women reminded him of his mother The hair the eyesEverything Good get the Sgt to let him on the case of the women which leads to a few other murders and a twist of tails lover and psychos Mr Kline works for the local paper and is trying to move up the news paper hierarchy and leave his little paper behind gets tossed in the middle of the investigation and works his way through cops and family members of the deceased He crosses goods path many times Together they land up figure it all outThis book is told from multiple POV's This was decent A young woman Tania is found murdered in the parking lot of her apartment building We get the detective's POV and a crime reporter as they try to figure out who commited the crime There are a few suspects and the book does leave you guessing At times it did drag on Sometimes good sometimes not so goodSome character flippant comments were a distraction At times there was a good flow then an off the wall comment by a character or by the author did not cluck I thought this was a true crime novel I haven't read any of Caitlin Rother's true crime books but I do recall some articles here and there This is her first only? foray into fiction I can't say how much it is informed by her reporting work but I imagine she's writing from informed experience as much as the creative mind As the novel progresses you can tell this isn't a typical Law Order type potboilerNaked Addiction is a crime novel about a young detective looking to prove himself on his first homicide case I was about to give up reading early on it was free on Kindle Unlimited as it seemed like the book was setting up a series of procedural plot points connected by the familiar angsty pulpy character tropes I kept with it and I'm glad I did It turns out Naked Addiction is uite immersive aided heavily by the great use of location coastal La Jolla California with a scene set at Windansea Beach and a lead detective who is very much a product of his geography as he is his circumstance The mystery grips you and as it unravelsThere's a seriously great ending to be found here folks First thing I have to say is I never saw the end coming what a surprise Each person you come across could be the killer by the time you work it out you find you are wrong I really enjoyed the plot I am not sure this entire story is believable but it makes for a great listen This is one author that is holding the clues very close to her chest not giving you much to go on A lot of innocent people are getting killed along with Ken’s sister coming up missing He keeps blowing up her phone and going by her house but she is nowhere to be found Could she have been another of the killer’s victims? I wouldn’t say this is very graphic for the type of book it could have been The author gives you the facts telling a little about how the victim is found and the area around them It was an easy story to get into the author has no trouble holding your attentionI thought Mr Bruce did a really great job with the narration His character voices were good you have no trouble understanding who is talking or what they are feeling At times his voice can be a little flat but you still understand what is going on and that it is very emotional I enjoyed both his male and female voices He has a very pleasant voice that does pull the reader in There are no background noise if any breaks were taken you cannot tell There are no places where the volume is higher or lower each chapter starts off with the same volume and tones as the one before Mr Bruce really pulled me in painting the picture in my mind as the scenes unfold I haven’t listened to anything by him and look forward to listening to Things I had trouble with are that Ken being a detective works with the narcotics division who wants to work with homicide is given such a big role as heading up this investigation Also that he would trust a news reporter with his feelings on the crime than get mad when he uotes him knowing he is new and looking for a big break such as he himself is I also had a little trouble with the report I though some of that story line was a little than needed He does add a lot to the story just thought it was a little too much fillerI did like how it all ties in to the beauty school and the bar I enjoyed how they got answers and how the author brings in each character giving a full impact to the read It is hard to tell what is separate or related with so much going on which adds to the read The story has a great build up with a wonderful plot Ken really got into the first victim seeing her really affected him even his dreams My heart really went out to him over him reliving his mother’s death He and his sister really had a hard growing up The author really throws in a lot of twists and turns which has your mind all over the place trying to work it out For me that is a good things I love trying to work out who did it I really missed it on this one At first I had it worked out and then let the author talk me out of it lol My ranting is a high 3 or a low 4 The author keeps the read interesting with a steady pace The characters are likable even if you are trying to second guess them I did really enjoy the story and the narration I do look forward to reading of this author work It was worth a listen just to see how this author mind works as she twists a very good plot Naked Addiction which I won through Goodreads Giveaways is a gripping fast paced thriller that begins when an undercover narcotics detective discovers the body of a young woman hidden among trashcans in an alley In an investigation that has Ken Goode proving his skill in uncovering clues to the murder that has ties to a beauty school escort service and an narcotics ring he's hounded by a cub report looking for a sensational scoop When Goode's sister is linked to one of the suspects and she suddenly disappears his tension mounts as the case takes a sinister turn with the discovery of two corpses The author sets the stage for an intoxicating plot in La Jolla California with its affluent community and sinister underbelly Threads of the plot follow not only the investigation of the murder but also the friends lover and family impacted by it With every twist and turn as new victims and crimes are exposed tension and suspense are built into a roller coaster ride that never stops until the killer's identity is exposed With skillful dexterity the author has woven a plot that not only deals with broken people who use sex alcohol drugs and cigarettes to fill their emptiness but also a hero who's addicted to caffeine and troubled women In a plot that's well written and captivating from beginning to end even the climax holds a shocking surpriseCleverly Caitlin Rother fleshs out the personalities of complex and realistic characters that are compelling with all their flaws and faults Ken Goode a detective who wants to transfer from narcotics to homicide is intense and caring with a eye for detail and a strong gut instinct Haunted by a bad marriage and a weakness for damaged women he becomes fixated on the murder victim through her journal entries Tania Marcus the initial victim masks her insecurity and sensitivity behind a tough irresponsible and stubborn exterior In contrast her friend Alison Winslow victimized by an abusive childhood and the violent temper of an older lover is shy lonely and vulnerable; a young woman searching for a stable relationship Seth Kennedy is a handsome self centered arrogant real estate agent while Keith Warner is his steadfast caring friend whose smarts get him into trouble Of all the characters that add power drama and passion to this intriguing plot I liked Norman Klein the young non aggressive but intrepid report who develops not only his journalistic skill but in temperament as the story progresses Yet it's the helpless instability of Clover Ziegler the hot tempered violence of Tony Marcus and the ruthless remorselessness of the killer that lend a dark chill to the storyI loved Naked Addiction which blends murder sex and drugs into an absorbing criminal investigation Ken Goode is a fascinating likable but imperfect detective who I hope Caitlin Rother will resurrect in future novels

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