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Good Vibrations➹ [Read] ➵ Good Vibrations By Mike Love ➼ – The New York Times Bestseller Mike Love tells the story of his legendary raucous and ultimately triumphant five decade career as the front man of The Beach Boys the most popular American band in histo The New York Times Bestseller Mike Love tells the story of his legendary raucous and ultimately triumphant five decade career as the front man of The Beach Boys the most popular American band in history timed to coincide with the th anniversary of Good VibrationsAs a founding member of The Beach Boys Mike Love has spent an extraordinary fifty five years and counting as the group's lead singer and one of its principal lyricists The Beach Boys from their California roots to their international fame are a uniue American story one of overnight success and age defying longevity; of musical genius and reckless self destruction; of spirituality betrayal and forgiveness and Love is the only band member to be part of it each and every step His own story has never been fully told of how a sheet metal apprentice became the uintessential front man for America's most successful rock band singing in than concerts in countriesLove describes the stories behind his lyrics for pop classics such as Good Vibrations California Girls Surfin' USA and Kokomo while providing vivid portraits of the turbulent lives of his three gifted cousins Brian Dennis and Carl Wilson His partnership with Brian has few euals in American pop music though Mike has carved out a legacy of his own he co wrote the lyrics to eleven of the twelve original Beach Boy songs that were top hits while providing the lead vocals on ten of them The band's unprecedented durability also provides a glimpse into America's changing cultural s over the past half century while Love himself has experienced both the diabolical and the divine from Charles Manson's family threatening his life to Maharishi instilling it with peace A husband a father and an avid environmentalist Love has written a book that is as rich and layered as the Beach Boy harmonies themselves. Brian Wilson was one of nine brothers but his father Murray was extremely abusive and so by the time he was a teenager there were only two others left Dennis and Carl For self defense reasons they therefore formed a group and because he could handle a baseball bat and was skilled at taekwondo they asked cousin Mike Love to join While waiting for the next attack from Murray they would while away the long hours harmonizing old Four Freshman numbers Eventually Mike and Brian began to make up songs which of course were all about their own concerns One early song went If everybody had a shotgun across the USAThere’d be no creeps like Murray in Californi ayFrom their self contained Hawthorne compound the WilsonLove group would make midnight forays for food and ammo and they would also make contact with other survivor groups such as the one run by Charles Manson in nearby Redondo Beach There was some talk of merging the two groups but Manson insisted he should play lead guitar and he only knew two chords In this he was 15 years ahead of his time One day the news reached the WilsonLove compound that Murray Wilson was dead So at last the boys were free to roam during the day They could look at girls and buy sunglasses They discovered that singing in perfect four part harmony was a good way to get sunglasses All they needed now was a record contract As the Wilsons and Mike Love were all tall and handsome they decided to recruit Al Jardine who was their window cleaner at the time so that future audiences would have a point of comparison on stage Mike Love was the first to realise that pop songs had up til then completely ignored a major Californian teenage obsession so he began to write songs about the current craze of abseiling Soon his nasal tones could be heard from every transistor radio Abseil is the only way the only way for me now abAbCome on and abseil bah dip didit abseil bah dip didit Mike Love arrogant crass mercenary lead singer of the legendary Beach BoysMike Love the rock and roll Judas who betrayed his Christ like cousin Brian Wilson for twenty top ten hits three number ones and thirty pieces of silver Mike Love the notorious womanizer the unrepentant ham the shallow and insistently annoying pitch man for America's band Mike Love the resentful rage aholic the schoolyard bully in the robes of a trailer park swami the man who only meditates when he's not throwing diva size tantrums about the way the music industry and the rock press and his own family have shafted him for over fifty years Mike Love all of the above yet so much The tough guy from Dorsey High The student of Chuck Berry and the midnight harmonizer on a thousand late night oldies in the streets of Hawthorne The sheet metal apprentice who crafted a sound for summer and never got the respect he deserved because his cousin Brian perfectly fit the fake hippy media's idea of a tormented geniusIf you can balance the different truths and make allowance for obvious evasions this book is exciting and rewarding Mike Love is incapable of perspective on his own behavior but he turns out to be a surprisingly shrewd observer of rock history and an insightful analyst of the Beach Boys sound He's generous than you might expect especially to departed Beach Boys Dennis and Carl Wilson His take on the legendary SMILE sessions is self serving and heretical but much of it has the ring of truth It's only when he tries to whitewash his own well publicized fits of rage that the reader may feel somewhat ueasy But the revelations are worth itMike's most legendary tantrum was at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 1988 What's interesting is that he acknowledges how angry he was that night but has no clue why In particular he admits to resenting Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones but tries in a vague way to suggest it's because of drugs and everything else that the Stones represent But I have a different theory Mick Jagger and Mike Love are mirror images of each other Both are front men not musicians Both led mid Sixties bands that focused on songs about a lifestyle rather than love songs Both were instrumental in shaping how their band looked and sounded and what their music meant even though they both relied on gifted musicians to make the sounds Incidentally both bands featured musical geniuses named Brian who could play any instrument and both burned out young Both became legends beloved by the fans precisely because they couldn't cope with the rock lifestyle What Mike Love clearly hates is that while the whole world knows that Mick Jagger made the Stones the world's greatest rock and roll band nobody has any idea how much Mike Love contributed to the Beach Boys Second only to the Beatles in terms of the number of books detailing the histories of the two respective bands The Beach Boys have been explored from nearly every possible angle It might seem a memoir from Mike Love might be redundant but it’s instead a needed corrective to many a previous volumeThat’s largely due to articles and books that started in the ‘70s that created the myth of Brian Wilson being the single tortured “Genius” of the band with the other members mere chess pieces to his brilliance Worse it was then the stories began that if he had had support and less obstruction from the other Beach Boys Brian’s projects especially the legendary Smile would have been given to a hungry fan base eager for whatever Brian came up with While Brian’s father Murray is justly the most vilified figure in the saga Mike Love has been reviled for decades for supposedly being the Beach Boy who opposed Brian’s creative evolutionIn Good Vibrations Love builds a very convincing case of self defense For one matter he details his own contributions to the band’s catalogue of hits especially their lyrics As with many a previous chronicler of the music of the Beach Boys he discusses the turmoils of the troubled Brian Wilson and shows how it was drug abuse and mental issues that derailed Wilson’s creativity not suabbles with his bandmates Song by song album by album Love traces the output of the band highlighting the contributions of everyone in the band with a noticeable lack of anything positive to say about Al Jardine He acknowledges the early dominance of Brian in the studio and Love’s leadership of the band on the road He credits Carl and Dennis Wilson for their input over the years and sadly repeats the stories of their declines due to drug abuse All the Beach Boys are seen warts and all as being a dysfunctional batch of boys not especially good in their romantic relationships No surprises hereNaturally his discussion of the court case that finally validated his songwriting claims doesn’t put Brian in a very favorable light The duels continued through the 50th reunion tour but Love asserts interference from non band members and legal obligations is what led to the tour’s sad end not some personal ego trip on his part I personally think Love’s memories of his time with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Rikikesh is the best description of the Maharishi’s ashram I’ve read to date I too have long thought Love’s involvement with presidents Reagan and Bush put him in the Republican camp but he claims to be apolitical and the issues he worked on such as environmental concerns were liberal than conservative The story of the Beach Boys of course includes many sad chapters including Dennis Wilson’s involvement with Charles Manson and the control Eugene Levy wielded over Brian It’s amazing the group maintained any life at all over the last 30 yearsTrue no one should take the book as the unvarnished truth as Mark Twain would put it and Love is sometimes rather thin on explanations especially discussing his disastrous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame speech It’s impossible to argue with his conclusion that it remains the music the “sonic oasis” as he calls it that made Beach Boy music so universal long lasting and meaningful to listeners over four generationsIf you’re among those who have seen Brian as the victimized hero and Mike Love as the vainglorious villain in the Beach Boys epic Good Vibrations will contain many revelations and surprising perspectives If you’re a Beach Boy fan and are willing to put your preconceptions aside Good Vibrations is an indispensable read Let me suggest reading the audio edition read by Love himself You get a hint of his personality with all his short laughs punctuating some of his observations I’m very glad to have spent this time with one of the most important lyricists and rock stars of my generation There’s no reason to be in either the Brian or Mike camps of supporters—we should be grateful we had them both along with Carl Dennis Al and Bruce JohnsonThis review first appeared at BookPleasurescom on Nov 4 2016 atgoogloHkcbU I have read a lot of Beach Boys memoirs This one despite being by an actual band member thus far unprecedented unless you count the spiritually unwholesome Wouldn't it Be Nice My Own Story penned by ghostwriter unethical therapist staff is suarely in the middle of the pack I think a good barometer about whether a Beach Boys memoir is good is maybe the attention it pays to Surf's Up Holland and Love You This sort of mentions that the band went to Holland to record an album talks about how Surf's Up had good cover art and a Real Smile Track and disses Love You in a paragraph Against that lots of good details about Why Everyone Is Down On Al Jardine the big lawsuit over writing credits and some of the creepy ins and outs of the Australian tour with David Frost Brian is maybe properly kind of a spectral presence throughout Mike doesn't seem to have access to his thoughts at all even in the early phases of the book where much is made about their powerful friendship This feels right I totally believe that Mike legit loves Brian but has no capacity to relate to Brian no capacity to realize that some of Brian's reserve and withdrawal isn't because EVILDOERS are keeping him away from his Real Best Friend Mike Love but that maybe this is a normal weird dynamic friendships get locked into in adolescence and that most people do not end up stuck in a famous band together that calcifies the soul of one's friendship into a horrible skeleton that you must drag around forever and ever that your entire economic life depends on you singing about night after night for the rest of your days? It is maybe known that I wrote a long book about a surf rock band that is in the process of maybe getting published or maybe not or something WHO KNOWS One of the best things to realize in the course of writing it and maybe its key element of Lasting Value is that there is a validity to Mike Love's point of view that it is even a central element of the power and sadness of the Beach Boys sigil design When the book got kind of rough creepy race stuff shitty story about the band setting up Jeff Foskett with a trans woman of color because trans women are a fully joke you inflict on your bandmate to josh him etc it was important to realize that this was actually a book that confirmed that validity that really does legitimately articulate Mike's antichrist position in the Beach Boys mythos that these are real people and some of them can in fact speak for themselves pretty adeuately when reuiredAND THEN right at the end of the book Mike goes into this sustained analysis of Mt Vernon and Fairway making the should have been obvious point MIKE IS THE PRINCE AND BRIAN IS THE PIED PIPER Why did I never realize this before? Seriously how was I so foolish as not to realize this? Something about that realization either on behalf of Mike or the cowriter although somehow the aggrieved tone of it makes me think it's Mike's insight? is legit emotionally powerful in a way that the stupid THE SWITCHBLADE AND THE BUTTERFLY running motif is not Not just hey Brian wrote a song about Mike which is at least sort of obvious the idea that M perceived that B wrote a song about M and was both weirdly flattered by this and weirdly pissed off that B couldn't straightforwardly approach M about this song but that it represented some kind of offering There is a reciprocal part about Brian's Back that I would like to hear Brian write about at some point I am excited by this cryptic dimension of Long Art Collaborations cf John thinking Paul wrote Hey Jude about him even though he clearly wrote it about his Neglected Sonanyway if you are a brian wilson fan this is not as bad as you would like it to be i think i was surprised and delighted by much here esp the parts about Early Touring Most of this book is super dull I uickly found myself skimming in way that challenges the definition of skimming There is a fascinating section in the middle that deals w Dennis as well as the Manson Family psychos There is also a mildly interesting bit that refers to an ashram stay w the Beatles Outside of that the bits near the beginning a few near the end about Brian were pretty it much it for these dry 422 pages of text Mike Love comes off as an absolute prick in my opinion I nearly stopped reading after p 18 bc he is so f'ing entitled full of himself That actually was the point at which I started my skimming to see if there would be any pay off to continuing on through this guy's bologna All that liberal skimming leads us here to this review Now I understand why this book was on the shelf at my local Dollar Tree store So I don't recommend this booknot even if it's only a dollar Its incredible to think that after a half century the Beach Boys are still touring Founding member Mike Love 1941 joined with his cousins Brian Wilson 1942 Dennis Wilson 1944 1983 Carl Wilson 1946 1998 and high school friend Al Jardine 1942 to form one of the greatest American bands in rockpop history In Good Vibrations My Life as a Beach Boy Love with James S Hirsch chronicles his memoir of his family musical historylegacy the fame hit songsalbums the controversial involvement with Charles Mansonfollowers Transcendental Meditation and the less than flattering stories of drugalcohol addictions and multiple marriages and divorcesThe Beach Boys represented the Surf Craze not just in name but with their 1961 smash hit Surfin' Safari Dennis was the only one who actually surfed and when the girls started screaming at a concert he thought there was a fire Love being a husband and father was the oldest member at 20 and Carl the youngest was 14 With fame came the multitudes of adoring female fans Love and his wife Frannie would divorce in 1963 Love writes with understanding and compassion regarding Brian when in 1962 Brian was in awe of Phil Spector's Wall of Sound and directed his focusenergy towards studio music production Pet Sounds 1966 has been listed as one of the greatest albums of all time The hippie psychedelic movement that originated in San Francisco's HaightAshbury would influence American rock music and culture in profound ways the Beach Boys would compete against the Beatles Brian was introduced to LSD in 1964 and stopped touring in 1965 The late 1960's would take a toll with further drug problems A major pivotal point for the band was when Brian's genius was declared by the media likely putting undue stress and pressure on him considering his mental health issues Love would decline the offers to take drugs supplied by the hangers on and turned to Transcendental Meditation instead studying with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1967 This was embraced by many celebrities including the Beatles Love was the only Beach Boy to continue with the practice eventually becoming an instructorOverall Love identified the Beach Boys division as himself with Jardine as the Mediator level headed serious doing whatever possible to keep the band going with Dennis and Carl being the good time and reckless Partyers then Brian with his unmistakable talent orbiting around nearby Critics have highlighted the battles and lawsuits of the Beach Boys in numerous books and articles Love hasn't always received favorable publicity yet he relates his story in an engaging positive spirit appreciated by readers and fans alike Just finished the book moments ago and am pleased to say it has vaulted to the top of a long list of rock 'n roll memoirs I've read It's very well written and covers every controversial incident and comment we've heard about through the years as well as many uplifting happy events and moments In that respect reading this book is like listening to a compilation of the entire Beach Boys catalog it tags every emotional base It answers every uestion about The Beach Boys and Mike Love's life that I had when I started reading and it includes rich details about the writing of many of the Beach Boys' greatest songs The origins and outcomes of the many legal troubles within the band are clearly explained as well as the various drug problems Manson Family connections and untimely deaths of family members Throughout it all Mike Love is magnanimous in his descriptions of band members and conflicts within the band He is humble about his mistakes and discusses them along with his many high points and successes Even the two obvious villains in his story dishonest manager Uncle Murry Wilson and corrupt therapist Eugene Landy receive fair treatment in the description of their misdeeds All in all this is an excellent read Be sure to have all your Beach Boys albums at your side when you read how these timeless songs were written and recorded Mike Love not war Or something like that This is the year of dueling Beach Boys' autobiographies Brian's latest is set to be released soon I have to say I ripped through this It's honest smug generous crazy Both anecdotes I haven't read before and covering familiar territory Nicest surprise Mike's not as unsympathetic to his nemesis cousin and BB drummer Dennis as one would imagine Even after he recounts their punch fest at an airport he sends him off with a Sail On Sailor He also gives musical influence props to Audree Wilson who is often overlooked Mike Love is one of a kind thank goodness and I find it hard to despise the wily huckster I love the colorful clothes she wearsAnd the way the sunlight plays upon her hairI hear the sound of a gentle wordOn the wind that lifts her perfume through the air Good Vibrations I'm a huge Beach Boys fan and have read pretty much every book written about the band so I was excited to hear the story in the words of Mike Love For those considering this book I'd just say it's worth the read if you're an avid Beach Boys fan but be prepared for uite a bit of discussion supporting why the author hasn't received the credit due him for his role with the bandAfter a rather boring beginning describing the LoveWilson ancestry the remaining chapters raise issues which have clearly gnawed at Mike for years such as song writing credits Love was swindled out of by Brian and Murray father Wilson the negative effects of Brian Wilson being called a genius by music aficionados how Mike never deserved to be painted with the don't fk with the formula mantra etc While I enjoyed Mike's perspective on the backgroundhistory of the band I just couldn't get beyond the not so subtle banter about not receiving fair credit for song writing In the early 1990s Mike Love sued Brian Wilson and successfully won a judgement that Brian had defrauded him of millions of royalties for songs in which Mike had not been credited as a writer To Mike's credit sorry he settled for an amount far less than he probably could have collected As Mike states in the book in order to win the case he had to prove that he was a true partner with Brian Wilson in creating the songs as opposed to just another collaborator Brian Wilson relied on the help of several lyricists over the years and Mike Love was clearly the primary go to person especially in the early surfer girls cars phase of the Beach Boys But others like Tony Asher Pet Sounds wrote many of the very best lyrics God Only Knows Van Dyke Parks wrote lyrics for the highly acclaimed Smile album and while most of the Smile album lyrics were nonsensical the songs remain some of the Beach Boys' best Heroes Villains This only goes to show that it's the underlying music Brian Wilson which makes these songs timeless not the lyricsPut another way Mike Love would have never been inducted into the Rock Roll Hall of Fame you really must watch Mike's induction speech on YouTube if you'd like to catch a glimpse of his abrasive personality without Brian Wilson whereas I don't believe the reverse to be true By comparison John Paul and George of the Beatles can be said to be true partners as each would write songs which stood the test of time and each would have successful solo careers making music Mike Love on the other hand is a good lyricist and performer but few would say he's the reason for the Beach Boys songwriting successHaving said that I don't believe Mike Love gets enough credit for his singing which oddly enough is not something he brings up in the book His voice while nasally has become the de facto lead voice of the band And while they've all contributed vocally Brian's falsetto Mike's voice has an unpretentious and likable uality that characterizes the teen surfer image IMO his uniue voice has been a greater contribution to the band than his on stage performer skills I prefer this over Brian Wilson's book But not by much Both are idiotsBut that doesn't mean they aren't good musicians and nice guys I just wouldn't trust either to teach my children's sunday school class OR proper health care and business ethics I'd jam with them both though just not at the same timeSo here we get Mike Love's side of the Beach Boys insanity Just as insane but from somebody who's slightly aware of reality and I mean barely this book is filled with Mike Love's spiritually retarded TM transcendental meditation Yoga crap for the previously rich and famous similar to the Beatles being conned by the same guy Although Mike is still embracing the foolishnessYep Mike even dares to mention Deepak Chopra as a reliable source on science and spirituality I read one of Deepak's books oh my Freakin' Goodness that was theologically pathetic and incredibly dishonest Only a butthead with zero scholastic research abilities would begin to buy that crap Even John Lennon knew when to walk away from the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi i'm gonna have to spend some time seriously investigating this guys Hindu game and meditation scam There's a hilarious moment in the book when Mike and the Maharishi attempt to stop the US from a war with terrorists Although I think even Mike realizes that he and the Maharishi have a pathetic success rate at stopping wars and decades of bickerings amongst a few surf musicians good luck dealing with centuries of Islamic terror and global greedpride It was fun learning what songs Mike wrote and how he got conned out of his royalties hmmmconned again?Like all Rockstars Mike flounders through numerous marriages and random children Best not to take family counseling advice from this guy But it does appear he is making a great effort to be a good Grandpa and husband

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