Justice for Laine (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes, #4)

Justice for Laine (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes, #4)[Reading] ➺ Justice for Laine (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes, #4) By Susan Stoker – Oaklandjobs.co.uk This is the SAME novella that is in the Cowboy Justice 12 pack anthology So if you have purchased that book there is no need to get this one as wellunless you WANT this beautiful cover with Wes as a v This is the SAME novella that is in the Cowboy Justice pack anthology So if you Justice for MOBI :¼ have purchased that book there is no need to get this one as wellunless you WANT this beautiful cover with Wes as a visual or want it as a standalone in your collectionin that casefeel free  . I love it Just when you think Miss Stoker's books can't get any exciting and suspenseful she does it again with Wes end Laines story of love at first sight I'm not going to spoil the book but let's just say it takes off from the first word and it's a wild ride to the end destination I have enjoyed all books in the series I can hardly wait for the next installment If you haven't read Ms Sroker What are you waiting for?? Susan Stoker NEVER disappoints me I have had a bad run of books lately and I needed something to break the funk This was the only Stoker book I hadn't read so I dove in knowing that if anyone could break my bad book streak it was her Even though this is a short novella it was everything I love about her writing Hot guys who aren't afraid to admit their feelings smart educated women and just enough danger to keep it extra interesting Short and soooo sweet I have a toothache This novella oozed the cheese and was just too sugary sweet Sometimes you need a read like that but be preparedThe hero and heroine were just too perfect relationship was too perfect and even the drama managed to pull in a homeless dog to add to the cheese factor Susan Stoker doesn't disappoint Love her alphas so much This was a great addition to her series Way too short though especially for 299 I automatically preorder this author Great story no cheating not even a mention of owom hot Texas Ranger and a sweet h Plus some of the characters from other stories were mentioned Unfortunately no epilogue but it's a part of a series so I hope to get This was a shorter read but a good one I loved Wes and him being a cowboy and Texas ranger worked too Let me explain to ya'll why I love Susan Stoker and her books You know how sometimes you tend to skip pages of a book because the story line isn't as fast paced as you might be accustomed to? I do that for A LOT of the books I read I do go back and read what I've skipped eventually it doesn't mean that I love the book any less it means that I wish the story line had been upbeat Still I always give the best reviews because what I did read? I loved Here's why I love Susan's books I've read her entire SEAL series I'm anxiously waiting for the next Delta release and I've got her Badge of Honor series on the go Out of all those books not one page have I skipped She keeps you totally intrigued and wanting to devour each and every word It was the same with JFL Though different being in the sense that Laine mainly needs rescuing from herself and the predicament she lands herself in Susan has once again caught my attention with the latest Badge of Honor book Though a novella I was not left disappointed and wanting to read about Laine and Wes They got their happy ever after Thank you Susan for the AMAZING books you write I read Wes Laine's in the Cowboy Justice anthology it was really really good I love the instant chemistry and there's no dancing around w these two they're mature they know what they want and they go after it And the suspense in the story is something new fresh still intense LOVE their story lots I've loved the other books in this series a lot and I'm reading them in order so when I reached this one I knew beforehand that this addition was a novella instead of a full length book I normally tend to skip novellas if they're not necessary to read but because I'm loving this series I decided to give it a read This novella was a uick read and only took me one sitting to read I really enjoyed it and it was a good hot addition to the series There also wasn't a lot of action and suspense in this book like there was in the other books which didn't surprise me too much because there was no mention of any in the synopsis There was a tense situation though and it did have a big impact on the plot I loved the direction that the author took it in This novella was also very sweet and it made me smile and I loved what happened in it There were some hot scenes in it too The characters were also amazing and made this novella even better Laine was the main female character and I'm pretty sure that she made appearances in the first book in this series I can't 100% remember if she did but she was best friends with the main female character from the first book so I'm sure she made appearances in it In this novella Laine met 'the one' when she least expected to and it was kind of fate in a way lol They made uite a couple though Laine was also very easy for me to connect with and she was very down to earth and relatable I just loved her and my heart went out to her for what she went through in this book Westin was the main male character and love interest of Laine If I remember correctly Westin had been spoken about in the other books in this series so I recognised his name after I read the synopsis I loved Westin a lot in this book He was seriously hot He was also straightforward and he didn't mince his words He worked hard too and was such an amazing guy I also loved the way Westin was with Laine too He was very protective of her and it was easy to see his feelings for her develop into love I loved that this novella was written from both Laine and Westin's point of views I was hoping that it was going to be because the first three books in this series have been written from dual point of view so I'm really happy that this novella was too It helped me connect and understand both characters and it allowed for things to happen in the plot too This novella was also written in third person like the rest of this series has been I always feel like I should mention this because I'm starting to love books being written in third person and it's all because of this author's books lol I also can't wait to read the next book in this series I'm reading this series in order so I've already checked out the next book and I'm really excited about it after reading the synopsis I can't wait to finally read a fire fighter book too I also love the cover for this novella It suits the novella perfectly and you realise how well it does after you read the novella The model on the front is the perfect Westin and I also love that you can't really see his face Again this makes sense after you read the novella lol A bit shorter than the other books in this series as it is a novella but definitely worth reading I loved the instant attraction between Laine and Wes The events that unfold are a bit scary and intense how Laine deals with what happens is amazing I know I would completely freak out I hope we get a bit of this couple as future books are written as we haven't really had much of Wes till now and I do feel they should be included as a part of the group Great read and being a shorter story easy to fit in a small time frame I really liked this one liked the instant attraction both Wes and Laine felt and how both went with it Even better was that they didn't jump into bed right away but took a little time to get to know each other I hated what happened to Laine at the ranch but loved that even in a bad situation she found comfort