My Husbands Other Women 4

My Husbands Other Women 4❰PDF❯ ❤ My Husbands Other Women 4 Author Regina Swanson – A Cheater will always cheat A liar will always lie and then wonder why their life is so bad My Husband's Other Women 4 picks up right where it left off in part 3 The novel starts out at the engagement A Cheater will always Other Women PDF ✓ cheat A liar will always lie and then wonder why their life is so bad My Husband's Other Women picks up right where it left off in part The novel starts out at the engagement party of James and Misty The way these lives are intertwined brings everyone together for this special occasion When you put the ex wives and a mistress in the same room there's bound to be some drama Asia has graduated high school and enrolled in college Although time has passed her maturity level remains the My Husbands Kindle - same When she sets her eyes on a knew lover it causes other people to do things that they normally wouldn't do Janice is in love with uentin and he is in love with her But that doesn't mean anything to Asia Roberts Janice has to decide if she's going to fight for what she wants Will she do the unthinkable to hold on to uentin Rayvon is neatly locked away serving his ten year sentence for having an inappropriate relationship with one of his students Doing time was never a part of his plans When he Husbands Other Women Kindle Ó is faced with his first confrontation an unexpected friend steps in to keep him safe Rayvon will soon be taught that everyone that you fight is not your enemy and everyone that helps you is not your friend. Yes Loved it Hope it continues I could read this author's work all day There needs to be a part 5 I love this bookI love all 4 books they all were jaw droppers Every page was so detailed and mouth watering and caught my attention very fast Tonya ReviewWhy did Janice decided to do that involving uentin and Asia She knew that they both wanted each other the Professor was crazy how did he get through the gate and into the house I was glad that KJ left Asia alone Knight is behind bars and still calling all the shots Jeffrey wanted a baby with Tracy Stacey and Tylon was happy Rayvon had a good wife that he cheated on with Janice Cree Asia Janet Misty knew how her sister was Knight maded sure that his kids was straight Asia kept playing games but she 75000 richer A great read all four books By the time I finished this book I was thoroughly confused I know there we're a few things shared at the end but there were so many uestions left unanswered I truly hope this wasn't the end to this series I was a little disappointed become I didn't see much growth in some of the characters at all In fact they regressed Or maybe they showed who they really were at the core Either way I guess I was just expecting Well I'm finished with this series Great stories characters and plotsHad me guessing at each chapterI could not put the books downI hope Regina you are going to have a book 5Need to end the storyline for all charactersLooking forward to Book 5New fan Other Woman 4This book really made no sense Asia still a whor3 Janice still a gold digger uentin still trying to find a way to cheat Rayvon still using women Loved itI'm glad that the ending wasn't the cliché 'and everyone lived happily ever after' Everyone moved on with life afterwards Thanks Regina It was okay I mean it had enough drama to keep my interested I did enjoy the story plot but I was expected to get maybe it will be a book 5 or a spin off I would enjoy that Could of ended betterThe first 3 were really good but the way this ended it was an ok readwish it was longer and got into details FamilyJust when you think you know who you can trust You get pulled in with no way out Just remember you will always have your family